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  1. MAJAM152

    Perry Cathedral Dual Meet Tonight

    Its all about the mathups!!! Perry 54 Mish 10
  2. MAJAM152

    DAC This Weekend... Who makes the finals...? Upsets?

    Does anyone have the brackets?
  3. MAJAM152

    Lake County Tourny

    So.... is anyone going to post the brackets? At least give us the top 4
  4. MAJAM152

    Al Smith Bracket Predictions

    Mine is doing the same. Its going straight to youtube
  5. MAJAM152

    Crown Point vs Laport

    Portage over Chesterton
  6. MAJAM152

    Best Poster on IndianaMat

    I agree!
  7. MAJAM152

    Best Wrestling Name?

    Oh Yeah! I forgot about White Thunder. That's a good wrestling name.
  8. MAJAM152

    Merrillville Semi-State Rankings FINAL

    Chris Katsafarous is the one who lost to Alderman. It was a good match all the way to the end.
  9. Just wondering what meets are going on this weekend around the region. I have the weekend off and would like to see some wrestling.
  10. MAJAM152

    Chesterton Super Duals November 20th

    Anthony Quiroz did not wrestle due to injury.
  11. MAJAM152

    NWCA Scholastic Showcase - LIVE BLOG

    So does anyone have a schedule yet of what the team matchups would be in the first round?
  12. MAJAM152

    Coaches changing schools

    David Maldonado Started at Bishop Noll in Hammond, then to Merrillville.
  13. Does anyone know the dates of this tournament? Also, is it still at Fargo?
  14. MAJAM152

    The worst Officated match you have seen?

    I agree that was the worst officiating I seen in years!

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