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    First off I want to let everyone know I usually do not read threads on here and I just now signed up to be able to post because it sickens me to see these “likes” and comments! While I do not condone the issue of using plastics, I also do not know the full story on what recently took place at Carmel High School, nor do any of you! It makes me sad that I see such negative comments towards my high school coach, knowing he has done SO much for many programs and for the state of Indiana. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have agreed with everything Coach P has done, there have been times we haven’t seen things eye to eye.....But I am not going to forget everything else he stands for and the many improvements he has brought to the wrestling community in Indiana. Nobody is perfect! We all make mistakes, some more public than others. It saddens me to see so many people that have reaped the benefits of his presence in wrestling get on this thread and bash him and “like” derogatory comments about him. Coaching isn’t easy and dealing with most parents does NOT make it fun. One of the fundamental rules I live my life by is “never kick a man when he is down”. I will put aside my thoughts and opinions and I CHOOSE to reach out and anyone who is down I try to help them rise again and become better! One bad decision does not define you!!! It is when you are down you will find your true friends, I am here for P. Writing thoughtless posts on message boards while hiding behind a keyboard is also a great way to burn bridges ..... something else I try very hard never to do! Leroy Vega
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    What a great article on Warsaw's Jacob Bass who qualified for semi-state this weekend. http://www.inkfreenews.com/2019/02/08/once-a-slave-warsaws-jacob-bass-celebrates-freedom-through-wrestling/
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    ****This article is the hard work of a central Indiana coach who would prefer not to reveal his or her identity It might be one of the toughest overall Semi State’s I have ever seen with an average of nearly 6 ranked wrestlers in every weight class. In almost every quarter-bracket a State ranked or Semi State ranked opponent will be having their seasons ended prematurely. Further, the IHSAA Team Title very well may come down to the first two rounds of the New Castle Semi State with 7 potential matchups between Cathedral and Warren Central. The semistate also features the highest nationally ranked wrestler in Indiana in Silas Allred of Shenandoah. 106 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Alex Cottey PM #4 Suhas Chundi Carmel #7 Carleton Perry WC #9 Elijah Anthony Frankfort #10 Logan Carrender LN #15 Kody Glithero Roncalli #18 Sam Crousore HSE Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Evan Dickey Cathedral #8 Isaiah Otto South Dearborn Potential Matchups #9 Elijah Anthony vs #8ss Isaiah Otto First Round with #10 Logan Carrender looming in the ticket round. Anthony entered his freshman campaign undefeated going into sectionals losing to #4 Chundi twice headed into Semi state. Carrender is red hot after winning the Pendleton Regional. #7 Carleton Perry vs #7ss Evan Dickey Cathedral first round with #18 Sam Crousore looking to be the first 4 over 1 of the tournament. Perry pinned Dickey earlier in the year, but Cathedral is known for stepping up their game come tournament time. Will Dickey be 2019 Andrew Wilson/Elliot Rodgers?He is one of the smaller 106s I've seen in a long time, but his technique is picture perfect. #4 Suhas Chundi versus #15 Kody Glithero in the ticket round. Chundi has a 5-2 win earlier in the season but Roncalli is riding high after 6 champs at the brutal Perry Meridian Regional. At least 3 ranked guys going home early here. #1 Cottey vs winner of #9 Anthony/#10 Carrender Semis #4 Chundi vs #7 Perry semis 1st Round Picks Cottey over Flowers Condo over Pritchett Carrender over Bullock Anthony over Otto Crousore over Necessary Perry over Dickey Chundi over Busch Glithero over Williams Tickets Punched in Order Cottey, Chundi, Perry, Carrender Alpha Dog Alex Cottey 113 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Zeke Seltzer Cathedral #3 David Pierson WC #14 Jake Simone HSE #15 Christian White New Pal #18 Antonio Jefferson LC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #5 Andrew Haggerty PM #6 Anthony Hughes LN #8 Brac Hooper Carmel Potential Matchups #15 Christian White vs #8ss Brac Hooper followed by potentially our second 4 over 1 with #6ss Hughes. White has the experience and the name to get through this quarter bracket, but don’t expect Hooper or Hughes to lay down for him. #3 David Pierson vs #18 Antonio Jefferson. A rematch from the Marion County finals in the ticket round. It was a very tight match until the third period when Pierson got on top and secured the win. #3 Pierson vs #14 Simone semi-finals in a rematch of the 2018 ticket round. 1st Round Picks Seltzer over Ramsey Haggerty over Driver Hughes over Gordon White over Hooper Simone over Wilson Johnson over Galusha Pierson over Bautista Jefferson over Seal Tickets Punched in Order Seltzer, Pierson, Simone, White Alpha Dogs Zeke Seltzer and David Pierson 120 State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Breyden Lowery Roncalli #5 Carson Eldred Westfield #10 Chris Stewart WC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Harrison Hadley Lapel #5 Carson Johnson Mount Vernon #6 Traye Owens New Castle #7 Parker Mosley NM #8 Logan Galbraith NC Potential Matchups #4ss Hadley vs #6ss Owens first round. A battle of seniors including Hadley trying to return to state for the second year. The winner of this matchup gets to do battle with #10 Chris Stewart in the ticket round. Hadley did what he needed to advance at the Pendleton regional, but he'll need to bring his A game to get to the Ticket round this year. #8ss Galbraith, #7ss Moseley and Nick Morton will all bang it out to try and earn a spot at Bankers Life. These kids could wrestle 10 different times with a different winner each time. #4 Lowery vs #5 Eldred Semis. This one should be a battle between two highly decorated grapplers. 1st Round Picks Eldred over Donlan Dennison over Otto Lowery over Parodi Johnson over Condo Owens over Hadley Stewart over Gunn Galbraith over Euson Moseley over Morton Tickets Punched in Order Lowery, Stewart, Eldred, Galbraith Alpha Dog Brayden Lowery 126 State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Lukasz Walendzak Cathedral #7 Logan Wagner Zionsville #8 Cameron Toole Lebanon #9 Chase Wilkerson Mount Vernon #11 Jevian Ross Warren Central #18 Grant Stapleton Lawrenceburg Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Dalton Huffman #7 Sam Slivka Potential Matchups #6 Walendzak vs #8 Toole first round. A top eight ranked kid will be knocked out in the first round of semi state. Winner has undefeated #18 Stapleton in the ticket round. I would normally go with the experience of Walendzak here but he has taken losses two weeks in a row to kids ranked worse than him. #7ss Slivka vs Jared Brown should be good. Brown had Mattingly dead in the water last year in the ticket round and got pinned while winning by double digits. Don’t expect him to go down easily after beating Walendzak last week. #9 Wilkerson vs #11 Ross in a rematch from North Montgomery Holiday Classic. Ross got the fall in their dual in December. Should be a good one. #2 Wagner vs #9Wilkerson/#11 Ross Semi Finals. Wagner has put together a great sophomore campaign, but I suspect this semi finals will be a great matchup. 1st Round Picks Stapleton over Franco Toole over Walendzak Slivka over Fuller Brown over Lloyd Wilkerson over Langeman Ross over Frazier Wagner over Huffman McKee over Lonneman Tickets Punched in Order Toole, Brown, Ross, Wagner Alpha Dog Logan Wagner 132 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Alex Viduya Roncalli #5 Logan Bailey Cathedral #13 Seth Johnson NM Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #5 Aundre Beatty WC #8 Sebastian Bryant North Central Potential Matchups #5 Bailey vs #5ss Beatty. A rematch from early December. Bailey’s experience and win definitely weigh heavily here, however, Beatty is a dangerous wrestler that shouldn’t be overlooked. #13 Johnson vs #2 Viduya Semis with #5 Bailey in finals. If it is Viduya in the finals against Bailey it will be a rematch from a January dual where Viduya won 9-2. Don’t expect the margin to be that high again as Bailey will be prepared for the rematch. 1st Round Picks Brown over Naselroad Merkel over Defreese Bailey over Vredeveld Beatty over Lauy Viduya over Ramsey Wilkerson over Boggs Johnson over Collier Bryant over Walston Tickets Punched in Order Merkel, Bailey, Viduya, Johnson Alpha Dog Alec Viduya 138—Nasty weight class where two returning state qualifiers have each other first round. State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Tyce Freije Roncalli #5 Gabe Phillips Centerville #9 Gabe Smith PM #12 Jarred Rowlett WC #13 Kyle Holman Carmel #16 Andrew Wilson Cathedral #17 Chris Wilkerson Mount Vernon Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Adam Negangard East Central #8 Reece Luhmann HSE Potential Matchups #9 Gabe Smith vs #13 Kyle Holman in the ticket round. These two did not see each other at team state but one top ranked kid will be ending their careers a week earlier than expected. #12 Jarred Rowlett vs #16 Andrew Wilson. Two returning IHSAA State Qualifiers a year ago battle it out in the first round. Rowlett came out on top in a decision back in December and looks to end his career on the floor of Bankers life. Wilson is looking for that magic he found a year ago to help his team win another team title. #5 Phillips vs #12 Rowlett/#16 Wilson Ticket Round. No rest for either returning qualifier with undefeated Phillips waiting in the wings. A SSQ a year ago before injury ended his season is looking to punch his first ticket over someone looking for their second ticket. 