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  1. Also contact Danny struck- Jeffersonville high school 8127862308
  2. Dayton Christian high school- Ohio Wrestling Need 3 tournaments filled starting with Jan 16 th weekend jan23rd feb1st. And a tri if possible ....hopefully a pool tournament would be ideal..... Please contact Adrian Sellers. Head coach Dayton Christian 5133833201
  3. to: Anyone with a USAW Leadership (coaches) card Led by Gary Mayabb, our USA GRIT group stands for "Greco Roman Initiative Team"; Our goal in this survey is to find out more about your thoughts, and possibly your state and area's thoughts on Greco Roman Wrestling. The information in this survey will be used to guide the direction of this team. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSefZnRuc5vdADgvXdQCphsRwPo3fQD1q0MhO1r2kM12aR5_7A/viewform?usp=sf_link
  4. ISWA, IHSWCA, Coaches, AD's, and Central Regional Leaders, Hey all! I know things are tough now, but in all fields, education is what improves us! The more educated we are, the better we are. We owe it to our kids, and wrestlers to be the "best versions of ourselves that we can be!" Congratulations Indiana! Super proud to be a part of a state that wants to learn. During COVID, USAW made their Bronze and Copper certifications FREE! (they still are free at themat.com ). Currently Indiana LEADS THE COUNTRY with 270 Certifications during COVID with the next most in any state being 180. This says alot about yourself, our state, your staffs, and clubs. I want to share with you four upcoming learning opportunities that I will be taking part in. I challenge you to take part in 1..2... or all four!!! The crazy part is, I have been a part of all four of these events before, and I make sure I attend them as often as possible. I hope you will take a look, and do the same! They will surely improve the way you coach and teach! First item: UNITED WORLD WRESTLING - ACADEMY AND COACHING CERTIFICATION Years ago I got to get my UWW Certifications in Greco Roman Wrestling. You used to have to fly to a destination to work with the worlds best. But now, the worlds best have come together to make this certification available online! After more than a year of development United World Wrestling has launched its innovative online academy for assisting wrestlers, coaches, referees, and administrators with programs aimed at education, certification and career advancement. The first version of the site includes the Online Rule Test, the Ready to Wrestle Program, the Introduction to Coaching course and the Level 1 Coaches Course. Coaches interested in anti-doping instruction can also access WADA’s "Coach True" program."The launch of UWW’s Academy has taken incredible energy and I think that right now is the perfect time to introduce it to our community," said United World Wrestling’s President Nenad Lalovic. "The IT and Development departments have created this online resource to assist with remote learning and as an opportunity in the middle of this unprecedented pandemic for coaches and referees to complete additional certifications."In addition to the programs listed above, the Academy’s site will also offer informative lessons including the Wrestle4Fun program, scientific journals, and videos covering techniques and strength and conditioning exercises. This link will allow you to set up your UWW Academy Personal Account. Please click the following link to the United World Wrestling Academy: https://academy.unitedworldwrestling.org/ Second Item: NWCA Virtual Convention - July 20-31, 2021 I attend this convention most years, and get so much out of it!!! I believe you will too! Take a look at the speakers. It really is an amazing lineup. Know that it is $99 dollars, but $25 of that will be donated back to the IHSWCA. Personally I am speaking on 7/30 at 11am, love to have you on with me talking about recruiting and retention of athletes! To see a lineup of speakers and schedule, and to register: http://www.nwcaonline.com/2020-nwca-convention-schedule/ Third and Forth Items: Currently there are two awesome In person educational, in person, clinics in the works: ISWA Annual Meeting and NEWLY FORMED, Program Development Clinic September 13 -Gary Mayabb - Greco Coach from the Olympic Training Center will be one of our speakers! IHSWCA Fall Coaches Clinic October 15-15 (more information to come on both these awesome events!) --------- Hope to see you at one or more of these events. Danny Struck IHSWCA Vice-president ISWA State Coach USAW National Coaches Council USA GRIT (Greco Roman Initiative Team)
  5. Special ed algerbra art alternative ed para- educators and a bunch of middle school and elementary danny struck- head coach dstruck@gccschools apply here: https://sky.gcs.k12.in.us/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsFin/rapplmnu03.w
