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  1. 5:30PM tomorrow night! Come join the action at Mishawaka and make the most of this off-season!
  2. How about all tech falls? I know Howe did it once
  3. First night of RTC tomorrow at 5:30PM!! Please bring your USA card or a picture of it so we can keep track of attendees. **Reminder** our RTC is grades 6-12+ (if you are below 6th grade, you may come, but you are responsible for bringing a partner your own size!) Let's have a great off-season and get after it tomorrow
  4. Beginning March 5th, every Thursday from 5:30-7:00PM. We are looking forward to another great off-season with many of the regions best wrestlers and teams! Join us each week for an opportunity to improve folkstyle, freestyle, and greco techniques followed by live wrestling. Please enter staired west doors (L) off of Wenger Ave, must have an USA wrestling card. -Coach Sandefer
  5. Awesome stuff! UIndy has been putting together a pretty awesome team!
  6. Alex Dolly Aaron Stevenson Braden Atwood
  7. Are we really to the Wednesday before the state finals and no one has brought up the shaved up topic?!
  8. 113: Devin Brobeck-Eller (MISH) will not be wrestling... She broke her collar bone the match after she qualified for state.
  9. Last night we won 78-6. Pin in every match
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