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  1. Rypel pinned tonte in the state finals. It wasn’t 4-2
  2. 106: cernus dec 113: Cummings dec 120: littell dec 126: Mendez Maj 132: red dec 138: lee tech 145: joe lee fall 152: Pruitt dec 160: covaciu dec 170: Hughes fall 182: Rypel tech 195: kleimola dec 220: Parris fall 285: streck fall
  3. I totally agree with that. I’m sure losing the scheoff boys is a tough one for them but there are plenty of other very talented kids in that program! Coach smiley is a great guy to run a program. With franklin opening up a PE job and a head wrestling opening makes me wonder if he applied for the job there
  4. With a lot of pretty big schools having head coaches retire or move on, what is everyone’s opinion on the most interesting opening of the summer? And who do you think takes the job at that school. I think franklin is a pretty big opening with very large shoes to fill. What are your guys opinions?
  5. Got a text today that Plainfield HS officially posted that they will need a new head coach for next season
  6. We could quite possibly witness the greatest Wrestler this state has ever seen.
  7. Chad red was a 2x champ and 7th as a 6th grader
  8. I will save no more than 2 seats. If you want to be in the front get there early. I have been in the front row center mat of every state finals I’ve attended since I was a kid. Most seats I’ve ever saved was 5 and that was for nick lees family when he wrestled red.
  9. Looking to fill spots on a VA Beach duals team! Send me a pm or text me 317-506-5280
  10. Saez Westfield over Brooks Davis not sure of the score
  11. We’re looking for a 150 and 175 to complete our duals team! no cost. A singlet will be provided. quality matches every weekend! Our first dual is next weekend 11/18 at Beech Grove.
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