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  1. The Southport sectional and Perry regional both get a lot stronger/deeper while the Arsenal Tech sectional and Pendleton regional get a lot weaker. Don’t understand those swaps at all.
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/ohio-state-all-american-wrestler-sammy-sasso-shot-near-campus-recovering-in-hospital-222254148.html
  3. https://www.goshennews.com/sports/wrestling-northwood-brings-back-hall-of-famer-lewis-as-head-coach/article_196aee56-2275-11ee-84f7-bbe445dcbc91.html
  4. Agreed. Big oversight in my mind. 4 time undefeated Lance Ellis left off, too. And the undefeated kid (drawing a blank on name) from Bloomington South needs some consideration as well. It looks like they were only considering relative recent wrestlers.
  5. I like the idea of a 3 point takedown since encourages wrestlers to take more risks on their feet. However, I like riding time as is.
  6. I think you can consolidate the 2 North Central lines with Lou Silverman being the Old Coach and Elijah Bailey being the new coach?
  7. Prior to the 1971-1972 seasons, sectionals were quite large and only one participant from each weight advanced out of the sectional. I think it was in the late 60’s (68?) sectional, there was a wrestler from Muncie South whose last name was Metcalf. He may well have been the 2nd best heavyweight in the state. Many certainly expressed that as an emphatic opinion for sure. Unfortunately for him, he was in the same sectional as Muncie Central’s legendary and future Olympian “Pete” Lee.
  8. Well, I for one remember Hunter Hughes and the other really good teammates Jeffersonville had back then … but as he said there were some holes in the lineup due to forfeits. Indeed I agree that Hunter would have to be considered one of the greatest wrestler not to make it to state. It was really surprising watching him wrestle at Connersville each year but not seeing him at state.
  9. I had trouble deciding between a “laughing” emoji vs. a “sad” emoji.
  10. So I ran into the issue first at the Pendleton Heights regional where no brackets available and no wifi to view trackwrestling. Then this past week at Hancock County Junior High tournament at New Palestine, again no brackets nor wifi for Trackwrestling. They kept announcing over and over that you had to use Trackwrestling. I pointed out to them there was no wifi available for guests, but still kept making the same announcement. Fans were very frustrated, even the New Pal fans I talked to.
  11. I’d nominate Captain Obvious for the list, too. I’m sure I’d get a second from Dingo Brigade.
  12. Just curious what this golden voiced wonder does when he is acting as the wrestling state finals announcer. Is he a radio personality?
  13. If you are going with “professional wrestlers”, I have to go with Dick the Bruiser, “world’s most dangerous wrestler. P.s. The Bruiser was born in Delphi, and he was a Green Bay Packers player, too.
  14. Yes, but my printer wasn’t working this week and I assumed they would either have a program or at least I’d be able to access Trackwrestling. Live and learn. Yes, I’ll definitely be downloading the IndianaMat brackets. I usually do. Thank you for providing that service.
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