1st Round Picks Wilkerson over Goodwin Lauy over Walsh Freije over Johnson-Sparks Luhmann over Negangard Holman over Crouch Smith over Pettiford Phillips over Poynter Rowlett over Wilson Tickets Punched in Order Wilkerson, Freije, Smith, Rowlett Alpha Dog Tyce Freije 145 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Bryer Hall South Dearborn #4 Aiden Warren PM #5 Antwaun Graves WC #9 Jeff Dunasky Guerin Catholic #20 Terrell Leavell LC Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #8 Joe Theriot Carmel Potential Matchups #5 Graves vs #9 Dunasky. This one should be good as Dunasky knocked of Frejie a few weeks ago at the conference tournament that was still held during the “snow storm” week where everyone else canceled. Graves is a returning medalist looking to get back on the podium. Graves is a four time SSQ at 145. #2 Hall vs #20 Leavell. Leavell is battle tested and has been here before and is looking for his first trip to the Bank. #3 Mosconi vs #4 Warren Semis in an overtime rematch #2 Hall vs #5 Graves Semis in a rematch from a 4-3 decision in January. 1st Round Picks Theriot over Alford Warren over Wilburn Mosconi over Newlin Wright over Wolf Graves over Miles Dunasky over Lindemood Hall over Smith Leavell over Bates Tickets Punched in Order Warren, Mosconi, Graves, Hall Alpha Dog Maybe Hall but really whoever has the best day. Graves beat Mosconi, Mosconi beat Warren, Warren beat Graves at Marion County and Graves pinned Warren at Regionals. 152—Potential state finals match in the ticket round State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Elliot Rodgers Cathedral #3 Cooper Noehre Greenfield #4 Brice Coleman WC #9 Sammy Fair PM #13 Tytus Ragle New Castle #14 Easton Williamson Lebanon Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Andrew Roberts Lawrenceburg #8 Maxwell Hayes Mount Vernon Potential Matchups #2 Rodgers vs #4 Coleman. About as big of an argument for wrestlebacks as I’ve seen. This match could easily be under the lights at Bankers Life next week but is instead going to be wrestled in the ticket round. Someone who should be on the podium next week will be watching from the stands. #3 Noehre vs #13 Ragle vs #14 Williamson/#8ss Hayes. A very tough quarter bracket where two top 16 kids will be staying home after strong seasons. 1st Round Picks Rodgers over Williams Coleman over Sunding Davin over Goodner Fair over Roberts Otto over Atkins Dunn over Mangus Noehre over Ragle Hayes over Williamson Tickets Punched in Order (Coleman/Rodgers), Fair, Dunn, Noehre Alpha Dog Coleman/Rodgers 160 State Ranked Wrestlers #2 Jordan Slivka Cathedral #3 Brooks Davis PM #9 Ronan Hiner HSE #10 Aaron Taylor WC #12 Jake Lowe NM #14 Bradley Harrington North Central #18 Hayden Lohrey Shenandoah Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Andrew Roth Lawrenceburg #8 Garrett Sharp Carmel Potential Matchups Rebein vs #14 Harrington vs Lowe. An interesting group where 4 of the total 12 losses come from #10 Aaron Taylor. Rebein is a hammer on top with his wing and could surprise both of the ranked wrestlers here. #2 Slivka vs #10 Taylor. Another Cathedral and Warren matchup. Taylor has had an up and down year winning the Marion County tournament but definitely has the attributes to pull the upset. Slivka is, of course, a monster... Winner gets #9 Hiner who has a win over Taylor at the John Hurrle. Two top 10 wrestlers seasons will end in this quarter bracket alone. #2 vs #3 in the semis with Slivka and Davis 1st Round Picks Lowe over Bushey Rebein over Harrington Lohrey over Morgan Miller over Moore Slivka over Taylor Hiner over Roth Davis over Williams Rohrig over Sharp Tickets Punched in Order Rebein, Miller, Slivka, Davis Alpha Dog Jordan Slivka 170 State Ranked Wrestlers #3 Cody Klettheimer Frankton #5 Elijah Mahan Roncalli #8 Tucker Coffman Union County #10 Logan Hart Carmel #11 Kyle Saez Westfield #13 Josh Lowe NM #17 Drake Kendrex Mount Vernon #20 Tyler Wagner Cathedral Potential Matchups #11 Saez vs #20 Wagner. Wagner has had a very strong season even if it was done quietly with his #20 ranking. He has several very good wins and will be looking to help his team win a IHSAA state title. #3 Mahan vs # 17 Kendrex. A lot of tough draws for Mount Vernon with Kendrex doing battle with returning medalist Mahan for a ticket to state. #8 Coffman vs #13 Lowe. The second of the medalists battling another ranked opponent for a spot at the bank with Coffman being the returning 4th place finisher. #3 Klettheimer vs #10 Hart. Hart dropping down from 182 a year ago versus the returning 7th place finisher in Kleittheimer. 1st Round Picks Saez over McClain Wagner over Noble Mahan over Reynolds Kendrex over Calderon Coffman over Rice Lowe over Battista Klettheimer over Massey Hart over Baker Tickets Punched in Order Saez, Mahan, Coffman, Klettheimer Alpha Dog Cody Klettheimer 182 State Ranked Wrestlers #8 Cameron Bacon Carmel #12 Jalen Morgan Elwood #14 JD Farrell Fishers #19 Devontay Moore North Central Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #4 Clayton Todd Pendleton Heights #5 PJ Sterrett Mount Vernon #8 Jake Combs Hagerstown Potential Matchups #4ss Todd vs #14 Farrell first round #8ss Combs vs #5ss Sterrett ticket round #8 Bacon vs #19 Moore in a rematch of the MIC finals first round #8 Bacon vs #12 Morgan Semis with Bacon down a weight class from a year ago and Morgan trying to make it a round further and be on the podium at the Bank. This should be a good one. 1st Round Picks Filipovich over Black Farrell over Todd Combs over Stanley Sterrett over VanDeventer Bacon over Moore Dycus Over Vaughn Morgan over Woodall Viel over Goodall Tickets Punched in Order Farrell, Sterrett, Bacon, Morgan Alpha Dog Jalen Morgan 195 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Silas Allred Shenandoah #9 KJ Roudebush Tipton #12 Austin Lane PM #13 Tremor Bynum PH #15 Jack Heldt Carmel Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #7 Gavin Keesee Franklin Central #8 Nathan Bishop WC Potential Matchups #15 Heldt vs #9 Roudebush ticket round. One of these seniors will be staying home next weekend when the other could very easily be on the podium. Roudebush is some kind of athlete. Winner will see #12 Austin Lane in the semis. All eyes will be on the Cornhusker commit #1 Silas Allred, a prohibitive favorite. 1st Round Picks Heldt over Beard Roudebush over Shafer Lane over Maish Mills over Pierce Bynum over Krummen Keesee over Medlen Allred over Garcia Bishop over Shew Tickets Punched in Order Roudebush, Lane, Bynum, Allred Alpha Dog Silas Allred 220 State Ranked Wrestlers #3 Andrew Irick HSE #4 Kyle Cornwell Elwood #8 Drew Webster NM #15 Deshawn Young Franklin Central #16 Haakon Van Beynen Carmel #20 David Guhl Cathedral Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Cade Campbell PH #7 Carlos Mitchell WC Potential Matchups #4 Cornwell vs #16 Van Beynen ticket round. The Carmel phenom will have his hands full with Cornwell looking to finish #1 after losing his ranking at the North Mont Holiday Classic. Cornwell is ranked nationally in some publications. #7ss Mitchell vs #20 Guhl. In Mitchell's first tournament after winning a 6A IHSAA Football Title, he took losses to both Guhl and Williams of Avon. He avenged the Williams loss and is looking to help knock another Cathedral contender out of the series. Winner has the privilege of wrestling #3 Irick who took a rubber match loss to #8 Webster. Irick comes from a long line of bad men from HSE, and is ranked nationally. #8 Webster vs #15 Young/Brown. Young is very athletic and has gone back and forth with Mitchell from Warren. He is also the Marion County Champion and is looking to punch a ticket to state. Brown is no slouch and just beat #20 Guhl last week and Mitchell at the MIC. Browning/Burton/#6ss Campbell is an interesting quarter bracket where anyone can come out with the golden ticket. 1st Round Picks Cornwell over Mcclure Van Beynen over Dick Mitchell over Guhl Irick over Pandoli Webster over Badger Young over Brown Browning over Arvin Campbell over Burton Tickets Punched in Order Cornwell, Irick, Webster, Campbell Alpha Dog Drew Webster 285 State Ranked Wrestlers #1 Jamichael Watts North Central #9 Dennis Hubbard WC #10 John Harris Roncalli #12 Antone Alexander Franklin Central #17 Crae Kunkelman HSE Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers #6 Jonathan Williams Carmel #7 Zack McQueen Connersville #8 Josh Berger Northeastern Potential matchups: #10 Harris vs #7ss McQueen #17 Kunkelman vs #12 Alexander. A tough draw with Kunkelman getting third each week at sectionals and regionals against a tough FC Alexander who finds a way to win. #9 Hubbard vs #6ss Williams. A MIC rematch of an earlier contest where Hubbard got an early fall. Look for the Greyhound to try and take this match back. Winner gets #1 Watts in the ticket round. Hubbard lost a 1-0 match to Watts at the Marion County. A top 10 kid will be watching state rather than wrestling. 1st Round Picks: Harris over McDaniel McQueen over Evans Keller over Jones Berger over Wertz Aherns over Stephens Kunkelman over Alexander Watts over Adams Hubbard over Williams Tickets Punched in Order Harris, Keller, Kunkelman, Watts Alpha Dog Jamichael Watts
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    Semi-State Bracket Links

    Fort Wayne https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/FortWayne.pdf East Chicago https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/EastChicago.pdf New Castle https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/NewCastle.pdf Evansville https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/Evansville.pdf
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    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    FYI, I'm updating the brackets with records, grade,....oh and RANKINGS! Fort Wayne is done working on the others.
