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  1. Wow that"s new never seen that before
  2. So far what we are doing is temp checks at the beginning of practice each wrestler uses their own water bottle they have the same partner everyday sanitize frequently and asking the general COVID 19 questions
  3. It was an awesome match even trailing in the end to work back up and get the victory way to go Jessie
  4. Just interested in hearing about what everyone is doing with their practices, we will hopefully be starting stuff soon just had a few questions Temp checks? Yes or No? Sanitizing hands and mats? should it be done every hr?
  5. were brackets for this on track wrestling i couldn't find them
  6. Hard to say whats gonna happen we all want the season to happen, but the what ifs might outweigh the possibility of a season to happen if the numbers don't go down, idk what the other counties are doing but i know there is gonna be a meeting today for teachers in Lake County to talk about how the school year is going to look
  7. Thoughts and prayers Danny was a great guy i was glad to know him
  8. The third one makes the most sense to me ive seen guys call injury time to stop points all the time
  9. Wrestling really does save lives kuddos to the kid in the video for taking action
  10. If any one knew Ryan he was a former wrestler for Hammond Gavit a 6th Placer finisher in 1998 at 171lbs he lost a battle with Multiple Myeloma on March 19th 2020 here is the story below https://kishfuneralhome.net/obituary/ryan-michael-myszak/?fbclid=IwAR1LO9vRVBKwJBLOcsoR39rzV8bgJzJ62-CFAl4o7xlWuL717t5xPO3mBYQ
  11. There is talk that school might be canceled the rest of the year
  12. id be surprised if anyone is in session right now
  13. It is the first one which is awesome but there have been lots of basketball volleyball and soccer tournaments since it’s opened hope it serves its purpose for wrestling
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