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  1. If anyone is interested please email: emyers@jayschools.k12.in.us
  2. This is a terrible take from someone who has a voice in our wrestling community. That was an extremely hard fought match. By saying something like this you are painting a bad picture of the sport of wrestling in Indiana. You should be embarrassed
  3. infowrestling


    Jay County
  4. infowrestling


    Jay County
  5. infowrestling

    ACAC Tournament

  6. infowrestling

    Franklin (OH) Invitational

  7. We definitely enjoyed the Friday Night Tournament. It went a little late but there was a great crowd! Really enjoyed having a free Saturday
  8. A few things: 1. The Girls State Finals @ Kokomo were great!! The finals we awesome and they were done right.........great job!! 2. It's a lot of fun to see how much our girls are improving in the state of Indiana!!! The quality of our girls wrestlers continues to grow, and evidence of this was on full display on Friday night in Kokomo 3. I had heard rumors while we were there that there is consideration going into eliminating the 88 and 98 lb girls weights. I hope that this is not the case. The lightest collegiate girls weight class is 101. If we eli
  9. Correct. It is my understanding that they are published every 2 years for reclassification purposes in order for the IHSAA to assign new host sites if needed. It is also my understanding that updated enrollment figures are released every year. Host site realignment is not a concern for the IHSWCA Team State tournament. It seems logical to use up to date enrollment figures, yearly, since they are available.
  10. Homestead
  11. My Atheltic Director told me that new enrollment numbers are published every year. Why wouldn't we use current enrollment every year?
  12. Will this year's enrollment numbers be used in the reclassification?
  13. infowrestling

    Jay County vs. Lapel

    Jay County
  14. I hope everyone noticed/recognizes that weigh ins are scheduled for 4:00 this year and wrestling starts at 5. This is a change from previous years.
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