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  11. I don’t think we would have the venue we have if the IHSAA did not care about wrestling. I am willing to bet that revenue wise, our State Tournament does pretty well for them in its current format. I am sure it being picked up for a Live broadcast helps with revenue as well. There in lies the problem I feel. Their thought is probably, if it ain’t broke, pun intended, don’t fix it. I do think it has been brought to light before that our coaches association sometimes struggles with getting the IHSAA to take them seriously with changes. Maybe we have to think outside the box to get our changes made to our tournament. What that is I don’t know, but hopefully moving forward we can see some steps being taken in a positive direction.
  12. I noticed earlier that qualification weight is not considered, so does that mean that a kid that qualified at an actual qualifier(North, South, or Indy) can wrestle a lower or higher weight class this weekend if so desires?
  13. We have it pretty good, great support from our Admin. Brownsburg has a brand new room that is pretty impressive!
  14. I just love when @maligned gets to use the word crowdedness at this time of the year! Always appreciative of the work you do, thank you. How would schools combining or dropping programs affect the numbers?
  15. You should add another one for Semi-Finals on 2 or 4 mats.
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