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  1. The list has been updated - https://ihswca.org/academic-all-state/ Submissions were still coming in as of yesterday, so there has been some change. As of before, if there is a missing wrestler, please contact J.D - his email is at the bottom of that page (I just update the website)
  2. These are now posted on the IHSWCA website - https://ihswca.org/academic-all-state/ If you have any changes, please get in contact with J.D. - his email is at the bottom of the page
  3. I'm working on getting that up on the website, will post the link here once that is up
  4. patriotfan


    Hunter May
  5. patriotfan


    Matthew Munoz
  6. Due to COVID, Jeff Classic is down from 24 teams (which included teams from Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee) to the six teams in Clark County - Borden, Charlestown, Jeffersonville, New Wash, Providence, Rock Creek, and Silver Creek
  7. patriotfan


    Matthew Munoz
  8. Also check out former Pittsburgh Steeler Linebacker Arthur Moats talk about wrestling and football https://tjwrestling.com/2020/07/former-pittsburg-steeler-linebacker-arthur-moats-talks-wrestling/
  9. Bellarmine University, a private D2 school located in Louisville Kentucky, across the river from Jeffersonville (IN), is moving up to the big leagues. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/22052 I know they have Kent State lined up for one of their duals next season, not sure about the rest. A little shameless self promotion, but Jeffersonville will have three wrestlers wrestling for Bellarmine next season.
  10. ‪Cody Matherly, a two-time Sectional and Regional Champion for Jeffersonville High School, will be taking his talents to Kentucky Wesleyan, a Division II college located in Owensboro, Kentucky. Cody had a combined record of 66-15 the last two seasons. As a junior, Cody made it to the round to go to State and as a senior he was ranked #8 in the Semi-State at 195lbs. ‪Since 2004, Cody Matherly makes the 41st Jeff wrestler making his college commitment; in the last decade, 2010-2020 – Jeff wrestling signed 24 commits.‬
  11. Adonis Boyd has signed with Bellarmine University, which is currently Division 2 but is making the transition to Division 1. Adonis projects to wrestle 133 for the Knights, which are located across the river in Louisville. During his career at Jeffersonville, Adonis was a varsity starter all four years, winning Sectionals twice and Regionals once. His senior year he was Academic All State. His junior year Adonis had a record of 33-7 and his senior year a record of 31-4.
  12. Jeffersonville's Ethan Rodgers has signed with Kentucky Wesleyan and will be playing football (linebacker) and wrestling for the Panthers. This past season Ethan wrestled 220lb going 42-3 and was the Hoosier Hills Conference Champ, the Jeffersonville Sectional and Regional Champ. Ethan is Jeffersonville's 39th college wrestler since 2004 and the ninth wrestler from Jeffersonville to sign to play football in college.
  13. The year he got 2nd he was at 145lb, Robert Rosbottom was a state champ at that weight for Jeff
  14. That is fixed now Gonna work on getting the new members in this week
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