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  1. Danny Struck, Robert Faulkens, Greg Ratliff, Tyson Skinner, and Jake O'Neill play drunken Risk with an Indiana map!!
  2. @JMILL has revoked my HashtagTheCounty membership!!!
  3. Rumor mill has started up......... I've been told No Matt Lee, can we get some confirmation from West Side of Crescent City?!?!?!?!?!
  4. 1. Brayden Littell 2. Matt Lee 3. Dorian Keys (Don't hate, HWT returning state champ!) 4. Raymond Rioux 5. Blake Boarman 6. Eli Dickens 7. Ben Dalton 8. KT Nelson 9. Alec Freeman 10. Gavin Alstott
  5. Probably Wyoming Seminary in PA? I doubt he's moving to Wyoming.
  6. Need a Y2 weekend series...... Y2 Gorilla Freestyle Series Man someday I'm gonna run Nuway and ISWA out of here w/ my great tourney ideas.
  7. Region 2 needs to up their game!!!!
  8. Agreed, I think we should be able to land a corporate sponsor for Heartland teams.
  9. Well let me tell you something brother..... I didn’t even know AAU wrestling still existed, that’s cute, good for them. I just took my third trip in 4 years to Heartland. I have zero personal investment and I spend a ton of money. I go because I want to see Indiana compete on a national level. It helps, it helps w recruiting, it helps w exposure, it’s helps w everything. I’m about “Team Indiana” and growing the state because when the dads come and go w their kids, I’ll still be here plugging along trying to raise the level of wrestling in Indiana. Heading to some AAU dual in a sweaty gym in nowhere TN is nothing more than medal chasing.
  10. Man @Mattyb got triggggggerrreddd...lol....I always have great ideas and @JMILL tells me to buzz off and save my breath.. TripleB_eginners State is still a doozy....I might do that on my own....
  11. Awesome for Cam, coached this kid and his bros for years. Congrats to Cam and his parents Brian and Sharon!
  12. https://www.iswa.com/page/show/3228720-event-schedule
  13. My #TMZ_County sources told me this weekend CP is loading up big the next few years, be ready for a great run by the Bulldogs.
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