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  1. I'll take sitting out for a bye if it means we get to participate at team state if we are "projected" to be outside of the top 8 teams, rather than not getting invited. A bye round is a small price to pay for a chance to show that you deserve to be there. Doesn't a seed always affect the outcome/match ups in all aspects and tournaments in our sport? Im sure there will be a lot of match ups of what people believe are the best 2 teams that happen in pool play in 3a and 4a rather than in the finals. That will be a bummer. Im not sure why you think that you can't out
  2. Yes. Give us our 12 team slots in 2A and we'll be happy. Reduce the amount of deserving teams being missed.
  3. This just seems to be going in the wrong direction. Isn't the goal to get the IHSAA to recognize the success of the classed team state tournament and make it a sanctioned IHSAA Team State event again but with classes? All of us who are a part of the sport recognize how great this event is and how awesome it is to find success there, but school administrators and community members who don't closely follow wrestling continue to put the * beside it since it is not IHSAA. Example, our school's athletic recognition hall has a rule that in order to have a team picture up, you must be IHSAA Regiona
  4. So, Y2 am I seeing it right that if we were using this format this year then either Bellmont or Garrett (Top 2 finishing teams in 2A) would have been left out from being voted in?
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