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  1. does the attitude era of IHSAA Wrestling correspond in time with the WWE attitude era, or is it a characteristic of match attitude that is timeless?
  2. Helen beat a 16 time defending world/Olympic champ.
  3. People do consider this track analogy. You are just assuming people agree with your logic when it comes to other sports and then using that logic for wrestling. Maroulis beat an unbeatable foe to win the first Olympic Gold for USA in women's wrestling. That's the best win for USA Wrestling of all time in my opinion.
  4. I would absolutely say Maroulis. Why do you assume people wouldn't?
  5. When someone wins a sprinting event, we don’t look to see how many people ran the 100 meter dash in high school because we know the Olympic sprinter would smoke every single person in the world. Hildabrandt and Miracle would smoke almost every single woman in the world on the mat, and it’s a big pretty big world.
  6. Y'all wrong. There were two correct answers: #4 and #5 on this list.
  7. My team has been 0-2 in vote ins at the end of the season, 2021 and 2019, though we did get the second vote-in spot last winter when Columbia City withdrew their auto-bid during the season. It is frustrating to be close and not get in. I've been there. I think part of the difficulty in explaining reasoning comes from it being a committee that votes on the teams. No one person's reasoning supersedes the group decision. Each person votes equally. We all look at last season's results, the information given from the coaches, and the projected line-ups to make our votes.
  8. In your opinion, what leg attack is the best to avoid exposure in Freestyle Wrestling?
  9. Remember when freshman Red cement-mixed a two time defending national champion in the blood round and All-American’ed four years straight in college? He comes back for a fifth year and in my opinion gets screwed against the 3 seed (a guy who has multiple wins over one of the best Folkstyle wrestlers of all time) which would have set him up to make the finals. Indiana wrestling and USA Wrestling are hitting all-time heights. If Yianni D was from Indiana, some people would say he has underachieved in college since he doesn’t have a senior world medal and came in as a cadet world champ. For Red to win NCAA’s he would have needed to beat Eirman who beat a world champion while in college (Stieber), Yianna who made the world team in college beating an all time great (Retherford), Lee who beat Yianni and many others, and countless other guys. He didn’t quite get an NCAA title. He was a 4x All-American. That is statistically just as hard to do for the weird stat angle this discussion took.
  10. Greg Wagner wrestled for Michigan.
  11. Chad Red is one of the best all time from Indiana. His college career is one of the best all time from our state. college career all timers: Nick Lee Angel Andrew Howe Jason Tsirtsis anybody else higher than Red?
  12. Tim Burbee (Valparaiso) 1986
  13. The only way to do this is info graphic style. Here is my rough draft.
  14. Long Anthony Kiedis Run-in Story: I was visiting AKA in the summer of 2008 the day after watching Nate Moore (Perry Meridian 2002, Purdue 2007) knock out an Oakland hometown favorite in the first six seconds of their headlining fight. I walk in and see Anthony Kiedis, and spend the next two minutes meeting the eyes of everyone in the gym then glancing at Kiedis to make sure we were all on the same page of thinking this guy was pretty cool and being a little star struck. John Fitch was training for his UFC title fight against GSP, doing five rounds of sparring against new partners each round. Kiedis was there watching with the documentary crew that made Such Great Heights about Fitch. It was really cool seeing the RHCP front man there to do the same thing I was doing, appreciating MMA and watching a Purdue Wrestler/Indiana kid do his thing. But clearly Kiedis hadn’t done stuff like this before. By the third round of Kiedis cheering for Fitch like this Saturday 11AM workout was the UFC title fight, everyone in the gym began catching eyes with each other and glancing at Kiedis to make sure we were all on the same page of thinking this guy didn’t know the vibe of a combat sport practice and being a little annoyed he was basically cheering against Fitch’s teammates who were graciously helping him prepare. All in all it was a surreal experience, getting to hang out with a rock star but in an environment where he was the least knowledgeable in the room. He didn’t really know the norms, but it was cool to see him into combat sports and he clearly respected the effort and skill. MMA to me is the most fun to be around when people are out of their comfort zones learning new things and trying to apply the skills we have in new environments. It’s humbling and promotes a lot of learning. And I guess these feelings of mine were confirmed by seeing a guy that kind of defined being cool and larger than life during my high school and college years seem like a dork because he wasn’t chill watching live goes.
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