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  1. in the region all penalties stop accruing once you leave the casino, so the coaching staff should be fine for next week
  2. Absolutely love this event. I love the atmosphere of the tournament—no other time of the year compares other than round to go at semi state when comparing intensity of the crowd.
  3. It seems I don’t have to.
  4. The sport had a hell of a weekend. Great job, boys! Great job, girls!
  5. They would be throwing money away by not having all the state series on Flo. Everyone will complain, and then everyone will be bigger wrestling fans that enjoy the sport more, and then they will complain more, forever and ever.
  6. You're not paid by the hour...pin 'em!
  7. These three were particularly shocking moments so can remember well (at least I think I can). Wagner was hitting his 47th double leg of the match with about 20 seconds left, most of which drove Fryar out of bounds, but Frayer caught an under hook with his whizzer and lateraled Wagner for five to win by 2. Weinzapfel won but was close to being pinned by Woodson for about the last minute of the finals, 2001 finals. 1999 Team State semis between EMD and Hobart was the greatest dual meet in the history of the sport, featuring Frankie “Slop Drop King” DeBusk pinning Dan Jankowski. This last match of DeBusk’s wrestling career encapsulates his entire vibe as a person.
  8. I didn’t get 2 Wnglish deegrees for nithig, Mic;—I can read the Hobart hate you rote between da lines ——- we’ll shine some light on our dark horses in the poastseason. Marc My worlds!
  9. Whitehead pronouncing sunanguro rasunangunto is the best verbal move I’ve ever seen.
  10. Asa’s funk roll to cradle/ regrip cradle was maybe the coolest move I’ve seen to win under the lights. That’s got my vote but Bauman’s throw to ice it was pretty close. That third period was amazing.
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