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  1. Veazy over Gunner Henry today 7-1. I see why you wanted me to drop it. I again was correct change this PP rankings and start giving our guys their due. He is the best period.
  2. Greco is the Sport of the Gods. High School doesn’t deserve it.
  3. The White Panther wins the 160lb title. Now let’s quali next year and show them who is the King in the Norf.
  4. You thought of that all by yourself? Aweee you are special.
  5. I was born and raised in South Bend. So I’m not just a fan.
  6. Them ish was Fresh. It was like watching Notre Dame wrestle.
  7. Veazy is ready to go. I’ve seen him up close and this I can tell you: he is a problem day one. I’ve been holding it in for a minute: who ever made these PP rankings obviously haven’t been following the results. This is not a 106. Projection is 170/182. He would’ve won the semi-state this year. I have first hand knowledge to make this statement. Don’t snooze.
  8. I hop on here every year and I’ll say it again. I’ve been to the Ohio State Tournament, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Indiana definitely has the best show. My friend Daniel Magana’s son just won state as Freshman at 152 in Iowa. He is 2A. I still screamed! His smile is irreplaceable. I don’t think people were going around saying: it’s just a little school. More wrestlers, fans, and families are happy on Saturday night. I love the show; but that’s selfish. It’s easy for me to say that sitting where I sit. If we want our sport to expand instead of retract: Class is in sess
  9. By no means am I belittling B-Halls accomplishments: I was Uber impressed. I just wanted to acknowledge where Ruhlman came from and what he was up against. I was raised Catholic so I love seeing a kid from a Catholic School win. Thanks and Congratulations to EMD.
  10. Tristan Ruhlman. Beat a returning state champion and a nationally ranked D1 signee.
  11. Big Muncie brought one how to the Carroll Regional! Let’s go! More to come! Good Job Caprino!
  12. Bro: I think this is why we went at it so hard. It’s like a mirror. My mom shot herself in the head whilst holding me at 18 months old. My brother was 3. I still remember it. We were in like 7 foster homes and experienced every abuse imaginable. I was wild. I would fight a bear if it said I couldn’t eat honey faster than it. When I was 14 we moved in with my Grandmother and I started to wrestle the next year. Saved my life and got me a college education. I went to 8 elementary schools. 2 junior highs and 3 High Schools. One day I’ll tell you more it’s too much for the message board.
  13. Sounds like my story. One day I’ll tell it. There is a reason I didn’t go to state: it wasn’t my ability or lack there of. I went to 3 different high schools: should tell you enough. Tell him he now has a supporter for life in The Gen.
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