  6. Checking for interested teams- the NWCA (National wresrling coaches association) hosts the NWCA National duals on January 8th/9th, 2021. This has the top D2, D3, Naia, Juco, NCWA, and Women’s teams competing for a nationals dual meet title! Many of our former Indiana Hs wrestlers now competing in college will be wrestling there. Last years info: http://www.nwcaonline.com/news-events/events/2020-nwca-multi-division-national-duals/ This is held in the louisville fairground convention center and freedom hall (current concert venue and former home of louisville cardinal basketball)- big stadium! The NWCA has asked me to put together teams primarily from Indiana and Kentucky as a “border war” for a tourney. but after discussion we want this to be open to any team within our travel sanctions. i am looking for teams that might be interested to wrestle our dual meet tourney along side these college teams! teams invited: formulating that now format: a lot depends on the number of teams we get and who there you want to see! But ultimately we are looking to have 2-3 matches on Friday night and 5 on Saturday. interested teams email coach struck dstruck@gccschools.com more questions? Text me at 8127862308 (I realize this is state duals weekend many years, we hope to be able to accommodate teams each year that want to go in and out of these two tourneys as well)
  7. Dear Coach, and Indiana Wrestling Leaders: (email sent to all IHSWCA Coaches Membership, and ISWA Members in our Coaches Application pool) Hope your all staying safe!! I know your like me. You are at home, doing work you never did as you were always coaching, watching series you never would have watched, hopefully reading and working out more than you normally have had chances to do, and just wondering when the heck you will get to get on the mats again!! While I can't tell you exactly when that will happen. I can tell you what information I have, and what things we can be doing at home to better ourselves as coaches and wrestling leaders. I actually type this email while on a ZOOM meeting with USA Wrestling, and the latest date to target, and re-evaluate the state of the virus is May 10th as an aspirational date - not a hard date, but an aspiration. While I can not predict 30 or 45 days out, this is just an aspirational date, and things can change daily. As far as local clubs and such - please pay attention to the rules your state, local and school governments set forth to you! SUPPORT WRESTLING! I know some of you out there are wondering if you will get refunds, and such on wrestling items with USAW. Well, I'd say probably. But, think about what your asking for a refund on first. If you can let you money go - remember your just supporting wrestling!!!! Wrestling businesses, ISWA and USAW revenue is going to be down as well. If you can keep supporting, buying your cards, and all those things.... i know I will be grateful that you choose to support wrestling. Make sure you are following the ISWA Twitter and Instagram accounts. Daily "at home" wrestling drills are being shown. Its some great stuff!! Please repost it to your teams and clubs. If you have anything wrestling specific to post, and share - send the drill with a caption, and the tags to 812-786-2308 I want to share with you some other information below: A) A message from the USAW National Coaches Council. B ) National Wrestling Coaches Association Scholastic CEO Leadership Academy - It has been a good way for coaches to gain professional development, CEU's and other requirements schools have asked for teachers/coaches to complete. The certificate is also something you would like to hang in a frame on your office wall. C) USA Wrestling makes online National Coaches Education Program courses free to members until April 5th, 2020= Lets have Indiana be leaders in Copper and Bronze cards! They are free right now - challenge your club members to get their Bronze or Copper card for free!!! When the virus subsides, have them ready to coach! WE ARE IN THIRD PLACE OF MOST COACHES CERTIFIED WITH THIS!!! ILLINOIS IS IN FIRST WISCONSIN SECOND AND INDIANA IN THIRD!!! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!!! D ) Official Statement on the 2020 Olympics - moved to 2021 E ) Officiating courses available for free through July 1 on the NFHS Learning Center Hope everyone is managing through this tough coronavirus time… We are thinking about you and your families! Danny Struck ISWA State Coach IHSWCA Vice-President IHSWCA Regional Rep USAW National Coaches Council @danny_struck IG and Twitter A) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A message from the USAW National Coaches Council. The USAW National Coaches Council represents the second largest demographic in the country.. the coaches. Yet within that coaching demographic is the parent, the wrestling apparel vendor, the tournament director and many others. These are undoubtedly difficult times for many members of our wrestling community. Yet, while difficult, we do know the resilience and fortitude of our wrestling community will sustain our passion for the worlds oldest and greatest sport during this period of delay. Since time immemorial, our sport has been blessed with weekly tournaments, an abundance of wrestling apparel, educated active coaches, gymnasiums/clubs to practice and an infrastructure which allowed all this to thrive. We will return to practice before you know it. We will be competing and reunited with our coaches when the time is right, the coaches who are always there for you win or lose, every weekend. We want to encourage everyone to be safe, but also be confident in the timely return of wrestling, the day when wrestling roars back into our lives and communities. That optimism can be contagious, spread it! Take a leap of faith, bet on wrestling, be part of the return! Yours in wrestling, The USA wrestling National Coaches Council B )------------------------------------------------------------------------ FROM THE NWCA: - FREE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES!!!! I hope you are doing well and what we all need to do to beat this COVID-19 Virus. I