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    Fully understand brother. Admittedly......the toughest part wasn’t Silas separating himself from other interested “powerhouse” programs. It was the phone calls to Ersland & Todd.....and of course Angel. We think extremely highly of these guys and everything they stand for. But ultimately.....Silas chose the program he felt would best benefit HIM regarding his goals. He will be a tremendous ambassador for our state’s Wrestling everywhere the sport, his hard work & health, and God takes him. Really appreciate everyone’s support and encouraging words. They won’t be forgotten gentlemen.
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    Wrestling Mom Dancing

    Sometimes it is really fun watching wrestling moms. Hope you like this one.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x2KNgT3WWqkDaDRbWrlMau210Vj-SxYA/view?usp=sharing
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    Send me BRACKETS 27 of 32

    Since it looks like the brackets are being held hostage, send them to me at joe@indianamat.com. I'll update this as I get them. Sectional Brackets Received East Chicago SS Twin Lakes Twin Lakes.pdf Mishawaka Mishawaka.pdf Laporte Laporte.pdf Portage Portage.pdf Plymouth Plymouth.pdf Lafayette Jeff Lafayette Jeff.pdf East Chicago Central East Chicago Central.pdf Fort Wayne SS Carroll Carroll.pdf Jay County Jay County.pdf Westview Westview.pdf New Haven New Haven.pdf Oak Hill Oak Hill.pdf Peru Peru.pdf New Castle SS Warren Central Warren Central.pdf Crawfordsville Crawfordsville.pdf Elwood Elwood.pdf Frankfort Frankfort.pdf Shenandoah Shenandoah.pdf Southport Southport.pdf South Derborn South Dearborn.pdf Arsenal Tech Arsenal Tech.pdf Evansville SS Avon Avon.pdf Bloomington North Bloomington North.pdf Jeffersonville Jeffersonville.pdf Evansville Central Evansville Central.pdf Castle Castle.pdf Jennings County Jennings County.pdf
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    EC semi state prediction

    Top 4 in order... 106 - Right off the bat you get an intriguing 4 v 1 matchup here and I think Bailey of River Forest will give Dominic Skees everything he can handle. And no slight to their potential blood round matchup but the winner of that match will be favored over the 2 v 3 matchup between a pair of unranked wrestlers. Cernus and Roberson are on the other side of the bracket in what would be a semifinal. Malik Hall is probably my 4th. Give me Cernus, Hall, Roberson, Bailey. 113 - Man you have to feel for senior Colin Reagan of Frontier, who has a devastatingly tough road to state as fellow senior Martin Cruz of Merrillville stands in his way. Reagan is a two time state qualifier, while Cruz would be making his first trip. I'm taking Cruz here in an ultra tight emotional win, and he likely faces of with Giovanni Diaz who has a favorable road to the semis. On the other side Moran is a relative automatic to the semis and really, would be heavily favored in any of his potential semifinal matchups, though the battle to be Moran's opponent in that match is intriguing. As it shows on the bracket Tattini, Fogarty, and Armstrong are 5,6,7 respectively in the rankings so look for an excellent scrap in that chunk of the bracket. I'm going to take a shot in the dark with Fogarty since Armstrong/Tattini have to battle it out first round while he faces #4 seed frosh Trevor Shammert in a match he will will be favored in. I'll take Moran, Diaz, Cruz, Fogarty. 120 - While I do think this class may have some upsets, I really thinks Bettich stands above the field here and takes the title down. Tolin of Chesterton makes for a heckuva blood round matchup for regional champion Ty Haskins of Portage. I'm going stick with Haskins in an ultra tight SV type of win. Trey Finnearty of Culver Academies probably gets through without much trouble to be Haskins opponent in the semis. Jace Alexander deserves a mention as the #16 state, but his path to a state semifinal with Bettich is a tough customer in regional champ and #7 SS Tyler Brubaker of McCutcheon. Brubaker pinned Braden Nuest of West Central in that Logansport Regional final in 2:21, so he is wrestling well right now. I still like Alexander to step in and make it the semis, but Bettich takes that one by 6-8 point decision. Give me Bettich, Finnearty, Haskins, Alexander. 126 - Yeah, Mendez. It is quite unfortunate for Brock Peele of Portage to have Mendez standing in his way. With Peele's 4th and 7th places previous finishes at state, he figures to shake up the state brackets from a lower seed as this unfortunate draw will likely drop him to 3rd, though what a time for the senior Peele to step up a pull a big upset over the super frosh. I remember attending the Merrillville SS a few years ago when Steven "Bam" Lawrence finally got over the hump and pulled off the shocker vs Jacob Covaciu. I like Burge and Mark's chances to wrestle their way to the other semifinal matchup, and I have Burge there. Give me Mendez, Burge, Peele, Mark 132 - Really tough potential blood round matches here, with seniors Andres Moreno of Lowell (7th @ 113 last year) and Reese Rodriguez of Morton (2 time state qualifier @ 126) headlining those potential bouts. If he makes it through to the semis he would like get the winner of a showdown between juniors Nate Hadary of Penn and Elijah Hickman of Rensselaer. I'll take Hickman because he is a fellow Jasper county resident, and also because his confidence is likely high after winning the Logansport Regional by tech fall over Isaac Switzer of Lafayette CC. On the other side RIcky Hegedus looks to keep it rolling after his regional championship win over Rodriguez, which he won by a score of 12-8. He likely gets senior SS #6 Brayden Ruiz of New Prairie, who must get through Switzer to get there. Hegedus has wrestled some elite talent this year and fared pretty well, beating #11 state Clay Egli of Mater Dei 2-0 and losing to #5 state Logan Bailey of Cathedral. Look for Hegedus to battle it out in semis with Geremia Brooks of Wawasee, who for me is the man to beat. Brooks would edge Bailey by the same 5-4 score at the Al Smith before suffering his only loss to state #3 ranked Matt Gimson of Jimtown by a 12-9 decision. I'll take Brooks, Moreno, Hegedus, Hickman. 138 - This will be a tale of two sides of the bracket, as it looks a bit imbalanced with the two highest ranked wrestlers meeting in the semis in SS #1/state #4 senior Wawasee's Braxton Alexander and SS# 3/state #18 junior Tyson Nisley of LaPorte. The number 2 ranked wrestler in the EC SS, senior Gabe Weeks of Mishawaka, has faced both wrestlers losing 9-4 to Alexander and winning 10-5 over Nisley. Weeks will have to knock off a pair of DAC studs to punch his ticket, and I really think Rivera of Merrillville will give him everything he can handle before falling. I have unranked AJ Poindexter of Laffy Harrison finding a way through to meet weeks in the other semifinal. Give me Alexander, Weeks, Nisley, Poindexter. 145 - I like the balance in this weight class, and it should line up to be a very entertaining final between senior #8 state/#2 SS Jake Burford of Crown Point and junior #6 state/#1 SS Jorden Douglass of Attica. Burford certainly has the edge in strength of schedule, but Douglass is a fine wrestler for the tiny Attica Red Ramblers. However in order to reach said finals, Burford will have to get through junior Jacob Maldonado of rival Merrillville. Should be noted though that Maldonado's first round match is with Shawn Hollis of Lowell, who battled Maldonado close before falling in a SV 4-2 final. Burford has won twice over Maldonado earlier in the season by scores of 5-0 and 4-2, but beating a close rival three times in one year is no picnic. In the other semifinal against Douglass, it should be a pretty epic section of the bracket as I think the first round match between a pair of seniors in Park of Lake Central and Watts of Hammond Morton starts things off with a bang. Winner of that match likely faces of with Penn senior Jeffrey Harper. Harper and Burford did wrestle earlier in the year, with Burford taking it 5-2. Burford also has beaten Park three times by decision 10-3, 16-4, and 9-7. I'll take Douglass, Burford, Maldonado, Watts. 