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  1. We need one team for our Super Duals. December 19, 2020: Hobart Super Duals ??????? Chesterton Hobart Lake Central Valpo Goshen Gavit Highland Knox Whiting Let me know if you are interested. cookclass@hobart.k12.in.us 219-508-3170 Jason Cook
  2. Sorry everybody. Once the fervor is down, we'll try to make it up to everyone.
  3. 1999 Merrillville Semi State Bradbury from Portage takes out state champ Burge from Frankfort
  4. That might hurt us in the long run trying to get the IHSAA to sponsor team state.
  5. They aren’t an accredited school.
  6. I grew up hearing Jesse and Bobby, but listening to Gene Oakerlund and Rowdy Piper
  7. The first tournament I ever head coached, an opponent from Western committed two penalties that injured our wrestler forcing him to not continue; as I could see the kid didn't intend to injury our wrestler, I told the ref to blow the whistle twice so we could default to him. When these situations arise, I always think of an Purdue-IU dual I was a part of. At 133, Chris Fleeger was beating Andre Hernandez by about 9 points and was called for an illegal key-lock/arm throw. The IU coaches took the default victory. My match was next and was boring in comparison to the two I was sandwic
  8. It seems like you are employing the strategy you assumed I was using when you say that it’s bad to increase big school participation at state. There is nothing inherently bad about increasing state participation, but you are acting like it is a bad thing unless the outcome you want is achieved; therefore, nothing I say will get through to you. I thank you for your stats, they help make the conversation better.
  9. Small schools would get less qualifiers if big schools had more entries. For your belief in schools being the major focus, this is a big deal to you, so it’s a great point for your line of thinking. Allowing only one entry per school helps small schools get state qualifiers, a large amount of Indiana students at large schools get only so many Sectional entries, so kids like Ball at Crown Point can’t make it to State, and a kid from a different school can. Track and swimming allow more than one entry; wrestling does not. Our sport is most likely more equitable in school
  10. I don’t like how you’re characterizing what I’m saying because you are changing the meaning of my words. Equitable does sound nicer because it means something very different than what you are saying. Here is a link I give to my students when they exercise this tactic: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman
  11. this sounds amazing! Lets hear a run- down. 1-1-1 OT?
  12. No, you are putting words in my mouth. Before you were discussing honestly and I was learning about your view point, but it seems like you are getting mad or something and now trying to characterize my thoughts as malicious. I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s okay to define success as different achievements for a group of individuals. You can be successful with or without state qualifiers. From your perspective, you want all schools to have more access to state qualifiers, and I respect that. Based on the numbers, I feel individual state qualifiers are equitable.
  13. Walker recorded a fall in 7:50 Friday night. Has anyone ever had a fall in a longer amount of time at the state tournament? I had one in 7:38 back in the two minute sudden victory days, and I was joking that it was the longest pin ever, but Walker has this weird title. Anyway, can somebody top it? Any match that is close is probably a great moment.
  14. Your definition of struggle is different from many in this thread. I think your expectations of state qualifiers would need to be tempered by how many students are at a school. To illustrate the point, if a school of one student existed, it would be unrealistic to expect that school to have individual athletic success because it would need 100% of its population to achieve a goal, yet everyone would be happy to see their success and it should mean more than a school of 1000 students have an individual have success because that school needs 0.1% of their students to achieve
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