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  2. Yes! At the HS level why wouldn’t you ? You could have a disappointing day in one and bring back some hardware in the other …in Veazy’s case he will bring home double the hardware
  3. I was hoping somebody would write something like this! I’m following IM Twitter, but it’s nice to see it in one place ! Leave it to LaPorte County! Thanks !
  4. Cummings Brooks Leavell Micic Lee Tsirtsis LeCount Brayton Lee Conway Baumann Rypel Allred Carroll Chico
  5. GenHeavier handz is not The General. It’s an impostor!
  6. I agree with you for sure !!!…Wasn’t a lat drop. I thought I remembered correctly, but just rewatched. It was a double over throw, which makes it even crazier !
  7. We’ve also had a few qualifiers/successful wrestlers that only started wrestling in middle school , but they put in a ton of time to get to where they got
  8. 1. yes 2. Two of the Three qualifiers wrestled mostly year round. 3. Have never had an in season only wrestler go to state 4. Even once a week from March thru end of June can do something for you
  9. Manchester HS is coached by Byron Sweet who is a Manchester Alum
  10. How many placers for each semi state ?
  11. There are major problems here. Our leaders should take note and listen. This is all ridiculous. I would assume theres a very small minority, if any, that prefer to do this circus the way we are attempting. I want state back to the way it was before and don't limit who on my staff can coach our athletes at this event. This is making me sick.
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