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  1. I think we've closed the Gap a bit, but we've still got a fair amount to go.
  2. Region likely to come home with 4 gold's. More than 1/4 of the total. I'm okay with it. That DAC though. All from two school districts that butt up to each other.
  3. 85 total points in the tournament. Unbelievable. Any one have data for most points scored at the state finals?
  4. I am hopeful that you're right.
  5. I've got a lot of faith portage can still be in the mix. They've got 4 guys with a chance of a deep run through the day.
  6. So are the scores on track correct or no?
  7. I still like Moran for the title.
  8. Portage pushed 14. 11 champs 2 runner ups 1 3rd
  9. I can't help but comment on the outstanding performance of Portage at sectionals: 11 champs, 2 runners up, and a 3rd. Even though their sectional doesn't have the depth some of the Indy schools are seeing this year, I'd say that's quite impressive. What other teams had an outstanding showing at their respective sectional?
  10. parris vs osborn is towards the top imo.
  11. We saw an article on the board over the weekend about rivalries. I think its clear we are seeing a new rivalry blossom in Covaciu and Lawrence. Covaciu has a big lead in the win count but Lawrence has closed the gap and it would be my guess that he is interested in a title in 2016 that requires him and Covaciu in the same bracket. the semi state finals was as good between these two as the finals match at state. While the region was talking about the black/reitz matches (which were a joy to watch as well) i think many counted Lawrence out against Covaciu.
  12. as soon as you find out about the free snow cones, share it the love!
  13. No little Davison getting out? That's one of the few i had getting out from LaPorte Sectional.
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