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  1. ENTER DOOR 3 and then turn left and keep walking through the double doors. Once past the double doors go down the little stairs and turn right and you'll see the wrestling room. We will go from 6-7:30. Monday only for the first two weeks!!!
  2. This whole thread and group of replies has became ridiculous. I feel that there's a lot of common sense left out of many statements made in this thread. We just had a kid become a two time finalist from Garrett. Our athlete was naturally gifted, but also worked his tail off. Our kid went to RTC's, Fargo, Camps, Private sessions with coaches, and spent extra time in the weight room. He did phenomenal and had a phenomenal career. He did amazing and will have a phenomenal college career and life! All that being said...we are not a big school...he was the exception to the rule...he went above and beyond the requirements to be elite. I'm sure other small school kids that were elite did the same. If we compare the "average athlete at a "Big School" compared to the "average athlete at a small school," we're going to find at the root they're very much the same. But, when we dig deeper, we're going to find that the athlete at the larger school has more training partners, more opportunities, and generally speaking, pretty good coaching. There's good coaching at smaller schools for sure, and I won't contest that. However, if I were able to get every athlete at Garrett to wrestle, I'm pretty sure I still couldn't produce as many state champs as the "elite, bigger, better schools." Regardless, none of that bothers me. I love my community and I relish the underdog role and I feel that we can make some great things happen. With all that being said, I prefer the team state series to be classed, but that's a no brainer. If our state was to ever go to an individual class system, I'd prefer we went to a maximum of a 2 class system.
  3. nkraus


    Clayton Fielden
  4. Are we still having this? I didn't get anything from anybody and I know Clayton would like to wrestle in this.
  5. Clayton Fielden...two time Runner Up. Fargo Freestyle All American
  6. What injury? Not being mean, but Hardcastle won the semi state after his injury...Crappy situation...as boomer implied earlier...wrestle backs could help this...both are tough kids...we don't know who would've won...just sucks to see a career end like that. I know that Coach Landis does a fantastic job with SW and I was rooting for him
  7. That's a clean start...sad situation...
  8. Obviously, you're referring to specific instances at semi state. Personally, I have went to the table with dual officials 4-6 times this year and I've had two of the calls overturned. I think the second official can only make a call if they're SURE of the call. As far as a pin goes..I feel like that's a different ball game. It would seem odd if the match went on for another 30 seconds in a period...the coach goes up to the table...the second referee says "Yes, kid A was pinned." That seems more like a misconduct, since that is kind of like questioning a stalling, caution, etc. A takedown is different IMO because maybe official A was in a bad spot, but official B was in a better spot and could see that an opponents hands were on the mat, or confirm that he was behind the arm pits for a takedown. Just my two cents.
  9. Garrett should have 40 points available this weekend.
  10. Calculated the team scores... IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER here are my top 5 Garrett, Western, Bellmont, Snider, and Southern Wells....again that's in no particular order...I know there's always a few surprises...Carroll, Norwell, or Oak Hill popping in the top 5 would not surprise me
  11. Quite possibly the best General post to date !!! Hahaha. Love the creativity
  12. When are you going to post “through sectionals“ standings ?
  13. @GenHeavyHandz ...I’m waiting for your thoughts
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