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  1. I'll take sitting out for a bye if it means we get to participate at team state if we are "projected" to be outside of the top 8 teams, rather than not getting invited. A bye round is a small price to pay for a chance to show that you deserve to be there. Doesn't a seed always affect the outcome/match ups in all aspects and tournaments in our sport? Im sure there will be a lot of match ups of what people believe are the best 2 teams that happen in pool play in 3a and 4a rather than in the finals. That will be a bummer. Im not sure why you think that you can't out wrestle your seeding with the 12 team concept. We have done it every year. NS to 7th. 5th seed to 2nd. 5th seed to 2nd. I'd say those are results of wrestling and not seeding. But hey, potato, potato. I'll take my tomato, you can have your tomato.
  2. Yes. Give us our 12 team slots in 2A and we'll be happy. Reduce the amount of deserving teams being missed.
  3. This just seems to be going in the wrong direction. Isn't the goal to get the IHSAA to recognize the success of the classed team state tournament and make it a sanctioned IHSAA Team State event again but with classes? All of us who are a part of the sport recognize how great this event is and how awesome it is to find success there, but school administrators and community members who don't closely follow wrestling continue to put the * beside it since it is not IHSAA. Example, our school's athletic recognition hall has a rule that in order to have a team picture up, you must be IHSAA Regional Champs or better. We now have two IHSWCA team state runner-up finishes (first losers) but you would have no idea because they don't have the IHSAA stamp of approval so, there's no photo, banner, or plaque displayed to recognize those teams. I know this is a specific situation that probably falls more on our school having a poor policy but how great would it be to have this tournament be desirable for adoption by the IHSAA. Following up to that idea.... Why are we reducing the number of teams? I get it that the numbers work with 8 teams in 4 classes which means we have to go from our current amount of 36 to 32, but that seems like taking away any teams will begin to take away fans. Maybe the thinking is that losing 4 bottom level teams who don't bring many fans won't hurt the attendance very much? I would think that attendance numbers are significantly important to IHSAA for adopting the event ($$$) ? But then again maybe the idea is that by creating the "extra" bigger class that that might accomplish increased attendance? (someone more "in the know" might be able to provide some more input on that perspective with recent attendance numbers?). Aside from attendance though, it seems like every year there is competitive teams missing the cut from our scoring system and then don't get the vote. Then they put together a really good following season but don't have the chance to compete at team state. Maybe they wouldn't win, but going, having a good performance, and placing high continues to build that community support and recognition. Cutting down to 8 teams with possibly only 1 vote in spot could cause some deserving strong teams to miss out and puts a whole lot of accountability into the scoring system being used, which does a good job of predicting strong teams the following year but there is exceptions every year that should be wrestling in the coliseum at the beginning of January and aren't (ex: Bluffton this year). I thought that maybe the move for the tournament would have been to include more teams if anything (maybe not possible for a single day tournament)? The scoring system seems to do a pretty good job at predicting top teams in the bigger classes but the smaller classes seem to be where competitive teams are left out more often. Cutting down to eight teams for 1a and 2a seems like a sure fire way to miss deserving teams when we are already missing top teams with 12 teams being there. The IHSAA is already all about full inclusion for the state tournament series, they aren't going to be impressed by a tournament missing successful teams.
  4. So, Y2 am I seeing it right that if we were using this format this year then either Bellmont or Garrett (Top 2 finishing teams in 2A) would have been left out from being voted in?
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