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  1. Steven Sandefer

    MISHAWAKA RTC - Thursdays @ 5:30PM

    Back at it again tonight at 5:30PM. Let's get after it!
  2. Steven Sandefer

    MISHAWAKA RTC - Thursdays @ 5:30PM

    RTC tonight! Be there or be square! 💪
  3. Steven Sandefer

    MISHAWAKA RTC - Thursdays @ 5:30PM

    Join us this Thursday at 5:30PM as we kick off the freestyle season. Take advantage of these off-season opportunities to get better!
  4. Steven Sandefer

    MISHAWAKA RTC - Thursdays @ 5:30PM

    Awesome room last night with a ton of area wrestlers taking advantage of the opportunity to get better! State placers/qualifiers in action- Brendon Mark (Q - 126), Gabe Weeks (Q - 138), Graham Calhoun (7th, Q, 5th - 170), Joe Walker (Q, 6th - 170), Jake Lone (8th, 6th - 182 and stud incoming freshman brother), Jacob LaPlace (4th, Q, Q - 182), Hezzy DeVault (5th- 285) and a large number of semi-state qualifiers. Join us next Thursday at 5:30PM for the opportunity to scrap with region wrestlers from Mishawaka, Penn, Plymouth, Goshen, Northwood, Edwardsburg, and some I may have forgot!
  5. Steven Sandefer

    MISHAWAKA RTC - Thursdays @ 5:30PM

  6. Steven Sandefer

    Best Teams

    Mishawaka 2006: Josh Harper - 1st Nick Wiesjahn - 4th Benji Dolly - 3rd Ian Hinton - 1st Pat Day - 1st Mishawaka 2007: Josh Harper - 1st Nick Wiesjahn - 3rd Steven Sandefer - 5th Kurt Kauffman - 5th Ian Hinton - 1st Randy Morin - 4th Mishawaka 2008: Paul Beck - 7th Adam Guerra - 5th Josh Harper - 1st Steven Sandefer - 1st Caleb Norville - 6th Dave Balentine - 4th Randy Morin - 3rd Mishawaka 2010: Paul Beck - 2nd Layten Binion - 7th Taylor Wisler - 8th Nick Schrader - 4th Matt Guerra - 4th Ryan Stahl - 4th Richard Morin - 6th Christian Lentz - 2nd Travis Thomas - 3rd
  7. Steven Sandefer

    MISHAWAKA RTC - Thursdays @ 5:30PM

    Starting next week March 7th!
  8. Mishawaka RTC's will begin every Thursday at 5:30PM starting March 7th. We are looking forward to another great off-season with many of the regions best wrestlers and teams! Join us each week for an opportunity to improve folkstyle, freestyle, and greco techniques followed by live wrestling. Please enter through the staired west doors (L), must have an USA wrestling card. -Coach Sandefer
  9. Steven Sandefer

    Teams that advanced the most wrestlers to Semi-State

    Mishawaka - 8 4 Champs (2 Soph. / 2 Jr.) 1 Runner-up (1 Sr.) 3 Thirds (2 Soph. / 1 Jr.)
  10. Steven Sandefer

    Mishawaka vs. Lakeshore(MI)

  11. Steven Sandefer

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    This could be a sweet thread of its own; favorite walk-out songs. Mine was always "Jump Around" 😎
  12. Steven Sandefer

    Mishawaka vs. Norwell

  13. Steven Sandefer

    Mishawaka vs. Lowell

  14. Steven Sandefer

    Mishawaka vs. Goshen

  15. Steven Sandefer

    Mishawaka vs. Plymouth


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