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  1. Awesome for Cam, coached this kid and his bros for years. Congrats to Cam and his parents Brian and Sharon!
  2. TripleB

    Indiana State Freestyle Qualifiers

  3. TripleB

    Folkstyle State Finals

    My #TMZ_County sources told me this weekend CP is loading up big the next few years, be ready for a great run by the Bulldogs.
  4. TripleB

    An idea to help grow the sport

    I floated the Idea this weekend to some ISWA bigwhigs - TripleB_eginners Folkstyle State!!! Must have never competed in ISWA Folkstyle State Can only compete in beginners state in 2 consecutive years.
  5. TripleB

    Warren Central has terrible mobile service

    Agreed, with 20 kids banging and having to rely on trackwrestling it was very frustrating. But other than that great tourney! Hats off to @JMILL and Ryan Parrish for herding the cats at weigh ins.
  6. TripleB


    I get confusing greatness (me) with some random guy who drives cars..... we both used to run over our competition......
  7. TripleB


  8. TripleB

    Before IndianaMat...

    Don’t make me drag JBiceps out of retirement.... IM couldn’t handle the greatest Keyboard Tag Team of All time - TripleB and JBiceps!!!
  9. TripleB

    Before IndianaMat...

    Oooooooohhhh mannnn I miss the old board, IndianaMat is awesome, but the old board was the wild west at some points.
  10. We got some darts to throw Brewer!!
  11. This is the point of the conversation where Y2 post pictures of state champs from other states and asks if they look less happy b/c it's a class state championship.
  12. TripleB

    Thank you Indiana

    I loved Williamsburg, Good Luck!
  13. TripleB

    Down #s

    Well I don't watch the Quarters or Semis, the app has given me the ability to watch the finals as my Fox Sports affiliate is Ohio.
  14. TripleB

    Down #s

    Technology has caused crowd to drop. I’ve had to miss last two years for family obligations and having the IHSAA app on the fire stick has made me not really miss it. Also the pricing of hotel rooms have spiked the last 2-3 years, all that combined into people staying home.

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