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  1. lol...I think 80 is right also unless I'm missing something...It's okay Joe...you're normally right 😂
  2. We went from 51 down to 50. I'm surprised some of them stuck around. Our feeder league has 70-90 per year for k-8, but then during middle school season another 20 will come out. Our last couple freshman classes have been 12-15. On our current team we have 10 seniors, 10 juniors, 15 sophomores, and 15 freshman. The kid we had quit was a freshman.
  3. How many did you start with? Update what you're at by weeks end. Our number at Garrett is 51. One wrestler finds out if he will have eligibility tomorrow. I believe one more is quitting. Two more are on the short list. I believe we will be down to 47 by Saturday and I think we will hold steady there. This is the best turnout we've ever had. Notes: 1. Most of these kids will not quit. We got them to start wrestling in our youth club/middle school and they enjoy it for some reason. 2. We've been attracting some new kids who are athletic that can develop. Just need to get them at a younger age. 3. We've had some kids that didn't come out their freshman year that are back out this year as sophomores.
  4. If Pokorney were not redshirting I don’t think he would get major’d
  5. 01/16/2020 12:00 AM
  6. Extremely sorry to hear this. He was a very fun kid to watch. I remember at folkstyle state was my first mat side experience of watching Brayden. One of the kids who attended our club, somewhat frequently, was wrestling Brayden(this kid was a future SQ). Anyhow, Brayden beat him badly, but was nice about it and even made some good fun during the match. I always thought he was a great kid after that! He showed a lot of class through his actions on the mat.
  7. Chandler Shearer of Garrett commits to Trine to further his education and be a part of the wrestling team.
  8. I think this is cyclical at schools. I am at a school where our enrollment is 591 according to IndianaMat. This upcoming season we will start with 50 plus kids. I do not think this is typical for a school our size. I know Prairie Heights had a few years where they were in the mid 40's, which also is phenomenal for a school their size. I feel we produce some very good middle tier kids. I feel Prairie Heights does the same. They also had a kid place top 6 this year. I also know we've produced some top kids as we've had a 6th, 3rd, 3rd, and a 2nd in the last 7 years. We have our wrestling club in the spring and I know of a few others that have clubs as well in the spring. Are they academies? No. Are the academies better staffed than the clubs around here(FWSS)? Or, are the kids more willing in those other areas? Or does a coach need to come in and establish that tradition at a particular school? The school I'm at had success before I was there and I simply helped to continue the success and recruit the kids within our school to wrestle. Our numbers are at an all time high because the kids believe we are a "wrestling school." You know quickly who the solid coaches are in the FWSS. In one particular SS the question isn't who are the quality coaches, but rather who isn't a quality coach?
  9. I'll take the bait 27-23 2016 wins. I've rescored it where 2019 wins also. I'm not looking at a career, but just that particular year that the kid won state.
  10. Not trying to ask a dumb question...Do all students pay $55k/year, or are there "scholarships," or 'boosters" to help? I'm a school teacher, so the thought of sending my kid to school for $55k/year is not an option. Can loans be taken out and pay on the loans like people do for college?
  11. Maybe he's referring to his brother...Sawyer Miller vs. Conner Knapp ticket round
  12. and they're making Bermudez jump up a weight division. Kenney agreed to fight Bermudez 5 pounds heavier at a catchweight prior to the weigh ins when it was evident Bermudez wasn't going to make weight. Bermudez weighed 160 something on fight night. Glad to see the UFC make him move up a division.
  13. Okay...per my calculations...not a whole lot more for sure, but per my calculations there were more than 2019 !
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