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  1. When I coached you had to enter the actual weight from each weigh-in in the IHSAA website (our AD did this at the secure site) and then It would tell you if that was a qualifying weigh-in.
  2. This would not be the first time that the IHSAA has changed the interpretation/application of a rule. If this rule has always been in place then I know of numerous times when it has been violated...most of you do to. How many times has someone in wrestling applied for a waiver?
  3. Dan Hodge who was one of the legends of our sports has [assed. He was an amazing athlete and person. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/legendary-wrestler-danny-hodge-has-died/ar-BB1cfryH?li=BBnb7Kz
  4. Jeremy Motl was wrestling 275 for us against Martnsville in the Saturday Morning round of State. He was getting beat fairly well when the Martinsville wrestler slammed him and we took a pretty good blow to the head. It was clearly a slam (Dave Errett was the Martinsville coach and I am pretty sure he would agree it was a slam.) I will say that the slam was due more to the Martinvile kid losing control of Jeremy than him doing something intentional. Jeremy was stunned and i would imagine today that the Trainers would not let him continue. I was hoping he could continue. We were just abou
  5. So true my fried!!! I miss him everyday!
  6. I started going in 1973 and have not missed one until this year. Hospitalization ended the streak.
  7. At one point I thought a great deal of the problem had to do with academic accreditation.
  8. I would like to see a greater emphasis be placed on the top man to turn the bottom man. Too many times I see a top man throw in the legs and ride the bottom man with no good attempt to score. I think stalling should be called more often on the top wrestler which would result in more turns as well as open things up for more scoring from the bottom. It is my opinion that in most cases the bottom man is not stalling so much as he is being controlled by the top man. Earlier it was mentioned that the top man should get one point if he rides the bottom man for the entire period. I c
  9. Congratulations to Danny Irwin on coaching Wheeling Jesuit to a Runner-up finish in the Dii Nationals https://wjucardinals.com/news/2019/3/9/wrestling-national-championships.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0EtQMNJhMqBG3Ztg_aqiqaVDyYmqHUqFjujE04Causw4E-bD6vF0oAGiU
  10. I would take stalling out of the penalty chart so that a person cannot be DQed for stalling, or a comnination of stalling and other penalties. I believe that changing stalling a simple 1 point penalty for each occurrence would free Officials to call it more consistently throughout the match. I feel like many officials pace themselves for fear of creating a situation where they will DQ someone.
  11. We started the IHSWCA website at a time when no other Coaches Association had a website. I remember telling JD we need a website and offering to do one. It was rudimentary at best as we began because yours truly knew little about websites (some about computers). I bought a couple of books, and watched some tutorials, and slowly built the site. We eventually added the Discussion Board which I think was the first Discussion Board for any High School sport in Indiana. We had good traffic and lots of discussion, I am pretty proud that we did it and i think it served a good purpose in terms o
  12. There has been alot of speculation about coach Tonte's height versus mine. Some even suggested Jim was shorter than me. Anyway, today after the Hall of Fame Banquet I got a picture of Coach Tonte and me. I think you will notice he is pretty tall. He has been my friend for quite awhile and will always be a giant in my eyes.
  13. That picture comes close.....think about the scant space available when I get in there.
  14. You have to get work where you can find it.
  15. This year he will announce the consolation round at the Wrestling State Finals.
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