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  1. Hey guys The coaches association has new, updated website! It's a work in progress, but the content is all updated (and hopefully will stay updated) and you should be able to find what you need (compared to the old site). If you think anything is missing or notice a bug, please reach out! https://ihswca.org/
  2. I'm on T-Mobile and had no issues Probably one of the only times I'll get to say that
  3. Great night last night with Olympic and gold medalist Momir Petkovic!! Great attendance and effort! Looking forward to the next 3 of these!
  4. Jeffersonville Luke Smith - Indiana Tech (NAIA) Josh Craig - Bellarmine (D2) Josh Mccorkle - Bellarmine (D2) Josiah Freeman - University of Indianapolis (D2) Vaughn Lloyd - Manchester (D3) Josh Cooper – Ancilla (JUCO) Jacob Laughlin – Lassen Junior College (California JUCO system) Carlos Molina – Lassen Junior College (California JUCO system)
  5. Coach Momir Petkovic won the 1976 Montreal Olympics, bringing home the gold medalist to Yugoslavia. He also has a fourth place Olympic finish, three World Silver medals, and one World bronze medal. Coach Petkovic has worked with USA Wrestling as part of their greco team for the last 17 years, retiring recently.
  6. At Spatola Classic (which I totally recommend going to) you get a big metal shield
  7. The 2019 Academic All State list is now available - http://www.ihswca.org/news/2019-academic-all-state
  8. I counted 96 wrestlers (but I totally could have miscounted). Looks like Southridge, Jasper, and Floyd had a full lineup while North Knox had 12, Pike Central had 10, Forest Park had 9, New Albany had 6, BNL had 8, and Mitchel had 9.
  9. patriotfan


    Kade Law
  10. patriotfan


    LJ Burdon
  11. patriotfan


    Brooks Hartz
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