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  1. I have an inside source that Easton Doster is registered @ 90#.😁😁
  2. 2020 IHSWCA MIDDLE SCHOOL STATE MS 75: 1 80: 0 85: 1 90: 2 95: 2 102: 0 110: 2 117: 1 125: 3 132: 1 140: 2 150: 1 160: 2 175: 0 195: 2 220: 0 275: 0 Total: 20 ms-girls 62: 0 68: 0 74: 0 82: 0 90: 0 100: 0 110: 0 125: 1 143: 0 164: 0 185: 0 Total: 1 Not many signed up yet. Still early though.
  3. Him and my son have become great friends. He is such a great kid from a great family. We have gotten to know them well in the last year.
  4. I saw Jendreas for the 1st time live last week. My son wrestled one weight class up on the same team. He is so fun to watch, advanced scrambling for his age and a knowledge for the sport.
  5. Wabash college getting ready for NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals in Louisville this weekend, with the #3 seed. 1st round bye and will await the winner of U of Wisconsin-Whitewater vs. Heidelberg.
  6. I second what Jason said. This was my son's 1st and hopefully not last time to wrestle for Team Indiana. He expressed what a great honor it was to wear the Indiana singlet and to wrestle with kids from all across the state. He has been talking with his Team Indiana team mates all week and they are still talking about the Heartland Duals trip. He has stated many times this week that he wants Team Indiana to be in that Championship match & to battle for the National Title. It is about pride and getting Indiana to the top. Let's work together and put the best Team Indiana out there no matter what level (MS or Elementary) that the state can put on the mat. Not sure if that is 2 cents or a penny Jason!! Dave Doster
  7. Wrestle off's!!! Best way to decide on the teams... Put the kids on the mat. That is what is so great about this sport. One on one.
  8. Without a few weekday options, my son would have had to turn down some really good opportunities to wrestle on some weekends to make sure he got his freestyle qualifiers in. He wrestled at the Warren Central Wednesday Rumble and had 3 or 4 matches. It is tough for us being from up North and driving to Indy but we got to get them qualifiers in. See you all at Freestyle State!!
  9. Easton had a blast wrestling with Team Indiana and kids from around the state. What a great experience and he looks forward to doing it again next year.
  10. This happened to my son last year at a freestyle qualifier. He lost then the coach for the other kid said they made a scoring mistake and actually told the front table that my son had won. They awarded my son the win, then the dad from the other kid was showing a video his wife took. Then they took the win away and gave the other kid the win. I am with you, don't care about the win, but i was told that all ISWA events cant have any video replay to make a decision.
  11. Wabash College Schurg, Darden 174 Wabash College Cicciarelli, Anthony 165 Wabash College Herrin, Andrew 184 Wabash College Doster, Owen 133 2019 NWCA Scholar All-Americans
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