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  1. Coach Gard is one of the best coaches in the sport, no doubt he will have his guys ready no matter the semi-state. Sucks to see one of Ft. Wayne’s best teams leave though.
  2. We used to stop a week or two before conference. By that time in the year though there wasn’t much of them, everyone kinda new who the varsity guys were by then. We did have a couple weights a year though where we had two evenly matched guys wrestling off the whole season basically.
  3. Yup! I’m not there anymore but they do and just glad he’s back wrestling!
  4. Haven’t got a chance to look at the entry list but has to be deep.
  5. Don’t know the rest of the kids in the bracket but Case Bell as the 5 seed is kind of wild.
  6. Don’t think greco necessarily translates to folkstyle like freestyle does. Unless those wins are in freestyle.
  7. Doesn’t wrestle the open and had to wrestle 57 to qualify the weight for the olympics next year.
  8. Lots of crazy results early. Wyatt Cooksey down big and spladled tony wood. Gavin Lewis over Layne Horn 2-1 Gibbs over Graham was 8-4 before the injury default. Noah Weaver over Clay Guenin 4-3 Jude Heaston over Crull 5-0
  9. Could see Hockaday vs Forrest next weekend at the elite 8 duals.
  10. The kid that beat him is only one spot ahead of him and he won it. You’re right though top 10 coming soon.
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