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  1. Congrats to all teams that participated in yesterday's event. It was very successful and was well ran. With that being said obviously congrats go to the Champions Center Grove and the runner up Jay County and 3rd place finisher Brownsburg as well. I want to recognize another team for what I feel sometimes gets over looked and goes without mentioning too often. At the end of the day the voice on the microphone announced that we would ask all teams to do their part in cleaning up their area. While myself and a couple other ISWA directors, board members and the president were collecting our equipment someone commented to the Perry Meridian team and coaches that we appreciated them cleaning up their area. They advised us they had already cleaned up their area and were cleaning up another area on their way out the door. Then after that was completed 2 kids from that team came to the ISWA President and myself and very politely & respectfully asked if there was anything else they could do to help us and thanked us for the day. Keep in mind these are MS kids showing the maturity and grace of what we would expect from most if not all of our HS age kids. Now this is where I should and would normally make a joke at the expense of @lewdwar but in this case I feel its best to just keep it classy and say thank you and you are doing a great job mentoring and leading those kids and it definitely is showing !!!! Respectfully, Jason Miller ISWA Kids Director
  2. sorry guys, I had this typed and thought I hit send, but it appears it never sent but here were my locks: 106---have to recuse myself from this one 113--Cottey 120--Seltzer 126--Lowery 132--Mendez 138--borman 145--Viduya 152--Kervin 160--Dickens 170--Deters 182--Walker 195--Alred 220--Bates Hwt--Parsons How did I do ? I also was out sick and did not get to see any results yet ??
  3. Hey AJ, I think you already contacted the ISWA office, but that is who will have the paperwork if still needed. Now the bigger issue is getting the pymt made and that as well as all the paperwork to be completed are on the ISWA website under the Team IN tab and duals...… then heartland duals. pay on there and fill out paperwork on there all in 1 stop. feel free to reach out to me if any other questions
  4. @GenHeavyHandz nothing but positive thoughts man, hated to read this all this morning. I hope you have a speedy recovery, and I have to be the one to say it...…. if this is a hoax you may make poster/thread HOF, heck this thread may already make the HOF !!!!!!
  5. maybe the Warren people...…. @mikemorgan or krulik can open the wrestling room during state for this special exhibition contest ??? sign waiver forms to release school from any liability and let the bodies hit the floor as @TeamGarcia always says ??
  6. It is very unfortunate...……….but with my ISWA duties I will be there but will not be able to be a corner guy and to be honest I am a fan and would hate to take sides. @FCFIGHTER170 and @GenHeavyHandz have never done or said anything to me out of sorts so as far as that goes I am a simple fan of the event and will enjoy the battle. Now if @Y2CJ41 was involved I would be the opposite corner (LOL.... I kid)
  7. I will take Snyder any day of the week...……….not to mention if he was not in the corner then you run the risk of him being across the mat in the other corner and that is bad news for you. 4 days......oh boy !!!
  8. There is already a Fargo Singlet out there from a few years ago designed by the ISWA that has the IN Mt Rushmore on it and I think its a pretty good depiction of it at that time. Arguably there could be some changes but at the time it was right on the money !!!
  9. This is total disrespect and not needed. You sir are a classless individual and clearly I say this without knowing who you are because you don't sign your posts. I hope to hell you are not someone I know on a personal level because I think this kind of a statement towards a kid is just un-called for and you should re-think your posts in the future.
  10. Tough wrestling all day long is my prediction
  11. well you would be wrong but it isn't the first time and it sure won't likely be the last time. the policy has always been listed at MS state but as i previously stated the last couple of years a precedent has been set as several kids have signed up that had already wrestled as 8th graders and were repeating the grade. i am sure i don't need to tell you about this since you always know everything all the time.
  12. The past few years several wrestlers have entered again as a repeat 8th grader after wrestling already as an 8th grader and the IHSWCA has not sent them home so I would assume if Preston wants to wrestle there is enough precedent set that he will be able to wrestle.
  13. By way of this math...……. I have lots of kids and multiple marriages, don't tell the wife !!!
  14. @GenHeavyHandz i get it this time of yr is wrestling for u and not holiday celebration, take care friend and just know i will make sure to eat ur portion of the pork to help keep balance in the force buddy !!!!
  15. @GenHeavyHandz... u may have stepped in it now buddy.... ticking off and getting into a pissing match with @Indysportsfan is a really really bad idea man. just some free xmas advice ..... good luck sir
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