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  1. Ask Ask and ye shall find. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/uploads/O-492453132-Indiana_Frosh_Soph_State_2020.pdf
  2. https://goportageindians.com/2019/05/07/bradbury-tapped-to-lead-wrestling-forward/?fbclid=IwAR3A6fVHJMXtaAK3ZwZFQ_Iu15HJTEhSl1QpwV6LCrm1_PsWA1JRStHtB-Q Portage job filled by Andrew Bradbury.
  3. Andrew Bradbury
  4. We worked with the table workers to help find these videos, these are not even close to all of the awesome moves that occurred during the weekend, but these are some that those table workers thought were awesome. I may be putting together one for freestyle, so if there was an awesome score that you just can't believe I missed, let me know at twg0ph3r@gmail.com
  5. Portage's prom was Friday night, so you missed Moran, Washington, and Peele on their farewell tour.
  6. Uhhhh...it is considered an alternate event for ISWA.
  7. Steven "Bam" Lawrence (of Grand View, via Portage) wrestled at NAIA as well and placed 5th, so he is probably in before Brett Johnson or Mason Gaines.
  8. trackgopher

    Down #s

    Ask and you shall receive. Over 900 video subscriptions were purchased.
  9. Please realize this event is also trying to bridge the gap between the IHSAA season and ISWA Folkstyle State. Many programs lose the kids after they are eliminated from the state series, while this is to keep those guys around. This is something the Illinois does, and they are a pretty good wrestling state. We are just trying to get better.
  10. Always great to see UIndy and Coach Warthan adding to #HoundPoundNation with another #AlphaDog
  11. Portage was taken out of the LaPorte Sectional and put into the Calumet. LaPorte held the Regional with CP involved and it was moved after Portage left to CP. Portage has never hosted an individual regional, Team Regional back in the day was hosted by Portage though.
  12. Crown Point took over the LaPorte Regional. Hobart took over for Calumet.
  13. Regional brackets should be available as 3PM CST tomorrow and Semi State is currently scheduled as 2/4 at 11 CST. Though it could always change. And the state brackets will be released after the IHSAA telecast.
  14. Every sectional should be up on TW now.
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