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  1. who was the first person in IN to have a tournament named after them we have lots of memorial tournaments and Invitationals just curious to know who was the first one or the oldest running tournament
  2. Semi state rankings have some wrestlers at different weights than the State rankings?
  3. Seems like a few studs in the lighter weights are missing in the brackets didn’t see the younger Triana or either of the Russi brothers
  4. I checked a few websites but biggest i found was size 16 i think as the size goes up the prices also does, might be difficult to find that size for a good price
  5. any good match ups predicted for this weekend? Also are there any new teams in it this year or is it the same as last year?
  6. Harrison(Lafayette) Goshen Colombia City South Bend Riley Fairhaven Twin Lakes Laporte Hammond Gavit Daleville was supposed to be here but they didn’t show up I guess
  7. War on the Wabash 9 teams 2 days
  8. Great read i saw him wrestle at the EC semi state last year hope he qualifies this year
  9. You always hear about kids who get burned out and lose their drive but to get it back is a great thing awesome article hope to see Red get continued success
  10. Crown Point pretty dominate early on totally thought Hedgewood had that takedown against Hollendoener awesome match though
  11. I had a match in high school against Calumet that went 22-18 at Regionals
  12. Sounds like Crown point has the lower weights pretty much covered most interesting match in my opinion is Haskins vs Bettich
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