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  1. Y’all don’t turn this is into the Mendez Effect thread. 😂 No one was attacking Red on this thread- you went out of your way to say “stay classy.” Also, this isn’t the Flo instagram it is Indianamat (apples to oranges). Lastly, it’s always wise to avoid comments on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter- quite literally proven to be better for mental health. Two amazing wrestlers that both should hopefully AA again this year. Hopefully both Red and Lee finish in the top 5 this season - and one of them wins the national title since next year when Yianni is back the task becomes increasingly difficult.
  2. If we are going off of “impressive or dominant” you forgot Andrew Howe- only loss was to Reece Humphrey. I think there is a strong case that Andrew Howe is still (although Mendez could catch him and Mason Parris flirted with it) the best Indiana wrestler of all time. Even with his one loss. And though I never saw him wrestle I am assuming people also tried to avoid Lance Ellis.
  3. You don’t have to like them or respect their opinion but to want a gag order is a bit thin skinned. Also, they make the board more entertaining.
  4. Is there any Nick Lee level stud moving up the ranks that would go at Mendez like the Lee/Micic matchup? Obviously senior Mendez would be favored. Or does Zeke gain some weight and produce a Red/Lee type match?
  5. Jesse Mendez reminds me a lot of Andrew Howe/Nick Lee regarding his aggression offensively. He makes good wrestlers look average at best. It’s remarkable. Being able to watch him on the IHSAA app for last years state finals and the Mishawaka Channel on YouTube was a privilege. Curious to see if Zeke and Mendez find themselves in the pantheon of Howe, Escebedo, Lee, Red, Parris, Humphrey, and Micic when it is all said and done (high school and college careers combined). And I am assuming Joe Lee and Brayton Lee have AA status in their near future as well. They both look to be on that trajectory.
  6. Penn State obviously graduated many, many studs. And it feels like Alabama and Clemson football at this point that PSU will just reload- been that way since Sanderson took the helm but are they vulnerable this year? Could Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Minnesota, or Arizona State challenge them this year?
  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly no student-athlete should ever be demeaned or dehumanized, one would think that is self-evident but among some posters it clearly is not. And I would agree that no coach should be demeaned or dehumanized. However, my question was genuinely one of intrigue what constitutes "bashing?" For example, I see nothing wrong saying that there were different philosophies, that expectations were unmet based on previous conversations, or that they believe they can find more suitable coaching elsewhere. If I were to define "bashing" (I am open to revision and new ideas) it would be unfair critique that doesn't involve wrestling in any capacity and attacks a coach or student personally (i.e. posting on a board that an athlete has "issues with authority)."
  8. Just curious at what point is it considered "bashing?" For example, Goldman (former IU coach) got "bashed" all the time- whatever that term even means. Is it acceptable because he is a college coach? My assumption is it cannot be based on compensation since I suspect a majority of high school coaches are compensated in some capacity- even though that compensation is likely inconsequential since teachers and coaches are widely underappreciated and underpaid. It seems as though we live in a society that is thin skinned and really takes any form of critique as "bashing." Coach TJC seemed to present a reasonable explanation without naming specifics a fair and appropriate response.
  9. Innocent until proven guilty. That being said hazing incident- or not- clearly discretion was lacking. Young men need to realize, especially high profile young men, that eventually actions will be uncovered. However, if guilty then I hope justice is appropriately served.
  10. He should come to ASU. Especially if he has interests in engineering (partnerships with Boeing, Honeywell, and Intel) and business- specifically supply chain management and finance. Some of the better programs in the nation. Also, the wrestling program is on the rise. I'm not biased or anything...
  11. With the new Flo rankings which has Matt Lee ranked 3rd nationally it made me curious who everyone thought is the best wrestling family in Indiana history? As far as sibling accolades it will be hard to beat the Lee's if I had to guess. But great families can also include a coaching history as well. Some of the great ones are no doubt would be: Tonte's, Tsirtsis, Lee's, Weinzapfels, Humphries, Baker's, Escebedo's, Bradley's, and Welch's.
  12. The only thing to dislike about Asa is his choosing IU over ASU. Not that I am biased or anything...
  13. Asa reminds me a lot of Cash Quiroga- never afraid of a challenge seeking out the best competition. 2 state champions on that list of losses and possibly the best to never win a state title in Indiana in Ty Mills. Fantastic career.
  14. Fairly certain for 2 years no one earned a point on Andrew Howe. I think the only individuals who scored on him were the ones he cut. Still, in my opinion, the best Indiana wrestler of all time, for now at least.
  15. Unless you are married to "your coach" then I wouldn't get comfortable on them or enjoy. 🤣 someone could get fired or end up in jail
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