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  1. Any final thoughts as we close out the 2018-2019 with Fargo having concluded?
  2. there have been a few national teams that have "found" our best wrestlers and have invited them to participate in tournaments like Wildwood and McDonogh duals. These tournaments are usually in late Jan/early Feb. Adding regionals/qualifiers may preclude the best wrestlers from being able to participate in additional opportunities... However, if things flow as well as CG made it this year, then by all means keep it the same!
  3. This was the last "youth" dual for most of the 8th graders. Good job men! Out of the Gold MS team, there were a plethora of boys that joined Buxton, ScorpionsDynasty, M2 or other high end east coast all-star teams this past off season and we were hopeful about what Heartland would bring if everyone stuck it out and went together as Team Indiana... Wrestler selection: There probably needs to be a balance of fair/equitable approaches with pragmatism... Example: if a young man cuts >10% of wt for MS state, what's the probability he would be able to do the same >60 days later (after the spring break time frame)? I'd hazard a guess that there's probably not enough trust to move to a selection process vs. wrestle-off, though... Not sure if a matside weigh-in would help in that regard or not I will say that Minnesota seems to have it figured out. They have been consistently tough over the last 4 years we've traveled out there. Does anyone know their process for team selection, costs, etc? Thank you to the coaches and other folks who helped coordinate these events... Can't wait to see what these young men do over the next 4-5 years!
  4. Who has dropped to go to the FS/GR thing in Omaha?
  5. I think Coach P from Carmel had a post a few weeks ago regarding the struggle of getting kids to wrestle in the BIGGEST high school district in the state, so there is more than likely more to the central issue than just enrollment. The degree of training required to compete at the highest level in this sport has to be a factor with kids shying away from competing due to the inherent difficulty.
  6. I think there a few July and August 2004 birthdays... My wife and mother are/were educators, so there was never a question of retention for sports as I knew what the answer would be...
  7. Apples and oranges with argument above,the other schools take kids from something called a “school district.” When “our middle schools” encompass the greater Indianapolis area, there’s a difference, just saying... 👀 👀 👀 i grew up in Wabash County and wrestled at a small 1A school that fed into the Huntington North sectional and Ft Wayne regional never could get past Tony Roush... A lot of great wrestling in the late 80s and early 90s from that corner of the state! Really applaud what Jake O’Neill is building in Wabash. But, really glad I’ve lived in the Burg for the last 20 years and been a small part of the local club getting to see Drake, Drew, Logan, Griffin and Thierry and others become the wrestlers they are. Just a small community west of 465 in #thecounty
  8. I'd hazard a guess a few programs will contend over the upcoming years [alphabetically] Brownsburg, Cathedral [central Indiana recruitment area], Center Grove, Crown Point, +/- Chesterton and Penn (if folks stay in Porter County & Granger/Mishawaka, respectively). One unique trivia answer about Brownsburg and Center Grove will be the fact that those kids coming in mostly consist of youth that have grown up in their respective communities -training with their community clubs/middle school teams & local academies. This topic is about incoming freshmen (and my son will be part of the Bburg Class of 2023)... but, the incoming sophomore depth for the Dogs is very promising, too! Two current freshmen placed this past weekend and they have classmates that push them everyday...
  9. AJ was in the Red Cobra room all of the off season with his awesome mom driving him down to Avon 3-4x a week. Great dedication, great kid and family! Good job AJ!
  10. A lot of Indiana flavor out at Wildwood Dualsin New Jersey this past weekend with kids wrestling for Buxton, ScorpionsDynasty, M2, Midwest Mafia and others and represented the state really well!
  11. Kudos to the coaches, staff and volunteers at Center Grove for stepping in for Carmel after the boiler explosion to host this year's event. The school hosted a swimming/diving event and IHSWCA MS State! Weigh ins went well! Matches started at/around 9:10am 14 full mat surfaces going at same time (table help and referees-- no problem!) Most weight classes are finished by 4:30pm! It's going to be very interesting over the next few years watching all these young hammers that will flow into Crown Point, Center Grove, Penn, Castle & #Brownsburg. Very deep fields in most weight classes!
  12. #paintrain BEMS- 105 Avon South 18 #paintrainBEMS 104 ZMS 20 Didn't catch the team score for AMS v ZMS
  13. New this year (from recent years) is the ability to change weight vs. what you registered for. So, what wt you register for may not mean much in the end... 😉
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