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  1. Prayers for Chad Red Jr and family from the Kendrexs
  2. My grandson just told me that Christian Carroll has now committed to Oklahoma State.
  3. Very happy, Coach Irwin is getting a good one.
  4. In class of 2025 you have Drake Kendrex listed at number 10. Should be Devin Kendrex. Drake Kendrex wrestles for West Liberty University.
  5. I was wondering if this is a good or bad idea. Could there be another Carlton Haselrig?
  6. I’ve noticed that Connor Gimson is not listed on Indiana Tech’s 2022/2023 wrestling roster. Does anyone have any information why?
  7. Jimtown has Christian Carroll listed as wrestling in the 285 weight class.
  8. Congratulations to all our Indiana wrestlers. Indiana is proud of each and everyone of you.
  9. Thank you. My order has been placed
  10. Sorry, Not finding a way to order a physical copy. Not very good at navigating the site.
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