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  1. Wrestling parents from Hamilton Heights and Tipton bring comfort and aid to a very cold Saturday after the super six at Hamilton Heights. Wonderful story about community and helping others!
  2. Let’s not forget the not so bright things like getting caught at parties and such by the school!
  3. I’m curious how was Hobart’’s plan present to the IHSAA. In writing or someone giving the oral presentation?
  4. If you are a junior or senior women’s wrestler in Indiana and would like to participate this Sunday at Mooresville High School dual meet verses Illinois please email me at garymyers86@gmail.com or call me at 317-514-0102. Gary Myers IHSGW.
  5. Next season Nov 19th Hamilton Heights is looking to add a team to it's Super 6. Teams are Noblesville, Hamilton Heights, Tipton, North Central, Pendleton Heights. Looking for that 6th team email me at garymyers86@gmail.com Thank you Coach Myers
  6. He’s the guy that stood out for me at state!! Heart, Gas Tank, and a burning desire to win! Any college would be lucky to get him!!
  7. I for one am not against girls competing in both.
  8. Their records do not count toward the toward sectional wins or losses but both tourneys combined do count against that athlete which comes to 2pts. If a girl got all 18pts in the boys season and then wrestled in the girls regionals and state she then would have 20pts against her thus being over in pts.
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