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  1. Ancilla College is still looking to fill a couple of weights at 197 and 285. If you are undecided we would love to see what we can do for you. All weights are always open, but those are the two we most need. Those interested can contact Coach Line at 219-712-1861 or email at mark.line@ancilla.edu.
  2. The Varsity Wrestling position at Kankakee Valley just came available. Great community with great support for the wrestling program. Those interested please cantact the Athletic Director John Gray at 219-629-5527 or email at jgray@kv.k12.in.us.
  3. Kankakee Valley is looking for two teams to host a double dual on Jan. 4th with JV matches included. We are also looking for a tournament for Jan. 11th in which we can travel. Those interested can contact Mark Line at either 219-712-1861 or markaline65@gmail.com.
  4. Kankakee Valley is looking for one team to fill a six team dual meet tournament on Dec 27th. We also have JV wrestle on a separate mat, so bring your JV guys too. The current teams are Kankakee Valley, Wheeler, Winamac, Griffith and Munster. Please contact Mark Line at markaline65@gmail.com or you may call or text at 219-712-1861.
  5. Kankakee Valley is looking for a tournament (individual or duals) for January 19th. If anyone has an opening on that date please contact Mark Line at markaline65@gmail.com
  6. We have another team for Jan. 5th. We're still looking for 2-4 more teams for this date.
  7. Kankakee Valley is looking for 3-5 teams for a tournament this year. Date can be Dec. 29th, Jan, 5th, or Jan. 16th. If interested, please contact Mark Line at markaline65@gmail.com
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