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  1. strong proponent of ditching the second part of the rule of not allowing competition at a site that is within the 300 mile radius but has a team participate that is over that limit... 300 miles from the Indiana border gets teams the opportunities to compete in some very high level tournaments during the season. More controversial... If schools don't want to participate as a group in the Ironman or beast of the east, individuals should still be given the option to compete with approval of the local coach or AD
  2. Hmm, from BHS to EC Central is 151 miles and about 2.5 hrs where BHS to Ford Center is 173 miles and about 3+ hrs... 143 miles and a little over 2 hrs to the FW coliseum and 63 miles and a hair over an hour to New Castle... Using latest version of Chrome for Google maps...
  3. It takes far less time for BD, Pike, Avon and Brownsburg to drive to any of the other 3 semi state locations than heading down to Evansville... That's something to think about...
  4. No one has commented regarding Preston Haines' switch with about 10 seconds left for the win vs. Evan Seng. That was wild! The Schoeff/Brady Ison saga continued again in an Avon Sectional/Mooresville Regional/EvSS title match contest. Gonna be interesting to see who ends up with Zeke on their side of bracket...
  5. 106 - Brownsburg freshman Jake Hockaday with the EvSS title 113 - Brownsburg sophomore Preston Haines with the EvSS title 152 - Brownsburg senior Nick Cicciarelli with the EvSS runner up 182 - Brownsburg freshman Gunner Henry with the EvSS runner up The EvSS was brutal as ever. So proud of these Bulldogs punching their tickets for the first time and especially happy for senior Nick Cicciarelli who has been in the Brownsburg club since he was a wee tyke...
  6. How's that work in southern Indiana regarding eligibility with IHSAA transfer rules? Usually high profile moves in central IN get scrutinized pretty closely... (Honest question, no cynicism intended)
  7. I wrestled Tony Vaughn in the 1990 Regional. He was a beast.
  8. Jake Hockaday and Brady Ison have been lights out this season. Gunnar Henry and Gavin Garcia are not getting their due, so count them as dark horses. Will be fun.
  9. i thought so too from my angle off the corner taking pictures, but I'm just the dad so my opinion doesn't count... Charles Jagusah made L look small for the first time since L was a 2nd grader and wrestling 6th grade Brewer at ISWA Elementary Team State... Ahead 3-1 going into third, L had two other throws to to almost takedowns out of bounds during regulation. The questionable takedown out of bounds sent it to OT... Don't think how they reported matches on Track reflected that...
  10. Christian Brothers is headed to Granite City IL (saw that last evening when looking around for available tournaments once Brecksville was cancelled)
  11. Almost every football program we visited this fall talked wrestling with the son. When at Iowa (football) last fall, they showed me a graphic/poster of all the former state wrestling champs that went on to play football for the Hawkeyes...
  12. EVSS 195 is going to be nasty this year... Gunnar Henry as write in slot for the dark horse!
  13. Some of the posters on this thread and the other long thread on this topic seem to want different things -- I imagine mostly due to their particular circumstances/situations. First of all WIN. Most folks want to be associated with a winner... Look at Crown Point and Brownsburg #'s to see this over the last 5-7 years... Provide training opportunities for your core winners to get even better over the course of the year. Academies really help with this... This will then help point #1... Don't decrease opportunities for weight classes. This is dumb. I have a bigger kid. why should it be fine for him to give up 40-50 lbs to wrestle in a HWT or similar division if the wrestling minds whack the 215/220 class. (I remember being 200lbs and having to wrestle 265 back in the day, not fun at all...) Wrestling is competitive... You win or YOU LOSE... This is not consistent with the PARTICIPATION TROPHY society we live in. Let's move the mean/median to a regressed state and have less spread so that everyone feels better about themselves... Ugh... Why do you think armed services recruiters really love wrestlers and the USMC sponsors Fargo? So, coming up with a path to get #'s and increased quantities of average wrestlers is a goal for some. Just don't tank the road some in Indiana have taken to be able to finally compete at the higher levels while on that mission...
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