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  1. I just found out the JV meet we were planning on going to isn't happening, can anyone let us in a JV meet this weekend? Jason Cook cookclass@hobart.k12.in.us 219-508-3170
  2. That picture and headline were the dirtiest I’ve ever seen a local paper do a kid.... and Ben made a freakin t-shirt out of the thing and wore to warm-up in. That was the craziest come back I have ever seen in my life. Baker was down 5 with 25 seconds left and gets escape, takedown, cradle to win by one.
  3. Eric Keith won the bracket you are referring to.
  4. Coach Ester coached me at Battle Creek, Michigan for the National Duals and always tried to help me out at every tournament I saw him at thereafter, as a wrestler and a coach for the next 20 years.
  5. Director of Player Development He was at the WTT for Purdue guys this spring. Good pick up for the OG&B.
  6. Catch up? I mustard ya wrong.
  7. It was a great meet. Having Minnesota, Georgia, and Michigan back in the mix next year will make it ever better. To my knowledge, John Cook enjoys Illinois’s presence and talks graciously of their organizers. There have been talks about shifting the event further away from spring break.
  8. You would then force kids to pin themselves before the 15 points are scored. This would encourage self-destruction instead of wrestling.
  9. Any penalty point (unsportsmanlike or illegal hold but not stalling) also brings choice of position.
  10. If you hit a stand up and put your hands behind your butt (to block a return), it should be stalling on defense and stopped for a new start in ref’s position.
  11. I love wrestling, ain’t real complicated.
  12. Escobedo screwed us ‘02 guys.
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