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  1. If you want a really nice nap come to 1934 fox point trail.
  2. you are just weird for that. And you got crickets for your post. Read the room: no one thought it was funny but you: Lame.
  3. I love Snider. I cheer for the guys in our Semi-State once we get to state. The guys I do not like happen to be from the same regional. They drew a line in the sand years ago. So if it ain’t Snider or Bellmont:(Bellmont staff and students have always been respectful to me): forget about it. This is war! Oak Hill and Western are cool as well. No problems with Jay County.
  4. Respectfully Jmills: I’m fine. Just got over Covid. I was born a fighter. Nothing is going to hold me down for long. I never got rode out in my life. I’m in the best shape of my adult life. Besides a groin pull I’m solid. However: I will not be checked: by anyone whether it’s a forum or real life. I stand on what I say. I just didn’t see what was so funny.
  5. Surprise: you vouched for your own character. So only you have been trying to get kids better? And because of that I’m supposed to believe you: an opponent? I don’t need to speak to you because if you really wanted to speak to me you would’ve done it months ago. Others may be fooled and need you: I do not. Don’t ever try and check me Buckaroo. If your name isn’t Al Smith, Henry Wilk, Russ Isaacs or Betty Lee Swanson(RIP): never tell me to chill.
  6. I want to respond but I’ll get banned. Save my fingers on this one.
  7. So I’m supposed to read all that through your laughing emoji. Sorry I don’t watch tv: unless it’s wrestling or Boba Fett. No commercials. Don’t ever tell me to chill. I have no chill. You are turning out to be a great friend.
  8. Don’t get the Joke. But I’ll tell him you thought it was funny. Andy Oberlin ….I’ll let the Veazy’s know you think it was funny as well. See you soon.
  9. Most Definitely! You forgot to mention they shot at the same time. I talked to Paul recently he is out in Oregan has a daughter who is pretty good.
  10. Veazy needs 2 mats and 32 partners to just get warmed up. Sorry for the inconvenience ahead of time.
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