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  1. That was an impressive performance. Very businesslike.
  2. All this talk has put so much emphasis on state champs. One place I think small schools would really see a bump in interest is the number of athletes winning sectional, qualifying to regional, making ticket round, etc. I know we are all supposed to aim high, but "high" is defined differently for some than it is for others. A lot of guys in our line-ups over the years climbed to their athletic peak by winning a sectional championship and/or making it to the ticket round of semi-state.
  3. One thing is for sure...having watched and participated in this debate for years (my stance is for classing, by the way) it is good to see that both sides have been significantly more civil and open to hearing the arguments of the other. Good job, message board!
  4. Was doing some light research on purchasing a mat or mats to have handy to roll out for youth events, and stumbled upon this on the EZ-Flex site: https://www.ezflexmats.com/store/factory-specials/mystery-wrestling-mat Anyone have or know anyone who has any experience with this kind of purchase? We would not care one bit what the color of the mat was or what kind of stuff was printed on the surface. Just need a surface to wrestle on that can be moved, rolled out, and rolled back up quickly and easily. Any input is appreciated.
  5. The way it reads, he seems to be using the verb form of the word, not the noun form. As in, "slows the progress of" not as in "a derogatory term for people with cognitive disabilities." Unless there is another use of the word that I missed in my reading.
  6. We have been working on something similar up here, but haven't been able to get it off the ground yet. Glad to hear things are working for you. Definitely going to try to re-boot using this document as a jumping off point. Thank you for sharing!
  7. I wrestled a guy from Laville twice...first time was 26-21, second time was 21-16. I was the 21 both times. Classic match of two strong guys with average technical ability...lots of re-rolls...
  8. I think that forfeits plays a big part in the health of the sport. We saw a lot of teams last year (us included) with rosters in the 2-8 range. A healthy wrestling state does not look like top teams having unprecedented success and the bottom third of teams struggling to fill half of their weight classes. At least not through the lens I am using.
  9. At the top, yes. We are rocking and rolling at the top. Bottom third? Not so much.
  10. Top level better. Next level, debatable. Below that, worse.
  11. Was talking with someone about that today, and that's what we thought...expected to win as a senior and placed fifth? Does that sound right? Guess I could just look it up haha
  12. Can't remember exactly how close he got...maybe didn't even make the finals...but I sure did like watching Justin Brooks wrestle.
  13. Hate to lay a turd on everyone's youthful memories, but I have always thought Vision Quest was lame. Glad there have been HS wrestling movie upgrades since then, and would love to see more.
  14. Thank you all for your help! Definitely great to have a lot of options.
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