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  1. I used to coach Little Outlaws down there and the Minions team tried to hose us in a 3rd place match once. Literally had to stop everything and get the tournament director. Always good times wrestling the Minions!
  2. Ruhlman's a stud Ison got a bump b/c of the absolute battles him and Schoeff has had over the years. Jones gets a bump b/c TripleB loves Heavys and he's literally 2 moves away from being a 2x State Champ
  3. Showing my age w/ the Varsity Blue's reference. TripleB's official Evansville Pre-Season Top 10 Top Wrestlers Jake Hockaday – Freestyle State Champ 2022, State Champ 2022 Cheaney Schoeff – Greco State Champ 2022, Freestyle State 3rd 2022, State 3rd 2022, State 2nd 2021, State 2nd 2020 Brady Ison – State Qualifier 2022, State 3rd 2021 Leighton Jones – State 3rd 2022, State 3rd 2021, Semi State Qualifier 2020 Delaney Ruhlman - State Runner up 2022, State Runner up 2021, State Qualifier 2020 Lane Gilbert - State 8th place 2022, State 3rd place 2021, State 4th place 2020 Joey Buttler – Greco State Champ 2022, Folkstyle State Champ 2022, State 2nd 2022, State 8th 2021, Semi State Qualifier 2020 Hunter May – State 8th 2022, State 4th 2021 Gunner Henry – Freestyle State 2nd 2022, Folkstyle State Champ 2022, State 3rd 2022 John Purdy – State 6th 2022, State 5th 2021, Semi State Qualifier 2020 HM Cash Turner – State Qualifier 2022, Semi State Qualifier 2021, State 7th place 2020 Isiah Schaefer – Greco State Champ 2022, Freestyle State Runner Up 2022, State 7th 2022 Coy Hammack – Greco State 2nd 2022, Freestyle State 5th 2022, Folkstyle State Champ 2022, Semi State Qualifier 2022, State 4th 2021, State Qualifier 2020 Preston Haines – State 2nd 2022 Evan Seng – State 5th 2022, State 5th 2021
  4. Get signed up! Oct 1 and Oct 2 at Jennings County High School in the multi-million dollar wrestling facility!! We will be featuring 2 great clinicians!! Oct 1 - Cheaney Schoeff, NC State Commit, Avon Class of 23, 3 time State Placer (2nd, 2nd, 3rd) Oct 2 - Benjamin Phillips, IU Wrestler, Charlestown Class of 22, 2 time State Placer (8th and 4th) Cost of camp is 150 for the weekend and 100 for a day, sibling discounts of 100 for weekend. Camp will be 9-3 each day w/ lunch 12-1 on your own. Sign up here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc72OD4rW-xDdsoX5_sUNOWetBohyhbIvJxvTL8no4p0ytP1w/viewform See everybody on Oct 1 and 2!!!
  5. @Y2CJ41 vs @JMILL Best of 7 - Folk, Free, Greco, Beach, Submission, Hot Dog Eating, Polka Dancing
  6. Radnovich > Chuck Norris I think I thanked him multiple times for staying at 215 our senior year. Though I was intrigued to see how long I'd last.
  7. Angel and Reece were both ranked #1 and then Reece cut down for state tournament
  8. Great write up@navy80!! Sooooo many intense matches, place was electric. At one point there were 4 feature matches on all at once. People were dorking out about Dunn's semi match and I bet most of pace missed Gilbert/Lykins going into OT. I mean just absolute match after match for all 4 rounds. My one and only beef (other than I should be announcing and DJing, I mean get rid of YMCA and let's do some Kendrick!) was that they did semis on 4 mats (assuming to save time) and then took a 75 minute break. ABSURD!!!!!!
  9. My earliest memory of Logan Miller was at the Grand River Rumble years ago. My kid was wrestling the rookie rumble and @JMILL text me and asked what mat we were on. They came to watch Little 3B and Logan immediately started cheering Brendan like it was his brother. It caught my attention and thought how cool that was, they didn't know each other at all. I'm sure L3B doesn't even remember but as a parent I do and always will. Like we say in the South, The Millers are good people and I think the world of them (even Jason)!
  10. I say you can pick if you bump or not, the alternate falls in the hole
  11. Im offering my announcing and DJ services free to Evansville Semi-State. I’ll throw in running track and keeping the flow for pork nachos, a chicken strip basket, dippin dots and unlimited soda!! Somebody from Evansville HMU - dubentz@gmail.com #TripleBWouldRunThis100%Better *EDIT* had no idea Mrs Hagen was retiring and was not referencing her job, she does an excellent job!
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