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  1. Coach, I think I saw you at an alumni event a couple years ago and I believe you were wearing togs from 1966. Very impressive.
  2. Yes, he’s been a fixture for many years. He wears his colors proud.
  3. I finally made it up to 119 pound class during my senior season in 1975. Currently, I’d wrestle 195. (To my credit I did grow a few inches taller after high school ... but I’m still way too heavy. 😉)
  4. What was it, 5 takedowns vs 5 escapes?
  5. Yes, I remember that match being reported and folks who attended the match talking about how loooooong it lasted.
  6. There have at times been some “what if” comments in the past regarding Nick Lee. For example, what if Nick Lee hadn’t gone after/chased Stevan Micic in his freshman year and instead wrestled at a different weight? Looking at the list of champions above, I guess that “what if” would imply he would have had to either have gone down a weight class to wrestle Chad Red or gone up a weight class to wrestle Deondre Wilson in Deondre’s senior year. An interesting what if for sure.
  7. I was thinking about the same kid. He was very tall. And it was an amazing finish to the match. As I recall, Jason made the throw and put Wagner on his back with just enough time to get the near-fall and victory. (My memory might be off though.) I remember thinking, “Why is Wagner letting Fryar lock up with him with just seconds to go?!!!” Wagner did get his state title the next year though as I recall.
  8. And how come no Bang Bangs this year?
  9. Oh come on! What other lovables will come on here to annoy us? It’s been a long time since Mr. Happy Pants was on here.
  10. Coach, I remember wrestling against his team when I was in middle school. I admired him even then as he clearly stood out as really caring about all the wrestlers, not just those on his team. He was a very dedicated man. May he RIP.
  11. Pretty impressive competition if you have two 3-timers (I think) as third-teamers ... although I assume you mean single season and not career.
  12. Are you saying you can only have a maximum of 6 duals?
  13. You don’t really “lose” points. You just voluntarily give them up. Basically, you can have up to a MAXIMUM of 18 points but can’t use more than 12 of them in “tournaments” (including multi-duals). But you don’t have to use all 18. (Some teams don’t in fact.)
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