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  1. More rumblings - The South Semi-State will be moved to Jasper. No schools wanted it. No fans at state, coaches and wrestlers only. I knows a guy that knows a guy.....
  2. My inside sources have indicated no spectators - coaches and wrestlers only.
  3. Doesn't matter if there's shaved ice or not, I've been told there will be no spectators to eat the shaved ice.
  4. Just heard Hoosier Hills Conference has been moved to 1/9 with Madison hosting, I'm guessing that will cause Floyd to pull out of the OCC
  5. This will be a great event, thank you for putting this on.
  6. That’s awesome, is that when the girls and coaches find out also? Hoping to see Ms Gorilla nominee and #2 ranked Kelsey Bilz from Madison in action!!!
  7. I need more info other than Tyler Williams.... grade, school, etc Thanks
  8. Time to get dirty.... send me Evansville SS info by PM on here or to dubentz@gmail.com
  9. Madison's elementary team started up last week, we are allowed to use the HS mat-room for now. I've been told if county moves to orange or red then we will be sent packing. Luckily we have back up plans and I've already worked out a deal to move all matches and practices to our Boys and Girls Club should we lose access to school properties. This was handed out last night to all parents/wrestlers - Club Madison COVID policy Every wrestler must have a signed COVID waiver on file. Every wrestler a
  10. Are we ready?!?!?!!? Will we all be in Evansville?!?!? Will we wrestle virtual?!?!? Returning blingers - state placers Window shoppers - state qualifiers Don't sleep on - SSQ's that had close matches last year Dirty Dozen - best P4P I need some Fab Frosh's - feel free to comment or send me names! HashtagTheCounty HashtagTheDirtySouth HashtagGoodByeHoosierHillsConference HashtagTheCountyMafiaWontLikeTheShade HashtagContendersVsMaurerCoughlinVsInvicta HashtagTheBestSemiState HashtagWeHaveRegionalsBetterThanFtWayneSS
  11. Tired of everything getting cancelled?!? Madison Wrestling 5K, July 11. Beer Garden, live music and food vendors at finish line. Run (T-shirt included) - $20 Walk (T-shirt included) - $10 Just wanna do beer garden/live music and hang w TripleB and Tskin? - $10 dubentz@gmail.com or 812-493-9164 w any questions.
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