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  1. Unless CP Chesterton ripped the roof off the place, Region Sports should of stayed at Merrillville.
  2. Jcjcjc

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    Farrell gets a big win, but a bigger surprise is why he wasn't ranked coming in...Round-to-go last year...
  3. Jcjcjc

    10 years ago today....

    The last three are not highlights even if they are true. Two of the three are true. Also Region Wrestling is awesome.
  4. Jcjcjc

    Wrestler Profile Pictures

    John Irving wrote that book; he can do what he wants.
  5. Jcjcjc

    Top 100 Career Wins

    All of us old timers are gonna be rushing to get our records on here only to be knocked off by slower moving old timers with more wins than we have.
  6. Jcjcjc


    Bronze or bust...you almost had me...but this wasn't the double bronze era...maybe you win.
  7. Jcjcjc


    He has to be the best Indiana Wrestler of all time, name one other Indiana guy who could win bronze at Euros?
  8. Jcjcjc

    An Idea to Think About.

    ...I'm not happy I've added to the instability because Fishers is a great place to be with great people, but I wanted to be in the Region closer to more of my family, friends, and wife. I'm not sad about it though, as I have a great school that gives me a better opportunity to coach, teach, and live the best I can. To get back to Ed's original ideas... Transferring wrestlers limit the sport's broad appeal by concentrating it to a single place. With increased transferring, we see situations that change the concentration of state placers. Instead of the typical 7 placers coming from about five schools, we get 7 placers coming from 3 schools. I enjoy the big picture argument that Ed is making. I feel that most of the comments on this post are "off topic"...but I also understand that they are off topicbecause almost all of us live our lives and participate in this sport attempting to achieve specific goals for specific people--most often ourselves and our children. The big picture is never the most pressing issue to any of our lives. Because of this, Ed's thoughts should be considered more thoughtfully by all of us. He is asking us to think about the sport of wrestling as if the sport was a person. What would you do if the entire sport of wrestling was a kid you were supposed to coach? Would you want the entire sport to concentrate its talents in a few places, or would you want the entire sport to try to develop its talents in all positions?
  9. Jcjcjc

    An Idea to Think About.

    This is smart stuff.
  10. We would like to get a late November dual. The week after Thanksgiving can work. Jason Cook cookclass@hobart.k12.in.us
  11. Jcjcjc

    Hobart RTC Wed. 6-8

    6-8 Wednesdays
  12. Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm It was great getting my first workouts at Hobart in last week. All are welcome to our Wednesday night workout with a USA card. Jason Cook
  13. Jcjcjc

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    Welch can take Welch down.
  14. Jcjcjc


    Howe over B. Lee in finals.

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