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  1. I wrestled a guy from Laville twice...first time was 26-21, second time was 21-16. I was the 21 both times. Classic match of two strong guys with average technical ability...lots of re-rolls...
  2. I think that forfeits plays a big part in the health of the sport. We saw a lot of teams last year (us included) with rosters in the 2-8 range. A healthy wrestling state does not look like top teams having unprecedented success and the bottom third of teams struggling to fill half of their weight classes. At least not through the lens I am using.
  3. At the top, yes. We are rocking and rolling at the top. Bottom third? Not so much.
  4. Top level better. Next level, debatable. Below that, worse.
  5. Was talking with someone about that today, and that's what we thought...expected to win as a senior and placed fifth? Does that sound right? Guess I could just look it up haha
  6. Can't remember exactly how close he got...maybe didn't even make the finals...but I sure did like watching Justin Brooks wrestle.
  7. Hate to lay a turd on everyone's youthful memories, but I have always thought Vision Quest was lame. Glad there have been HS wrestling movie upgrades since then, and would love to see more.
  8. Thank you all for your help! Definitely great to have a lot of options.
  9. The Culver Cavalier wrestling team is hoping to update their uniforms this year and go modern with the new compression shirt/fight short look. Are there any companies that the Indianamat community recommends in particular? Or recommends to avoid? Looking for 14 sets, and all the usual stuff - decent price, reliable service, quality product. Thanks in advance, gorillas.
  10. We are full on our schedule now for this season.
  11. Culver Community is looking to add 3 mid-week duals for the 19/20 season. Hoping to host, willing to travel, would love to set up long-term commitment. Looks like we will fill about 10-12 weight classes (once football players arrive; probably fill about 7-8 until then) this year. We are a young, inexperienced team open to duals with teams of all sizes - we've been the team with 5 guys. November, December, January will all work, pending current schedule. Contact: Head Coach: mbuschman@culver.k12.in.us Athletic Director: mzehner@culver.k12.in.us
  12. If my post somehow implied that it was geared toward small schools, it was a mistake. I have seen schools of many sizes who are fielding small teams. We had five guys on the team last year, and I was stunned at how often we would show up to meets and not be the smallest team there...at least not the smallest by a lot.
  13. You make a good point, and I am willing to concede it on grounds of talent. There is still a numbers crisis at many schools, and until that is fixed it’s hard for me to feel good about where we’re going.
  14. This one here is money. Especially the last couple sentences.
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