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  1. Galagore

    Sectional Seeding Criteria Question

    He doesn't necessarily have to drop 15 pounds. He could have been weighing 145.3 before January, thus making him a 152, then bumping to wrestle 160. Even after January, weighing 147.1, he would only need about a week to make scratch legally.
  2. Galagore

    Event Changes for 1/14-1/19

    HNAC start time 6:00 (EST)
  3. Galagore

    Event Changes for 1/14-1/19

    Hoosier North Athletic Conference (HNAC) moved to Friday. Official start time has not been set yet.
  4. Galagore

    Morning Practices?

    We don't do morning "conditioning" but one day a week we go before school instead of after school. It has two big benefits: 1) The change up of practice time is enjoyable for the guys. It is nice to go home as soon as school is done once a week. 2) A new sense of urgency is created when practice "has" to be done by a certain time. Coaches and athletes both have to keep things moving and make sure no one is late to first period.
  5. Galagore

    Small team looking for dual

    Culver Community could use a dual or two more on the schedule. Hoping to host, but willing to travel. Willing to compete in triple or quad. We are going to be filling 138 (might end up being 145), 195, 220, 285. Will also have a solid JV 195/220 and rookie JV 220/285. Might end up having a 182 if weights shake out correctly. If interested, email me mbuschman@culver.k12.in.us about dates. Thanks.
  6. As we started this season, I reached out to some former wrestlers for words to provide to the guys who think the sport isn't for them. These were guys who weren't "wrestling first" guys. These were guys who either had to be talked into being on the team, were there specifically to prep for football, chose not to wrestle one year, etc. This particular reply stood out, and I thought the Gorilla community might enjoy it. For the record, this is from a 2013 graduate. This particular wrestler was a one time sectional champion and did not qualify for semi-state. Somehow I find that makes his words more powerful...not from a top-dog guy. From a guy who was grinding every day just getting what he could out of the sport. Almost better than this longer version is the text he sent me later when I thanked him - "It's simple though, mentally, wrestling makes all other high school sports easier." The Struggle is REAL: Wrestling at first glance seems like it’s mostly physical. I wrestled for four years and didn’t understand what it was doing for my mental development yet, so regretfully I took a year off. After a year away, luckily I enjoyed what it did for me enough physically to come back to the mat for another three years. I wish someone could snap their fingers, tell you that your hard work will be worth it, and you will just believe it. Sorry, too bad it’s harder than that. At first glance, it’s doesn’t seem so, but wrestling is more mentally than physically beneficial. You know that feeling you have deep inside when you’re struggling? Just trust in yourself and know, that feeling is the first sign that you’re about to learn something new about yourself. Be conscious, have the wherewithal to push through the struggle for a solution, then take the time to reflect on what pushing through that struggle taught you, and ultimately you will have truly learned that NOTHING worth learning is easy. Each time you learn something new, it will breathe new confidence within you to go through the next struggle or barrier in your way. Whatever you do, take the measures and have targeted objectives to get better at struggling. Break down personal barriers and do yourself a favor, use what you’ve learned to struggle for a shorter period the next time. Make the valleys shallower and the peaks higher with each learning experience. Put in the time to learn the mental chess game that wrestling really is, and you won’t regret that decision. Learn how to strategically and more efficiently employ both your body and mind. Once you’ve learned how to tie a few good moves together, counter your opponent, and mentally grind through a full three periods, then win or lose you just took the measures to think one step ahead of the person in front of you; a skill you’ll use for the rest of your life. Struggles will come as long as you live. Wrestling has mentally prepared me for handling trials and tribulations. I hope that you’ll have that same experience.
  7. Galagore

    Weight Classes, just for discussion

    Our line up doesn't change unless you want to make the weight classes 141 145 190 200 220 230 240 250 Thinking about changing our name from wrestling team to "Lineman off season conditioning team" :}
  8. Culver Community is looking for duals practically any weeknight. We would prefer later in the season and not over winter break (12/26 through 1/7). Also prefer home. Both of these are flexible if we have a hard time finding teams to fill our schedule. Open to 3 and 4 way weeknight meets. We are located 45 minutes due south of South Bend and 2 hours due north of Indy. We were only able to fill 2 weight classes last year, but looking to fill around 7 (as always, depending on who sticks it out) this year. We could have more and could have some JV wrestlers. If you are interested, please contact me. Mike Buschman mbuschman@culver.k12.in.us
  9. Galagore

    All Americans

    Size of state should not matter.
  10. Galagore

    Tournament of Champions 182-189-195

    Clearly Matt Hurford wins this. Why are we even discussing?
  11. Galagore


    Clearly Jeremiah Harvey wins this. Why are we even discussing?
  12. Galagore

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    I haven’t seen any information on getting on the floor to coach. Is that process like folkstyle state or like a normal Sunday meet or somewhere in between?
  13. Galagore

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Wasn't this thread about the next Kris Rumph? These seem to be past examples...who's up and coming who could pull off a feat like this?
  14. Galagore

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Funny thing is right before stalling was called I said my myself ‘oh god mulkey don’t go for a takedown that hard or you might give one up...’ shows what I know ha
  15. Galagore

    Shaved ICE

    Shave ice

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