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  1. Tough crowd, tough crowd. I’ve done Region Sports Gymnastics commentary and haven’t caught any flak, but I haven’t jumped on the gymnastics boards since. I think it’d be fun to have current coaches on, but it’d be hard to find the time.
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  5. First round of wrestle offs before the first meet. Second round as winter break starts. If a kid is 2-0 against someone, it's over and the starter is picked. If a new person wins, they start until the third wrestle off before conference.
  6. 2 ready to go for Highland's tournament next weekend for Wheeler Women's Wrestling 2 more will be ready after fall activities are over.
  7. Hobart's schedule is ideal for this type of decision, as they are in the Lake County individual tournament where the tournament can go on with or without them without much difference. I'm not sure if there are other tournaments like this, but I'm hoping Wheeler, which is Lake County adjacent, can use the tournament for the same reason sometime if we get a bid.
  8. The Bear? Lawerence Central?
  9. Wheeler is looking for a super dual on one of the following dates. We seem to have a full line-up, so I hope we'd make a good addition to a tournament. Can you help out the Bearcats? December 27 December 28 December 29 Contact me if you wish: Jason Cook jcook@union.k12.in.us
  10. His mom is not from Indiana originally.
  11. Current Indiana Goat Rankings: 1) Steveson 2) Micic 3) Musukaev 4) Parris 5) Higuchi 6) Lee
  12. This is a ton of matches for people to not win a world championship. Right now, our sport rewards people winning world titles or having the ability to win a world title. Winning matches that don't take you to that goal are extraneous. Until the money of a league becomes bigger than the money of a world title, leagues won't work.
  13. Should be an easy choice with Johansen on staff
  14. The day before the voting takes place, Hobart hosts a Super Dual. We could find a way to fit in another 3A team to the field to take on the Brickies as well as a combination of Chesterton, Lake Central, Valpo, Highland, Hanover Central, Whiting, Knox, Hammond Morton.
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