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  1. @UncleJimmy your willingness to toggle back and forth between your #YoungGunz and your #PainTrain spirit wear is impressive. Unfort. I do not believe there is any live streaming this year from the birdcage which is too bad because the #Dogs have orchestrated a #PurpleOut for Fans to turn the "O"rena purple. Good luck to both teams tonight
  2. WOW..... even with all the face time and beverages he has provided you over the years ? I would venture to guess he (@tskin) knows the key to the @TripleB vault and could likely get anything he wants ????
  3. Evan Seng and Blake Zirkelbach have certainly wrestled many many many times in practice and at tourneys over past several years I am sure (results likely split). Both know each other very well and both could beat each other at any given time. Both kids are nice respectful kids and will likely put their best out there for their teams and that really is all you can ask these days. Good luck to both kids this season.
  4. Hello, I am the ISWA kids director. I will be at all state events on behalf of the ISWA and can certainly get the flyers out to the kids/parents at the state tournaments if you wish. Text me at the number below and I will get you an address to send the flyers to if you wish. @OhioTofc
  5. JMILL


    I can provide you with my login information to view the videos for lets see....... (IHPO entry fee $35, gas money for my son's ride up $20, lodging fee for my son Sat night $30, food and drinks during tourney $20, video stream $10) .......... $115 sound good ????, awe heck lets split it as I am a nice guy ($57.50) Hey people its called the free enterprise system and this stuff isn't cheap !!!! kidding
  6. @Sig40 has said in previous posts that this is not even the most impressive CP line up coming and that the next 4-5 yrs the line up will get even better and better. that is scary given their line up this year will be very very very good and their coaching staff is also at that same level with Hawk, Cosgrove, Sessa, McGill and the list keeps going. Look forward to see how this all turns out over next few years for sure !!!
  7. Hector @Sig40 if you would have said that Jesse's response was anything else other than this I would have asked @Y2CJ41 to check into your account for it getting hacked because knowing Jesse I know there was never a doubt or question in his mind other than this answer. Great kid and he makes all of proud to say we know him man !!!
  8. @UncleJimmy started a different job and they actually expect me to work.... stinks. i read but thats about all i have time for now a days. hopefully the time the season starts things will calm down
  9. Hahahahahahaha, @Blumafia I hope you are just kidding about this right ? I have no issue with this. For the certain kids that opted to goto UWW I think it was a great experience and option and opportunity !!!! It just sucked that it happened to be on the same weekend, but that is just the way it goes sometimes. I truly wanted every kid that went to that to represent IN and USA in the next step so that is not what I had issue with and I hope and trust you know that.
  10. 1st thanks. appreciate that man !!! truthtime.... some people have no sense of loyalty to anything and it runs across the board state, teams, schools, clubs.... etc. thats all So when people post their opinions on here thats all they are is opinions and not facts or truths and they should all be considered given the source. This splitting teams idea is something that has been going on for a long time and thats a fact.... it has made the heartland teams weaker every year and thats a fact. Heartland is the USA wrestling national tournament so if we are going to put our best foot and team forward then we have to have 100% buy in..... anything less than 100% is simply hurting our chances to contend with the other state top teams. I am all for teams giving kids mat time and opportunities to wrestle in kingsport..... all i am saying is as a state we need to have our top kids (elem and MS) in heartland. There are other factors at work here why people are going to kingsport. call me sometime and i can certainly tell you my opinion why.
  11. nope not at all.... that was something in response to K.Hudd saying he didnt need team IN .... he knows what it means. Mr Graham i am 100% confident in the fact that you can read between the lines and know what this disagreement is all about with the parties involved. I have nothing but respect for you and your son.
  12. there was a winter storm that prevented a few teams and states from travelling, as happens every year a few teams may have chosen another option but you are kidding yourself if you think "the trend will continue". You have to tell yourself whatever helps you believe it K.hudd but the bottome line is seperating the talent made both teams less competitive. You and I can certainly debate this any night at CWA but you know as I do where most of the other states gold level teams were at that weekend. I am on board all day long with teams going to Kingsport to get in a different tournament, but when our state enters Heartland to put our best national team together and that doesnt happen its a dissapointment to all and it should be to you also. I would venture to guess your comment about not needing "team indiana" is more of a reflection on your personal opinions based on my observations of your level of loyalty to any one club, organization or academy.
