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  1. Last update I saw was the following. 106 Rioux 113 La Rocca 120 Jackson 126 Brady 132 Buttler 138 Courtney 145 Krejsa 152 Brabender 160 Steenbeke 170 Costello 182 Ermine 195 White 220 285 McNutt
  2. Big thanks to Defiance Coach Patrick Murphy for getting it sent out.
  3. This finally was delivered to Whiteland Community High school! Just to not leave any loose ends.
  4. Thanks everyone I was able to the next day and then it stopped. I reached out to TW and Flo and Told them. And the Asked specifically and at the time was all of the championship round. I went back Just now and they are available. Not sure what happened. But thanks again.
  5. When does it go back to being accessible like last years final? Through track and Flo. Is there a set time so IHSSA can make their money? 2 weeks, 1 month?
  6. Why can I not access the Finals matches from State this year? I have Track and Flo subscriptions. All links are dead ends. Is the only access through IHSAA? Is there a certain amount of time before they are released? TIA
  7. That's what I told Eric last Night. Al is gonna get his.
  8. Actually after I asked they open up Sec 8 back 8 rows and ended up being able to grab some of those.
  9. Moorseville Sectional has 16 at state Avon Sectional has 13 So the Moorseville Regional has 29 Kids in the state series 106 Dickman & Rioux 113 Larocca, Ash & Haines 120 Hockaday, Bickel & Goss 126 Yeager & Haines 132 Buttler & Ison 138 Courtney and Schoeff 145 Kresja & Day 152 Stits & Eckels 160 Merrit & Hutchison 170 Clouser 182 Weems & Brewer 195 McConnell & Henry 220 Johnson & Watson 285 Schotts & Jones
  10. This was not even out When I got a code. and bought tickets and again only through Joe was it available. Really wish I had this Sunday. no reason IHSAA could not release this somehow.
  11. I bought before I saw any numbers assigned. IHSAA did not have nor do they have the layout somewhere I can find. All we have is the information here.
  12. Thanks. So I am close mat 3. in sec 4...Grrr Where are your located?
  13. We are on the exact opposite side that we need to be on. I believe that Joey is on 2 right? He is top half of the bracket but the 2nd bracket so that sends him to 2 right?
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