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  1. *Opens IndianaMat, sees title to this thread, plants face in palm*
  2. That's a squad. Wonder how close the team scores will be at the Holiday Classic. Interested to see what these out of state teams bring. This MD team looks to be in good contention for a state title.... depending on how the draw lays out in February.
  3. Probably one good enough to win the Holiday Classic by 30 points.
  4. Well, sounds like a misfortunate turn of events for the wrestler who ended up getting pinned.
  5. When the wrestler was up 10 and as soon as he got the reversal, the coach should have known that he was up 12. As soon as back points are being counted, it's just natural for coaches and even the ref to know that tech fall is a real possibility.
  6. Once he lost control, match should have been stopped for the tech fall.
  7. Was it at the Holiday Classic?
  8. Tucker Shank is listed twice, at 160 and 170.
  9. Semifinals will be on mats 1 and 2 today starting at 9:30AM Central while consolation round 3 will be on mat 3. I believe Mater Dei has 10 in the semifinals, Union has 8, Father Ryan has 7.
  10. Correct. That whole situation doesn't seem right to me. Oh well. Good win for him, and hurts for Union's chances at pulling off an upset. Someone needs to tell MD to fix Camera 3 on track video.
  11. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification on that.
  12. I’d like to know how the Mater Dei guys justified that. I see where Union has a pig tail at 160 with Kraeszig. Union has the top seed there, and Kraeszig beat Little last year at this tournament. Some shady matches and seeding right out of the gate. Kraeszig is currently ranked #5 in Kentucky at 152 and Little is #3 at 160. Going to be some exciting matches this weekend! One of the best tournaments in the state.
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