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Everything posted by MattM

  1. MattM

    Disney Duals

    Found it.
  2. Former IU wrestler Lucas Sheridan falls short of making the World Team in the afternoon session In the evening session, Kayla Miracle takes match 1 with a score of 12-2. She was in total control other than giving up a quick double off the whistle at the start of the 2nd period. One more to make the Senior Women’s World Team. I hope she keeps the shots looking good in the next match since that was the down fall in last years meet.
  3. MattM

    Final X - Nebraska

    Lets add another Hoosier wrestler to this years world team. Sarah’s Hildebrandt makes her 2nd world team with a 8-0 win. With silver medal last year, Sarah is a medal contender again.
  4. MattM

    Final X - Nebraska

    Round 2 Miracle going to Worlds 4-0 Velte was a Bronze medal winner last year after topping Kayla in 3 matches. So Kayla is definitely in medal contention with her improved takedown IQ.
  5. MattM

    Final X - Nebraska

    Hildebrandt with a 3-0 win. Got the shot clock point from Shai in the first and then a slick throwby/slideby takedown in the 2nd. One more for her to make the World Team.
  6. MattM

    Final X - Nebraska

    Sarah Hildebrandt comes out in a Captain Marvel singlet. She had my vote before, but I’ll give her some added style points.
  7. Yes. Heading down to join the highly ranked women’s program coached by Lee Miracle.
  8. MattM

    Advancement numbers and years

    Thought I recalled that article. Awesome info from two great Indiana wrestling historians. Thank for the direct link.
  9. MattM

    Advancement numbers and years

    My copy of Ready, Wrestle, Dave Holman’s history of Indiana Wrestling, is currently out on loan or I’d be able to answer all the questions. Y2J should be able to find the info in his copy if he has some time. I feel like he may have even wrote up a summery of some of this information in a previous Indianamat article.
  10. MattM

    Conference Shakeups!

    I thought that was another year away. 20-21 season. Did the timeline change?
  11. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPlayer.jsp?videoId=1498545132&eventId=&eventType=
  12. MattM

    Best Wrestling Families

    If I recall CoCo made it in due to Madison needing to fill a hole in their lineup for an event. Heck I should be on the list, since I added more wins to the Black family total than CoCo was able to muster. Thanks Derek. 😒
  13. MattM

    Best Wrestling Families

    What percentage of land and political control does that family yield between the areas of Bluffton and Montpelier?
  14. MattM

    New Flo Rankings

    Transfers givith and transfers takith away!
  15. MattM

    Andrew Donahue

    Well he is technically a Ohio product that decided to jump over to IN to attend Culver his freshman year. Yes it always suck to lose some talent, but since he wasn’t home grown I don’t feel it’s quite the impact as if we would have lost one of the other guys you listed moved out of state. Guess we should just be glad we got him for a season and can say our state was part of his career development.
  16. MattM

    Seymour Teaching & Coaching Openings

    Current openings HS - Agriculture, Industrial Tech, Math, & Language Arts MS - Social Studies (An alternative education opening will be posted shortly) Multiple Elementary openings.
  17. Seymour is currently has an opening for a wrestling coach at our Middle School. We are looking for a young, energetic, passionate, and hard-working coach to help with our middle school program continue to grow and improve. The ideal candidate would be someone with head coaching aspirations at the high school level. They would also have a strong wrestling background in folkstyle and international style wrestling. This coach will be expected to work with our staff during the club and in off-season as well. Current Teacher Openings: Elementary Teacher, Elementary Art Teacher, Temporary Math (HS), possible opening in Social Studies (HS), many openings in the ELL area. If interested, please contact Todd Weaver at weavert@scsc.k12.in.us.
  18. MattM

    World Team Trials

    B. Lee makes the 70kg Junior Trials Challenge Tournament Finals after topping J. Teemer. Lee was down 7-0 in the 2nd. He then came back with 12 straight points on mostly TD’s to take a solid lead. Final score 12-9. He will needs to win the challenge tournament finals before he can face another rival S. Sasso in the Trials Finals.
  19. MattM

    World Team Trials

    Huge for Indiana wrestling around 30% of the world team.
  20. MattM

    World Team Trials

    Dang Millennials I can keep up with those fancy instaface snaptweets!
  21. MattM

    World Team Trials

    If someone can keep any useful updates going today. I’ll be on a toad trip to the Buckeye State and would appreciate the info.
  22. MattM

    World Team Trials

    I’ll say 3.5. Sheridan counts as a semi-IN representative for wrestling for the Hoosiers.
  23. MattM

    World Team Trials

    L. Sheridan in Senior Greco best of 3 Finals.
  24. MattM

    World Team Trials

    B. Lee storms back again. Down 8-2 early. Ends match 17-8. Wins Challenge Tournament and will face Sasso in best of 3 Trials Finals tomorrow.
  25. MattM

    World Team Trials

    M. Parris makes Challenge Tournament finals.

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