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  1. VB not too well The gap between the top KY teams (let's say top 5, teams like Woodford, Union, Ryle, etc..) and the the rest is huge, wrestling is still growing there so there's not a lot of depth. Those upper tier teams can compete but after that it drops pretty far. For instance, VB lost to a top #15 KY team by 20 points with seven third string guys in the VB lineup but the full VB lineup got absolutely smashed by a top 6 team. But we are grateful to have the opportunity to be invited and wrestle all over Kentucky.
  2. Jeff VB (our second string) wrestles varsity teams in Kentucky - we've seen 9 of the top 16 teams so far in Kentucky. Typically we do fairly well
  3. 138 in HS in '13, 125 in college, now I'm walking around at 145 to 150 depending on the day
  4. Results Team scores: Jeffersonville 245 Mooresville 233 Jennings County 157 Gibson Southern 156 Moore 137 1/2 Charlestown 133 Oldham County 129 Corydon 124 Purdue Plytechnic 111 Eastern 103 Madison 88 Atherton 64 Newark 56 New Washington 51 1/2 West Washington 47 Crawford County 35 Providence 32 Championship Matches 106 Championship match: Donnie Feeler (Crawford County) pinned Camden Stewart (Eastern), 0:55 113 Championship match: Robert Cline (Jeffersonville) d. Zane Schreck (Corydon), 11-5 120 Championship match: Colin Knox (Charlestown) maj. dec. Clark Miller (Purdue Polytechnic), 14-1 126 Championship match: Adonis Boyd (Jeffersonville) 19-2 d. Harrison Turrey (Moore), 8-2. 132 Championship match: Charlie Mckune (Moore) d. Jason Profitt (New Washington), 9-4 138 Championship match: Cohner Mullins (Oldham County) d. Christian Polen (Gibson Southern), 7-3 145 First-place match: Connor Gilles (Jeffersonville) d. Michael Stoddard (Mooresville), 8-5 152 Championship match: Ben Phillips (Charlestown) d. Owen Bryant (Gibson Southern), 9-7, sudden victory 160 Championship match: Devin Scott (Mooresville) d. Nathen Wright (Moore), DQ 170 Championship match: Landon Hoover (Gibson Southern) d. Van Skinner (Madison), 14-11 182 Championship match: Jake Aleksa (Mooresville) d. Cameron Woodard (Jennings County), 5-1 195 Championship match: Cody Matherly (Jeffersonville) d. Manuel Ordorica (Charlestown), tech. fall, 17-1 220 Championship match: Macray Robinson (Gibson Southern) d. Ethan Rogers (Jeffersonville), 7-3 285 Championship match: Matt Munoz (Jeffersonville) d. Robbie Gentry (Mooresville), 5-3
  5. Here's a nice article on Ethan Rodgers, the 2 seed at 220
  6. Here is a working link https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=492433132
  7. Jeffersonville
  8. Last year at semi state we had a first round match with an end score of 23-17
  9. 40+ in the room at the moment, looking at 70+ once once football is back in the room, goal every year is 100
  10. Here ya go https://ihswca.org/membership/signup/ Also, all the clinic info is up online available for download as well https://ihswca.org/camps-and-clinics/
  11. Hey guys The coaches association has new, updated website! It's a work in progress, but the content is all updated (and hopefully will stay updated) and you should be able to find what you need (compared to the old site). If you think anything is missing or notice a bug, please reach out! https://ihswca.org/
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