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  1. Wow, that is some serious data. Well done, fellas. 122 champs is insane
  2. Silas Allred was dominant at New Castle. He's an excellent athlete and all that, but he is so slick and technically advanced. It's hard to believe he's a junior
  3. ****This article is the hard work of a central Indiana coach who would prefer not to reveal his or her identity It might be one of the toughest overall Semi State’s I have ever seen with an average of nearly 6 ranked wrestlers in every weight class. In almost every quarter-bracket a State ranked or Semi State ranked opponent will be having their seasons ended prematurely. Further, the IHSAA Team Title very well may come down to the first two rounds of the New Castle Semi State with 7 potential matchups between Cathedral and Warren Central. The semistate also features the highest nationally ranked wrestler in Indiana in Silas Allred of Shenandoah. 106 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Alex Cottey PM #4 Suhas Chundi Carmel #7 Carleton Perry WC #9 Elijah Anthony Frankfort #10 Logan Carrender LN #15 Kody Glithero Roncalli #18 Sam Crousore HSE Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Evan Dickey Cathedral #8 Isaiah Otto South Dearborn Potential Matchups #9 Elijah Anthony vs #8ss Isaiah Otto First Round with #10 Logan Carrender looming in the ticket round. Anthony entered his freshman campaign undefeated going into sectionals losing to #4 Chundi twice headed into Semi state. Carrender is red hot after winning the Pendleton Regional. #7 Carleton Perry vs #7ss Evan Dickey Cathedral first round with #18 Sam Crousore looking to be the first 4 over 1 of the tournament. Perry pinned Dickey earlier in the year, but Cathedral is known for stepping up their game come tournament time. Will Dickey be 2019 Andrew Wilson/Elliot Rodgers?He is one of the smaller 106s I've seen in a long time, but his technique is picture perfect. #4 Suhas Chundi versus #15 Kody Glithero in the ticket round. Chundi has a 5-2 win earlier in the season but Roncalli is riding high after 6 champs at the brutal Perry Meridian Regional. At least 3 ranked guys going home early here. #1 Cottey vs winner of #9 Anthony/#10 Carrender Semis #4 Chundi vs #7 Perry semis 1st Round Picks Cottey over Flowers Condo over Pritchett Carrender over Bullock Anthony over Otto Crousore over Necessary Perry over Dickey Chundi over Busch Glithero over Williams Tickets Punched in Order Cottey, Chundi, Perry, Carrender Alpha Dog Alex Cottey 113 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Zeke Seltzer Cathedral #3 David Pierson WC #14 Jake Simone HSE #15 Christian White New Pal #18 Antonio Jefferson LC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #5 Andrew Haggerty PM #6 Anthony Hughes LN #8 Brac Hooper Carmel Potential Matchups #15 Christian White vs #8ss Brac Hooper followed by potentially our second 4 over 1 with #6ss Hughes. White has the experience and the name to get through this quarter bracket, but don’t expect Hooper or Hughes to lay down for him. #3 David Pierson vs #18 Antonio Jefferson. A rematch from the Marion County finals in the ticket round. It was a very tight match until the third period when Pierson got on top and secured the win. #3 Pierson vs #14 Simone semi-finals in a rematch of the 2018 ticket round. 1st Round Picks Seltzer over Ramsey Haggerty over Driver Hughes over Gordon White over Hooper Simone over Wilson Johnson over Galusha Pierson over Bautista Jefferson over Seal Tickets Punched in Order Seltzer, Pierson, Simone, White Alpha Dogs Zeke Seltzer and David Pierson 120 State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Breyden Lowery Roncalli #5 Carson Eldred Westfield #10 Chris Stewart WC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Harrison Hadley Lapel #5 Carson Johnson Mount Vernon #6 Traye Owens New Castle #7 Parker Mosley NM #8 Logan Galbraith NC Potential Matchups #4ss Hadley vs #6ss Owens first round. A battle of seniors including Hadley trying to return to state for the second year. The winner of this matchup gets to do battle with #10 Chris Stewart in the ticket round. Hadley did what he needed to advance at the Pendleton regional, but he'll need to bring his A game to get to the Ticket round this year. #8ss Galbraith, #7ss Moseley and Nick Morton will all bang it out to try and earn a spot at Bankers Life. These kids could wrestle 10 different times with a different winner each time. #4 Lowery vs #5 Eldred Semis. This one should be a battle between two highly decorated grapplers. 