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  1. My deep sources tell me he's a proud card carrying member of the EVSS, the best SS in the land.
  2. @Fabio Jr. has been coming up short his whole life......
  3. With Littel and Lee gone.......my man (never met him) Dorian Keys grabs the #1 spot on Evansville's P4P... and hey @JMILL some Miller kid I guess will slide in, I know I'm getting desperate. If a skinny wants it go and win a state title chumps. I'm back and doing rankings again (it's like a bad addiction), line ups and mat cred to dubentz@gmail.com.
  4. Tiger Duals (Woodford Co Ky) Indiana’s newest travel team - The Southern Indiana Hustlers Grades: 4-8 *Must have USA Card* Cost: 175 (sublimated shorts, shirt, singlet and entry fee). Gear will only need to be purchased once a year. Tournament: Tiger Duals, Saturday Dec 1st. Woodford County Middle School 100 School House Rd Versailles Ky Open weights - 92, 98, 105, 113, 140, 152, 190, 240 Format: Folkstyle - 3 mats, 4 pools of 3 teams. Weigh ins - 8:00 am on 12/1 Wrestling starts at 9:45. Contact Dustin Bentz - dubentz@gmail.com or 812-493-2164 with any questions.
  5. Huge response, everything is full minus 11/24 duals. Don't wait, get at me today!
  6. Madison is currently looking to fill spots for elementary duals - November 17th Jamboree, 5 bucks a kid, 3 match guarantee (FULL) November 24th is our Down Syndrome Awareness Day (3 openings) (150 a team) December 15th is our Red Alert Duals (1 opening) (150 a team) December 20th Friday Night Christmas Duals (1 opening) (No team entry fee)
  7. Danny Struck, Robert Faulkens, Greg Ratliff, Tyson Skinner, and Jake O'Neill play drunken Risk with an Indiana map!!
  8. @JMILL has revoked my HashtagTheCounty membership!!!
  9. Rumor mill has started up......... I've been told No Matt Lee, can we get some confirmation from West Side of Crescent City?!?!?!?!?!
  10. 1. Dorian Keys (Don't hate, HWT returning state champ!) - Bburg 2. Raymond Rioux - Avon 3. Blake Boarman - Evansville Mater Dei 4. Eli Dickens - Evansville Mater Dei 5. Ben Dalton - Monrovia 6. KT Nelson - Brownsburg 7. Alec Freeman - Evansville Mater Dei 8. Gavin Alstott - Floyd Central 9. Logan Miller - Brownsburg 10. Cheney Schoeff - Avon
  11. Probably Wyoming Seminary in PA? I doubt he's moving to Wyoming.
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