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  1. One of the most understated aspects of our win was the fact that we only took one (1) graduated senior who wrestled 5 of the total 12 matches and one (1) wild card at 182/195 from Michigan. The other young men are either current enrollees or soon to be frosh for the #paintrain. Having a healthy Gavin Garcia and Griffin Ison in the line-up and no COVID contract tracing will make a HUGE difference in '21-'22. With tournament visits to OHx2, Da Region, and MI, the Dogs will be tuned for the run in '22! With the awesome weight room and college-level wrestling room (dedicated/not shared), why wouldn't wrestlers want to hop on the #paintrain #thecounty... (along with Coaches Snyder, Ayresman, Smiley, Skipper & Lynn)
  2. Essentially the Avon Sectional would need to be sent to an alternate regional/ss. This would would re equilibrate the Mooresville regional. What would it take to send the Avon Sectional through to the northwest. Easy driving up I-65, esp if SS moved to Lafayette...
  3. From a distance perspective, it's a lot closer to drive and/or shorter driving time from Brownsburg to the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum or E Chicago HS or New Castle HS than it is to the Ford Center... When you look at the population heat map of the state, it does beg the question about redistributing the indianapolis metro area to the four corners of the state. The better question would be which programs would go where... A good start would be breaking up the Mooresville Semi-State, er, Regional...
  4. definitely would change quite a few athletes' styles of wrestling at the edge of the circle if there would be a chance of them losing a point each time...
  5. and the ticket master site says there's general admission tickets on sale at 10pm Friday?
  6. The one decent thing Flosports does is video, so soon you can use the Flosports app on smart devices to watch...
  7. So which regionals were a FAIL with TrackCast Video? Probably the only thing I'd give FLO props for is their integration of video into FloArena and it's archives. Is the livestream issue with Trackwrestling a function of source bandwith, rendering on a local pc or is it a server-side issue with video and overall bandwith distributing the content?
  8. Then WTH is this still going to take place in Jasper? I bet #TheCounty would host!
  9. Will video be available with a Gold+ membership or is it ala carte as above?
  10. I browsed the website of the expo center mentioned in the article. i'd imagine the set up for seating and the hvac for the venues were not near what is needed. I'd imagine that if we were to take a 100% population sample for Covid 19 antibodies -- we'd all be amazed at the rate of individuals expressing antibody production! That would indicate higher rates of exposure without likely clinically symptomatic cases. As we saw early in the pandemic when testing supplies were scarce, there were high rates of positivitiy since the only individuals getting tested were those that were symptomatic. If the rate in the parrish (county) is similar to the overall rate of positives/tested, then there would be no difference than the general population. the only real way to definitively correlate this would likely be to test all 1400 attendees. To me, it would be interesting to test athletes competing in that LA event to assess positivity rate vs. testing the entire 1400 in attendance. @Mattyb, hope i didn't drone on too much for ya...
  11. Trackwrestling has Jasper listed as the site for semi state. would Jeffersonville/TH/Bloomington been a better option if it had to remain closer to the southern border of the state?
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