  13. The above suggestions are things that have been talked about over and over. The bottom line is there is no perfect solution to the problem and the system we have in place currently is the best system we have come up with. Everyone calls for team selection, but we all know what would happen if that were the process there would be threads on here and all other social media outlets calling for peoples heads for favoritism and other prejudicial decision making (even though that is not the case). Look the bottom line is the system can work if participation is done properly...... meaning for MS state the huge enormous amounts of weight cut to make a weight class is just simply stupid. Yes maybe you win a MS state title and congrats on that as it is a great accomplishment, but a side affect of this is that you now have taken the #1 spot away from other kids who would have had an opportunity at it when in reality you can never make it back (or planned to get back to) that weight for Heartland. For the Elementary teams we have to have the best kids from all over the state at the wrestle off's end of discussion there. People think their kids are better than other kids and should not have to come spend the 2hrs to wrestle off and make the team well this is just not the case. if you look at every level of wrestling at any age they have wrestle off's to make a team (finals X, world team trials....etc). The bottom line here is putting your own team together and purposely poaching kids that you know will be on the ISWA National teams is what is making the national teams weaker. All that is happening there is you are taking the talent in the state and splitting it up between 2 teams/trips. Congrats to the Compound Indy for winning AAU Kingsport, that is a great honor and the kids should be very very proud of themselves, but why not take a team to Kingsport with a sponsorship (and a cheaper price because of that sponsorship) full of kids that can use the experience and hope to make the ISWA national team next year all while sending the best 17 Gold kids and the best 17 Blue kids at all weights to Heartland ? Then we can send the next 17 (however many weight classes are in Kingsport) to kingsport to develop and build for the future. This is collaboration and what is best for the state to develop stronger more competitive teams, not being self centered and having tunnel vision for what is best for a couple of kids. We have too much of the 1% mentality going on in the state and this alone will keep us from being competitive with the other states. Feel free to blast me if you want, but deep down you all know this hits directly to the heart of the issue.
  14. This is another example of the need for the "Dis-like" button......... think about it is all I am saying ??? Truth time...... I listen to all of @TripleB suggestions, the problem is only half are worth anything once I get thru his massive amounts of B.S. (LOL....I kid !!!!) He has many good ideas, but they can not possibly all be put into place over night. Now He is onto something with his idea of a beginners ISWA State Tournament and I am hoping to help push that to happening !!!! We need to get Pat Culp on board as she is clearly the guru to help see this happen. Some of those other ideas that he had out in Heartland I can't even mention on this forum for fear of getting banned, but he occasionally hits an idea for a double or "triple" (pun intended).
  15. Final results and rosters. Great trip, but we as a state have some work to do on being united for an effort to put our best team forward to compete with the MN, NE & Missouri teams. Look for some potential changes coming in future for this process to ensure we put our best teams out there. Great effort for those kids that made the trip to the 2019 Heartland Duals (elementary and MS). **Girls director and team leader Jason Delois will post the girls results and that team finished the highest of any IN team making the trip !!!! Elementary Team GOLD BLUE 50 Jaxson Harris 2-4 Sam Rioux 0-6 55 Lane Williams 3-4 Deacon Gibbs 2-5 alt: Max Cantu 1-7 60 Peyton Schoettle 4-2 Charlie Hutchison 3-4 alt: Zavier Acuna 4-4 65 Case Bell 5-2 Case Bridge 6-1 alt: Gavin Ash 4-4 70 Nate Rioux 5-2 Eddie Goss 4-4 alt: Sean Harris 0-6 75 Tommy Gibbs 3-3 Isaac Ash 4-3 80 Easton Doster 7-0 AA & MPV Quienton Schoeff 3-4 85 Jake Hockaday 6-0 AA Jairo Acuna 6 6-1 MVP 90 Wyatt Davis 4 5-1 Clinton Shepherd 3-3 95 Malachi Terrell 1-5 FF 100 Anthony Rinehart 6-0 AA & MVP Jackson mcCurdy 1-7 105 Gabriel Rose 5-1 Nicholas Amodeo 2-5 112 Gavin Davis 5-1 graham blythe 1-5 120 Zane Skinner 0-5 allistair mohmed 0-8 130 Bryson Mata 2-3 jayden Osborn 1-5 140 Dylan Ferree 3-2 Tyson Ingle 2-4 160 zachary clark 1-4 FF COACHES: Ryan Parrish Matt Clark Dustin Bentz Travis Hutchison MS team: GOLD BLUE 75 Tye Linser 5-3 Luke Rioux 7 5-2 80 Seth Syra 7-1 Damien Resendez 4-3 85 Preston Haines 5-3 Evan Seng 4-3 90 Toby Billerman 1-7 David Marcum 1-6 95 Gavyn Whitehead 4-4 Keaton Morton 2-5 102 Cheaney Schoeff 7-1 Hayden Brady 2-5 110 Sergio Lemley 8-0 AA Cole Solomey 6-1 117 Jeb Prechtel 6-2 Aiden Torres 6-1 125 Hunter May 6-2 AJ Cashman 2-5 132 Kaden Lone 4-4 Reed Brandenburg 0-7 140 Drew Mills 5-3 Makai Smith 1-6 150 Cody Goodwin 8-0 AA & MVP Orlando Cruz 5-1 160 AJ Steenbeke 7-1 Cael Albaugh 3-4 175 Seth Willems 7-1 Van Skinner 7-0 AA & MVP 195 Leighton Jones 5-0 AA Ronin Hammond 5-2 220 Peyton Kendall 4-2 Sam Mossoney 4-3 275 Richie Pena 5-2 Riley Anderson 5-2 Coaches: Sean Schmaltz Tyson Skinner Trent Worden Wyatt Seng **Records do not reflect FF’s as Flo does not count those on line for results **AA means All American award was given by tournament **MVP means the most valuable wrestler of team award was given by tournament
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