want to encourage you to take the time to complete the online modules as a part of the National Wrestling Coaches Association Scholastic CEO Leadership Academy. Either you have registered for a past Scholastic CEO Leadership Academy or are registered for one of this years SLA's. If you have not completed the online modules there is no better time than now. I think we all have some free time on our hands and this is a good way to help progress with the growth of wrestling. If you have registered for an upcoming SLA that has been postponed until this Fall it will be a good time to go ahead and complete the modules now. If you have completed the online modules and the Leadership Academy without receiving your certificate of completion email me and I will make sure we get this to you. It has been a good way for coaches to gain professional development, CEU's and other requirements schools have asked for teachers/coaches to complete. The certificate is also something you would like to hang in a frame on your office wall. If you cannot log in with your original login information use the login below. Your email address should be the one I am sending this too. https://nwca.brightspace.com/d2l/login USERNAME: use your email address PASSWORD:NWCA2019 C ) ------------------------------------------------------------------- USA Wrestling makes online National Coaches Education Program courses free to members until April 5th, 2020= Lets have Indiana be leaders in Copper and Bronze cards! They are free right now - challenge your club members to get their Bronze or Copper card for free!!! When the virus subsides, have them ready to coach! WE ARE IN THIRD PLACE OF MOST COACHES CERTIFIED WITH THIS!!! ILLINOIS IS IN FIRST WISCONSIN SECOND AND INDIANA IN THIRD!!! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!!! Attention Valued Coaches, USA Wrestling makes online National Coaches Education Program courses free to members until April 5th, 2020 As a benefit to all current Wrestling Leader members, USA Wrestling has made the online Copper and Bronze Certification courses available for free through Sunday, April 5, 2020. In order to access the course, members simply need to log into their account at www.usawmembership.com and add the item to their cart. All courses are delivered immediately online once the member has completed the free purchase and are accessed through your MY COURSES tab. A tutorial video on how to add the Bronze and/or Copper Certification courses to your cart can be found here. Wrestling Leader members of USA Wrestling who have previously completed Bronze and/or Copper Certification courses are encouraged to repeat the course(s) for enrichment. All completions will be tracked in real time through USA Wrestling’s membership system. Course materials for Bronze and Copper Certifications were updated in March 2015 and November 2017, respectively. As part of the National Coaches Education Program (NCEP), the Copper Certification course is designed for coaches whose athletes are 12 years of age and younger, normally costs $50, and takes approximately 4 hours to complete. The Bronze Certification course is designed for coaches whose athletes are 13 years of age and older, regularly costs $80, and takes approximately 6 hours to complete. In addition to the Copper and Bronze Certification courses, USA Wrestling has the HEADS Up Concussion in Youth Sports available to anyone through its membership system. This course, which was developed by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), is aimed to keep children and teen athletes safe by helping coaches and parents recognize, respond to, and minimize the risk of concussion or other serious brain injury. D ) ------------------------------------------------------------------- IOC, IPC, Tokyo 2020 announce Olympics set for July 23 - August 8, 2021 THE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (IOC), THE INTERNATIONAL PARALYMPIC COMMITTEE (IPC), THE TOKYO 2020 ORGANISING COMMITTEE, THE TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT AND THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN TODAY AGREED NEW DATES FOR THE GAMES OF THE XXXII OLYMPIAD, IN 2021. THE OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO 2020 WILL BE CELEBRATED FROM 23 JULY TO 8 AUGUST 2021. THEY ALSO AGREED ON NEW DATES FOR THE PARALYMPIC GAMES, WHICH WILL BE CELEBRATED FROM 24 AUGUST UNTIL 5 SEPTEMBER 2021. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/March/30/IOC-announces-dates-of-Tokyo-Olympic-Games E ) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Officiating courses available for free through July 1 on the NFHS Learning Center USA Wrestling encourages its members to take advantage of this tremendous free resource. Not only will officials and coaches benefit, but athletes also could learn the rules of folkstyle wrestling better through the NFHS course on wrestling officiating. Those with interest in multiple sport can also participate. Remember, American needs sports officials!!INDIANAPOLIS, IN (March 25, 2020) — Current high school sports officials, as well as individuals interested in joining the officiating ranks, will be able to access online education courses on the NFHS Learning Center for free through July 1.Since many individuals are at home for an indefinite period of time due to the current worldwide health crisis, the NFHS has decided to make its 11 sports officiating courses available for free on the Learning Center at www.NFHSLearn.com.
