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  1. Looking for coaches wanting to coach in the club and middle school level for next season. If interested please send me a message directly. Thank you
  2. Buchanan put him to his back a few times in this match. Total domination.
  3. But if you control every aspect of their warm up then how do they ever find what works for them? Maybe give them some guidelines or ideas. But total control over pre match warm up is a recipe for inconsistency on the mat.
  4. Okay coaches, please let me know your opinions on this. Do you allow your wrestlers to listen to music while they are warming up for a match? Yes or no? if no then why? I heard a story about a coach forbidding his wrestlers from having headphones while prepping for a match. the way I look at it is that music could be apart of a special pre match routine that makes the wrestler comfortable. I feel a wrestler should have total control over their pre match routine. You thought?
  5. This weekend in Philadelphia, Bryce Lowery of roncalli takes out the #18 ranked 120 pounder in the nation (on flo rankings) Jett Strickenburger bryce won the battle 7-5 great job bryce!
  6. Should be well proven. I predict 9 Trojans at the bank next season
  7. I really think people are going to regret not getting center grove in on this one
  8. Rypel pinned tonte in the state finals. It wasn’t 4-2
  9. 106: cernus dec 113: Cummings dec 120: littell dec 126: Mendez Maj 132: red dec 138: lee tech 145: joe lee fall 152: Pruitt dec 160: covaciu dec 170: Hughes fall 182: Rypel tech 195: kleimola dec 220: Parris fall 285: streck fall
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