152 - Another case of imbalance here as the two top dogs in this weight class would meet in a semifinal, with those two wrestlers being sophomore #8 state/ #1 SS Brock Ellis of Chesterton and senior #10/#2 Cole Cervantes of Griffith. Ellis beat Cervantes handily 17-5 in their only meeting of the season. Cervantes has just one other loss on the season, and that belongs to SS #4 Tyler Turley of Hobart, though they did wrestle 4 times and Cervantes won the other 3 matches albeit by close decision. Turley would have to come through to the finals for a rematch being on the other side of the bracket, however his entire road there is fraught with perilous matches. He starts it off with a grind of a match vs SS #9 junior Noah Hollendonner of Crown Point, which would set up a match with Logansport Regional champ soph Spencer Phillips of McCutcheon. Should he make it through that he does have a winnable match in the semis vs SS #7 senior Isaiah Mohmed of Wheeler. I am putting Mohmed in the semis but clearly Penn Regional champ soph Drew Mason of Mishawaka or #5 SS Jacob Beehn of Portage could slide in here as well. I'll take Ellis, Turley, Cervantes, Mohmed. 160 - Well this class is essentially the Donnell Washington show, and while there are some good wrestlers here I really don't see anyone in the field that can honestly pull a shocker...but that's simply a credit to the senior D Wash and not at all a knock on the rest of the field at 160. He's wrestling in peak form right now, pinning all three opponents at the Hobart Regional in the first period including SS #6 Jaymeire Johnson from Hammond Gavit in the final. Johnson has a heckuva battle in the blood round should he win his opening match with soph Jason Tankersley of Winamac. Love seeing the small schools like Winamac, Attica, and North White representing, but here at the SS we really start to see the benefit of wrestling a tough schedule and you start to throw out the records really because just looking at a couple match-ups like frosh Jacob SImpson of Hobart (24-8) and senior Koaldon Kerr of Attica (33-5). Simpson is 7th in the SS while Kerr is unranked because Attica is quite rural and at the mercy of their geographical footprint, as most of the schools nearby are 1A schools with a few 2As sprinkled in, and so you get some inflated records. Not to dismiss Kerr, because regardless 33 wins is an impressive accomplishment...and as a matter of fact I'll ride the Red Rambler to the blood round. Unfortunately waiting for him will likely be super frosh Braden Welch of Culver Military, who is wrestling out of his mind as he devastated the field at the Penn Regional, winning all three matches by first period fall including a 47 second championship victory over soph Brandon Estepp of Warsaw. What does he receive for snagging a regional runner-up? An unfortunate draw as junior and #2 SS Abel Verbeek of Lowell will toe the line opposite Estepp in that first round battle. Look for Verbeek to face off with senior and state #13 and SS #3 Brock Merkel of Harrison WL. Kind of a toss-up here so I'll take the senior Merkel as my pick to have his chance at Washington. Merkel hasn't wrestled most of the field here so he will be a wild card, but he showed he's in prime condition as he also pinned all three opponents in the first period. Lastly I wanted to highlight the opening round match between junior #9 Garcia of Penn and junior #8 Matt Neff of LaPorte...who I have riding into the semis where I have him falling to the red-hot frosh Welch. Neff has beaten Verbeek 7-2 and other fellow EC SS participant Chesterton's Gavin Layman (4-0) but split a pair with SS #10 Nick Taborski of Crown Peezy...winning once by pin but dropping a 9-5 decision. Unfortunately for Taborski he opens with the super frosh Welch. Give me Washington, Welch, Merkel, and Neff. 170 - If you ask me this has to be one of the most exciting weight classes that EC will offer up, with several different scenarios all likely to play out. Headlining the field will be the two Penn Regional championship contestants, with winner #4 state/#2 SS Joseph Walker of Mishawaka and #2/#1 Graham Calhoun of Plymouth...who suffered his first loss in the 4-3 decision. Those two did wrestle earlier in the season, with Calhoun winning that bout by an 8-7 decision. Walker has only lost one other time this season, and actually that was an impressive match nonetheless as he dropped a 2-1 decision to top ranked Nick South of Columbus East. South is one of the best wrestlers in the state in my opinion, regardless of class with a 2nd place finish at the Super 32 and an impressive 10-5 victory over Donnell Washington. Luckily Walker and Calhoun are on opposite sides of the bracket. My hometown Kankakee Valley's own sophomore Aiden Sneed has had a good season at 31-5, and has flirted with the bottom of the SS rankings for much of the season...but the key is that Sneed is wrestling his best matches of the season here lately as he won the CP regional with a pair of pins in the first two matches, including the semifinal win by fall (2:28) over fellow EC SS entry senior Luke Lenig of New Prairie and the impressive upset victory over #16/#4 soph Colin Kwiatkowski of Valparaiso by a 10-6 decision. Kwiatkowski will likely be in a tight blood round contest with #7 SS senior Josh Warmick of Portage, should Warmick handle felow senior SB Riley's #10 SS David Sheley. Warmick has had an up and down season with the 16-9 record, and likely battled injuries that reduced his match totals but he seems to be wrestling well as of late. His Hobart regional championship win over soph #8 SS Jason Streck of Merrillville probably wasn't an upset but the win by fall in 2:42 was certainly a surprise to this fan. I like Kwiatkowski to advance here and try to shock the state vs Walker...though I certainly am not predicting it. Looking back at Sneed's path, if he wins his favored 1st round match vs Twin Lakes senior Kaleb Cauble...he's in for a heckuva battle in the blood round. Jason Streck probably thought he would be favored as 2 seed in his opening match, but unfortunately for him the Penn regional had more than just the two hammers Walker and Calhoun...as #12/#3 soph Eli Pack of CMA was also in the field and fell to third place after a 9-3 semifinal loss to Walker. He would take out that frustration on Sheley in the 3rd place match, winning by fall in just 39 seconds. I'll take Sneed in a nail-biter, though mostly through hometown love as opposed to logic. The finals between Calhoun and Walker alone will be worth the price of admission here, and I'll take Calhoun to rebound. Give me Calhoun, Walker, Sneed, and Kwiatkowski. 182 - This will be a tale of broken hearts in this class, as we have some blood round matches that figure to light up the gymnasium. Part of the reason for the imbalanced field was a monumental Mishawaka Sectional upset as senior Alex Castro of Wawasee pulled off a 6-5 decision over previously unbeaten super frosh #4/#2 Andrew Donahue of CMA. This led to a semifinal match at the Penn regional with #2/#1 junior Jacob Laplace of Mishawaka, which would be a truly epic battle that Donahue would take with a 1-1 UTB victory. Senior #15/#5 Noah Brown did give Donahue quite a battle in the finals of that regional losing a 6-5 decision. Should both wrestlers win their favored matches, Brown will face off with Hobart Regional champ junior Khris Walton of Merrillville who won his title with a 4-3 decision over soph Cameron Smith of Hobart. Smith's blood round opponent would be the aforementioned Donahue, a tall order for the Brickie wrestler. One section of the bracket provides us a couple interesting matches, especially Attica's unranked Jack Hargan and his 33-2 record vs upset specialist Castro. Hargan was pretty impressive at the Logansport Regional, winning all three matches by fall with two in the first period and his championship pin in 3:04 over Logan's own, junior Joshua Manfred, who gets the unfortunate 1st round draw with LaPlace. Hargan's blood round opponent will likely be LaPorte senior #17/#6 Noah Perez, and with the unfamiliarity its hard to gauge this match. I have Hargan simply because I always root for the sub-500 student enrollment schools, and also because the young man is rolling. The final blood round match is a freaking doozy as Laplace will do battle with #5/#3 soph Evan Bates of Chesterton...and how unfortunate for the young Trojan wrestler to draw the top ranked Laplace after Bates pinned his way to the CP regional title match where he promptly dispatched of Perez by tech fall. My picks here are Laplace claiming the title, followed by Donahue, Brown, and Hargan. 