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  1. I grew up calling him Orangeman, and I remember distinctly when he updated the outfit from 70/80s style to 90s style with still the orange head to toe get up.
  2. That was Nate's senior year 2002, when Jake was a junior and oooonnnnlllllyyyy a 1 time champ at the time. Nate did it twice.
  3. What did you have to give PMfan to get him to offer up this softball?
  4. If we have 8 teams per division... why not have a straightforward bracket that we can show to non-wrestling people, publish in a newspaper, put on a t-shirt, promote without sounding like weirdos, predict results without round-robin tie-breakers, etc. Are we thirsty for a fourth/fifth match at the championships? Why not have 4 rounds: quarters, conso/semis together, conso, finals and place six or eight?
  5. I love this. Great work to everyone involved.
  6. It looks that way to me; however, aren't the point systems different for each class? I know they are for 3A compared to 2A, but I can't remember if 2A's point system is different than 1A's. If so, maybe the comparison between last year's points and next year's system isn't that relevant. If the point systems for last year's 2A and 1A were the same, the new new 2A seems to gets tougher compared to the old system because the biggest/best 1A schools are now 2A.
  7. Our state tournament is the best event the IHSAA offers. Let's keep it the same. Our IHSAA team state tournament was not great in the eyes of the IHSAA. We lost it and now changed it. If we change anything in terms of class wrestling, why don't we do it on the team side? What if the IHSAA doesn't like the product of the wrestling state finals in a classed scenario? What would their next course of action be?
  8. Do any other IHSAA sports have 1/3 of the schools represented at state?
  9. Are any high school basketball games well attended anymore? Attendence at games has plummeted since class basketball has been implemented....and yes, I’m sure it isn’t the only factor.
  10. I always have a tough time finding stuff in their website, but their Facebook page is super easy to use. I appreciate Region Sports covering wrestling so well. I love that we have real time commentary and coverage. It definitely adds to the environment. Wrestling!
  11. Pleak probably beat him there once though. Lance Ellis for sure. Dougherty?
  12. Da globaw warmin round here is fa real. Took da kids to da park in a t shurt, smellin like pierogis. Good times dough, da kids loved it.
  13. 132 was tough Saturday and Juan was a big reason why.
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