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  1. Wow, that is some serious data. Well done, fellas. 122 champs is insane
  2. Silas Allred was dominant at New Castle. He's an excellent athlete and all that, but he is so slick and technically advanced. It's hard to believe he's a junior
  3. ****This article is the hard work of a central Indiana coach who would prefer not to reveal his or her identity It might be one of the toughest overall Semi State’s I have ever seen with an average of nearly 6 ranked wrestlers in every weight class. In almost every quarter-bracket a State ranked or Semi State ranked opponent will be having their seasons ended prematurely. Further, the IHSAA Team Title very well may come down to the first two rounds of the New Castle Semi State with 7 potential matchups between Cathedral and Warren Central. The semistate also features the highest national
  4. He peaked at NCAAs last year, and I wouldn't be shocked if he does it again this year. Red has lost competitive matches to solid wrestlers. Nick Lee just lost to Tristan Moran in an upset...it happens. Historically, there have been very few NCAA D1 4 time AAs from Indiana, and yet Lee and Red are still alive to accomplish that.
  5. He gave up 3 pts the entire greco tourney, all to one opponent. Davison dominated like few do in juniors
  6. Zero points given up to last cycle's Olympic team participant, working that frustrating headlock for offense and defense. She has made some adjustments and is a threat to medal this year.
  7. Kudos to Coach Steele. He helped transform Westfield from a small school with partial lineups, about on the level of tiny Sheridan, to a team participating in big school team state and cranking out state placers left and right. Quite a journey, very impressive. The Steele boys were studs too.
  8. Jack Williams of Carmel to Uindy, not D1, my bad
  9. It looked to me like Brayton thought he hadn't been hit with a stall warning as the seconds elapsed. It looked stally to me. Yeah, i said stally
  10. That was a helluva event. Very proud of our guys
  11. Flo is the king of content. Their contributors are passionate, well-informed and prolific, across multiple mediums. They've also cracked the code of monetizing wrestling, to which i say congrats. They are #1 and there's not a close 2nd That said, FloArena is horrid, and i love Track. No comparison
  12. For the record, JParker had a heckuva tourney. Looked like Lowery and Black went undefeated as well
  13. Yeah, that kid received Outstanding Wrestler and I'm sure almost teching Mendez had something to do with it
  14. Great job, fellas. Racking up the national titles and AA finishes early in the season
  15. Robert Deters from Castle also in the semis Kyle Cornwell is also an AA Congrats to all and good luck in the semis
  16. I wouldn't say it's not close. 5th and 7th are pretty close. Both had some nice wins, Red had a few more 'bad' losses. Both were AAs as freshmen, which is remarkable
  17. Super impressive, clutch tournament Congrats also to national champ Graham Calhoun and to all the other placers
  18. Plus Kelvin Jackson of Madison Heights (mich st)
  19. Think it has to be Howe at this point, followed by Angel and Jason T
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