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  1. I’d love it. To me the locker room situation is the biggest obstacle.
  2. I think we are all forgetting how cramped and crowded weigh ins for the state meet are. Disney on ice is probably 20 performers. Our state meet is 224.
  3. I'm thankful we had a dual tonight. I'm thankful we get to have some fans at our conference tournament Saturday. I'm thankful I got to fill out our sectional roster this Saturday and stress out about not being able to have four in a weight class because that means we get to have up to 14 wrestle in sectionals. I made a social media post about how fans could come to our meet the week (the only week) Lake County wasn't in red, but we were turned back to red the day before that home dual, so I had to delete the post. Point being: everything I thought our team would be doi
  4. Unbelievable plug. I’ll be listening. Sadly, this is probably not a good time to bring up wrestle backs.
  5. Grateful to be a part of the Gavit encore.
  6. This podcast definitely hits my sports nerd and wrestling fanatic zones.
  7. I feel like I stepped into a trap set by a conspiracy.
  8. I'm not married to the idea, nor do I know if it is possible. It would be nice to have an algorithm create assigned seats. Not sure it can happen, but maybe the system could take school size into consideration.
  9. That would be great. It would be awesome if each school had a code to use to buy tickets, and whoever bought the most got the best tickets.
  10. I'd be willing to watch state from the North Pole with the Connersville Bowl's internet connection if it meant my kids had the opportunity to compete at state. I'm not a fan, so maybe I don't understand, but having wrestling in any capacity this season is a blessing.
  11. I’m thankful for all the hard work out in to make it happen. I’m proud the Brickies were a part of it.
  12. Joe, can you post the team state brackets that were used in the show tonight?
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