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  1. I am going to be keeping my eye on the Yorktown coach this year!!
  2. Great program that Danny Irwin has going there. They are doing great things. He was an assistant when my oldest was at Wabash. Great motivator and building a top notch program!! Good luck!!!
  3. Embassy Theater Stage!! But not very conducive for a major tournament....
  4. I thought the young kids looked really tough.
  5. Yeah, I believe he is locked up with football and will not be in it. Would have liked to get a preview of what is to come from him!!
  6. Soon, very soon.....Plan on hitting the open house days!!
  7. Looking forward to getting in that room
  8. Can I reserve "Easy E" for Easton Doster?? Plus I dig his music!!
  9. You cant stay and watch if your last name is Davis!!!
  10. Check out Facebook marketplace if you are on Facebook.
  11. Check out Tim Myers at MadMan Wrestling Academy!!! You will not be disappointed.
  12. I have been told that there will be no qualifiers this year but they would like to implement that into the years to come.
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