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  1. nkraus


    We do a MOW. Most Outstanding. It takes the guesswork out. Who went the farthest. Your MOW AND MVP(W) are definitely or can definitely be different.
  2. Have you passed this out? Garrett has not received ours. nkraus@gkb.k12.in.us
  3. nkraus

    Garrett RTC Starts Monday at 6

    Worth the price of admission...Free
  4. nkraus

    Down #s

    Yes and took a lead on Fielden during the second. Fielden was majored by South in the finals, but also lost a tight one to Sourh 3-1 at Al Smith.
  5. nkraus

    Down #s

    170: wrestling math---Calhoun loses to Blubaugh 1-0. Fielden defeats Blubaugh 6-4. Walker loses 1-0 to South and 7-5 to Calhoun. I'd say we had numerous 170's who can compete nationally, or already have done so.
  6. nkraus

    Something needs to change

    I agree with much of what I read above. Roughneck wasn't low blowing anybody. I feel the same way. There are a few issues that hold us back...Academies are not the solution, but they would not hurt... -Recruit kids (within the school) and get them to your club at least once a week -If you don't host a club, get your kids to a club with a coach you trust -Find a way to have a better schedule...you can't overhaul it in one year I understand, but start making those little changes. I understand from personal experience that sometimes your conference by-laws will restrict doing what you want, but you can still always improve your schedule just a little bit each year -Wrestle in significant offseason events Clayton Fielden is the obvious example I'll use here...he went from TR last year to Runner up this year. Clayton's primary home was the Garrett Wrestling Club and the weight room. Did he take advantage of help elsewhere? Yes. He went to a Jeff Jordan week camp, worked with his dad, and as a club we attended a couple other clubs on occasion. However, the GWC was his primary home and he was CONSISTENT. So, academy/club makes no difference(as long as there is quality instruction). The evidence has been there for us with the kids who are willing to put in the work. A back up we had last year broke into the lineup and went to SS this year. That's starting to happen more frequently for us. I understand SS isn't the goal, but it's headed in the right direction. Happens at Carroll every year. The kids who make club a priority improve significantly in one years time. I could say the same thing for the kids from Carroll that did not miss their club workouts, Homestead boys, and Snider. I'm sure there are other schools who had a couple guys that made club priority. I also realize there are some schools that only have 0-5 kids who train in the summer. Consistency is key. The fact is we need to be willing to work to get our kids to club in the offseason and get the mat time. The better the area schools get the better WE get as a SS.
  7. nkraus

    Replay Debate

    I like it. Time limit is super important to me.
  8. nkraus

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    @FCFIGHTER170 It wasn't confusing lol. There isn't a "Wow" emoji on here, so I was trying to convey wow through what I pictured to be a Scooby Doo "Zoiks."
  9. nkraus

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    That's crazy. That makes Friday night interesting for those two. Has Brewer even had a close match this year?
  10. Yep, I seen that. That's hard work to eat like that!!! I just think Mason will get exponentially better compared to his opponents who likely have more wrestling. Man strength vs Boy strength is a big deal though!
  11. nkraus

    Fort Wayne SS Predictions

    I'll play, but only where we don't have a kid wrestling. No particular order... 113: Boots, Ester, Teusch, Weimer 126: Shepherd, Curtis, Watts, Heath 132: Cottingham, Gimson, Mosser, Krider 138: Gimson, Fiechter, Schoeff, Buchanan 145: Jenkins, Rasler, Macklin, Morrissett 160: Pettigrew, Sailors, Parrish, Ruble 220: Leffers, Berlenga, Elwood, Hartman
  12. Talked about this a couple times recently...I think Mason can beat him, or make it much more competitive. Cassar "old manned" Mason. Mason got blasted early and that was unexpected. After that I felt that Mason took some shots that were shots to take shots and weren't as strategic or set up as they could've been. Cassar capitalized with some nice re shots. Mason has amazing coaches and great partners and they will make adjustments. Mason was an anomaly in Indiana as he was probably the best athlete we've had at 220 in this state. His wrestling has improved so much. Mason was a multi sport athlete and his ceiling is limitless IMHO. I could see Mason wrestling a slower/more strategic pace and being more intentional and "picking" his shots and not taking the shots to where Cassar can hit a cheap re shot on him.
  13. Put your picks here!
  14. nkraus

    Most Physical Wrestlers in the State..?

    I literally started laughing out loud

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