195 - Looks like another weight class with the top two wrestlers likely meeting in the semis, as senior #2/#1 Ewan Donovan of Hebron and fellow senior #6/#2 Rockne Hurley of Penn. Hurley suffered just his second loss on the season in the Penn Regional final...dropping a 12-7 decision to upstart senior SS #10 James Snyder of Triton, who was perhaps a relative unknown before the tournament being from 1A Triton. However a Penn Regional title can change that in a hurry. Snyder opens with a winnable match as he will be heavily favored to knock out Munster senior Jonah Clark (5-5 record), but his blood round match will be a battle because fellow Crown Pizzle senior #18/#3 Ethan Potosky will present him with perhaps his most difficult opponent this year (no disrespect to Hurley). I'm going to stay on the Snyder train and ride him into the semis where his opponent is rather tough to predict. An opening round match between senior #14/#8 Damien Rodriguez of Wawasee and soph SS #5 Bobby Babcock of Hobart is a tough draw for both wrestlers, especially Babcock as Rodriguez is about as tough a 4 seed as you can get, but I'll take Babcock in light of his momentum and regional title. Likely meeting the winner of that match will be New Prairie senior SS #5 Grant Johnson...who I have taking that match and moving on to the semis to face Snyder. Donovan is obviously the odds on favorite here but look out for his blood round match that will feature either Merrillville senior #20/#4 Seyi Akinwumi or unranked senior Jacob Trefarn of CMA, who has just one loss on the season and claimed 3rd at the Penn Regional via a 9-4 decision over Rodriguez. I have Donovan, Snyder, Hurley, and Johnson moving on. 220 - Another weight class loaded with intriguing blood round matchups, and one where the top two wrestlers are on opposite sides of the bracket. I can't wait to see how Calumet senior and #2 state / #1 SS AJ Fowler performs as he looks like a man on a mission to rectify his loss to top ranked Jacob Bolte of Columbus East next week at the state finals. First things first though, and the draw did him no favors after his runner-up finish at the Hobart Regional, as he faces a likely blood round matchup with Penn Regional champ junior Johnathan Thomas (#17/#4) of SB Adams. I have him facing off with CP Regional champ junior Bryer Stoner of Lowell, who I have coming out of his four man section of the bracket in which all the wrestlers are unranked. The CP regional actually did not feature a ranked wrestler for 220, but Stoner did punctuate his journey with a 35 second pin for the championship over CP senior Frank Keller. If Stoner and Fowler were to meet in semis, it would be a rematch of a Fowler win by fall in 4:31. I have Fowler moving on. Hobart Regional champ senior Drew Bailey of Merrillville, who scored a tight 4-3 victory for the title over Fowler, should be heavily favored in his opening bout and figures to lock into a battle with senior Adam Berta of Penn for a spot in the semis. Bailey will prove to be a bit too much for Berta, and that would likely mean a semifinal vs #6/#2 senior Joey Kidwell (excellent football family too) of West Lafayette. Could go either way on this one obviously but I'm taking Kidwell in a tight one. A couple matches to consider...Ewan Donovan did win a 5-2 decision earlier this season over Kidwell, giving Kidwell his only loss, Bailey has two victories over Thomas this season, albeit very tight ones (4-3 & 8-7 SV). Fowler did pin Bailey in an earlier matchup this season, earning the fall in 5:31. I'm gonna go with Fowler, Kidwell, Bailey, and Stoner. 285 - Likely here on paper we will have a championship bout with junior #2/#1 Yehezquel Devault of Penn and undefeated senior #5/#2 Alex Cartwright of LaVille. Those two would have an epic championship bout in the Penn Regional final, with Cartwright coming out ahead 2-1. This is rather unfortunate news for Crown Point regional champ senior Nick Garcia (#13/3) of Lake Central, who would see Devault in the blood round should both wrestlers advance as expected...this would be a rematch which Devault won the first time 1-0. I have Devault squeaking by once again to face #18/#5 Will Crider of Harrison, who wouldn't face a ranked wrestler until he meets up with Devault. The Crider boys always bring it so expect him to give Devault everything he can handle. Cartwright will likely get the winner of a rematch between Merrillville senior #19/#4 Anthony Atria and Lowell senior and SS #8 Chandler Austgen. Atria won the first match 7-3...and i have him moving on to battle it out with Cartwright. I like Cartwright to rep the small schools and take it down. I have Cartwright, Devault, Crider, and Atria. Thank you for slogging through my write-up, I feel i am especially ready for Saturday now after all this research. Good luck to all participants.
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    The biggest upset has to be the wrestling fans.....that want to see the semi-state brackets.
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    Based on the IndianaMat final Power Poll (https://indianamat.com/index.php?/team_rankings.html/2019/power-poll-final-r114/) of the top scoring teams, here are some potential landmines with respect to the race for the team championship. HUGE thanks to @Indysportsfan and his excellent data! *NOTE: Northerners - before you complain... there are not many highly ranked teams (other than Portage and Crown Point) from either the East Chicago or Fort Wayne semistates. Although there are a LOT of compelling matchups at regionals and semistate, I did not see many that would directly effect the team race at state. Once they get to state - then there are plenty of hammers that could mess up team points! 106 Pounds Huge landmine potential here Evansville Semistate Alec Freeman - Mater Dei (#3 / #1SS) @ Evansville North Logan Miller - Brownsburg (#8 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Blaze Garcia - Avon (#12 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Noah Lykins - Columbus East (NR / #8SS) @ Jeffersonville Either Miller or Garcia will likely finish 2nd at Mooresville. They could draw into Freeman or Lykins at semistate ticket-round. Freeman won a 8-6 decision over Miller this season, and Miller won by 3-1 over Garcia at sectionals. Could be a big point-scoring swing at Bankers LIfe for one of these teams depending on how things go 113 Pounds Evansville Semistate Cole Ross - Mater Dei (#5 / #1SS) @ Evansville North Ben Dalton - Monrovia (#6 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Hayden Watson - Center Grove (#8 / #4SS) @ Mooresville Cameron Allen - Plainfield (#13 / #8SS) @ Mooresville Kamariyon Nelson - Brownsburg (#17 / #6SS) @ Mooresville The log-jam at Mooresville could wreak havoc at semistate. Watson defeated Dalton last weekend 7-2. Doesn't look like Ross has faced any of these yet - but one of the 4 will be in the same ticket round group as him 120 Pounds Evansville Semistate Blake Boarman - Mater Dei (#2 / #1SS) @ Evansville North Brayden Littell - Center Grove (#1 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Kysen Montgomery - Brownsburg (#6 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Tyler Conley - Avon (#11 / #4SS) @ Mooresville This Mooresville regional is really creating some tough matchups @ Evansville semistate! From the look of results, Boarman and Littell should be favorites to win their regionals. Boarman has a good chance that he will have to face either Montgomery or Conley in the ticket round. Either way will have huge implications for state scoring potential cause all these guys could win a few at state. Boarman has a 4-1 decision over Conley this year 126 Pounds New Castle Semistate Lukasz Walendzak - Cathedral (#6 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Chase Wilkerson - Mt Vernon (#9 / #4SS) @ Pendleton Heights Logan Wagner - Westfield (#7 / #2SS) @ North Montgomery Cameron Toole - Lebanon (#8 / #5SS) @ North Montgomery Jevian Ross - Warren Central (#11 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian Big landmine for Cathedral and Warren here. Wilkerson defeated Walendzak 2-1 at sectional last weekend. If Walendzak finishes 2nd again this weekend, he could get Ross, Wagner or Toole for ticket round at New Castle. If Walendzak wins this weekend, he could still wind up in same bracket as either Wagner or Toole. He has split decisions with Wagner this season 132 Pounds Evansville Semistate Asa Garcia - Avon (#1 / #1SS) @ Mooresville Logan Boe - Plainfield (#7 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Drake Campbell - Brownsburg (#9 / #4SS) @ Mooresville Tyler Fuqua - Franklin Comm (#18 / #5SS) @ Mooresville Clay Egli - Mater Dei (#11 / #3SS) @ Evansville North Joey Gordon - Columbus East (#19 / #6SS) @ Jeffersonville This landmine could hurt either Mater Dei or Columbus East (or both!). Mooresville is stacked at this weight - they will send 4 highly ranked wrestlers to semistate. Assuming Egli and Gordon both win their regionals, they will each have to make it past one of the Mooresville placers to get to Bankers Life 138 Pounds New Castle Semistate Tyce Freije - Roncalli (#2 / #1SS) @ Perry Meridian Gabe Smith - Perry Meridian (#9 / #2SS) @ Perry Meridian Jarred Rowlett - Warren Central (#12 / #5SS) @ Perry Meridian Andrew Wilson - Cathedral (#16 / #3SS) @ Pendleton Heights Chris Wilkerson - Mt Vernon (#17 / #7SS) @ Pendleton Heights Wilkerson defeated Wilson 2-1 at sectionals. They will face off again this weekend at Pendleton. Perry regional is loaded at this weight - Smith and Rowlett should face off in the semifinals. If Freije can win regionals, then Smith and/or Rowlett could draw into Wilson or another tough opponent (Gabe Phillips/Kyle Holman) and have their trip to state cancelled. Wilson really has his work cut out for him to get to Bankers Life and help Cathedral's point total - he's lost to Rowlett, Smith and Freije this season 145 Pounds New Castle Semistate Alex Mosconi - Cathedral (#3 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Jeff Dunasky - Guerin (#9 / #5SS) @ Pendleton Heights Aiden Warren - Perry Meridian (#4 / #2SS) @ Perry Meridian Antwaun Graves - Warren Central (#5 / #4SS) @ Perry Meridian Bryer Hall - South Dearborn (#2 / #3SS) @ Richmond So many possibilities here! Graves or Warren will be a #2 finisher this weekend and both are absolute hammers. Warren beat Graves in OT 4-3 earlier this season so this final could go either way. If Mosconi can beat Dunasky at Pendleton, then it sets up a possible ticket-round death match of Mosconi vs Graves/Warren or Bryer Hall vs Graves/Warren unless they happen to draw the winner from North Montgomery. Cathedral/Perry/Warren could all lose a super high potential guy next weekend at New Castle 152 Pounds New Castle Semistate Cooper Noehre - Greenfield Central (#3 / #2SS) @ Perry Meridian Brice Coleman - Warren Central (#4 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian Sam Fair - Perry Meridian (#9 / #4SS) @ Perry Meridian Elliott Rodgers - Cathedral (#2 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Like 145, this is another very dangerous situation for Cathedral / Perry / Warren. Rodgers should win at Pendleton. The regional at Perry is a tossup (Fair has lost to both Noehre and Coleman, Coleman defeated Noehre last weekend). Any of the 3 Perry competitors will be heavily favored over the winners from Richmond and North Montgomery, but if one of them lands in the ticket group with Rodgers then it will be a high-stakes battle, as any of these top 10 wrestlers could end up scoring a lot of points in Indy 160 Pounds Not really any here that I see - D Washington, J Slivka, and B Davis should all win comfortably and be separated at their semistates unless there is a big upset. Most of the other top 160s are from teams not challenging for state title 170 Pounds New Castle Semistate Tyler Wagner - Cathedral (#20 / #6SS) @ Pendleton Heights Cody Klettheimer - Frankton (#3 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Eli Mahan - Roncalli (#5 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian Tucker Coffman - Union County (#8 / #5SS) @ Richmond Logan Hart - Carmel (#10 / #4SS) @ North Montgomery It's going to be very difficult for Tyler Wagner to thread the needle and make it to state. He will have Klettheimer at Pendleton Heights who will be heavily favored. Should Wagner finish as runner up, then he will have to get past either Mahan, Coffman or one of Hart/Saez/Lowe in the ticket round. Can he pull out an upset and give Cathedral a potential huge upside of points? 182 Pounds Nothing really here - Avon is the only top team to have a wrestler in the Top 20 and Brewer should be safe through semistate no matter the outcome of regionals 195 Pounds Again, not much to see. Perry Meridian's #12 Austin Lane should win there. He could have #13 Tremor Bynum at semistate ticket round 220 Pounds Evansville Semistate Micah Dodson - Martinsville (#7 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Jayden Williams - Avon (#11 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Lawson Allen - Brownsburg (#12 / #4SS) @ Mooresville Jacob Bolte - Columbus East (#1 / #1SS) @ Jeffersonville Bolte should be fine, but the outcome at Mooresville could be a swing in points down the road. Avon and Brownsburg will have to hope their wrestler can finish #1, or if they do not, then hope that they do not draw to the Bolte ticket bracket at Evansville semistate or they could leave points on the table New Castle Semistate David Guhl - Cathedral (#20 / #5SS) @ Pendleton Heights Kyle Cornwell - Elwood (#4 / #2SS) @ Pendleton Heights Andrew Irick - Hamilton SE (#3 / #1SS) @ North Montgomery Drew Webster - North Montgomery (#8 / #3SS) @ North Montgomery Haakon VanBeynan - Carmel (#16 / #8SS) @ North Montgomery Guhl has the potential to make it to state, but he will have to navigate some landmines - if he finishes a likely 2nd place to Kyle Cornwell this weekend, then he will need to get past one of the North Montgomery top 3 - best scenario for him matchup-wise is to get the #4 from North Montgomery and the #1 from Richmond as they have nobody on either the state or semistate list 285 Pounds New Castle Semistate Jamichael Watts - North Central (#1 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Dennis Hubbard - Warren Central (#9 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian John Harris - Roncalli (#10 / #5SS) @ Perry Meridian The big guys are pretty unpredictable - Roncalli's John Harris defeated Hubbard at sectionals. If Harris can win again then he should be in a good spot to make it through New Castle. If he loses, however, then the danger is that he is put in the same ticket round bracket as Watts from North Central, the #1 heavyweight in the state. Roncalli will need these points and potential bonus points if they want to make a run at the top. I'm sure I missed some great matchups. Mater Dei is #1 and Cathedral is #2 in the Power Poll, but both of them have a LOT of tough matchups due to the depth of talent at the Mooresville and Perry Meridian regionals. Columbus East doesn't seem to have as many matchup issues - so who knows maybe them, Avon or Roncalli will be in the drivers seat in a couple of weeks
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    Once the records of the wrestlers have been posted on Track I will update the spreadsheet. When new rankings are posted it will be updated as well. After Sectional, Regional and Semi-state I will update the list to reflect who is still alive. Currently I only have 2 weights done but it will be completed before Thursday. 2019 Wrestling Rankings.xlsx
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    I spoke with DJ's uncle today at church. He stated that it was just a neck sprain, strain, etc.....He is schedule to see the doctor on Thursday and if he is cleared he will be ready to go. DJ is a great young man and he absolutely LOVES the sport.
