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  1. Ironbear

    Hamilton Heights vs. Elwood

    Hamilton Heights
  2. Ironbear

    Hamilton Heights vs. Angola

    Hamilton Heights
  3. Hamilton Heights
  4. Ok so I went and look their is the column scoring an none scoring it is correct they scored 220pts. the othere were not added.
  5. That should not happen. You have to decide who your scoring girl up front is period. If she gets beat then your done. I will make sure that's corrected immediately if its not right. You can only choose one wrestler at the regionals to score the whole tourney.
  6. We are having parents register their daughters for the IHSGW State Championships. You must have your school register their girl wrestlers and have your high school coaches or assistant coaches take them to this tourney and coach them. Please understand if any high school girl has not been registered by their high school or head coach they will not be able to participate. Gary Myers Director IHSGW.
  7. Look if you are media show your credentials at the door. I will tell the ticket takers to take care of you. If any problems arise asked them to get Pat Culp or I. 4 weigh-ins that are legal. One of those weigh-ins has to be at scratch weight. This is no different than the boys just 2 less weigh ins.
  8. You can now go to Track Wrestling and register your girls under IHSGW. 1/10/2020 South Regionals Edgewood High School. North Regionals Macaonaquah High School. Weigh-ins 4pm sharp. North: https://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?TIM=1576550993342&twSessionId=oierteoxjh&tournamentGroupId=168058132&logClubIn=falseSouth: https://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?TIM=1576550993342&twSessionId=oierteoxjh&tournamentGroupId=168059132&logClubIn=false Remember your girls must have 4 weigh-ins 1 at scratch weight. Top 4 girls will qualify from each regional for the state championships at Kokomo Memorial Coliseum. This will be the best venue yet for girls state. The coaching staff at kokomo High School has worked very hard to give the girls a great experience. Only Indiana and IHSAA member schools can enter this tourney. This is our 4th year running girls state and it is growing every year. You must have your high school coach register you and coach you at this tourney, The High School Head Coach or one of the Asst. may coach the girls from their teams. No coaches outside the school can coach in this tourney this rule is strictly followed for the safety of the female athletes.Good Luck Coaches and Athletes. Remember if your boys team wrestle in the New Castle or Evansville Semi-State you are in the south Girls Regionals Edgewood. If your boys team wrestle in the Ft Wayne or East Chicago Semi-State then you would register your girls in the Macanoquah Regionals If you have any questions please call Gary Myers IHSGW Director 317-514-0102
  9. Hamilton Heights
  10. Hamilton Heights
  11. Hamilton Heights
  12. Hamilton Heights
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