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Everything posted by MattM

  1. MattM

    Rules question

    Once the original blood time issue is stopped and the wrestler is cleared to continue then the matter is over. If later in the match the blood begins again that would be treated as a seperete incident and this time one that was not due to a penalized move. So, yes if he would have ran out of blood time later due to the bleeding beginning again then Donahue would have forfeited the match. All I can say is clean up time is virtually unlimited, so take the time to really try to block the area as good as possible in order to limit the amount of times bleeding may reoccur. Most of the times what really causes blood time to add up is a quick return to the mat the first and second time bleeding begins without taking a little more time to block the effected area better. You can stop all the issues but in many cases more can be done to limit the amount of reoccurances.
  2. MattM

    First year?!

    Several years back used to be a post highlighting every state finalist that was part of a USA Wrestling club and also showed those that placed in ISWA state at the cadet/junior level. It usually listes all but a handful of guys were at least involved at the card level. Figured it was used as a promotional tool to get more kids involved Not sure if someone hasn’t been worried about do that or if the numbers don’t look as good, but it used to be an interesting read.
  3. MattM

    Carson Brewer

    MACs usually in a battle for second to Big 10, so solid choice to Brewer. Choose the school that best fits your needs.
  4. I would hope he would. It’s not his first rodeo. Exhaustion causes you to not think clearly. Agree it was costly.
  5. MattM

    Carson Brewer

    Big props to the MAC Conference for getting a solid wrestler.
  6. MattM

    Carson Brewer

    Long time coming for Brewer. Culmination of several years of hard work.
  7. MattM


    Not great 3rd period match management for Washington. Slivka comes back to earn the title.
  8. MattM

    Something needs to change

    Plenty of areas of the state don’t have an academy within an hour drive. And some other area have a large 1A & 2A count too. Ft. Wayne SS has been up before it’s just a down period for them.
  9. If we have a tied team state title, I’m guessing we will hear about the round 1 scoring, or lack there of, even more. Not sure I want the controversy, but would like the shake up if it means the IHSWCA pushes to gr the correct scoring system in place.
  10. Someone Someone tell Brewer that one. He’ll make sure he gets the win but he’s a team player.
  11. The OT 152 win may have sealed it for the Irish. Great back and forth final. Big time hitting a inside trip for first time ever in a match. Take some guts to commit to that.
  12. Agreed. Donahue is good but Brewer is on a mission to finally get to the top of a podium and get his team a state title on the way.
  13. I’d say it’s debatable with his left shoulder looking like it was above of Garcia chest. But the official has to decided if his scapula was down, which extends further down than top of the shoulder.
  14. There went the EMD 4 way tie scenario.
  15. MattM


    Yes but if I recall the stream may only be available live to those outside the FoxSports Indiana (Mid-west) viewing area. Since they have the TV rights to IHSAA events.
  16. MattM

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    Ohio along with their other two big name freshman. Here is a link to Culver’s current roster. It’s a pretty solid school so they are able to pull some kids from all over the Midwest (and a few other far off places) who want a military style boarding school experience. https://www.culver.org/athletics/team-pages/wrestling
  17. MattM

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    Where was this at? Must have missed it.
  18. MattM

    Replay Debate

    Nope, but we have enough of them as is that some wrestlers try to get away with in a match. We don’t need one more reason to try and get one. I think I’ve seen more matches have been decided by some convienent lung breaks and short term injuries than overturned called.
  19. MattM

    Replay Debate

    When it’s one ref. Hardly never. When there is an assistant ref to check with. Sometimes.
  20. MattM

    Replay Debate

    Seeing how they have over done it in some college meets I’m am hesitant of having it, especially under the coaches control. Does it fix some mistakes yes, but it also seems to cause problems too with match delays and allowing the tired wrestlers a breather. I can maybe see it at the higher stakes events if the officials feel the call was close enough that a video replay would be helpful to judge a scoring situation. And even then limit it to a few views and if it’s not decisive the call stands so that the action can continue without. 10min break. However, I can see how automatically giving replay just because a coach throw a brick could become as much of a hinderance to the match in some cases as it could be a help.
  21. Your right. I have to make sure I get back in time for the placement round. She knew how things were going to play out when we started dating and I went to state on her 21st birthday.
  22. MattM

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    I’m sure both gentlemen will bring their A game. Just sit back an appreciate the high level match we have the opportunity to witness on a Friday night.
  23. Does anyone have a pretty good estimate of when the Semi-Finals finals on Saturday usually ends, based on the last few years? I can pin point it down to a couple hours, but for some reason can't recall when it normally finishes up. I'm on a bit of a time crunch with arrangements during the break time (wife's birthday weekend) and want to try to time things out as best as possible. My wife thanks you for the info.
  24. MattM

    Track Cast Question

    Big screen TV. Computer with HDMI connection. Open 4 browser windows (one for each of the mats) in your computer. Size each window to fit to each corner of your computer screen. Turn off volume to all but one of the screens. Get comfortable on your coach and enjoy. I’ve done this a few time for some trackwrestling hosted events and it works well.

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