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  1. I remember being awed by future Olympian “Pete” Lee of Muncie Central in the late 60’s.
  2. What about Bloomington back when they only had football “state champions” determined by polls?
  3. Wow, is this for real?!!! I assume that is not an optical illusion as is the equivalent of 4 full size mats. The economy must really be good. And the tax rate must be pretty sweet, too.
  4. So nobody ever did either of these before 2004? Interesting.
  5. Fun reading. However, I am curious as to our definition/criteria for Most Outstanding Wrestler.
  6. First period started standing up. After that a flip and the winner decided whether he wanted to start the 2nd period up or down. Whoever was up in the 2nd period was down in 3rd period (no choice).
  7. I know throughout the 70’s (and maybe late 60’s???) they had the 1-1-1 format for OT. (There was no OT in duals, matches just ended in draws.). During the 1-1-1 overtime, there were 2 extra refs just observing. If the scored was tied at the end of OT, the three refs conferred and decided a winner based on who was the most aggressive wrestler during OT. At that point in time there were no official criteria such as 1st takedown.
  8. If the ONLY intent is to determine the best wrestler, why advance more than 1 from sectional, regional, and semi-state?
  9. Minor perhaps, but McCormick was from Delta I think.
  10. Yes, I imagine he got confused because he was comparing 2019 runners-up to 2020 champions and slipped into runners-up for 2020 in a couple places. Easily done.
  11. Presumably Keys is better this year than last and Irick won this year, so I’d have to go with Irick. Also, I hope Allred has improved since last year, so I don’t see that one as hard to decide.
  12. I stood in line more than 2 hours to be in front on line. Then I hurried in only to find 3 coaches of one school, who obviously had gotten access without standing in line, saving a block of 50 seats. When I told them they weren’t allowed to save that many, they told me that’s what they were doing and I couldn’t stop them. Then as soon as their 2 wrestlers got promptly beat Friday, almost all of their “fans” immediately got up and left.
  13. I think you may have meant “and” rather than “or”.
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