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  1. That is just a quick fix. It’s just something that is often not thought about. I will try to get Mark to do that the day of. I think the IHSAA thinks of those people as essential to the operation of the tournament. Especially with the overall loss that they will be experiencing due to low or no attendance. I would guess that people like IndianaMat would have a chance to be there as well as photographers as they usually get media passes. But that obviously is not in my hands.
  2. 1. Yes, at minimum Semi States will be streamed. 2. Movement, yes. Not sure it is something that I see happening this year unfortunately. There are only about 6 people around the state that have experience streaming events. I am guessing a couple sites will be streamed this year, but can’t tell you how many. It is also somewhat of an expensive feat and TW only has so many streaming kits available to rent. 3. Because the dashboard is hosted by TW servers and the video is through AWS servers, there is no way to synchronize them together, though in no way is that a bad suggestion.
  3. This may be something that is being worked on...but cannot confirm. The biggest problem is purchasing a video splitter as they aren't exactly cheap. We will see what we are able to do!
  4. I am not sure that the IHSAA would be as accommodating as the IHSWCA was regarding allowing IndianaMat to highlight certain matches (especially if we are at Bankers Life and they are losing all of the admission monies that they will be losing). And I am sure that there were people that did not pay for the streams and just relied on IM to get all the good matches on their show. (Not saying anything negative about IM, they did a great job.) There are SOME plans to try to make the event better for the fans far away. Mark Durham tries to continue to up the level of streami
  5. What is your upload speed? Typically TW looks for 4mbps upload speed per mat (so if you have 4 mats, 16mbps). Just if you want some additional numbers to help get it up and running.
  6. Don't be trying to end in a partnership with the guy I run tournaments for, Hersh!
  7. If he went to IU he would reunite with 3 former teammates (Jonathan Moran, Jacob Moran, and DJ Washington). Probably evens it out more...
  8. Placement are attached and so is the score bouts page. Scoring used to be a viewer tab. When they went to Hub, they took it away. I never even noticed it (as I’m usually the one running the tournament).
  9. I do have an inside “Track” on who is running the tournament. And the rumor is all points are to be added this year from each round. And that is how the scoring is showing when looking as a viewer!
  10. As soon as the match In the finals is completed, it will be archived on Track via the TW camera angle!
  11. They will...with the streamed archive on TW being updated right after as well on the bracket.
  12. Ask Ask and ye shall find. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/uploads/O-492453132-Indiana_Frosh_Soph_State_2020.pdf
  13. https://goportageindians.com/2019/05/07/bradbury-tapped-to-lead-wrestling-forward/?fbclid=IwAR3A6fVHJMXtaAK3ZwZFQ_Iu15HJTEhSl1QpwV6LCrm1_PsWA1JRStHtB-Q Portage job filled by Andrew Bradbury.
  14. Andrew Bradbury
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