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  1. You might be able to go back that far on the IHSAA website under the archives
  2. I think its Lowell Michigan
  3. I like the top 3 at 132 all 3 are insane Littell and Mendez would be a crazy finals match but i know Boarman would make a run too
  4. Be a shame if we did a lot of these amazing freshmen leave and we lose guys who could be 4X champs it seems like a lot of the best guys who start out at Culver Military end up leaving after a year or two
  5. wow i did not realize i made that mistake lol thank you
  6. Congrats Stevan always good seeing Indiana natives succeed on the International level
  7. The NWI Gladiators are in the Bronze Placement Bracket and will take no lower than 4th place today
  8. Prayers out to the wrestlers from AL and TN, cant imagine what they are going through my team is heading down to Disney as well wishing everyone else safe travels
  9. I will agree that the space was better at Center Grove over New Castle but i was just trying to have a discussion no need to start tearing my head off sir
  10. Would it be possible to add a section for the middle school rankings like the high school has it would be interesting to seeing how the rankings change through out the season leading up to middle school state
  11. I’m sure this idea has been tossed around before but what if the middle school season ended with a sectional that determined who can qualify for Middle School State just wanted to get some opinions
  12. That’s a good read I think our old Gym teacher coach Jay who used to run the Matt Burns account had all this info at one time
  13. Big Congrats to this kid had the pleasure of coaching him in middle school and watching him through high school
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