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  1. Can I reserve "Easy E" for Easton Doster?? Plus I dig his music!!
  2. You cant stay and watch if your last name is Davis!!!
  3. Check out Facebook marketplace if you are on Facebook.
  4. Check out Tim Myers at MadMan Wrestling Academy!!! You will not be disappointed.
  5. I have been told that there will be no qualifiers this year but they would like to implement that into the years to come.
  6. Gavin Davis is a 8th grader from Leo Middle School and will be at Leo High School next year. Anther Indiana boy.
  7. I just purchased Gold + yesterday. I had to re up my subscription and I got it for $50 off the normal price. Figured I would try it out. The good thing is that I can go back and watch some of matches if it is a Gold+ event.
  8. Wrestlers are too tough for the Corona virus!! Plus, the Corona virus is susceptible to the headlock and gets "caught" all the time. It prays on weaker sports like basketball!!
  9. Nick Weaver told us you guys might be hosting a summer camp... Please let us know, Easton would love to come down & wrestle with your kids. Dave
  10. Would this be in the running for a T-Shirt???
  11. graham, Thanks for the kind words. He is doing well. Got glued up between his upper lip and just below the nose. About 10 days for the glue to come off so he should get some good rest time. Luckily no stitches!! Got his bell rocked pretty good and is back to normal and going to school. It was a fun tournament all around and some great wrestling from all the age groups. He just wishes he could of finished the match healthy...he will stay hungry!!
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