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  1. At one point I thought a great deal of the problem had to do with academic accreditation.
  2. I would like to see a greater emphasis be placed on the top man to turn the bottom man. Too many times I see a top man throw in the legs and ride the bottom man with no good attempt to score. I think stalling should be called more often on the top wrestler which would result in more turns as well as open things up for more scoring from the bottom. It is my opinion that in most cases the bottom man is not stalling so much as he is being controlled by the top man. Earlier it was mentioned that the top man should get one point if he rides the bottom man for the entire period. I could buy this if it were a case where one point is awarded to the top man who turns his opponent and rides him the entire period (without being called for stalling). I would also add that the bottom man would get a point if the top man rides rides him out yet does not turn him (and bottom has not been called for stalling).
  3. Congratulations to Danny Irwin on coaching Wheeling Jesuit to a Runner-up finish in the Dii Nationals https://wjucardinals.com/news/2019/3/9/wrestling-national-championships.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0EtQMNJhMqBG3Ztg_aqiqaVDyYmqHUqFjujE04Causw4E-bD6vF0oAGiU
  4. I would take stalling out of the penalty chart so that a person cannot be DQed for stalling, or a comnination of stalling and other penalties. I believe that changing stalling a simple 1 point penalty for each occurrence would free Officials to call it more consistently throughout the match. I feel like many officials pace themselves for fear of creating a situation where they will DQ someone.
  5. We started the IHSWCA website at a time when no other Coaches Association had a website. I remember telling JD we need a website and offering to do one. It was rudimentary at best as we began because yours truly knew little about websites (some about computers). I bought a couple of books, and watched some tutorials, and slowly built the site. We eventually added the Discussion Board which I think was the first Discussion Board for any High School sport in Indiana. We had good traffic and lots of discussion, I am pretty proud that we did it and i think it served a good purpose in terms of communication across the state. The individual took a step up then from the old days of compiling them and then printing and mailing them. towards the end the website was getting a bit overwhelming. Joe came along with IndianaMat which was/is a great product. I appreciate that he started it, and still does it.
  6. There has been alot of speculation about coach Tonte's height versus mine. Some even suggested Jim was shorter than me. Anyway, today after the Hall of Fame Banquet I got a picture of Coach Tonte and me. I think you will notice he is pretty tall. He has been my friend for quite awhile and will always be a giant in my eyes.
  7. That picture comes close.....think about the scant space available when I get in there.
  8. You have to get work where you can find it.
  9. This year he will announce the consolation round at the Wrestling State Finals.
  10. His name is Chad Niccum. Chad has announced over 4000 events since he started including Ball State Basketball. Fever Basketball, the Semi-State Wrestling Tournament for at least 15 years, Trojan Football, Trojan Basketball, and a few Pacers games...to name a few. He is awesome every time he works.
  11. He is one of the nicest kids in wrestling.....Off the Mat.
  12. Jake has done a great job. I have been impressed with him from the get go.
  13. They should be notifying all schools in the Richmond Regional. Our AD got an email from Richmond.
  14. Richmond Regional.............. 2 pound allowance in addition to current weight class
  15. I am sorry to hear that Thomas. I thought you did a good job.
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