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  1. The Jay County Girls team is looking for 3 duals. We currently have 15 girls and cover most of our weight classes. If interested please contact: emyers@jayschools.k12.in.us
  2. Alexandria Bluffton Brebeuf Centerville COLDWATER Columbus North Monroe Central MOUNT VERNON Muncie Central New Castle Oak Hill South Adams Union City Wes-Del Winchester Community
  3. Jay County is looking for 1 Varsity team to fill our 16 Team Individual Tournament that will be held on December 23rd 2022. If interested please contact: Head Coach Eric Myers @ emyers@jayschools.k12.in.us Thanks!!
  4. Coach............I'm impressed that you can pick up the WZBD signal in LaGrange. You're a dedicated listener....Dane would be proud!
  5. infowrestling


    Gavin Ash
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    Bryce Wenk
  7. infowrestling


    Bryce Wenk
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    Cody Rowles
  9. Congratulations to Coach King! He’s a great coach and Oak Hill is a great program
  10. infowrestling


    Taye Curtis
  11. Condolences from Jay County...........terrible news. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Charlestown wrestling family
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