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  1. 1991 Hwt Tony Vaughn FW Snider. Second and Third. Probably the worst disqualification ever in the semis. A stalled out whilst he was on top. Went on to All-American status at Purdue placing 3rd. Vinny Casaro: 3x runner up. 1990 Paul Troupe SB LaSalle. 3x qualifier: 2x medalist. Fargo National Champ in Freestyle. Fargo National Runner up in Greco.
  2. 1992 171lb State Finals featured 3 wrestlers from the same Conference. 1st RICO Talamentes FW NorthSide 2nd Rodney Bolden FW SouthSide 3rd Scott Junk FW Concordia. interesting stat: Junk got 4th in The Summit Athletic Conference. But got third in state. Bolden never won a sectional or conference and was 3rd in The Summit Athletic Conference that year but second in State. Junk never beat Talamentes or Bolden in his career. Junk never beat Melvin Lipscum from Snider either. Lipscum went 2-2 against Bolden that year including a sectional title. Bolden had 5 loses on the year 3 to Talamentes and 2 to Lipscum. All Junks loses which I believe was 8: all to Bolden, Talmentes and Lipscum.
  3. Doing better in Iowa right now. Watched the finals last night and it was awesome as usual. Lowery/Rioux was my favorite match. Lowery seems like an excellent kid, I was very impressed with his post match speech. Got to see a Panther on the Podium again: it was a long 6 years. Jake Lone under the lights with Lil Rubes and Feilden was awesome as well. Overall I have some hills to climb as far as getting my health in order. I’m a wrestler though and I won’t go down easy. Keep up the good work Indianamat!
  4. As another excellent high school season ends I began to reflect: We all love the back and forth banter that can be sometimes funny and demeaning. But who has shown the ability to get their points across and still be a gentleman? I nominate ontherise219. He does an excellent job with the rankings, and if questioned about his reasoning he gives logical responses.
  5. Any draw you aren’t facing Mendez or the guy who beat you four times on the year is a good one.
  6. I’m 5’3. 190 on me looks like 230 on an average height guy.
  7. Wish I had better news. They found more blockages so I’m here for awhile. Fellas all jokes aside I’m scared. I’m not going to make it to state. I may not make to AAU State in Iowa. One thing this taught me is there is more to life than to go back and forth and be petty. I’m about to die because I was mad Caleb said Watts could take Early. That’s really what started this whole petty bs I was on all season. Take care of yourselves: that’s what I should’ve done.
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