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  1. I like looking back at the old results from time to time i hope it gets fixed
  2. https://www.facebook.com/HammondCentralWolves I don't have a lot of info but still a pretty cool thing to happen, once there is more info i will try to share it
  3. Congrats Jeffrey you’re going to do great things
  4. Prayers to the family, Steve was a great man, I remember he reffed a lot of my matches in high school he was a bit older but he did his best cause he loved the sport, He reffed a lot in NWI not sure if he made it to other parts of the state, RIP Steve.
  5. How many has the state had only ones I can remember are Angel Escobedo Andrew Howe Nick Lee 2X am i missing any?
  6. noticed there was a lot of ffts throughout the tournament a few in the finals, makes you wonder if guys were avoiding matches or not, could be injuries too. Thoughts?
  7. Have 2 guys wrestled all 4 matches of the state series in the finals Sectionals Regionals Semi State and State finals off the top of my head Eric Roach and Tommy Churchard Jesse Mendez and Cole Solomey are there any others?
  8. Hammond Gavit and Hammond Clark dont exist anymore
  9. its definitely big enough but idk if it would have the right kind of seating everyone would need to bring their own chairs
  10. he lost to Shrewsbury in the quarters and Stahl beat Shrewsbury
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