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  1. Any teams wanting in the Garrett Invite lmk. nkraus@gkb.k12.in.us
  2. I'm mind blown at people not posting results...we are supposed to be promoting our sport...hiding the lineup isn't going to do anything for anybody if that's the thought process...if you don't have track wrestling i get it...but if you have track and use the stats program then you're already entering it all in, so it's not hard to post a screen shot
  3. Weimer went 4-1 in his first weekend Ester went 3-2 in his first weekend Fielden will open up at the Journeyman this weekend
  4. January 15th at Garrett!!! teams currently in invite Angola Carmel Dekalb East Noble FW Northrop FW Wayne Fremont Garrett Leo Norwell South Adams
  5. lol...i took 5th at Al Smith and then 3rd at state...my first placer at Garrett, Bo Davis, went 1-2 at Al Smith, then took 3rd at state...(he did beat the al smith champion Saturday morning at State... Fielden never made the Al Smith Finals, but made it under the lights twice...(beat kids at state who beat him at al smith)
  6. I'll start with the ones I personally know--keep this list going Clayton Fielden Garrett-West Point---possible 165 starter-I believe he's competing with Christian Hunt-Yorktown Colton Weimer Garrett-Adrian---went 3-0 in Adrian wrestle offs---however didn't wrestle a senior due to his injury (top 2 at 125) Mason Custer Garrett -Trine---competing for starting 165 (top 2) Brady Ester-Snider-Wabash---competing for starting 125 (top 2)
  7. At our school if we get a good athlete introduced to the sport by 7th grade or sooner I feel there's a good chance that kids goes to semi state or state as long as they wrestle during season. Most of those kids have at least wrestled in the spring. The kids we've had that have placed, or maybe not placed, but have been capable and right at that level made it a decision to wrestle during season, spring, summer, and make some fall wrestling workouts around their fall sport. So, there's no right answer, but to be a placer or champ, you at least need to be wrestling 9 months out of the year is my opinion. Taking a season off to do a sport is never a bad thing, but I don't think you can completely forget about wrestling during those 3 months. During those 3 months I think you should still be able to do a light drill to stay current.
  8. nkraus


  9. FWSS will have a few more placers in the coming years and I’m confident some of the changes that are happening will produce better wrestling as a whole from our SS.
  10. I just wrestled with D'Alcapon last week....wow...wow...I believe he will be a placer with a shot at multiple titles...impressed is an understatement
  11. Phenomenal night at Garrett. Back at it again Monday and Wednesday from 6-730! Enter door 3 with card
  12. Garrett Wrestling Club enter door 3 must have card runs Monday and Wednesdays 6-730 HOWEVER Wednesday the 14th of April we will have a FREE day of wrestling from these studs and possibly more from Trine. This should be a camp. If you miss out on this you're missing out!!! James Wimer 157 Findlay 2021 NCAA DII National Champ-2021 Super Region 3 Wrestler of the Year / GMAC Wrestler of the Year 2020 NCAA DII 6th 2x State Placer 3x Qualifier Zach Collins (125) 2021 NCAA DII National Qualifier 5th in OHSAA D1 Captain! Hunter Reed (165) 2 year starter at Findlay 2x State Qualifier and 1 x Indiana State Placer
  13. Monday and Wednesday 6-730 Enter Door 3. Wednesday is our official RTC day and we will be using the state’s practice plan Wednesday!!! must not have symptoms must have USA card wear a mask into our building
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