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  1. Sawyer would be ready to even the score in the steel cage, I'm certain
  2. I would take Sawyer Miller over Alan Grammar, John Smith, and a pack of wolves (all at the same time) in a Steel Cage Match.
  3. Prayers from the Jay County Wrestling family
  4. Try not to anger Mr. Patriot with this blasphemous talk
  5. He was seeded........he did not go into the draw.
  6. infowrestling


    Cody Rowles
  7. infowrestling


    Hunter Miller
  8. infowrestling


    Dylan Tom
  9. infowrestling

    Jay County
  10. infowrestling

    Jay County
  11. infowrestling

    Jay County
  12. Homestead
  13. infowrestling

    Jay County
  14. infowrestling

    Franklin County
  15. infowrestling

    Beech Grove
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