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  1. We have about 10-12 wrestlers. Right now their weights are about 65, 90, 95, 105, 130, 140, 155, 160, 200, 235. We are looking mostly for mat time, but if you wan to score up a dual, we can work with that, also. We are willing to wrestle twice if you have more than one wrestler who is around the weights listed. We have a variety of ages and experience levels. We are happy to let you host and have several openings, beginning 2/1. If interested, please send me an email. mbuschman@culver.k12.in.us
  2. Pure speculation, but if I were them, I would rather make a statement like that now, then back off of it later than say nothing now and have to impose it later. May just be hedging their bets.
  3. Anyone order from WrestlingMart? Looking to get some cheap, solid, single color singlets for our middle school team to get us through the season. Their prices look very good, but want to make sure I am not getting swindled. Any input is appreciated.
  4. Let me think that over for a few... Just kidding, that would be a great idea!
  5. Love you, Joe, but I stopped reading after the sentence in bold. That is the beginning and end. We are very fortunate to be wrestling in a state series at all.
  6. Is the date on this correct? Just wanted to make sure since it is a super dual on a week night.
  7. Basketball in Illinois is going to stay on schedule this season https://herald-review.com/sports/high-school/basketball/watch-now-ihsa-will-defy-pritzker-move-forward-with-high-school-basketball/article_ecbc6f18-db4b-53ee-8d68-e885c9e56426.html
  8. We should probably just class the individual state tournament. That would probably take care of things. I kid... My major concern is Saturday meets...not so much in the safety, but in getting several schools together who may have varying degrees of safety measures. Hopefully our coaches and parents will react well if the host school has more stringent mask enforcement, etc. than their home school. Hosting a tournament is hard enough, let alone now, let alone if you are constantly having to ask people to follow basic safety guidelines.
  9. That was the second graph in this thread... For the record, I am in favor of wrestling this year, and I am 52% sure we will have a season.
  10. Good to know we are back to using mockery as a discussion tactic here at Indianamat.
  11. Based on what I have heard from the governor’s COVID statements, this is the main bit of data driving decisions. If this doesn’t at least level off, if not trend back down, we will be back to state-wide virtual school and there will be no wrestling season. The low point in the graph is about the time we changed from phase 3 to phase 4.
  12. Hard to imagine that if we have an abundance of out-of-state transfers that it would not result in a spike in positive cases, thus compromising the season.
  13. We will have to find another practice location. Our room can only handle a few groups of three if we keep them spaced appropriately. Might have to roll out mats on upper deck of gym.
  14. Alright, impetigo, then....still the same logic applies. And this is a genuine question, not trying to be argumentative. Do these Sunday meets result in wider spreading of communicable skin diseases since they don't strip down for weigh in? Heck, some of the ones we go to even do satellite weigh-in.
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