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  1. Ironbear

    Hamilton Heights vs. Elwood

    Hamilton Heights
  2. Ironbear

    Norwell vs. Hamilton Heights

  3. Ironbear

    Hamilton Heights vs. Angola

    Hamilton Heights
  4. Ironbear

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    I will look into this.
  5. Well, We had made it clear but a few hours later was overruled on that dec. So going forward there will never be a 3lb allotted.
  6. Ironbear

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    No you do not have to do anything. We will input the top 4 into the brackets and release them soon. As far as media were you in the north when that happened?
  7. There will not be an extra pound for Girls Regionals Friday. The IHSAA has stated that only 2lbs will be allowed. Example: 106lbs+2 lbs = 108lbs.
  8. Ironbear

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    Record number of women sign up for the IHSGW State Championships.
  9. Ironbear

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    5pm are weigh ins for the north and south.
  10. Ironbear

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    Yes if at the regional you want to move up that is fine.
  11. Ironbear

    IHSGW teams up with Kevin Whitehead!!

    Weigh ins are 5pm. Wrestling starts at 6pm.
  12. Legendary announcer Kevin Whitehead will be announcing the IHSGW Womens State Championships Jan/11th/2019 at Hamilton Heights. As you know Kevin has been announcing the boys state finals since 1982. What a great night it will be for the fans and Womens Wrestling. Gary Myers
  13. Ironbear

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    The weight classes are starting to fill up. We have now more in the south than we ever had.

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