1st Round Picks Eldred over Donlan Dennison over Otto Lowery over Parodi Johnson over Condo Owens over Hadley Stewart over Gunn Galbraith over Euson Moseley over Morton Tickets Punched in Order Lowery, Stewart, Eldred, Galbraith Alpha Dog Brayden Lowery 126 State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Lukasz Walendzak Cathedral #7 Logan Wagner Zionsville #8 Cameron Toole Lebanon #9 Chase Wilkerson Mount Vernon #11 Jevian Ross Warren Central #18 Grant Stapleton Lawrenceburg Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Dalton Huffman #7 Sam Slivka Potential Matchups #6 Walendzak vs #8 Toole first round. A top eight ranked kid will be knocked out in the first round of semi state. Winner has undefeated #18 Stapleton in the ticket round. I would normally go with the experience of Walendzak here but he has taken losses two weeks in a row to kids ranked worse than him. #7ss Slivka vs Jared Brown should be good. Brown had Mattingly dead in the water last year in the ticket round and got pinned while winning by double digits. Don’t expect him to go down easily after beating Walendzak last week. #9 Wilkerson vs #11 Ross in a rematch from North Montgomery Holiday Classic. Ross got the fall in their dual in December. Should be a good one. #2 Wagner vs #9Wilkerson/#11 Ross Semi Finals. Wagner has put together a great sophomore campaign, but I suspect this semi finals will be a great matchup. 1st Round Picks Stapleton over Franco Toole over Walendzak Slivka over Fuller Brown over Lloyd Wilkerson over Langeman Ross over Frazier Wagner over Huffman McKee over Lonneman Tickets Punched in Order Toole, Brown, Ross, Wagner Alpha Dog Logan Wagner 132 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Alex Viduya Roncalli #5 Logan Bailey Cathedral #13 Seth Johnson NM Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #5 Aundre Beatty WC #8 Sebastian Bryant North Central Potential Matchups #5 Bailey vs #5ss Beatty. A rematch from early December. Bailey’s experience and win definitely weigh heavily here, however, Beatty is a dangerous wrestler that shouldn’t be overlooked. #13 Johnson vs #2 Viduya Semis with #5 Bailey in finals. If it is Viduya in the finals against Bailey it will be a rematch from a January dual where Viduya won 9-2. Don’t expect the margin to be that high again as Bailey will be prepared for the rematch. 1st Round Picks Brown over Naselroad Merkel over Defreese Bailey over Vredeveld Beatty over Lauy Viduya over Ramsey Wilkerson over Boggs Johnson over Collier Bryant over Walston Tickets Punched in Order Merkel, Bailey, Viduya, Johnson Alpha Dog Alec Viduya 138—Nasty weight class where two returning state qualifiers have each other first round. State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Tyce Freije Roncalli #5 Gabe Phillips Centerville #9 Gabe Smith PM #12 Jarred Rowlett WC #13 Kyle Holman Carmel #16 Andrew Wilson Cathedral #17 Chris Wilkerson Mount Vernon Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Adam Negangard East Central #8 Reece Luhmann HSE Potential Matchups #9 Gabe Smith vs #13 Kyle Holman in the ticket round. These two did not see each other at team state but one top ranked kid will be ending their careers a week earlier than expected. #12 Jarred Rowlett vs #16 Andrew Wilson. Two returning IHSAA State Qualifiers a year ago battle it out in the first round. Rowlett came out on top in a decision back in December and looks to end his career on the floor of Bankers life. Wilson is looking for that magic he found a year ago to help his team win another team title. #5 Phillips vs #12 Rowlett/#16 Wilson Ticket Round. No rest for either returning qualifier with undefeated Phillips waiting in the wings. A SSQ a year ago before injury ended his season is looking to punch his first ticket over someone looking for their second ticket. 1st Round Picks Wilkerson over Goodwin Lauy over Walsh Freije over Johnson-Sparks Luhmann over Negangard Holman over Crouch Smith over Pettiford Phillips over Poynter Rowlett over Wilson Tickets Punched in Order Wilkerson, Freije, Smith, Rowlett Alpha Dog Tyce Freije 145 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Bryer Hall South Dearborn #4 Aiden Warren PM #5 Antwaun Graves WC #9 Jeff Dunasky Guerin Catholic #20 Terrell Leavell LC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #8 Joe Theriot Carmel Potential Matchups #5 Graves vs #9 Dunasky. This one should be good as Dunasky knocked of Frejie a few weeks ago at the conference tournament that was still held during the “snow storm” week where everyone else canceled. Graves is a returning medalist looking to get back on the podium. Graves is a four time SSQ at 145. #2 Hall vs #20 Leavell. Leavell is battle tested and has been here before and is looking for his first trip to the Bank. #3 Mosconi vs #4 Warren Semis in an overtime rematch #2 Hall vs #5 Graves Semis in a rematch from a 4-3 decision in January. 