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  1. AJ

    An idea to help grow the sport

    I know that there are some youth tournaments in Ohio that are ran according to level. They will run "beginners" from 9 until noon and then run others noon until 3 . They also round robin the kids so everyone gets 4-6 matches and you are outta there in about 3 or 4 hours.
  2. Now if Ball State would bring back wrestling!!!!!!!
  3. Wow... Cowan is 1 point out of vote in consideration and they are the only tam with 14 returners next year...
  4. Does he still do all the out of season training and wrestling that he did while at Avon? Are his parents still in position to do all of those things? If so, then yes....
  5. AJ

    Frosh-Soph State question

    What time does wrestling start Sunday?
  6. I have not read the entire thread, so if I missed it I apologize... With the implementation a classed dual state championship, that allows for small schools to be celebrated, why have numbers continued to fall?
  7. AJ

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    Nor will he wrestle someone the caliber of Red during his junior year...
  8. AJ

    Academic All-State

    Will this be announced sometime today?
  9. AJ

    Regional Format

    At Jay County we used 3 mats for the first two rounds. Then we went to 2 mats and ran the finals and 3/4 at the same time. Jay County did wait until the end of all wrestling before they passed out any awards. I thought this was a little odd, but it did keep people in the stands.
  10. AJ

    Semi State Brackets

    The information tab says Monday at 11 am for New Haven SS
  11. AJ

    Practice this week

    We practiced Monday and will practice today, but we are not allowed to practice tomorrow (Wednesday).
  12. I do find the punishment odd since Faulkens is the face of the weight management system.
  13. AJ

    2019-2020 Team State

    I just saw the total number of schools... wrong list
  14. AJ

    2019-2020 Team State

    I see 406 schools listed... will be interesting to see how many schools do not field 7 wrestlers....
  15. AJ

    Seed meetings


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