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  1. Congratulations Cheaney!! Your Hard work is paying off. Keep working!!!
  2. So here is my 2 cents on the toughest Regional in the land…Just my opinion and remember people, everyone has one, so don’t get upset if it doesn’t match what you would predict. Please feel free to post your predictions as well. Also i’m a little biased because i have a rooting interest with both my sons on a certain school of Dogs!!! 106- Dickman/Rioux 4th time around 1-Dickman-Brownsburg 2-Rioux-Avon 3-Ash-Monrovia 4-Leonard-Martinsville 113- Bracket of Hammers…Really anyone can beat anyone here..Haines will be ready and get his revenge on LaRocca!! 1-Haines-Brownsburg 2-LaRocca-Center Grove 3-Rioux-Avon 4-Ash-Monrovia 120- Hockaday is a Beast 1-Hockaday-Brownsburg 2-Goss-Center Grove 3-Bickel-Cascade 4-Scheoff-Avon 126- Haines avenges 2 close losses this weekend, first Yeager in the semi’s and then Parker in the finals. Haines vs Parker rematch should be awesome!!Haines gets him this time! 1-Haines-Brownsburg 2-Parker-Ben Davis 3-Yeager-Center Grove 4-McFeeley-Cascade 132- Finally we get to see this match in season.. Ison vs Buttler will be fireworks! 1-Ison-Brownsburg 2-Buttler-Whiteland 3-Syra-Avon 4-Drake-Ben Davis 138- Scheoff/Reynolds 3rd time around!! Ive got faith my boy Reynolds gets him! He’s gotten closer each match. He will finally finish a takedown. 1-Reynolds-Brownsburg 2-Scheoff-Avon 3-Courtney-Center Grove 4-Hott-Martinsville 145- Kresja/Day in the finals.Let’s go DOGS! 1-Day-Brownsburg 2-Kresja-Center Grove 3-Spears-Plainfield 4-Rice-Greenwood 152- Stits to tough for Carrington 1-Stits-Center Grove 2-Carrington-Greencastle 3-Derringer-Brownsburg 4-Eckels-Ben Davis 160-Oyebode gets Merritt in the rematch in the semifinals, Hutchinson gets The Regional Championship. 1-Hutchinson-Cascade 2-Oyebode-Decatur Central 3-Merritt-Center Grove 4-Raymon-Ben Davis 170- Mooresville sectional tough at this weight. Clouser is really good. 1-Clouser-Center Grove 2-Tinoco-Whiteland 3-Murphy-North Putnam 4-Sumner-Martinsville 182- Brewer vs Weems will be a great match!! But gotta go with my Dog! 1-Brewer-Brownsburg 2-Weems-Center Grove 3-Allen-Whiteland 4-Ramsey-Ben Davis 195- Going with Henry till somebody proves him wrong. 1-Henry-Brownsburg 2-McConnell-Center Grove 3-Driver-Whiteland 4-Harcourt-South Putnam 220- Johnson over Oliver is another close match! 1-Johnson-Center Grove 2-Oliver-Whiteland 3-Watson-Tri-West 4-Van Ness-Cascade 285- Leighton Jones continues his journey for a state title!! 1-Jones-Brownsburg 2-Schott-Center Grove 3-Williams-Whiteland 4-McKean-Ben Davis Bulldogs over the Trojans for the team trophy!!
  3. Today at Warren Central HS. results on track wrestling.
  4. DogPound75


    Mason Day
  5. DogPound75


    Ike O'Neill
  6. Gainbridge seats 20,000 and gets fairly full for state. Fort wayne seats 13,000, Ford Center seats 11,000, Hinkle seats 9,100, and the State Fair grounds coliseum seats 6,500. Largest High School gym capacity is New Castle at 8,400. I’d say it has to be at minimum Hinkle or bigger so everyone that wants to come can, and be comfortable.
  7. DogPound75


    Anthony Bahl
  8. DogPound75


    Silas Stits
  9. DogPound75


    Dillon Graham
  10. Should happen Saturday at brownsburg High School for the finals for dual state if seeding goes as planned.
  11. i’d fill in Asa Garcia in at 106 or 113 for the 2010’s team.. 3 time champ, and got 1st at 106, 126, and 132, and 3rd place at 113
  12. Brayton Lee should find a spot on the 2010’s team. He wrestled 138,145,152, and 3 Timer.. Maybe throw him in at 138 or 152!
  13. DogPound75


    Anthony Bahl
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