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  1. No. Only can jump up one weight class. He could go 220 but not 285.
  2. Brings up a good question. Wonder who has advanced to semi-state/state with the fewest wins (worst record)
  3. Those 1-4 predictions at 195 can't even happen. McClure and Carter are on the same side of the bracket. One of Fletcher/Crawley/Nwosisi will make the finals on the top side of the bracket.
  4. You are correct, he did face union county... their JV guy But I believe he beat Payne Carr the previous year at this tournament. Fulks is dang good. 152 Jordan Fulks (Boonville) over Tristan Moore (Union County) (Fall 0:00)
  5. That is true. Those who tend to wrestle local and have undefeated records vs those with 1-5 losses seeking tougher out of state national tournaments might not make it through to state undefeated.
  6. It wasn't pretty. 66-15 was final score at the Harrison 10-way. They didn't have their varsity 152 and were missing the Ervin at 285, so results should've been worse.
  7. How would your team stack up against Union County (KY)? Varsity A give them a good run? They are usually competitive at the Mater Dei tournament. Good luck to all of the JV kids out there getting some great experience this weekend!
  8. Mater Dei could just schedule a dual meet this week to get around that.
  9. I know how the seeding works. Just the way it is. Kervin and Carr was a close match this year. I could see Kervin pulling through this time.
  10. 152 should be seeded: 1. Carr 2. Kervin 3. Freije 4. Madson Madson got pinned and teched by two different Union kids last season alone and Carr appears to be as good as those other two Union kids. The win for Carr over Kervin is the reason for Kervin being below him. Madson shouldn’t sniff the the top seed. I look for Freije to make the finals on that side of the bracket.
  11. I think Payne Carr will be absent for this event. He is on the Union County roster for the Beast of the East (only kid listed for them going there).
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