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    Perry Meridian Regional

    Allow me to provide analysis for this weekend with probably the most unbiased opinion on this forum. 🙂 Let me apologize in advance this will be slanted toward 3 teams who will be battling for the Ship. It is a 3-way race with Warren Central in the drivers seat. Throughout the year the Warriors have proved they are the better overall team than both the Rebels and Falcons. They defeated them at County by a healthy margin, unless we see a few upsets along the way I believe the Warriors will prevail once again. The Rebels defeated the Falcons at County and last week in Sectionals the Falcons returned the favor by winning with approximately the same margin. As you will see there are many matches that could sway the team race to either Perry or Roncalli based on a mild upset and/or a toss-up going the other way this time.....it will be a fun day at Perry! All 3 teams advanced their 14 wrestlers in the following fashion: Warren -- 10 Champs & 4 Seconds; Roncalli -- 6 Champs, 4 Seconds, 4 Thirds; Perry -- 7 Champs, 5 Seconds and 2 Thirds. 1st round matches (3-seed vs 2-seed): Warren vs Roncalli -- 2 (182 & 220 -- HUGE matches for team scoring) Warren vs Perry -- 0 106 This weight class belongs to Mr. Cottey, with a close battle for 2nd. Cottey has wins this season over #7 Carlton Perry and #15 Kody Glithero; it would surprise me to see him get a serious challenge before Saturday morning at Bankers Life. Second place should be a tough battle between the other state ranked contenders. This season Perry is 2-0 vs Glithero but the results were 3-1 & 3-2. If the Roncalli frosh can pull off the mild upset it would definitely tighten up the team race. Cottey, Perry, Glithero, Smith 113 Similar to 106 I see a clear cut favorite in #4 David Pierson. He finished 4th in the state last year and I am certain a deep run will occur again this year. The battle for 2nd should be hotly contested between Andrew Haggerty and Christian White. I don't believe they have faced each other and common opponents are not easily found. White has the better record, Haggerty has the tougher schedule. Wilson, from Roncalli, has a win over ss #8 Brac Hooper so he has the potential to find some magic and take 3rd place. Pierson, White, Haggerty, Wilson 120 The favorite is #4 Brayden Lowery, sitting at 32-0, but he has been challenged on 2 occasions from #12 Chris Stewart (3-0 & 4-2). Both wrestlers have faced an array of challengers this year, and although Stewart has 7 losses they have come at the hands of Littell, Montgomery, Lowery, etc.... With that said I still have Lowery being the winner in convincing fashion, regardless of the score. Lowery, Stewart, Morton, Donlan 126 #11 Jeivan Ross is the wrestler to beat here and ss #7 Sam Slivka will be the opponent giving it a try in the Finals. Ross owns 2 wins over Slivka this year (Fall & 8-0) but I believe Slivka will continue to close the game on Saturday. Slivka has 4 losses on the year (Rioux & Curtis) so he has been tested plenty of times and should be ready on Saturday. Ross, who was shot in the forehead last year while laying in bed, has had an outstanding year and I pull for him in any match outside of facing a Rebel. Ross, Slivka, Mckee, Cotter 132 #2 Alec Viduya should succeed on Saturday facing a well-known wrestler in ss #5 Aundre Beatty in the final. Alec has 2 wins over Beatty (20-5 & 15-5) and should continue that streak while moving on to New Castle. This weight was deprived of an outstanding wrestler in Gavin Rose when he was forced to withdraw due to an injury; who will seize the opportunity to gain an invite to New Castle that probably would not have been available? Viduya, Beatty, Taylor, Defreese 138 One of the best weights in the Regional. You have #2 Tyce Freije, #9 Gabe Smith and #12 Jarred Rowlett battling for that #1 seed at New Castle. Freije is the favorite having multiple wins over Smith and a Team State win over Rowlett. Smith defeated Rowlett earlier in the year but that semi-final match could go either way. I believe Goodwin (Southport) has been ranked this year in the semi-state so he is a wrestler you can not overlook...quite the entertainment should be provided from this group. Freije, Smith, Rowlett, Goodwin 145 Two thoroughbreds are gearing up the finals at this weight. #4 Aiden Warren and #5 Antwaun Graves are set to do battle for the Regional crown. Warren holds the advantage this year with a 4-3 UTB victory in the County so it is obvious the 2 wrestlers are evenly matched. Given the New Castle SS will have 3 other top 10 wrestlers waiting in the wings (Mosconi, Hall & Dunasky) being the top dog at Perry will provide you a 66% chance of avoiding one of them in the ticket round vs a 66% chance of wrestling one of them if you get 2nd. Graves, Warren, Wright, Page I will finish the last 7 weights tonight -- something called 'WORK' is bothering me at the moment.
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    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    Cliff Notes version: My son isn't undefeated, nor is this a topic about Avon so this is a dumb topic.
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    Congratulations to Silas Allred from Shenandoah for signing with Nebraska. He is projected to wrestle 197. View full signing
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    semi state draws

    Sounds more to me like you’re probably unaware of the process. Matches are paired using a formula between the 4 Regionals and their placements. I realize at times it may seem like certain kids receive better draws than others.....and honestly, they have. But it’s not because there is someone overseeing matters that ensures certain kids get an easier path, while others get the hard road. That’s why working hard and trying to secure a #1 seed is so important. I noticed you had just joined the site a couple weeks ago. So my response to you is based on helping you better understand the process a bit. And giving you the benefit of the doubt, that you’re not trying to create strife with a rival school. Because I can attest to the fact that the individuals I personally know from SD......spill their guts year round to be the best version of themselves possible, and deserve all the success and good fortune that comes their way. Hope this gives you some clarity.
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    Penn State will visit the state of Indiana this weekend, wrestling at Purdue Friday night and at IU Sunday afternoon. Nick Lee will make his first appearance in our state since HS. With the matches avoiding Saturday and HS Sectionals, this will be a great opportunity to see Nick wrestle again and see one of the most powerful college lineups in a long time. The Nittany Lions have won 7 out of the last 8 National Championships and are currently on a 52 meet dual winning streak and feature a combined 7 National Titles The Nittany Lions lineup (with likely opponents) will likely look like this: @125 Devin Schnupp - Schnupp is a place filler in the lineup for PSU. He stepped in last year after Nick Suriano transferred to Rutgers and before grad transfer Carson Kuhn was eligible and ready. This year, he has been seen as holding the weight for either Brody Teske, 4x Iowa State Champ or Gavin Teasdale. Teasdale, has had issues and left school for a bit, came back and today it was announced he is transferring. Teske has only wrestled in one open tournament has battled some injury issues. So it looks as if Schnupp will hold 125. He has really improved after being undersized and not strong enough last year. He's battled much tougher this year and is 5-9 on the season. Both Purdue and IU should be favored at this weight. vs. Purdue - Devin Schroder - Grand Rapids MI vs. Indiana - Liam Cronin - Orange, CA or Elijah Oliver - Washington, IL (Cronin has been getting most of the starts recently) @133 #13 Roman Bravo-Young - A true freshman, Bravo-Young was a heralded star coming out of HS in Arizona where he went 182-0 and was a 4x State Champion and was Flo's #1 ranked wrestler at 132. He is 15-1 on the year and has lived up to expectations thus far. Konrath seems to be IU’s best option and has bounced between 133 and 141 this year and wasn’t in the lineup against Purdue. I’d give Bravo-Young the nod here against in both meets. Thornton is a veteran who could give him some issues. But RBY is explosive and extremely quick. I think he’ll be too much this weekend. vs. Purdue – Ben Thornton - Stoddard, WI vs. Indiana – Paul Konrath – Mt. Vernon, IN or Garrett Pepple – East Noble HS, IN @141 #7 Nick Lee from Mater Dei in Evansville. Lee finished 5th at the NCAA last year earning All-American status as a true freshman. He’s 17-1 on the year and has scored bonus points in all but 3 matches. Lee is coming off a win over Indiana HS 4x’er Chad Red in Sunday’s dual against Nebraska. An interesting twist to this weekend could have Lee facing off against former teammate, IU’s Kyle Luigs. Luigs has filled in, along with Konrath, for Cole Weaver. Lee was 2-0 against both Limmex and Weaver last year. Expect to come out of the weekend unscathed, however a match up against either Luigs or Konrath would certainly be fun. vs. Purdue – Nate Limmex – Ada, MI vs. Indiana – Kyle Luigs – Mater Dei HS, IN or Cole Weaver – Hudson, MI or Paul Konrath @149 #10 Brady Berge – A RS Freshman from Minnesota, Berge was a 3x Minnesota State Champion and his only HS loss was an injury default in the State Semifinals of the year he didn’t win. He is 14-2 on the year. Expect wins by Berge in both matches. vs. Purdue – Parker Fillius – Havre, MT vs. Indiana – Fernie Silva – Rockton, IL @157 #1 Jason Nolf – Nolf 16-0, is as dominant as anyone in the NCAA in a long time. He is the Penn State career leader for most falls and is a 1 point loss to Isaiah Martinez in the NCAA Final his freshman year from being a 3x National Champ. Expect more domination from Nolf this weekend as he marches to his 3rd NCAA Title. Nolf easily