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  1. I read some people speculating he’s got a little bit of burn out due the prior years of none stop training and competing his last few years of HS. But, adjusting to the weight could also still be an issue. I know, similar to Moran, he was pretty light coming out of HS and it was believed he maybe need a few years to really get to a comfortable 125 level. Having to adjust to college level wrestling including riding time is tough enough for the full size 125lber. Trying to push yourself to making it even close 125 weight limit all while having to adjust for the added weight and muscular d
  2. Moran over McHenry in the extra matches is a positive outcome from what is expected to be the Hoosiers next 125lber.
  3. Indiana guys with a solid showing in this one. Wish we would have saw a couple more, but it seems like some coaches are being more conservative with their dual lineup due to the dynamics of this shortened season.
  4. I’m all for Hudkins and glad he helped upgrade IU at 125. That being said Ragusin has been much better than expected so far and I’d expect him to win this one if Mich. puts him in. I also agree Hudkins needs to get himself to another gear than what we saw against the Illini. Hopefully Angel can get him and of the other Hoosier to work up to their peak level as we get into the Big10 tournament. The team still a work in progress and Angels guys are just now starting to take over the room and starting lineup. They have potential to be a solid Big10 team if Escobedo can keep getting t
  5. Definitely one of my favorite finals matches ever.
  6. We have survived so many bouts of ring worm and other funk, so a wrestlers resistance to this virus has to be stronger than the average person.
  7. Maybe it’s just my selfish opinion, but if you are a national title contender that has not yet won a title entering your final year(s), you get the pick of your lineup spot and the rest of the team will have to work around that. I’m sure Nicks all for being a “team player” but that is where the coach looks out for what is best for the athlete too. Nick has already helped Penn State win a team title, so he’s due to earn his own at the weight he believes works best for him. In the modern era coaches seem to be judged on individual titles as much if not more than team titles, and Sandersons st
  8. This article was created for the 2017 Hall of Fame induction which was held prior to Matt winning his state title in 2019. So yes, the Lee’s are now the second family to accomplish this feat. This family connection maybe something for another thread, but the extensive success of the entire Maldonado clan shouldn’t be overlooked either when taking about family accomplishments to Indiana wrestling. And while not all have multiple state titles/placers to their name here are a few other family to consider https://sites.google.com/site/inwrestlingcoaches/history/hoffamily
  9. Guessing they lock in the location almost a year ahead of time, so not likely to move or they would still have to pay for the cancelation cost. Maybe just as affordable to spread out entire immediate families in the big area as to pay that cost just to downsize and only allow one or two guests. Sadly this years athletes won’t get the crowd experience they deserve regardless of the location.
  10. Dang re-opened that wound to CP, Hook.
  11. Good to hear. Hoping for the best this season.
  12. Rumor is Kirkvliet may not compete this season.
  13. Not sure on other school corporations guidelines, but both Columbus schools are restricted from traveling to a county which is Covid Red for competition or having schools from a Covid Red county travel to their school for a competition. Hamilton County is currently orange and I’m assuming was orange earlier this week. Johnson’s County being Red as of Wednesday’s Covid map update caused East to have to drop out of the event as of yesterday’s report. The Columbus school teams and their scheduled opponents have to had to make quick changes or lose competition this whole season.
  14. You guys are doing the best you can do in light of the constantly changing situation. Your hard work and quick troubleshooting are appreciated.
  15. Seymour is looking for a Varsity meet (able to bring JV too if that’s an option) in Southern or Central Indiana for Sat. January 16th. If you have an opening please contact Adam Wolka at awolka@scsc.k12.in.us
  16. There are a few good wrestling related doc on Prime that are worth a watch.
  17. Finding some spaces in Indiana depends on the county. Some counties are more open to allowing outside events beyond school related ones than others. But I’d say there are only certain places that have a good enough size facility to spread even limited spectators out in order to minimize some of the current health concerns.
  18. This was actually old news from a few months ago, but I missed it with all the Covid chaos. If you also missed the memo here is some info. BTS Announcement https://www.btschicago.org/mike-dixon-joins-team/ MatTalk Interview https://t.co/Y4sekIgwOz?amp=1 It looks like Jason Tsirtsis is currently listed as taking over Dixon’s #2 roll at IU.
  19. According to Twitter he does.
  20. Under the tutelage of 2X State Champ Adam Doherty. Sounds like he’s got a decent groups of middle and upper weights this year.
  21. The headgear or the wrestler.
  22. The headgear or your wrestler.
  23. I believe someone asked about this type of headgear a year or two ago on a national board. I believe the word at the time was it was too new in terms of its wrestling implementations and thus no one had really investigated it enough to see if it meet some type of actual wrestling safety criteria. Nor had their been enough data to show its effectiveness for wrestling purposes. Not sure what that actually would be or who would have to approve it, but I’d say you would get more luck at the state level if some type of national group had already given it a thumbs up. I haven’t seen anything sense
  24. Jesse with a 10-0 win to take 3rd. Ragusin who he lost 5-0 to in semis ends up winning in the finals. A solid tournament, especially for a HS Junior.
  25. Jesse will be going for 3rd against redshirt sophmore Brody Teske of Northern Iowa (previously at Penn State).
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