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  1. Well, let me be clearer. I said thrown on his head but for the sake of having to explain every detail I just left it at that, I was standing mat side as my wrestler was next to wrestle on that mat. It looked to be exact like he hit between his head an shoulder so it was very quick and so saying he was thrown on his head was my way of me getting through it,. So he hit between his shoulder and head which split the shoulder and head apart. I hope that's better.
  2. He was thrown on his head and he was laying flat down on his belly until they rolled him over. Two things that I want to mentioned as this was going on. Can you imagine trying to run a wrestling practice when most of us coaches are very verbal and loud in the wrestling room. My hats of to that school and the wrestlers. Job well done and you have my respect. But what my wife tells me about what some of the parents were doing in the stands has me pissed off tonight. A couple of the parents were taking pictures of the wrestler being carted off the mat in a stretcher and laughing about it. Now I don't know which school they are with but that is pretty bad. I am being kind at this moment. Coach Myers
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    Hamilton Heights
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  8. Well, We had made it clear but a few hours later was overruled on that dec. So going forward there will never be a 3lb allotted.
  9. No you do not have to do anything. We will input the top 4 into the brackets and release them soon. As far as media were you in the north when that happened?
  10. There will not be an extra pound for Girls Regionals Friday. The IHSAA has stated that only 2lbs will be allowed. Example: 106lbs+2 lbs = 108lbs.
  11. Record number of women sign up for the IHSGW State Championships.
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