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  1. I've heard it all before. Most thought the same thing when he wrestled Frazier. I saw Frazier mauling people last week for VT. Freestyle is not folkstyle. I've seen guys win Fargo 4 times and never win state. I've seen guys win state who didn't know what Fargo was. Head to head during the season will determine who is the champ.
  2. Pump da breaks…..skeetskrrrrrt! You’re supposed to wait to sip the eggnog at Christmas. Without a problem? You must be late to the festivities: Thrine is definitely “A” problem!
  3. I don’t think we are at Red and Lee level yet: they are a Sophomore and Junior. But I get the anticipation. I said 3 years ago I had Hockaday winning 4. That being said: Thrine had one of the best Freshman campaigns I’ve ever seen: and I’m old and have seen 39 years of Championships. I’d like to toss my Homeboy Lil Vargo in the conversation. Don’t blink is all I’m saying. Either way take my money.
  4. Ethan Dodson heavy from Snider should be in the rankings. I know he got hurt last year: trust me he is going to bracket bust. After he wins his Football State Championship.
  5. I waited a week to be gracious and diplomatic: Kevon Russel from Fort Wayne Snider should be ranked at 157. 2X SSQ. Ticket rounder in an injury shortened season. Had 4 losses on the season: 3 tough ones to Jackson Todd a 7th placer who graduated. And 7-0 to Betz in the ticket round. All after a meniscus tear during football season. Has beaten guys that are ranked at the weight.
  6. Great work Caleb. Tun will make some noise believe it!
  7. What recent events? Did we lose someone? I guarantee you that Snider will be in the thick of it. 7 seniors and 4 semi-state qualifiers and 2 ticket rounders? You must not be familiar with the area. Dwenger will not beat Snider this year. I can guarantee you that. We qualified for team state. Did you not know that? Yeah we lost a runner up and a qualifier but we replaced them with 2 semi-State qualifiers. Catch up bruh.
  8. Studies have shown people who use the word literally, liberally, have difficulty articulating their point of view. I just think they have no sense of humor.
  9. Sarcasm just escapes you doesn’t it? Like one of my kids would say: you doin’ too much bruh.
  10. No Snider Panthers? Must be a Dwenger alum who wrote that program.
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