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  1. That Iranian Heavyweight is unreal
  2. I don’t disagree. Why not Atleast include them to have slightly better separation.
  3. Upon further review, they removed criteria from the regionals other than champion.
  4. Kyrel Gorman shouldn’t have happened. Leavell had criteria from central regionals. Not sure what they were doing.
  5. Historically they handed them out. This year they didn’t. So I went to the head table and asked for them.
  6. Carlos was that guy. Went 4-1 after getting caught
  7. We have basically any weight available, free of charge. Get some good matches in before Central Regionals. Text me at (317) 534-7393
  8. Further, if any team wants to get in. Please reach out and we will get you added. Usually great wrestling and dual format makes it especially exciting
  9. I am stepping in to try and help keep this tournament in light of recent events. We were booted from Lawrence Central and had to scramble to find a venue. We are moving the tournament to Beech Grove HS. Thank you Ryan Williams for stepping up for us! Schedule remains the same. What I do need help with is getting all the teams figured out. If you are bringing a team Saturday, can you please text me at (317) 534-7393 and let me know. I will get you added and roster email sent asap. Again, thank you to everyone stepping up to try and make this tournament a success.
  10. Openings at both middle and high school. Good young group at elementary and middle. Teachers and non teachers. If teacher, let him know what subject area. Posting because Jimmy is old and carrier pigeons can’t post online. Contact Coach tonte at 3173712654 or email at tontej@franklinschools.org
  11. With how difficult it is to get a takedown in college, I like the idea of the 3 point takedown
  12. Not CJ Red, but I’ll be running RTC tonight at Franklin. Showing some throws and easy ways to score big in Freestyle and Greco
  13. Also the Pork Grenades at Hilltop are amazing...they ran out though, so maybe a Mater Dei alum can make sure they are stocked up for the two weekends.
  14. Fidels Bourbon and Cigar bar is a very cool spot down there. Feels like you went back to the 1920's.
  15. Sharing an update on him. Thoughts and Prayers for a speedy recovery. We wanted to let everyone know that Parker is now home resting from surgery. Thank you for all of the prayers and well wishes from those of you that were aware of his situation. I intentionally have not posted about this, as this has been a very emotional situation for all of us. For our friends and family who were not aware, for the past 8 months Parker has been battling a debilitating condition with his hands that has affected his ability to perform daily tasks, including his passion to wrestle. Parker’s hands would turn purple and go numb during activity, and would become extremely painful. He loses all grip strength and the ability to squeeze his hands. We were so lucky that after 4 months of numerous tests with cardiologists, rheumatologists, and hand surgeons, Parker was finally able to get a clear diagnosis from one of the top Vascular Surgeons in the country for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Parker was confirmed to have both bi-lateral Venous and Neurogenic TOS. Neurogenic TOS is caused by compression of the brachial plexus nerve roots (C5 to T1) within the scalene triangle, the space above the collarbone where the two scalene muscles come down from the neck and attach to the first rib. This was causing the pain and numbness. Venous TOS is caused by subclavian vein compression between the clavicle and first rib. This was causing discoloration and swelling. We guess Parker hit the jackpot, not only having both types, but also being bilateral. Although this is an extremely rare condition, it is somewhat common among MLB pitchers, competitive swimmers, and gymnasts. Yesterday morning Parker underwent successful surgery on the right side of his body first. They made an incision above the clavicle to completely remove his first rib and the two scalene muscles that were attached to it. Through a small second & third incisions below the collarbone, they also released the tendon of the pectoralis minor muscle and opened the space all the way through the thoracic outlet for the brachial plexus nerves. We are happy to say that Parker has just been released to come home. Within minutes of waking up, he couldn’t believe how “normal” he said his right hand felt. We will not know how greatly affected the left side is and or damaged for approximately 6-8 weeks. At that time, a decision will be made by the surgeons to potentially go in and repeat the exact same surgery. Luckily for Parker he did not have any damage to his subclavian veins and no evidence of a blood clot. The rehabilitation is a difficult one, and Parker is looking at the possibility of having to do it twice. But if there is anyone out there who can do it, we all know that it is Parker. In true Parker fashion, he asked to keep his “rib” so that he can make a chain out of it : ) We do not know what the near future holds competitively for our son, but we do know that with Gods strength and Parker’s determination, he will come back from this better than ever. Thank you for everyone’s prayers. Below Parker wanted to share with everyone his rib.
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