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  1. Hello, I’m the Garrett head coach and I have not received an email. If you sent it to my AD he hasn’t sent it to me. my email is nkraus@gkb.k12.in.us
  2. @GenHeavyHandz you can't "laugh" at my predictions I'm right, you're wrong hahahahaha
  3. 106 Ocampo SN 113 Cooper NH 120 Kamphane HO 126 Sharp SN 132 Doster NH 138 Heisler HO 145 Elkins NH 152 Russell SN 160 Smith SN 170 Arsini HO 182 Veazy SN 195 Scott HO 220 Evans HO 285 Dodson SN
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    Jack O'Connor
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  7. 01/14/2023
  8. Clay Fielden x-x-2-2 Two time finalist!! has wrestled for West Point and is currently at IU.
  9. Norwell had two starters out, I believe...one for sure, but that being said, it doesn't mean results change, and yeah, Oak HIll deserved in. Oak Hill is always solid and will continue to be solid with the continuity in the program. You'll be back! ... 2a was tough this year top to bottom, which I'm sure didn't make things easy on the rankers/seeders/vote in. IMO it's really hard to seed 2a because of stereotypes, such as "They don't wrestle anybody." Teams can only control their schedule to a certain extent, with conference by laws. How do you compare a 20-0 team who has wrestled teams to be perceived as below average, compared to maybe a 15-4 team, who has wrestled a really tough schedule? It's hard to do. We've been under seeded, and over seeded. It happens. It's a tough job, but I think you all do a great job and I'm happy we have this awesome tournament!
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