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  1. Sounds like he doesn't want any part of cutting to 57 kg again.
  2. Purdy is playing football for Castle, which would explain him not going.
  3. I'd definitely put a 2x runner up over a guy that is a 2x 3rd placer. Technically you can say Ruhlman was one move away from beating Goin last year and technically was one move (albeit a miracle move) from beating Mendez in '21. He just didn't have time to pull off that move against Jesse
  4. Ouch. I meant nothing by it. The video looked like it was a different type of injury to me. Hope he heals quickly and gets back on the mat.
  5. Is shattered the right wording here? I only ask because on the video it looked like maybe a tear or something and end of November seems like a short time frame for a shattered leg. Either way, good luck to him on his recovery and hope he gets back on the mat when he's 100%
  6. After watching the raney boys dominate the classic last year, I don't see them losing or even being threatened.
  7. I don't see 2-3 AA's in their line up this coming season.
  8. Yes, they "get after it" but it generally hasn't produced results. And in the end, that's what matters.
  9. Angel had 3 years as an asst at Iowa St. and a year as an asst at IU before getting the head job. Iowa st was not a good team while Angel was there. Their lightweights had virtually no success (0 conference champs), Earl Hall was a 2x AA at 125 and 133 during this time. Not a great track record when he became head coach. I'm sure the IU administration thought hiring and Indiana HS legend and IU national champ would be great, the results just haven't been there. IU hasn't landed any of the elite indiana hs recruits (all the Lee's, Parris, Carroll, Mendez) and the state champs they have been getting haven't panned out. I'm sure he has a long leash, but looks like a potential Goldman 2.0.
  10. Saw him several times. I don't think he technique was on par with guys like Mason Parris or Christian Carroll. He just overwhelmed kids with superior physicality. If you could weather the storm physically and had some technique you could beat him (see his match with Talamantes). I would favor Parris and Carroll over him. But he was an absolute beast.
  11. Give me: Hockaday Brooks Wilson Micic Lee Tsirtsis Mendez LeCount J. Lee Conway Baumann Rypel Allred Parris Streck
  12. My post was intended as a joke. DeSanto and Suriano weren't accused of sexually assaulting somebody. Big difference between them an Ferrari.
  13. Anybody interested in AJ Ferrari wrestling for IU now that he's no longer with OK St.?
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