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  1. @mikemorgan makes un-believable life long connections with kids and is great in the room. He has done wonders with my guy this year and has helped him find the joy and love for the sport he had lost !!! Thanks mike, get him to finish line !!
  2. @Y2CJ41 Oh boy this thread has taken a turn............ I feel it coming again for @GenHeavyHandz dangit !!!. @TeamGarcia & @Mattyb and I were just talking yesterday about that pic of him in the hospital bed after he had a very un-fortunate medical situation and how far he has come since then. OK OK OK lets just all take a breath and cool down on this guys..................... The General Loves his guys and other's on here love their guys, lets all just hope this COVID crap doesn't take over and we get to finish the season and the kids all stay safe and healthy along the way.
  3. I don't like to post much just read a lot, but when I see something this stupid I have to call out its utter ignorance. Come on man that was a classless post and I hope you were just trying to post something funny (it didn't work) and it was just totally disrespectful. give it a better positive effort next time. @QuinnHarris is doing great things with a great group of kids lets just all be impressed by that.
  4. Heartland Results: Elementary Gold placed 3rd overall with a team record of 7-1 and had 5 All Americans: Case Bridge, Justin Williamson, Colin Strayer, Lucas Boe & Ben Clark, and named team co-MVP's as Lucas Boe & Ben Clark Elementary Blue placed 13h overall with a team record of 5-3 and named team MVP as Peyton Hornsby MS Gold placed 9th overall with a team record of 7-1 and had 3 All Americans: Peyton Schoettle, Gunner Butt, Devin Kendrex and named team MVP as Devin Kendrex MS Blue placed 22nd overall with a team record of 2-6 and had 1 All American: Gavin Lewis who was also named team MVP **All American was achieved with a no loss record on the wknd
  5. 195 and both Hwt spots are still open for anyone who wants the opportunity ?
  6. we have filled the 132, 140 spots. the 195 and one of the HWT spots have soft comitments and may solidify in next 24hrs. this will leave 1 HWT spot open for MS team. call me Jason Miller 219-730-9489
  7. Yes, numbers were low this year as it was tough timing for the wrestle off's being during spring break. My issue is that when we had them in February people complained it was too early because it was hard for kids to get back to weight in April. We couldn't hold it in early March because I had no idea until closer to time when we were going to be able to hold Folkstyle state and how many weekends it was going to take so we landed on this date as being the real only choice this year. With that said it doesn't help that we have lots of people out encouraging other things and discouraging people from wanting to be part of the ISWA National Team trip (I won't go into specifics, but like Spencer Lee says "if you know you know"). Its OK, we have several kids that are getting the great opportunity and will get better and benefit from the trip. We do however need the following weights filled for MS team if anyone wants the opportunity and or wants to help get kids out there. MS 132,140,195 & HWT (2) Reach out to me directly if anyone has a lead on kids for these websites and if anyone wants to post fighting responses to my comments above please don't as I have no time for that.
  8. @ontherise219 ..... I just want to point out that @TysonNisley has added some real quality posting to this board and some great comments. Great to see a young man like him coming on here and bringing fire like he has. Thanks Tyson, keep up the great posting work !!!
  9. I list Ben "The Bandit" Dalton. Just ran into hammers every year but the kid is really good and to talk to him he is a very funny and entertaining kid also. Congrats Ben on a great 4 yrs
  10. I def agree about Gabe, great kid from a great family. Only issue here @IU89 & @TeamGarcia is that he did not actually sleep on Gabe, he put him in the write up and covered his bases by saying: "#3 Gabe Sollars and #5 Cody Timmerman are talented wrestlers too that could contend for that spot, and maybe even see themselves under the lights" So with that said, I would say great write up overall @TysonNisley ; best of luck to you in college and the remainder of your journey. Good luck to all the kids competing and I hope for safe competition for all.
  11. I have been around Alec for a few years with ISWA teams and agree with @Mattyb. @Freeman90 has raised one heck of a polite and athletic kid and should be very proud and Alec is very deserving of the success he is now experiencing. Best of luck the rest of the way !!
  12. i was informed 3A is at Franklin and 4A is at brownsburg
  13. seriously though..... your posts are in no way beneficial to this board. Do everyone a favor and just read posts and stop trying to add your worthless content.
  14. camera was on an automated system and is new this year. the AD is aware of the issues and will be working to get it taken care of for next dual.
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