defeated #2 & #3 recently. vs, Purdue – #8 Griffin Parriott New Prague, MN vs. Indiana – Jake Danishek – Lebanon, OH @165 #1 Vincente Joseph – Joseph, a junior is a 2x NCAA Champ taking out Isaiah Martinez both times. He is 15-0 on the year. I expect Joseph to make quick work of both, winning by at least a major decision. vs. Purdue – Cole Wysocki – Edwardsville, IL vs. Indiana – Bryce Martin – Bakersfield, CA @174 #1 Mark Hall – The first 6x Minnesota HS Champ, Hall won an NCAA Title as a freshman and was runner-up last year to Zahid Valencia. He avenged that loss to Valencia earlier this year and is 16-0. Despite facing two former IN HS State Champs, expect more greatness from Hall this weekend. vs. Purdue - #14 Dylan Lydy – Ben Davis HS, IN vs. Indiana – Jake Covaciu – Merrilville HS, IN @184 #3 Shakur Rasheed – Rasheed finished 7th in the NCAA last year at 197 and dropped to 184 after Bo Nickal bumped up a weight for this season. He is 15-0 and is a legit threat to #1 ranked Myles Martin of Ohio State. Rasheed sat out PSU’s match Sunday against Nebraska, but is expected to return this weekend. He is a pinning machine and combines strength with excellent quickness. There is no reason for that to change this weekend. vs. Purdue - Max Lyon – Dyersville, IA vs. Indiana – Norman Conley – St. Louis, MO @197 #1 Bo Nickal – Nickal is often worth the price of admission himself. Nickal, a 2x NCAA Champ is just 3 falls behind Nolf for most career falls at Penn St. Nickal can turn a close match into domination in seconds and finds pinning combinations from just about anywhere, as evidenced in last year’s NCAA title match when he hit an elevator to turn a deep blast double from Myles Martin into a fall cementing the Nittany Lions team title. If for no other reason, this weekend is a great chance for wrestling fans to see Nolf and Nickal in person, both likely 3x Champs. @285 #3 Anthony Cassar – Cassar has finally gotten his chance to shine at Penn State. The starter at 197 last year, he was overtaken by Shakur Rasheed despite beating top-tanked Kollin Moore of OSU and sat out the NCAA Tournament. He came back rather than transfer, gained 30-35 pounds, competed with and beat out 2x All-American Nick Nevills this year. Cassar is 14-1 on the year and should take care of business this weekend. vs. Purdue – Jacob Aven – Zionsville HS, IN vs. Indiana – Fletcher Miller - Kokomo HS, IN While this weekend may not provide much success for the Boilermakers or Hoosiers, it is a good chance to see up close what the best of the best looks like and what it will take for these programs to compete at the top. Not to mention a chance to see a slew of NCAA Champions, a final opportunity to Jason Nolf and Bo Nickal and to provide a welcome home to Nick Lee.
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    Upsets, who’s in, who’s out

    It was a fluke, I pinned him four times this week in practice.
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    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    Has nobody learned not to bash people (especially high school kids) until the whole story comes out? I’ve been searching for info most of the day but have only found one vague article and a bunch of people on here ready to execute them. It all seems strange to me because some of these duals were from early December. Who knew about these for most of the season and waited to report it until until the right before sectionals? By everyone’s comments here, that person also put all these kids’ lives in danger for a couple months for not reporting it sooner. The article I read did state that Carmel’s Athletic Dept self reported the violations to the IHSAA as soon as they learned of it. But there was no info on how they were told. I’m going to choose to wait on my judgement and what an appropriate punishment would be until more info comes to light.
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    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house
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    Madison Grant gets their first ever qualifier at Heavyweight
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    There is a nice appetizer for wrestling fans tonight to prepare you for tomorrow's Regionals. On the Big Ten Network (free) Michigan wrestles at Penn State tonight at 7:00 ET. The matchup with feature 3 of Indiana's best studs in recent years: - Stevan Micic going at 133 for Michigan. Micic is ranked #1 in the country coming off his National Runner-Up finish last year. Stevan is 9-0 on the year after nursing an early season injury. - Nick Lee will go at 141 for Penn State. Lee is ranked #7 in the country and will face #5 Kanen Storr. Lee is 19-1 on the year while Storr is 17-3. - Mason Parris will go at 285 for Michigan. Parris is ranked #7 and 23-3 and will face Anthony Cassar who is ranked #3 and 16-1. Big matchups for both Lee and Parris. Micic will likely get a Penn State backup after Roman Bravo-Young tweaked his knee last weekend at Purdue. Check it out and head over to the College Board for updates on this match and updates on many other former IN HS wrestlers.
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    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    The ticket round alone is responsible for more broken hearts than females are...myself included a few times over... it's the most awesome/ sad 2 hours in HS sports.
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    By JEREMY HINES Thehines7@gmail.com Matt Lee and Eli Dickens are practice partners in the Evansville Mater Dei wrestling room. They are good friends, they are both juniors and they are both ranked No. 1 in their respective weight classes. The similarities don’t end there. The two are soft spoken and humble. They have extremely similar voices, so much so that it’s hard to differentiate them if talking on the phone. They both have a 3.9 grade point average. “On the wrestling mat they both like to push the pace,” Wildcat head coach Greg Schaefer said. “They are both students of the sport and they love fine tuning techniques. They are both competitive. They don’t like giving up anything. They just push each other and the other guys in the room.” In fact, the two are so similar that coach Schaefer has a hard time finding any differences. “I don’t really know how they are different,” Schaefer said. “There isn’t a lot of differences that I know of. There are a lot more similarities than differences.” Lee also struggled to think of a difference. “We are pretty similar,” Lee said. “We are really good friends and practice partners and our styles are similar.” Dickens was the only one that could offer up some differences between the two. “I guess the main thing that separates us is our setups,” Dickens said. “He is more of a high crotch guy and I’m more of a getting ankles and sweep singles kind of guy.” Lee, who is the younger brother of Indiana legends Joe Lee and Nick Lee, is currently 30-0 on the season and holds the top ranking in the 145-pound class. He finished seventh the last two years in a row and is hoping to climb the ladder more this year. “It was a good feeling to place at state,” Lee said. “But you can’t be truly satisfied unless you get first. It’s always good to be at the top. I was happy to place, but I wanted more. I was hungry for more. That pushed into this year and drives me.” Being the younger brother of Nick (won state in 2015, now wrestles for Penn State) and Joe (won state in 2016 and 2017) hasn’t put a lot of pressure on Matt. “People always talk about the pressure of being their younger brother,” Matt said. “I don’t feel that pressure. I talk to them and they give me advice. They help me as much as I allow them to. I keep them as a source of information. I don’t pry them to learn everything they know, but if I need help I can always go to them.” Matt said watching Nick wrestle for Penn State makes him nervous. “I’ve heard how it’s hard on parents to watch their kids wrestle sometime and watching Nick wrestle I know what they are going through now,” Matt said. “I didn’t understand that before. I get more nervous for Nick’s matches than I do for any of my own.” Dickens has not placed in state so far, but he did qualify last year. This season he defeated former No. 1 ranked Elliott Rodgers 4-3 and that catapulted him to the top spot in the 152-pound weight class. “It was pretty amazing to see that I was ranked No. 1,” Dickens said. “I try not to think of it too much, but it was exciting. It gave me more confidence and belief in my ability. I knew that I could beat anyone, but that just solidified that idea in my head.” One big key for Dickens is that he doesn’t have to worry about his weight like he did last season. He feels that has helped him to be stronger and not focus so much on the weight aspect of the sport. “I had a huge growth spurt last year where my body wanted to grow mid-season,” Dickens said. “This year I’m wrestling up three weight classes and I feel so much healthier.” Matt is currently 30-0 on the season and Eli is 31-2, with both of his losses coming to out of state wrestlers. Both Matt and Eli are hoping to wrestle in college, but neither have decided where they want to go. Matt enjoys watching television, playing games and watching movies on weekends when he’s not wrestling. “I’m a pretty average kid,” he said. “Probably my favorite thing to do is eat, but you can’t do a lot of that during the season. I just like to try to find fun in the small things. I’m just normal and I like hanging out with my friends.” Eli enjoys going to his Bible study on Wednesday’s with his youth group. “I feel that it really builds me spiritually and gets my mindset right,” he said. “I focus on God and the bigger picture.” The two will compete Saturday in the Evansville North regional. “I don’t want to sound boring,” Schaefer said. “But they are both just awesome kids that work really hard. I hope they are able to accomplish their goals.” View full article

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