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  1. Which wins the wrestle off? does the winner accept the spot or say they don’t want it?
  2. I just bought one. I’ll wear it under my Hobart shirt at Mishawaka.
  3. 1A and 2A dual meets go much faster than 4A dual meets. I would say they go faster than 3A dual meets, but Floyd Central and us had a dual with 13 6 point victories at team state, so maybe I'll leave that for a different year.
  4. This logic is why there is a classed Team State. These numbers make a lot of sense for arguing for a classed Team State and an unclassed Individual State. Big Schools get more individual state qualifiers in the unclassed Individual State format. Small Schools get more individual representation in the classed Team State format. I feel like you are pointing out a designed element of the system and saying it is a flaw. Making this argument for more Big Schools at team state seems to forget that the Individual State is creates results with more Big School participants based on the numbers. We can't talk about Team State and Individual State in isolation, because they are the top two ways we celebrate and showcase our HS wrestlers and teams. There are less 4A teams at Team State because there are just less 4A teams. There is a higher probability in making 4A Team State for each 4A team with or without EMD and Cathedal. There are less 3A teams at Team State because there are less 3A teams. There are more 4A individual state qualifiers at Individual State because there are more students in 4A schools. The representations of student population and state qualifiers was extremely close when it was posted on the board last. To me that justifies the unclassed Individual State tournament. Team State is about getting top programs of all sizes state goals that are achievable for every school. We can't make every goal completely equal in difficulty, so there are cut-offs, and there is always frustration closest to the cut-offs of all situations in life. My team was #13 the last year of the 3 class system in 3A, so we didn't make it. That was frustrating, but it was understandable. As Winimac has attested, frustration will occur in our system, just like all systems that divide people into groups, but it can also be overcame. It also gives much more satisfaction than frustration in general, and even compared to past versions of team state.
  5. I’m on the voting committee and we try to look at the “bubble” teams to see who is the best team that most deserves to be in the tournament. We look to see who has the most impressive results against teams that are at the team state level. When teams’ schedules don’t have common opponents, it gets difficult but everyone is trying their best to represent the tournament as best we can. As Coach Harris said, Cascade had some nice wins against teams competitive at the team state level. My team last year was fortunate to have some dual wins the day before the voting that looked favorable and allowed us to get the very circumstantial second vote in. I would say your schedule additions put more of your fate in your own hands so to speak, but obviously you can’t wrestle every team in the state before the end of December. We all vote individually, so this is my perspective and not necessarily everyone’s opinion. We do discuss and share as much information as we can. To help yourself out for the voting, post your results on this website and track wrestling. Good luck
  6. 98 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 250
  7. does the attitude era of IHSAA Wrestling correspond in time with the WWE attitude era, or is it a characteristic of match attitude that is timeless?
  8. Helen beat a 16 time defending world/Olympic champ.
  9. People do consider this track analogy. You are just assuming people agree with your logic when it comes to other sports and then using that logic for wrestling. Maroulis beat an unbeatable foe to win the first Olympic Gold for USA in women's wrestling. That's the best win for USA Wrestling of all time in my opinion.
  10. I would absolutely say Maroulis. Why do you assume people wouldn't?
  11. When someone wins a sprinting event, we don’t look to see how many people ran the 100 meter dash in high school because we know the Olympic sprinter would smoke every single person in the world. Hildabrandt and Miracle would smoke almost every single woman in the world on the mat, and it’s a big pretty big world.
  12. Y'all wrong. There were two correct answers: #4 and #5 on this list.
  13. My team has been 0-2 in vote ins at the end of the season, 2021 and 2019, though we did get the second vote-in spot last winter when Columbia City withdrew their auto-bid during the season. It is frustrating to be close and not get in. I've been there. I think part of the difficulty in explaining reasoning comes from it being a committee that votes on the teams. No one person's reasoning supersedes the group decision. Each person votes equally. We all look at last season's results, the information given from the coaches, and the projected line-ups to make our votes.
  14. In your opinion, what leg attack is the best to avoid exposure in Freestyle Wrestling?
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