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  1. Wrestlers are too tough for the Corona virus!! Plus, the Corona virus is susceptible to the headlock and gets "caught" all the time. It prays on weaker sports like basketball!!
  2. Nick Weaver told us you guys might be hosting a summer camp... Please let us know, Easton would love to come down & wrestle with your kids. Dave
  3. Would this be in the running for a T-Shirt???
  4. graham, Thanks for the kind words. He is doing well. Got glued up between his upper lip and just below the nose. About 10 days for the glue to come off so he should get some good rest time. Luckily no stitches!! Got his bell rocked pretty good and is back to normal and going to school. It was a fun tournament all around and some great wrestling from all the age groups. He just wishes he could of finished the match healthy...he will stay hungry!!
  5. Registration via Trackwrestling.com ● You must pre-register at www. trackwrestling.com ● No registration will occur on-site or by mail ● Payment required at the time you register (No Refunds) ● Late entries will not be accepted ● Deadline for on-line registration is 11:00 PM (EST), Saturday, February 8th, 2020
  6. Going to be some good middle school wrestling going on this weekend!!!
  7. I have an inside source that Easton Doster is registered @ 90#.
  8. 2020 IHSWCA MIDDLE SCHOOL STATE MS 75: 1 80: 0 85: 1 90: 2 95: 2 102: 0 110: 2 117: 1 125: 3 132: 1 140: 2 150: 1 160: 2 175: 0 195:
  9. Him and my son have become great friends. He is such a great kid from a great family. We have gotten to know them well in the last year.
  10. I saw Jendreas for the 1st time live last week. My son wrestled one weight class up on the same team. He is so fun to watch, advanced scrambling for his age and a knowledge for the sport.
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