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  1. For a roll of TP you can attend Madison practices. Must PM me w proof - the goods, a newspaper w date and a pic of your self. No negotiations
  2. I just need my school out next Wed and Thurs so I can drive to Minneapolis. I'm also set to lose potentially Thousands on my Wrestlemania trip It sucks but I'll take it to help eradicate this stuff. Since when did we devalue the lives of senior citizens? Like do you all drag your parents and grandparents out back and put one in the skull once they hit 65?
  3. I know every Karen, Bob, and Steve is suddenly a google/social media medical expert but check out what's going on in Italy. 10k plus infected, over 400 people have died since Monday. I know this doesn't sit well w/ the conspiracy theorists and tough guys.......but let's try to not let that happen here.
  4. I got notice from pretty high up the food chain that state is a go
  5. Joe Lee/Cody LeCount and Joe Lee/Tommy Forte were doozies.
  6. McGinley/Young was an instant classic, I was on my way for first trip to Golden Ace Inn and cancelled plans after that match.
  7. Bro....no spotlight, its in the Wayne, I've never been (closest I got was Fishers once before I turned around), No Whitehead, No Suites.... I could go on and on... Oh no special presentation for wrestling's biggest advocate ever - Bobby Cox.
  8. I got a text from a parent this morning and I told them defense shield, hand sanitizer, and wipes.
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