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  1. Easton Doster was another. 6-2 Freestyle losing in the blood round 4-2 in Greco losing in the round before the blood round.
  2. Yeah, was supposed to be 10 teams but a Ohio team dropped out late. Couple girls teams also.
  3. Tussle on the Turf @ New Haven High School!! Good turn out for tonight’s matches!!
  4. We definitely chose the one we are going to because it is right in town.
  5. I believe you just have to wrestle in 2 qualifiers. They only have to do Freestyle, there is no Greco qualifier mandate from what I was told.
  6. Any Josh Clark 285 pins from Fort Wane Semi State!!
  7. Parents of wrestlers were able to get 4 tickets yesterday. Others go on sale Wednesday at 10AM
  8. Julianna Ocampo 106# Easton Doster 113# both becoming New Haven's 1st ever Freshmen to qualify for State
  9. 285 lbs Quarterfinal - Josh Clark, New Haven vs Juan Cruz, Bluffton (flowrestling.org)
  10. 285 lbs Champ. Round 1 - Brandon Villafuerte, Angola vs Josh Clark, New Haven (flowrestling.org)
  11. SWINfan, you need to watch the FW Semi State, Josh Clark's CRAZY matches today....
  12. Josh Clark vs. Brandon Villafueta (49-0) Fort Wayne
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