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  1. That's a big get for Bellarmine. I'm not sure how many people in Indiana realize it's now D1 and sits in Louisville Ky.
  2. Big shout out to the ISWA. State was a great success and pleasant experience. Take what worked and implement it going forward. I bet it was expensive having it at fairgrounds, maybe a corporate sponsor or something can be locked up so we can keep it there. I'd gladly pay 10 bucks more per kid if that would help.
  3. guess we will hold off on our transfer request!
  4. Alex Tsirtsis and Wesley English
  5. "Middle school is kind of like the wild west." I literally use that statement when trying to explain MS wrestling to people. It's its own world for sure. My goal before my son is out of MS (just finished his 5th grade year) is to unify weights as much as possible. I encourage our coach to hold up away matches if schools won't conform to our weights. Why is our weights the best? Well b/c I'm TripleB! (It's also the ISWA MS Dual weights).
  6. Mike Reister was a state placer after Bohman. Scott beat me my sophomore year at Regionals - 7-2 I think.
  7. I'm pretty sure the DJ match was a kid from Franklin County.
  8. You also dug the Madonna side of the Vision Quest cassette!
  9. Body moving is the official practice warm up song for Club Madison.
  10. Michael Galbreath Madison - two time runner up, lost in OT his senior year to some fluf from Belmont. Hayes, Myers, Baker, I don’t remember which one.
  11. Metallica - One Rage - Bulls on Parade Dre and Cube - Natural Born Killaz that was my 3 waaaaaaay back in the day.
  12. Add Robby Taylor from Madison to my list, multiple wins over Smith, Baron Rieker, Luke Schroeder and many others.
  13. Zach Adams - Madison - 4x ticket rounder, headlocked a Welch through the floor in the ticket round his jr year. He beat the SS champ his sophomore year at Regionals. Had wins over runner up and third place his senior year. Beat multiple state placers over his 4 years. Ticket round losses to Rueger, Milton, Welch and VanHorn For a 1 year run - 1997 Jeremy Johnson from Madison was undefeated and ranked top 5 in state. Stuck the #2 ranked kid at Team Semi-State, beat the eventual 7th place finisher about 8 times that year and majored the 3rd place finisher in a dual before
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