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  1. Our sympathy and prayers go out to Coach Ester's family, along with the Snider community.
  2. Would something like this be mandated for the 19-20 season or 20-21?
  3. Proposal 1 is such a common sense move. I'm glad Proposal 2 was added......that seems like a positive change. How long will the further study take, on Proposal 3?
  4. Mason Winner's other loss is to Trey Sizemore (Cincinnati LaSalle) 5-2
  5. Ike and Jon Ruble advancing for Bellmont
  6. I was unaware, but excited that we are hosting multiple Regional Tournaments....................."Regionals"
  7. Jay County
  8. Celina(OH)
  9. Jay County
  10. Jay County
  11. Jay County
  12. infowrestling

    Delta vs. Jay County

  13. Jay County
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