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  1. JMILL

    Team State updates

    and there it is....... nice work @lewdwar.... way to not disapoint @Mattyb @decbell1 he is not serious he is addressing his long standing issues with elementary team state and the teams trying to fill open spots by using wildcards (some in the past have used wildcards in place of their own club kids and he takes issue with that).
  2. JMILL

    Trophy chasing???

    @Mattyb this is the very definition of "stirring the pot"
  3. JMILL

    Middle school predictions

    @AdamsCoBuschhh the middle school season has 70 as a weight class, but MS State starts at 75. This aligns better with USAW Heartland MS duals, USAW MS National duals. Simply put the MS season is kind rogue on rules for weight classes for dual meets and invites so the only thing consistent in MS wrestling is inconsistency.
  4. JMILL

    Middle school predictions

    @AdamsCoBuschhh 75 has been the lowest starting weight class for a long time...... this is not a change
  5. Great kid, congrats man......now my son will need a new ride to and from practice so we are taking applications ???
  6. JMILL

    #11 Port @ #16 CP

    Mendez by major is likely. Kid is a beast and has a gas tank that is relentless. All started for him in 6th grade wearing purple !!!
  7. JMILL

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    uhhhhh..... you now owe Michael Buffer $17.48 for using his tag line..... worth it however !! Can someone please post the link where this will be streamed ?
  8. JMILL

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    what will the link be for the live stream ? Is this a @Fabio Jr. & @ontherise219 production ?
  9. I can tell you this after being there and watching Matt Lee, he was in a class all to himself for sure !!! Great performance, kid and family
  10. JMILL

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    I agree on the Solars family and great for Gabe !!!
  11. JMILL

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    @TripleB ..... so you are saying when you were wrestling you played a song during all the breaks of the match ? Hope it was the extended version of whatever song it was buddy !!!! JK..... TripleB is my buddy, Love #DJTripleB
  12. JMILL

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    see that @MattM ....... now that's how make a short joke buddy !!!! wait a minute.............................. %#@!?! @TeamGarcia
  13. JMILL


    I keep waiting for the up to catch up with the out !!!! maybe next year
  14. JMILL

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    the best of 3 will be 8 second periods however as @TeamGarcia has a small tank and I don't wanna take advantage of him...... BTW Happy Bday to my half brother @TeamGarcia Love ya brother, but Thursday #WeBeBeefinBro #BburgvAvon
  15. JMILL


    Is this some sort of a short joke ? Those Short people could take offense to this post, now me on the other hand am not offended at all because you didn't mention "short/fat" people......now that may have offended me as I walked to vending machine in break room !!! LOL

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