1st Round Picks Theriot over Alford Warren over Wilburn Mosconi over Newlin Wright over Wolf Graves over Miles Dunasky over Lindemood Hall over Smith Leavell over Bates Tickets Punched in Order Warren, Mosconi, Graves, Hall Alpha Dog Maybe Hall but really whoever has the best day. Graves beat Mosconi, Mosconi beat Warren, Warren beat Graves at Marion County and Graves pinned Warren at Regionals. 152—Potential state finals match in the ticket round State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Elliot Rodgers Cathedral #3 Cooper Noehre Greenfield #4 Brice Coleman WC #9 Sammy Fair PM #13 Tytus Ragle New Castle #14 Easton Williamson Lebanon Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Andrew Roberts Lawrenceburg #8 Maxwell Hayes Mount Vernon Potential Matchups #2 Rodgers vs #4 Coleman. About as big of an argument for wrestlebacks as I’ve seen. This match could easily be under the lights at Bankers Life next week but is instead going to be wrestled in the ticket round. Someone who should be on the podium next week will be watching from the stands. #3 Noehre vs #13 Ragle vs #14 Williamson/#8ss Hayes. A very tough quarter bracket where two top 16 kids will be staying home after strong seasons. 1st Round Picks Rodgers over Williams Coleman over Sunding Davin over Goodner Fair over Roberts Otto over Atkins Dunn over Mangus Noehre over Ragle Hayes over Williamson Tickets Punched in Order (Coleman/Rodgers), Fair, Dunn, Noehre Alpha Dog Coleman/Rodgers 160 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Jordan Slivka Cathedral #3 Brooks Davis PM #9 Ronan Hiner HSE #10 Aaron Taylor WC #12 Jake Lowe NM #14 Bradley Harrington North Central #18 Hayden Lohrey Shenandoah Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Andrew Roth Lawrenceburg #8 Garrett Sharp Carmel Potential Matchups Rebein vs #14 Harrington vs Lowe. An interesting group where 4 of the total 12 losses come from #10 Aaron Taylor. Rebein is a hammer on top with his wing and could surprise both of the ranked wrestlers here. #2 Slivka vs #10 Taylor. Another Cathedral and Warren matchup. Taylor has had an up and down year winning the Marion County tournament but definitely has the attributes to pull the upset. Slivka is, of course, a monster... Winner gets #9 Hiner who has a win over Taylor at the John Hurrle. Two top 10 wrestlers seasons will end in this quarter bracket alone. #2 vs #3 in the semis with Slivka and Davis 1st Round Picks Lowe over Bushey Rebein over Harrington Lohrey over Morgan Miller over Moore Slivka over Taylor Hiner over Roth Davis over Williams Rohrig over Sharp Tickets Punched in Order Rebein, Miller, Slivka, Davis Alpha Dog Jordan Slivka 170 State Ranked Wrestlers #3 Cody Klettheimer Frankton #5 Elijah Mahan Roncalli #8 Tucker Coffman Union County #10 Logan Hart Carmel #11 Kyle Saez Westfield #13 Josh Lowe NM #17 Drake Kendrex Mount Vernon #20 Tyler Wagner Cathedral Potential Matchups #11 Saez vs #20 Wagner. Wagner has had a very strong season even if it was done quietly with his #20 ranking. He has several very good wins and will be looking to help his team win a IHSAA state title. #3 Mahan vs # 17 Kendrex. A lot of tough draws for Mount Vernon with Kendrex doing battle with returning medalist Mahan for a ticket to state. #8 Coffman vs #13 Lowe. The second of the medalists battling another ranked opponent for a spot at the bank with Coffman being the returning 4th place finisher. #3 Klettheimer vs #10 Hart. Hart dropping down from 182 a year ago versus the returning 7th place finisher in Kleittheimer. 1st Round Picks Saez over McClain Wagner over Noble Mahan over Reynolds Kendrex over Calderon Coffman over Rice Lowe over Battista Klettheimer over Massey Hart over Baker Tickets Punched in Order Saez, Mahan, Coffman, Klettheimer Alpha Dog Cody Klettheimer 182 State Ranked Wrestlers #8 Cameron Bacon Carmel #12 Jalen Morgan Elwood #14 JD Farrell Fishers #19 Devontay Moore North Central Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Clayton Todd Pendleton Heights #5 PJ Sterrett Mount Vernon #8 Jake Combs Hagerstown Potential Matchups #4ss Todd vs #14 Farrell first round #8ss Combs vs #5ss Sterrett ticket round #8 Bacon vs #19 Moore in a rematch of the MIC finals first round #8 Bacon vs #12 Morgan Semis with Bacon down a weight class from a year ago and Morgan trying to make it a round further and be on the podium at the Bank. This should be a good one. 1st Round Picks Filipovich over Black Farrell over Todd Combs over Stanley Sterrett over VanDeventer Bacon over Moore Dycus Over Vaughn Morgan over Woodall Viel over Goodall Tickets Punched in Order Farrell, Sterrett, Bacon, Morgan Alpha Dog Jalen Morgan 195 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Silas Allred Shenandoah #9 KJ Roudebush Tipton #12 Austin Lane PM #13 Tremor Bynum PH #15 Jack Heldt Carmel Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Gavin Keesee Franklin Central #8 Nathan Bishop WC Potential Matchups #15 Heldt vs #9 Roudebush ticket round. One of these seniors will be staying home next weekend when the other could very easily be on the podium. Roudebush is some kind of athlete. Winner will see #12 Austin Lane in the semis. All eyes will be on the Cornhusker commit #1 Silas Allred, a prohibitive favorite. 