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  2. That Iranian Heavyweight is unreal
  3. I don’t disagree. Why not Atleast include them to have slightly better separation.
  4. Upon further review, they removed criteria from the regionals other than champion.
  5. Kyrel Gorman shouldn’t have happened. Leavell had criteria from central regionals. Not sure what they were doing.
  6. Historically they handed them out. This year they didn’t. So I went to the head table and asked for them.
  7. Carlos was that guy. Went 4-1 after getting caught
  8. We have basically any weight available, free of charge. Get some good matches in before Central Regionals. Text me at (317) 534-7393
  9. Further, if any team wants to get in. Please reach out and we will get you added. Usually great wrestling and dual format makes it especially exciting
  10. I am stepping in to try and help keep this tournament in light of recent events. We were booted from Lawrence Central and had to scramble to find a venue. We are moving the tournament to Beech Grove HS. Thank you Ryan Williams for stepping up for us! Schedule remains the same. What I do need help with is getting all the teams figured out. If you are bringing a team Saturday, can you please text me at (317) 534-7393 and let me know. I will get you added and roster email sent asap. Again, thank you to everyone stepping up to try and make this tournament a success.
  11. Openings at both middle and high school. Good young group at elementary and middle. Teachers and non teachers. If teacher, let him know what subject area. Posting because Jimmy is old and carrier pigeons can’t post online. Contact Coach tonte at 3173712654 or email at tontej@franklinschools.org
  12. With how difficult it is to get a takedown in college, I like the idea of the 3 point takedown
  13. Not CJ Red, but I’ll be running RTC tonight at Franklin. Showing some throws and easy ways to score big in Freestyle and Greco
  14. Also the Pork Grenades at Hilltop are amazing...they ran out though, so maybe a Mater Dei alum can make sure they are stocked up for the two weekends.
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