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  1. indypharmd


    Antone Alexander
  2. indypharmd


    Leighton Jones
  3. indypharmd


    Leighton Jones
  4. 2nd match of the year with #3 Leighton Jones vs #4 Antone Alexander. Brownsburg with the win 3-1
  5. indypharmd


    Leighton Jones
  6. Quick question @ontherise219 & @Y2CJ41 ... How are you guys going to be able to call both mats simultaneously...?
  7. indypharmd


    Leighton Jones
  8. About 3 weeks out from IHSWCA Team State... And inquiring minds are starting to ask questions... 4A - Which programs have been confirmed as attending? 1A/2A held where: 3A? Do we have an inkling yet what each location's attendance restrictions will be? Will all mats be livestreamed on Trackcast again?
  9. Hector - The Drousias brothers? Robert Bowman? Sergio Lemley? Any other Mt Carmel refugees... To Crown Point or other points between?
  10. So, what would it take to have IHSWCA do a classed individual tournament following the IHSAA series? They saw a gap/opportunity with team state...
  11. I had to wrestle Vaughn back then. Brutal between he and Tony Roush
  12. When did Coy wrestle Logan this season? I don't believe Brownsburg wrestled Tell City?
  13. @NW Indiana Wrestling Fan I don't know if "every match" (are you just referring to finals matches?) pushed the pace... There were a few weight classes that weren't close for CP, particularly at the upper weights. Once CP gets some additional move ins/develop existing kids at the top, they will be very tough top to bottom. Very fun seeing a lot of the families we've traveled over the years with on the youth circuit on Saturday.
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