1st Round Picks Heldt over Beard Roudebush over Shafer Lane over Maish Mills over Pierce Bynum over Krummen Keesee over Medlen Allred over Garcia Bishop over Shew Tickets Punched in Order Roudebush, Lane, Bynum, Allred Alpha Dog Silas Allred 220 State Ranked Wrestlers #3 Andrew Irick HSE #4 Kyle Cornwell Elwood #8 Drew Webster NM #15 Deshawn Young Franklin Central #16 Haakon Van Beynen Carmel #20 David Guhl Cathedral Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Cade Campbell PH #7 Carlos Mitchell WC Potential Matchups #4 Cornwell vs #16 Van Beynen ticket round. The Carmel phenom will have his hands full with Cornwell looking to finish #1 after losing his ranking at the North Mont Holiday Classic. Cornwell is ranked nationally in some publications. #7ss Mitchell vs #20 Guhl. In Mitchell's first tournament after winning a 6A IHSAA Football Title, he took losses to both Guhl and Williams of Avon. He avenged the Williams loss and is looking to help knock another Cathedral contender out of the series. Winner has the privilege of wrestling #3 Irick who took a rubber match loss to #8 Webster. Irick comes from a long line of bad men from HSE, and is ranked nationally. #8 Webster vs #15 Young/Brown. Young is very athletic and has gone back and forth with Mitchell from Warren. He is also the Marion County Champion and is looking to punch a ticket to state. Brown is no slouch and just beat #20 Guhl last week and Mitchell at the MIC. Browning/Burton/#6ss Campbell is an interesting quarter bracket where anyone can come out with the golden ticket. 1st Round Picks Cornwell over Mcclure Van Beynen over Dick Mitchell over Guhl Irick over Pandoli Webster over Badger Young over Brown Browning over Arvin Campbell over Burton Tickets Punched in Order Cornwell, Irick, Webster, Campbell Alpha Dog Drew Webster 285 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Jamichael Watts North Central #9 Dennis Hubbard WC #10 John Harris Roncalli #12 Antone Alexander Franklin Central #17 Crae Kunkelman HSE Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Jonathan Williams Carmel #7 Zack McQueen Connersville #8 Josh Berger Northeastern Potential matchups: #10 Harris vs #7ss McQueen #17 Kunkelman vs #12 Alexander. A tough draw with Kunkelman getting third each week at sectionals and regionals against a tough FC Alexander who finds a way to win. #9 Hubbard vs #6ss Williams. A MIC rematch of an earlier contest where Hubbard got an early fall. Look for the Greyhound to try and take this match back. Winner gets #1 Watts in the ticket round. Hubbard lost a 1-0 match to Watts at the Marion County. A top 10 kid will be watching state rather than wrestling. 1st Round Picks: Harris over McDaniel McQueen over Evans Keller over Jones Berger over Wertz Aherns over Stephens Kunkelman over Alexander Watts over Adams Hubbard over Williams Tickets Punched in Order Harris, Keller, Kunkelman, Watts Alpha Dog Jamichael Watts
  4. He peaked at NCAAs last year, and I wouldn't be shocked if he does it again this year. Red has lost competitive matches to solid wrestlers. Nick Lee just lost to Tristan Moran in an upset...it happens. Historically, there have been very few NCAA D1 4 time AAs from Indiana, and yet Lee and Red are still alive to accomplish that.
  5. He gave up 3 pts the entire greco tourney, all to one opponent. Davison dominated like few do in juniors
  6. Zero points given up to last cycle's Olympic team participant, working that frustrating headlock for offense and defense. She has made some adjustments and is a threat to medal this year.
  7. Kudos to Coach Steele. He helped transform Westfield from a small school with partial lineups, about on the level of tiny Sheridan, to a team participating in big school team state and cranking out state placers left and right. Quite a journey, very impressive. The Steele boys were studs too.
  8. Jack Williams of Carmel to Uindy, not D1, my bad
  9. It looked to me like Brayton thought he hadn't been hit with a stall warning as the seconds elapsed. It looked stally to me. Yeah, i said stally
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