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  1. 2013-14there were 22 kids on the Garrett squad 2019-20 we started with 51 and are 49 or 50 now 16-17,17-18,19-20 we made it. Felt we were snubbed one...maybe two years. We knew we were close though. Funny thing is that we were a “bubble” vote in team this year yet we got 2nd. We’ve been seeded 5th twice and placed 2nd both of those years. Unseeded to 7th another year. We knew we could win it this year or compete before we were voted in. In 18 we knew we had a shot as well and came close in a runner up finish. This has definitely attracted kids! Believe it or not...our success has improved our feeder system and we have good wrestlers coming up. ......I’d bet that the same exists for other programs who are excited for the opportunity to win team state.
  2. It's correct...Garrett would be a vote in and could potentially not make it?
  3. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Angola

  4. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Prairie Heights

  5. I think we won on most first takedowns or something
  6. Yes. Last season vs. Jay County was 42-42. We won on Criteria to make it 43-42
  7. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Leo

  8. nkraus

    Garrett vs. Wawasee

  9. Notice my hands and reaction in the background lol😂
  10. Yes. We seen it. It was frustrating to me that a call like that was missed. It doesn’t mean we would’ve won by any means. Nonetheless Bellmont was the better team. Hats off to them. We wrestled tough.
  11. I like that new new teams are in, but Mt. Vernon in at 4th doesn’t make sense. They barely beat Ben Davis. Ben Davis was beaten by 24 by Zionsville. Jimtown beat Zionsville by 10. Mt. Vernon should’ve been a 10 while jimtown 8/9 IMO.
  12. Kral (SP?) from crown point...Kanez Omar from Wayne...Hayden Brady 106 at Garrett...Crider family...Garrett Hetzner of Eastern was VERY tall for a 182
  13. nkraus


    Chandler Shearer
  14. nkraus


    Chandler Shearer
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