  8. Fun topic! Picked one per weight - as best in one year not all time - (example Alonzo Shephered 3x all state, or John Clark 3rd at state HWT but not as good a record) Just 1 person per weight, best in that weight in 1 year all time (9th = lost to state champ friday night - the old follow rule placement) JEFFERSONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Best Wrestler by Weight Class 1 year performance WT Name Record State Tournament Finish 103 Adam Doherty 49-0 State Champion 112 Adam Doherty 48-0 State Champion 119 Marc Doherty 42-2 6th in State 125 Vincent Rivera 35-3 9th in State 130 Mike Brown 39-6 9th in State 135 Robert Rosbottom 38-0 State Champion 140 Josh Stith 41-4 9th in State 145 Robert Rosbottom 45-1 State Champion 152 Brent Browner 37-7 Reg’l Champ/round to go 160 Kameron Fuller 44-4 State Qualifier 170 Donnie Hartline 39-2 7th in State 195 Elijah Curtley 37-7 7th in State 220 Jimmy Pratt 34-7 7th in State 285 Mike Duvall 35-2-1 3rd in State
  9. March. 13 - Dr. Hoffman "Foundational Athletic Mindsets" - an ISWA Coach/Parent Educational Partnership - presented at ISWA Folkstyle State Finals - Friday night 6:00 pre-registration, 6:30 start time - This is for all coaches and parents that want to work on improving adult/kid interaction while helping their kids reason their peak athletic mindset! DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS MARCH 11 If coming with entire staff, please register each person About Doctor Hoffman: Dr. Robert Hoffman is a performance psychologist with published research in the areas of competitive stress and anxieties, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology. Within his Indianapolis-based private practice, Excellwell, he assists athletes at all levels and organizations with an athletic mindset and mental edge consulting. He is board-certified in multiple coaching disciplines and his previous coaching clients range in age from pre-teen youth to world-class competitors in their late sixties. Dr. Hoffman will be presenting on the topic of “Foundational Athletic Mindsets” Friday evening and will be available during our events on Saturday and Sunday if you wish to learn more about how he can assist your athlete or club. As an added bonus to ISWA event participants, Dr. Hoffman is offering one Free “Athletic Mindset Assessment” to all attendees at the Friday evening speaker engagement. Please make sure to sign-up…. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS MARCH 11 sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSel-ph-bz05IpYdKfQ_9ywDLOyX8TG4gRMux1Gnw35NDysU8Q/viewform?usp=sf_link
  10. Wrestlers and Coaches- will be considered eligible for selection to the HOF anytime they meeting the requirements in section A, B, C, D, E, but this in no terms means that he/she automatically is in the HOF. There is no limitation on the number of times individuals/groups may be brought before the selection committee, as long as they meet the requirements. All though the HOF selection committee cannot legislate sound moral character or outstanding citizenship, these qualities will never-the-less be considered for each candidate. Other outstanding contributions with wrestling and towards the advancement of wrestling will be considered. The HOF banquet is held each year the day after the IHSAA State Finals. Normally our selection meeting is late May. Link to nominate: https://ihswca.org/history/hall-of-fame/nomination/ Link to Hall of Fame archives: https://ihswca.org/history/hall-of-fame/
  11. 2019 INT- RTC SCHEDULE/LOCATIONS (Schoolboy-Juniors) Mission Statement: INT-RTCs unify the Indiana wrestling community under one goal to advance the sport across the state INT- RTC 2020 primarily in Olympic Styles of wrestling. The intention of an INT- RTC practice is NOT to be a club practice, rather to be a site for potential ISWA National Team members, coaches and hopefuls to come together and train in Olympic Styles. The purpose of the ISWA INT-RTC’s are to allow individuals to achieve their full human and athletic potential. The INT-RTCs provide ISWA National Team hopefuls access to national team and silver level coaches. INT-RTCs should mirror ISWA and USA Wrestling’s mission, vision, and values. A key focus is to raise the relevance of Olympic Style wrestling in Indiana. Within IHSAA