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  1. If he went to IU he would reunite with 3 former teammates (Jonathan Moran, Jacob Moran, and DJ Washington). Probably evens it out more...
  2. Placement are attached and so is the score bouts page. Scoring used to be a viewer tab. When they went to Hub, they took it away. I never even noticed it (as I’m usually the one running the tournament).
  3. I do have an inside “Track” on who is running the tournament. And the rumor is all points are to be added this year from each round. And that is how the scoring is showing when looking as a viewer!
  4. As soon as the match In the finals is completed, it will be archived on Track via the TW camera angle!
  5. They will...with the streamed archive on TW being updated right after as well on the bracket.
  6. Ask Ask and ye shall find. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/uploads/O-492453132-Indiana_Frosh_Soph_State_2020.pdf
  7. https://goportageindians.com/2019/05/07/bradbury-tapped-to-lead-wrestling-forward/?fbclid=IwAR3A6fVHJMXtaAK3ZwZFQ_Iu15HJTEhSl1QpwV6LCrm1_PsWA1JRStHtB-Q Portage job filled by Andrew Bradbury.
  8. Andrew Bradbury
  9. We worked with the table workers to help find these videos, these are not even close to all of the awesome moves that occurred during the weekend, but these are some that those table workers thought were awesome. I may be putting together one for freestyle, so if there was an awesome score that you just can't believe I missed, let me know at twg0ph3r@gmail.com
  10. Portage's prom was Friday night, so you missed Moran, Washington, and Peele on their farewell tour.
  11. Uhhhh...it is considered an alternate event for ISWA.
  12. Steven "Bam" Lawrence (of Grand View, via Portage) wrestled at NAIA as well and placed 5th, so he is probably in before Brett Johnson or Mason Gaines.
  13. Ask and you shall receive. Over 900 video subscriptions were purchased.
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