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  1. AJ

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    At the North Regional we had wrestle backs to 3rd place.
  2. AJ

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    State brackets show wrestle backs to 5th place only (which is not even a placement)... Is this actually how it is being done? This is not how it was done at Regionals..
  3. AJ

    College Wrestling On HS Mats

    Thanks for the link to the AL Smith finals.... now I dont have to search for it...
  4. AJ

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    Once registered, can a wrestler change weight classes and if so, how?
  5. AJ


    There looks to be a very fun 195 bracket, especially with Lee dropping down from 220: Semistate rankings next to name # 2 Stewart Mossholder Oak Hill (also ranked 7th in state) # 3 Andrew Abbott Muncie Central (also ranked 11th in state) # 4 Cole Gray Norwell # 6 Nathaniel Lykins Jay County 220 # 3 Victor Lee (also ranked 4th at 220 in state) There are some other fun brackets, but this one is definitely the toughest...
  6. AJ


  7. AJ

    3a seeding for team state

    That cuts deep... really deep.....
  8. AJ

    Muncie Central vs. Western Boone

    Muncie Central
  9. AJ

    South Adams vs. Muncie Central

    South Adams
  10. AJ

    Muncie Central vs. New Castle

    Muncie Central
  11. AJ

    Hagerstown vs. Muncie Central

  12. AJ

    Centerville vs. Muncie Central

  13. AJ

    Muncie Central vs. Richmond

    Muncie Central
  14. AJ

    IndyStar Athlete of the Week.

    voted... he is currently in 2nd

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