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  1. I know that FFs are to be removed from a wrestlers record for seeding purposes, but what about Varsity 2/JV results?
  2. AJ


    Jason Orr
  3. AJ

    Muncie Central v Shenandoah

    Muncie Central
  4. AJ

    Muncie Central v Southwood

    Muncie Central
  5. AJ


    Jason Orr
  6. AJ

    Muncie Central v South Adams

    South Adams
  7. As of this afternoon, only 19 counties in Indiana are NOT red.....
  8. A bigger issue may be School Corporations with Red County restrictions. We could have schools not allowed to go to various levels of the state series if the host is in red or if a school from a red county will be attending. This could get tricky...
  9. AJ

    Muncie Central v Ft Wayne Wayne

    Muncie Central
  10. AJ

    Muncie Central v Purdue Poly

    Purdue Polytechnic
  11. AJ

    South Adams vs Muncie Central

    South Adams
  12. Monroe Central
  13. AJ

    Muncie Central v New Castle

    New Castle
  14. AJ

    Muncie Central v Western Boone

    Muncie Central
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