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  1. 3 sets of singlets will be raffled off!! Barbarin, Lean Athletic, and 3x Gear
  2. Ordering clinic gifts soon! Get signed up to get a bag!
  3. Hey guys: I hope your as excited for the start of school as I am!!! You should be, you get to help kids!!! You are an "impactor", how can you not be excited!! One of the best ways to stay fired up is to always continue your coaching education. This fall, October 17-18 we have an awesome lineup we are very excited about! Thursday we have Mark Manning (head coach of Nebraska, head coach to Jordan Burroughs, James Green and Chad Red Jr.), Thursday we also have the IHSAA Rules interpretation meeting with Robert Faulkens, and we will give you a chance to have your voice heard! We will be having break out sessions to get ideas and help on "hot topics" in wrestling. Friday we have something new to the Fall clinic. The NWCA Leadership academy. This teaches the head coach of a team, to act more like the CEO of a program! We will be having leaders from the NWCA come in and teach this awesome course. Being that it is new, and we want big attendance. We are offering some scholarships to those that email me. These scholarships are for coaches that have not been to the fall clinic before, and will be coming with another paid coach, or veteran coach. Email me to see if your eligible. This is really going to be a motivating two days! Take a look at the flier, in the link below. The registration is in the link as well. You can mail in your registration if needed, however we prefer signing up online, and mailing your check. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1quk9-_nte98dB7AGDEax6u-nL6MJmFhhBtFehAFsi_E/edit?usp=sharing One more thing.....take a look at the attached video and see what Wisconsin Head Coach, Chris Bono, says about the Leadership academy! Danny Struck IMG_7246_(1).mov
  4. Looking to add a few more teams email dstruck@gccschools.com Teams: 1) Eastern Pekin, 2) Charlestown, 3) New Washington, 4) Oldham Co Ky, 5) Jeffersonville, 6) Jennings County, 7) Madison, 8 Seymour, 9) silver creek 10) Moore KY, 11) Providence, 12)purdue poly technic 13) Heritage Hills, 14) Mooresville, 15) Corydon, 16) Crawford Co. 43rd ANNUAL JEFF CLASSIC - December 21, 2019 Awards: 1. Individual plaque for the champion in each weight class 2. Medals for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. 3. Ribbons for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. 4. Team trophy for 1st and 2nd place Outstanding wrestler plaque Plaque for most pins in the least time GPA Award for the highest GPA in each weight class Outstanding official award
  5. December 7th - 8 way duals 8 way duals at Jeffersonville High School with JV in the auxilary gym. This is a very competitive dual meet with top teams being Columbus East, Oak Hill Ohio, Jeffersonville, South Dearborn, and Jennings County- looking to add to this already competitive slate of teams. Possibility of Friday night as well. Contact Danny Struck dstruck@gccschools.com
  6. This is great!! Thanks for putting this together!
  7. Right now we have 62 coaches from 42 different schools spending their Friday learning how to integrate some Greco and Strength and Conditioning into their high school programs - very exciting!!! Come join us Friday! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zl7k12nvabqEs_iITwSxsClpr0esQscXDq8jYWDxbKU/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Jeffersonville Indiana - is looking to change up their schedule in the following dates and ways: Nov. 22 - Friday night dual looking to attend a Friday night Dual meet north of Jeffersonville to Indianapolis area. Jeffersonville wrestles at Beach Grove on November 23 and would like to wrestle a team on their way up Friday. Dec. 4 Jeffersonville wrestles Woodford County KY in a dual. Looking to add another team to this weeknight dual. It will be ran on multiple mats, with multiple levels (MS, JV, V, etc... ) involved. December 7th 8 way duals at Jeffersonville High School with JV in the auxillary gym. This is a very competitive dual meet with top teams being Columbus East, Oak Hill Ohio, Floyd Central, and Jennings - looking to add to this already competitive slate of teams. (there is also the possibility of wrestling 2x on Friday night) December 21 Jeffersonville Classic - 16 team Individual tournament - place top 8 - seeded tourney - academic awards as well!!! We have the high of high teams, and a few low. Will consider all interested. Teams from IN, and KY are in it. Contact Danny Struck dstruck@gccschools.com
  10. https://sites.google.com/site/inwrestlingcoaches/resources/academic
  11. Looking for a dual meet on Nov. 22, we wrestle at Capitol City Classic the next day, and would love to hit another dual meet on this trip to Indy. Any team in the Indy area interested, contact Danny Struck of Jeffersonville dstruck@gccschools.com 812-786-2308 (yes I know it is early season, and it could be a rush, we will be without football players likely as well, wanting to knock out as many good matches as we can while in Indy)
  12. had an awesome week with Momir and the New Zealand wrestlers this week - a great 3 nights!!! Next week we will be doing our annual "State Champ Camp" Monday - 5-6:30 Steven Bradley - Marian University Tuesday - 3:30 - 5, Brandon Wright Wednesday - TBA - Myron Bradbury and Brandon Reed - both of Lindsey Wilson College
  13. Jeffersonville Indiana Current Openings: Head Football, Assistant Football, Assistant Wrestling - and Wrestling/Foottball at MS's Assistant Principal Attendance Liasion (great foot in the door if needing a teaching job or not certified yet) Football Head Coach - and of course assistants Para Educator - Parkview Middle School 2 Science Openings Academic Improvement Coordinator (great foot in the door if needing a teaching job or not certified yet) Business Teacher Math Teacher Elementary Positions view all job descriptions - and apply: https://sky.gcs.k12.in.us/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsFin/rapplmnu03.w also - email Danny Struck dstruck@gccschools.com
  14. Bronze level USAW Coaches Clinic at Avon High School May 3 - register here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQWtmCGv65rh9cqfBCCaIZC4KrRMLWd1zmXFbQTKmjRfaH0Q/viewform?usp=sf_link
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