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  1. I'll take the bait 27-23 2016 wins. I've rescored it where 2019 wins also. I'm not looking at a career, but just that particular year that the kid won state.
  2. Not trying to ask a dumb question...Do all students pay $55k/year, or are there "scholarships," or 'boosters" to help? I'm a school teacher, so the thought of sending my kid to school for $55k/year is not an option. Can loans be taken out and pay on the loans like people do for college?
  3. Maybe he's referring to his brother...Sawyer Miller vs. Conner Knapp ticket round
  4. and they're making Bermudez jump up a weight division. Kenney agreed to fight Bermudez 5 pounds heavier at a catchweight prior to the weigh ins when it was evident Bermudez wasn't going to make weight. Bermudez weighed 160 something on fight night. Glad to see the UFC make him move up a division.
  5. Okay...per my calculations...not a whole lot more for sure, but per my calculations there were more than 2019 !
  6. I think FWSS should have more placers this year..for sure
  7. Maybe we will get a preview at Team State
  8. Good lord did he turn it on after that match !!!
  9. Just the part where he said the program didn’t have direction, unorganized, undisciplined, and had a severe lack in technical coaching ability. I thought that could’ve been left out.
  10. Well...I don’t know the stories, but I do know the school was called CMA for the longest time, which stands for Culver Military Academy. I’ve only got a quarter of a brain...sorry...and you just bashed (PUBLICLY) on a head coach and a program. Not cool. Do that in a garage somewhere with your buddies...not publicly. I am sorry that I’ve edited this post multiple times, but I want to to be classy. I hope your son does extremely well and wins some huge titles, but I just don’t think public bashing is appropriate towards a coach, or his program. Best of luck in the future endeavors!
  11. Garrett falls to 5-4 after a rough day. We are in the silver pool.
  12. Garrett Wrestling Club has a tough day and falls to 4-3. Carroll and Garrett are tied at 4-3, but Carroll wins on head to head I believe.
  13. Alright after day 2 Garrett Wrestling Club improves to 4-1 in our pool. Two more matches tomorrow. I believe if we win one we make the gold pool, which I’m pretty proud of with us not being a big school. Clayton Fielden, Kolin Cope, and Wayne Wells remain undefeated. Colton Weimer was pinned, but the kid who pinned him got beat by the kid Colton beat first round. (Throw gone wrong on the pin 😑)
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