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  1. Manchester HS is coached by Byron Sweet who is a Manchester Alum
  2. How many placers for each semi state ?
  3. There are major problems here. Our leaders should take note and listen. This is all ridiculous. I would assume theres a very small minority, if any, that prefer to do this circus the way we are attempting. I want state back to the way it was before and don't limit who on my staff can coach our athletes at this event. This is making me sick.
  4. Yes, I had coaches have to pay to get into these events. This is ridiculous.
  5. Again, I haven't heard of a coach who likes the way we are doing things!
  6. "I wonder how many assistants are allowed in other sports... " this was brought up quite a bit in our convos last night as well
  7. I'd like to know which coaches for sure...because any coach I've talked to hasn't felt that way
  8. Does this bother anybody else? 1-3 wrestlers per session gets you 2 wristbands unique to that session. If you have multiple wrestlers in a session, but no more than 3 then you only get 2 wristbands. So, lets say that the following athletes are all in the same session and prefer to be coached by: Jimmy coached by : Josh and Mike Jordy coached by: Nick and Tyler Johnny coached by: Tyler and Alex That's 5 coaches listed, but only 2 bands available. So we are saying that these assistant coaches who do work all year long, potentially cannot be a part of the most prestigious event. It's not like they get paid a ton and they're away from their families for a few months out of the year. Also, we are saying that even though Johnny is comfortable with these coaches and they've coached him all year long, he can only get these coaches today. Sorry, we are going to do things differently once we get to state...ANYBODY else having this frustration?
  9. I don't think you meant to quote me, but heck yes for Elijah!
  10. neutral Buchanan was in complete control...he was not in complete control of the match as he got ridden out a period and turned...I'm not picking Veazy to win, nor am I guaranteeing he will get to this or that match, but destroy and complete control aren't the terms I would use...anything can happen chris norman valpo vs. josh garza ring a bell to anybody? Two times in a row if I'm not wrong...Garza was in complete control of the match until Norman chose top
  11. correct...so Veazy was down 6-5 before the takedown to fall...could've been up 5-4 without the penalties...and yes Buchanan did the damage and had the number neutral...knowing what each knows now, I'd suspect Veazy tries slowing down Buchanan's neutral...Buchanan doesn't go down...Veazy chooses top...or maybe I'm all wrong...I just didn't classify that as getting destroyed, being it was a 1 point match before the takedown to fall..Obviously I'm rooting for the FWSS here, but just wanted to note it wasn't a "destroy" type match.
  12. Maybe I don't remember all of the match correctly, but I was pretty sure 2 of the points scored by Buchanan were penalty points against Veazy for his laces...the match was within 1 point heading to the 3rd if my memory isn't too far off
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