rules, INT-RTCs provide additional opportunities for Indiana National Team Coaches to further develop and enhance their individual programs, while helping the surrounding area clubs and schools. This cooperative effort strengthens the connection between the Olympic Movement and high school athletics. An INT - RTC will not tolerate any site, or visitor talking “recruitment”. This should be a pressure free, Olympic spirited, environment. (Recruiting kids to our national teams should be a daily occurrence though!) Each INT- RTC will have a weekly 20-30 minute focus written by a Indiana National Team Staff member so that every site every week, no matter where they are, they have a unity and common vocabulary to them. If there is more than one INT-RTC in the area each night of the week - all of them should start with this common practice plan. The intention is to get as many “paired” sites working together to get more kids training together and not just working one site, one style - rather visiting others and spreading the talent. Click here for Schedule in calendar form REGION SITE CONTACT WEEKNIGHT/TIME North Northwood HS Nate Andrews 317/828-6875 nandrews@wanee.org Mon. 5:30 pm North Jimtown HS Jeremiah Maggart 574/298-3524 jmaggart@baugo.org Tues. 5:30 pm North Penn HS Brad Harper 574/485-7911 bharper@phm.k12.in.us Wed. 4-5:30 pm North Mishawaka HS Steve Sandefer 574/360-3765 sandefer@mishawaka.k12.in.us Thurs. 5:30 pm North East North West Carroll HS Hobart Joe Caprino 260/402-8278 joe@indianamat.com Zack Johansen Mon. 6 pm Wed. 6 North East Manchester/ Indiana Tech Thomas Pompei - Tech- tapompei@indianatech.edu 3177304056 Kevin Lake- Manchester - 2609825227 KALake@manchester.edu Alternating Sundays - 3:00pm Starts March 22nd at Indiana Tech Tech - 3/22, 4/5 4/26, Manchester - 3/29 4/19, Indy East Warren Central Matt Krulik - WC - 3174126288 mkrulik@warren.k12.in.us Wed. 6 pm Indy East New Pal Alex Johns - New Pal - 8122286694 ajohns@newpal.k12.in.us Thursday 6-7:30 Indy South Perry Meridian HS / Matt Schoettle 317/473-8226 mschoettle@perschools.org Tuesday 6-7:30 Indy North Carmel/ Zionsville Ed Pendoski 317/701-1512 ependosk@ccs.k12.in.us Doug Welch 812/629-0086 dwelch@zcs.k12.in.us Wed 6:45 pm 3.11, 3.25, 4.8, 4.22, 5.6 @ ZHS 3.18, 4.1, 4.15, 4.29, 5.13 @ CHS Indy North Marian College Steven Bradley Thursdays 6pm Indy West Avon Mooresville Josh Curry- Avon - 260/609-6830 jacurry@avon-schools.org Dan Mikesell -Mooresville - 8122083520 danielmikesell@mooresville.k12.in.us Alternating Mon. 6 pm West Northview Antonio Sanabria 8122411518 Wed. 6-8pm South East Jeffersonville HS Danny Struck 812/7862308 dstruck@gccschools.com Thrs. 4:30 pm (also paired with CE) South Columbus Eas (Thurs 5pm) Franklin (Wed 6pm) Chris Cooper 812/344-9817 Jim Tonte Thrs. 5 pm. Starting Feb. 27 South West Mater Dei Greg Schaefer 317/258-4084 gscharder@evdio.org Tues. 6-7:30 pm.Starts March 27 WOMEN'S REGIONAL TRAINING CENTERS WEEKDAY TIME CLUB LOCATION CONTACT Mondays 7:30-9:00 pm River City Wrestling Club Temp: Battle Ground Middle School, 6100 N 50 W, West Lafayette, IN 47906 (door 15) Chad Fauber, t:765-714-9983 Mondays 6:30-8:00 pm Bloomington South Bloomington South High School, 1965 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47401 Lisa Broukal, t:812-585-1665 Sundays 5:00-6:30 pm Carmel High School Carmel High School Ed Pendoski 317/701-1512 ependosk@ccs.k12.in.us Thursday 6:30-8 New Pal New Palestine - Girls Jason Delois 3172018700 North-Girls RTC Penn HS Brad Harper 574/485-7911 bharper@phm.k12.in.us Mon. 5 pm
  12. 2020 - 19th Annual Jeff Duals Saturday Dec 5 Weigh-In Time: TBA LAST YEARS TEAMS: Columbus East- South Dearborn Jeffersonville Jennings County Madison New Albany Oak Hill, Ohio Charlestown Looking for a FULL TEAM to come in and wrestle with us on Saturday!!! We run a JV Gym as well!!!!!!!!! Contact dstruck@gccschools or text 812-786-2308
  13. Teams in 2019 were - Jeff, Jennings County, South Dearborn, Oak Hill Ohio, New Albany, Charlestown, Columbus East, and Madison 5-7 varsity duals, and 3-5 JV matches each! Looking to bring in a tough, tough team or two to beef up the competition there is the possibility of a dual or two friday night as well if you like!! Danny Struck dstruck@gccschools.com or text 812-786-2308
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