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  1. Yorktown got chastised one year because people thought they should move up...
  2. The Commish is retiring... Will be interesting to see how this impacts many sports, including wrestling...
  3. AJ

    Muncie Central vs. South Adams

    Muncie Central
  4. I was wondering where I could locate the sectional seeding and procedure rules. The link on the ihsaa site does not work. I would just like to get better familiarized with them . Thanks
  5. I noticed a lot of people talking about growing the sport through Classed Duals. Has anyone looked at the data to see if the sport is actually growing in 1A and 2A schools due to our classed dual system? Did the numbers at those schools who participated grow like we had hoped, and what about the schools that have never made it?
  6. Fort Wayne Wayne
  7. AJ


  8. Was this a discussion with a higher up? This is a ruling with some huge ramifications...
  9. 120 #9 Bertsch dec #6 Jefferson 6-5 @ ECIC tournament today ... great match!!!
  10. AJ

    Northeastern vs. Muncie Central

  11. AJ

    Western Boone vs. Muncie Central

    Western Boone
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