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  1. To be the best you must “Do The Rounds”. Period. By the way that’s the name of my show premiering this fall on all streaming platforms. By doing the rounds I mean put in the work. Staying “in-house” probably only works for the top 1 percent. Meaning programs. Everyone else must seek out partners and competitions if you want a “Chestie” (medal). Those that duck : will get stuck. I see it every year. Only heavyweights and 220’s who are elite football players may skip the preliminaries and still find success. The rest have to go get money. In my hood we say tap-in. And to be frank: if you are from Fort Wayne and didn’t tap-in with me this off-season: good luck to you.
  2. For once I have nothing. I’m in the dark and confused. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
  3. I’m sure you feel that way for no personal reasons. You don’t get many opportunities to represent your country though; especially as a 14 year old from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Besides: the grand prize in folkstyle will come in February. Enjoy your weekend.
  4. Has this little event called The Pan-Am Games to train for. In case y’all forgot.
  5. I’m a historian not a mathematician Captain! Beam me up Scotty!
  6. I’ve heard all the slights. I saw the stats. If you were to believe most of the rhetoric about our area you’d think the coaches don’t care or are just not knowledgeable. Wrong assumption. I must say today I’m proud of my adopted area. I saw guys that coached when I wrestled. I saw young guys like Monsieur LeCount. Riley Lefever: The Super Charger Legend. Now a coach for my Hoosiers? . Rod Lone. Mr. Cowboy boots himself the magnanimous Barry Humble let me chat him up. No longer a “pack a day” Southside Legend Rodney Bolden. Riley McClurg. Big Coach Hall from Trine. Andy Oberlein. And listen up: Monroe Central: I didn’t catch his name but I have to go fishing with this guy: you have a winner over there. Nick Krause had several interesting takes and points. The Northside Legends Legend: Gralan Early. What I’m saying is I was impressed: I’m hard to impress. I don’t know how many wrestlers were there but at least 70? Angola brought a contingency. Wabash/Northfield brought a bus. I said all that to say this: I like the direction WE are heading. I even saw Ole Y2. We were as cordial as we’ve never been. I respect the guy he does a lot for the wrestling community here and state wide. Props are due give people their flowers whilst they can still smell them. Saw coach Ojeida from Northrop. I give him a hard time but he loves to help the kids. Salute. Coach Tun and Veazy: tireless Warriors. Juwan Bolden and Everett Green deserve props too: they’ve taken what I’ve taught them collectively and paid it forward. I saw some real eaters amongst the young wrestlers. Wade welcome to Da Fort once again. Let’s go Fort Wayne Semi-State!
  7. You aren’t skilled enough a troll to get me with passive aggressive insults. I’ll agree to disagree. Enjoy your summer.
  8. Good thing I don’t rely on you for validation and I’ll stick to what I went to college for: History and wrestling.
  9. Greco Roman wrestling goes back over 2,000 years. So again you are wrong. There are plenty of evidence that it is the oldest style and was practiced in some form since ancient times all over the world. Just because you sanctioned something and gave it guidelines doesn’t mean it didn’t exist before then. Just like Columbus didn’t discover America. It was already here. So again you don’t like it: I get it. It’s still the purist and oldest form of wrestling. Freestyle and Folkstyle came much later. Now if you want to Argue Senegalese wrestling is older: I’ll except it. But it is still Greco with strikes so it’s closer to what the ancient Greeks and Romans were doing 2,000 years ago.
  10. The point of Greco is not to entertain you. You have problem with the rules. We all do. It’s a fact that Greco is wrestling in its purist form. It’s the oldest practiced style . Therefore it’s the purist: no debating.
  11. Excellent point Joe. To add to that; the Russians do no more than 7 competitions a year. Because the women focus more on training they are more ready when competitions come. I think to we’ve done a good job as a country of growing the sport of women’s wrestling and I believe the results reflect that.
  12. No but I think Lee wins this one easily. Lee has improved more than anyone I’ve seen since he’s been in college.
  13. I said Asa. My name is Nyasa so that’s why. So give me Asa and twice on Sunday.
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