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  1. Well, the state tournament actually starts at sectional time. So technically you have to win several matches before you step on the podium at Bankers Life. But no doubt IHPO is tough to win.
  2. Just curious why you listed their 2018 State results rather than for 2019?
  3. I don’t think Indiana education laws would allow high school kids to miss this much school (3 days) to participate in an athletic event.
  4. Ha ha. TeamGarcia, I think you changed my quote just a bit. My mention of Captain Obvious was intended to be a gentle subtle jab at someone else on here that also used to post on the old IHSWCA discussion board and other wrestling related discussion boards years ago.
  5. Captain Obvious was fairly notorious as well. 😉
  6. I wasn’t from the Bloomington area, but, yes, I do remember people talking at the time about what an amazing wrestler Randy May was ... almost in revered tones.
  7. I think I read an interview with Randy May in which he said he wasn’t the varsity 98 pounder as a freshman because he was a very much underweight for the weight class a freshman.
  8. I know in the 70’s we competed against a couple schools where 9th grade was junior high. But I remember right before sectionals they “called up” some wrestlers from their freshman team. (I remember one of them being Maurice Swain’s uncle or dad.)
  9. I don’t think it was an IHSAA rule. Some schools included grades 7-9 as junior high, and some of those schools didn’t allow the ninth graders to “wrestle up” with their high school team. That wasn’t true across the board though.
  10. He’s not just saying stupid stuff. He’s saying inane stuff for the sole purpose of bein a troll.
  11. Is this song/video out on YouTube?
  12. What?!!! I thought there were no discussions this year because Y2 conceded the point. 😂
  13. So true. Oh, if it were always that easy. 😉
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