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  1. Hector - The Drousias brothers? Robert Bowman? Sergio Lemley? Any other Mt Carmel refugees... To Crown Point or other points between?
  2. So, what would it take to have IHSWCA do a classed individual tournament following the IHSAA series? They saw a gap/opportunity with team state...
  3. I had to wrestle Vaughn back then. Brutal between he and Tony Roush
  4. When did Coy wrestle Logan this season? I don't believe Brownsburg wrestled Tell City?
  5. indypharmd


    Leighton Jones
  6. @NW Indiana Wrestling Fan I don't know if "every match" (are you just referring to finals matches?) pushed the pace... There were a few weight classes that weren't close for CP, particularly at the upper weights. Once CP gets some additional move ins/develop existing kids at the top, they will be very tough top to bottom. Very fun seeing a lot of the families we've traveled over the years with on the youth circuit on Saturday.
  7. Brownsburg is headed to DeKalb after Christmas for "The Flavin". I believe Oak Park might be there too?
  8. Having spent a lot time with the class of 2023, I would throw another name into the mix - AJ Steenbeke from Pen HS, too. Steenbeke, Purdy and Jones all played football this season, too. Hopefully any rust on the wheels to begin the season will soon be shaken off! I also dropped in a pic if some freshmen hammers from Indiana competing for ScorpionsDynast Team last February at the 2019 Wildwood Duals in NJ. Sergio would've been in the discussion had he chosen to attend an Indiana HS. Good luck all!
  9. Travel just got easier... ROCKFORD, IL — In partnership with USA Wrestling, the national governing body of wrestling in the United States, and the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF), the Rockford Convention & Visitors Bureau (RACVB) is thrilled to announce the region’s winning bid to host the 2020-21 USA Wrestling 16U National Dual Championships.Set for June 9-13, 2020, and June 8-12, 2021 at Indoor Sports Center at Mercyhealth Sportscore Two in Loves Park, this marks the first-time that USA Wrestling will host a national event in the Rockford region.
  10. And when you speak to them about their national teams, it's an interesting contrast in how much the athlete's participation/gear is subsidized by the state association or other sponsors/donors. To participate in Cadet/Junior Duals followed by Fargo is a mortgage payment or two/three in Indiana vs. a car payment in some of those other states..
  11. Any final thoughts as we close out the 2018-2019 with Fargo having concluded?
  12. there have been a few national teams that have "found" our best wrestlers and have invited them to participate in tournaments like Wildwood and McDonogh duals. These tournaments are usually in late Jan/early Feb. Adding regionals/qualifiers may preclude the best wrestlers from being able to participate in additional opportunities... However, if things flow as well as CG made it this year, then by all means keep it the same!
  13. This was the last "youth" dual for most of the 8th graders. Good job men! Out of the Gold MS team, there were a plethora of boys that joined Buxton, ScorpionsDynasty, M2 or other high end east coast all-star teams this past off season and we were hopeful about what Heartland would bring if everyone stuck it out and went together as Team Indiana... Wrestler selection: There probably needs to be a balance of fair/equitable approaches with pragmatism... Example: if a young man cuts >10% of wt for MS state, what's the probability he would be able to do the same >60 days later (after th
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