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  1. You asked a question I answered it. I went by the results and rankings: what else am I supposed to go by? And Carroll is good and has been doing well lately as they should. They have great resources that the public city schools do not. All that being said Wayne has more and Luers has as many state medals as Carroll does in the last 5 years. Those aren’t even conference powers. As a team they are better than any one team in the conference. The best people from our conference usually place higher.
  2. I was at the match Snider vs Carroll Bills lost. He got taken down. He got injured. Kreager was under concussion protocol so he didn’t wrestle for a few weeks.
  3. 106 SAC Cornewell 113 Carroll 120 SAC Ester 126 SAC Humphrey 132 SAC Shelton 138 SAC Sotero 145 Slight nod to Carroll (11-10 over Tippmann) 152 SAC Hilger 160 SAC Kreager 170 SAC Morris 182 ? this weight is a mystery 195 Carroll 220 SAC HWT Carroll. This is based on results and rankings. Nice try.
  4. My sons are no where near your weight or age. I just want to see how far you want to take this since you seem to have something to prove. I don’t need nobody to fight my battles for me. You don’t know me if you did you would just have let it be. You are assuming that because you said all that MMA stuff that is going to scare me. It doesn’t. I didn’t disrespect your art I said it was boring to me. That’s an opinion. You disrespected one of my disciplines. Not very honorable. You could of left this alone long ago yet you want the last word. Good luck to you and your stud training.
  5. You fling numerous insults at me and expect me to be cool with you? You imply if I met you in person I wouldn’t have the same energy and expect me to let it slide? You call me a WiFi tuffy but run down your whole resume of your MMA history. You insult my intelligence but then say we got off on the wrong foot otherwise we’d be cool?Dude you are all over the place. I’ll tell you what: I’m me. Nearly 49. I could care less about any of this yakity yak. I will stand on what I say right or wrong. Don’t hop on my comments I won’t hop on yours.
  6. Love me some Springsteen: The Boss!
  7. I’m pretty sure I’ve been the same person my whole life. I’m pretty sure that there are people on this site who will tell you I’m only scared of a Democrat in the White House. All my friends are wrestlers, MMA fighters or ex ones. I’m pretty sure my 6 Son’s would avenge my death if I were to lose a duel with FC Fighter.
  8. Wing Chun is a soft art. No sparing. It’s like Tai Chi. Sorry I don’t perform and tap dance.
  9. You are correct. I use UFC as a generic term like Kleenex for tissue or Pampers for diapers. Now I don’t know MMA as a sport but I practiced Wing Chun for 23 years. I’ve been wrestling for 33 years. I started boxing at 4. So I have cursory knowledge of some combat sports. I just prefer the pure arts. MMA as a sport is boring to me. I like Boxing. Chinese Boxing, Judo and Wrestling.
  10. Clap 👏 it up. Exactly what I envisioned. Great keep up the good work. Just know I love Tom Petty: 🎶 I’ll stand my ground: I won’t back down... 🎶
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