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  1. I've seen call outs from E.A.C. for the state-based duals... Are there any additional Indiana teams headed down there? (I happen to know of a 15U HWT {act wt 195lb}...) | Headed out to VAC with ScorpionsDynasty in 2 weeks, so will see a few of you there! Wrapping up travel football with Team Indiana Football Class of 2023 (Twitter: Team2023) and looking forward to raslin' season.
  2. indypharmd

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    The home duals have a greater attendance rate than basketball games. The youth program has been strong for quite a few years, too. Nice to be able to consider "staying home" vs. going elsewhere... Also, the new weight room directly beneath the wrestling room is quite impressive...
  3. indypharmd

    An Idea to Think About.

    There's a small bit of irony in that Carmel sports tend to attract athletes that live outside of Carmel school district... The economic factors associated high school sports should be the ones being addressed as primary root causes vs. discussion on more legislative interventions to limit choice. If small communities (small schools) were financially solid and were able to compensate teachers/coaches commensurately, build impressive facilities and attract talent, this conversation wouldn't be relevant... Having graduated from Southwood HS (Wabash County) in 1991 and building a home in <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny in 1998, I can honestly say that I have seen both sides. I've had relatives who have worked in the smaller, rural consolidated schools and ones that have worked in Class 6A football school systems - there's no comparison to the resources available to the larger schools... Smaller schools are continuing to wither on the vine due to population migration to jobs, opportunities, etc. Additionally, the larger population density areas are going to continue to be able to support academies that bring in the hammers from across multiple school districts. Why wouldn't a parent want to have those opportunities for their kids close at hand? Having a state tournament by class system may still interest those athletes in the middle, but the best still want to compete against the best and that is what a single class tournament provides. Which solution is "best?" BTW, I commend guys like Jake O'Neill on the work he's doing with the Wabash Apaches (in area of the state that has been relatively devoid of wrestling). Hopefully his club kids and school kids will bring some excitement to the FW semi-state again...
  4. indypharmd

    Super32 MS entires 2018

    Here's what the registration site has for entries for MS division: Bryce Lowery IN St Roch Catholic 8th 95 Jericko Jackson IN Angola 7th 112 John Purdy IN Castle South 8th 145 Duke Myers IN Bellmont 8th 136 Sergio Lemley IN Chesterton 8th 105 Sam Goin IN Bulldog Premier 8th 100 Christian Carroll IN Schmucker middle 8th 157 Aaron Steenbeke IN Discovery middle school 8th 157 Leighton Jones IN Brownsburg Indiana 8th 180 Should be interesting to see how the season kicks off with some of Indiana's MS hammers taking to the road for the trip to Greensboro!
  5. indypharmd

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    I think a few posters have put the triple crown in perspective - it serves to recognize kid's dedication to wrestling over a continuum. Mattyb hits the nail on the head for youth wrestlers and the recognition of the triple crown. Having a 7th grader, the TC has kept him interested in learning more FS & GR (which he gets nightly at Red Cobra after folkstyle is over). It was a very happy day in the house when he said to hell with baseball, I want to do more FS & GR. As for GR, it's great for kids that are bigger and don't shoot a lot of legs. Also, add in the 4th TC for a <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny #paintrain 7th grader who came very close to winning MS State, too..!
  6. Some photos of leighton7676 from day 1 of the 2018 Middle School… https://t.co/XP3bUeYoJV

  7. leighton7676 had two of the best coaches in the country in his… https://t.co/XcjTmvls0W

  8. RT @BEMSBulldogs: Jones - @AllThingsBEMS - 182 lb. Champion https://t.co/ysUrsLDH3i

  9. leighton7676 wrestling up 20 pounds and winning the 2018 NSC… https://t.co/oTzU7lWYJY

  10. @LJones7676 putting in the work with Coach Red... https://t.co/gttVau20iO

  11. RT @LJones7676: Thank you for the invite for my second @PFHOFAcademy camp! #teamINfootball #Youth1 @AlPopsScouting @BHSdogsfootball @Diamon…

  12. Nice job @BEMSBulldogs for a 2nd place finish vs. a combined Center Grove program. G8 wins vs Perry and Franklin Ce… https://t.co/FUpc6UFYWj

  13. indypharmd

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    What Leighton will wrestle at MS State will depend on how well he can get to 176 for McDonogh duals Jan 27...
  14. RT @PFHOFAcademy: Check out #MyHudlHighlight - on @Hudl at - https://t.co/NTW72Z4IEs #calltothehall

  15. Brownsburg representing on Team Indiana 7th grade Class of 2023!… https://t.co/GUkKXfI1G5


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