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  1. piscis1956


    Who won?
  2. piscis1956

    Here come the Irish song

    15 years old. Is she a Cathedral student or just someone who was asked to create a team song for them? Either way, I like it. I would think some other schools might be a bit envious. Certainly unique.
  3. piscis1956

    Here come the Irish song

    Wow! Waaaaay cool. 1. Who was doing the singing? 2. Who wrote the song?
  4. piscis1956

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    And I believe Brown also lost to Wilkerson, which knocked him out of the rankings and helped put Wilkerson in.
  5. piscis1956

    PH vs MV

    Thank you to whomever posted.
  6. piscis1956

    PH vs MV

    Does anyone have any results from the Pendleton Heights vs Mt. Vernon dual from last night? (I had to work late.)
  7. Is the Anchent Elder still kicking and updating his book? My version of the book is a few years out of date now.
  8. piscis1956

    Top 20 Seniors

  9. piscis1956

    Top 20 Seniors

    Anyway, I’ve been studying these over with great interest. Looking at the “State Experience” column indicates very clearly this was not the only criterium to place the wrestlers. Check. That makes sense. What I would like to know though is how these should best be interpreted, at least in the mind of the ranker(s). That is, is the intent to say the #1 ranked wrestler has the most distance between him and other senior wrestlers in his weight class in the state of Indiana? Or is this kind of an assessment of how high the wrestler would/should rank on a broader scale, say nationally, in the ranker(s) opinion? Or is this just intended to be a very very subjective ranking by the ranker(s) saying I/we think the #1 ranked kid is a “better wrestler” (whatever “better wrestler” means) than the #2 ranked kid who is a “better wrestler” than the #3 kid, etc.?
  10. piscis1956

    Top 20 Seniors

    Thank you for putting together this rankings by class, uh, I mean grade. (Whew! I’m glad I noticed that or any discussion/feedback could have went the wrong way.)
  11. piscis1956

    Super 32

    I think it is called “schtick”. I believe is intended to add “color” to the website and make it more interesting. We’ve had other folks in the past take on different personas on here in the past for similar reasons. (The Region Rat comes to mind.). They certainly add color. Some folks find it interesting and think it makes it more enjoyable to read the posts. Others may find it a bit annoying. But love them or hate them, most of our “colorful” participants are avid wrestling fans and contribute a lot of information and add insight to the website.
  12. piscis1956

    Super 32

    Are you sure? 🤔😀
  13. Congratulations, James!
  14. piscis1956

    Best Collegiate Career

    I think Kelvin Jackson was from Anderson Highland rather than Anderson Madison Heights, but true that he was an NCAA champion while at Michigan St.
  15. piscis1956

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Ha ha. Somebody edited my post. I wonder who that could have been.

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