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  1. nkraus

    Brennen Cernus Transfer

    Just the part where he said the program didn’t have direction, unorganized, undisciplined, and had a severe lack in technical coaching ability. I thought that could’ve been left out.
  2. nkraus

    Brennen Cernus Transfer

    Well...I don’t know the stories, but I do know the school was called CMA for the longest time, which stands for Culver Military Academy. I’ve only got a quarter of a brain...sorry...and you just bashed (PUBLICLY) on a head coach and a program. Not cool. Do that in a garage somewhere with your buddies...not publicly. I am sorry that I’ve edited this post multiple times, but I want to to be classy. I hope your son does extremely well and wins some huge titles, but I just don’t think public bashing is appropriate towards a coach, or his program. Best of luck in the future endeavors!
  3. nkraus

    Disney Duals

    Garrett falls to 5-4 after a rough day. We are in the silver pool.
  4. nkraus

    Disney Duals

    Garrett Wrestling Club has a tough day and falls to 4-3. Carroll and Garrett are tied at 4-3, but Carroll wins on head to head I believe.
  5. nkraus

    Disney Duals

    Alright after day 2 Garrett Wrestling Club improves to 4-1 in our pool. Two more matches tomorrow. I believe if we win one we make the gold pool, which I’m pretty proud of with us not being a big school. Clayton Fielden, Kolin Cope, and Wayne Wells remain undefeated. Colton Weimer was pinned, but the kid who pinned him got beat by the kid Colton beat first round. (Throw gone wrong on the pin 😑)
  6. nkraus

    Disney Duals

    Figure this can be a place to keep up on Disney Duals...I'll talk about my team and hopefully other coaches chime in on how they're doing as well Garrett Wrestling Club entered Community 1 and we are currently 2-1. We lost to Oregon Clay(Ohio), but defeated Adams City (Colorado) and St. Lucie PAL (Florida) Colton Weimer, Kolin Cope, and Clayton Fielden are all 3-0 thus far. Also, Wayne Wells is 3-0 as an "extra." So far this has been a fun experience and our younger kids are making mistakes and getting better. I really wish some of our older kids would've taken advantage of this opportunity.
  7. nkraus

    Best Wrestling Families

    355 Davis garrett 282 Schendel garrett
  8. WEST POINT. We are proud of you #SETL
  9. nkraus

    Manchester University/Indiana Tech RTC

    Kids/parents/coaches/ don’t miss out. FWSS needs to get better. Fielden went in tonight and said the room was packed at Tech and Colin Crume was showing awesome technique. Most Tech kids were on the mat. If you’re serious about getting a medal then prove it !!! Get in there. Coach Pompei, Coach Lake, and Crew know their stuff and they’re giving back to our community!
  10. nkraus


    We do a MOW. Most Outstanding. It takes the guesswork out. Who went the farthest. Your MOW AND MVP(W) are definitely or can definitely be different.
  11. Have you passed this out? Garrett has not received ours. nkraus@gkb.k12.in.us
  12. Worth the price of admission...Free
  13. nkraus

    Down #s

    Yes and took a lead on Fielden during the second. Fielden was majored by South in the finals, but also lost a tight one to Sourh 3-1 at Al Smith.

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