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  1. You can use hotspots if you don't want to use the school's internet. Sometimes this is a better option if you can't get IT to check the firewall's before a meet. I would always have some hotspots available as a back up with any event.
  2. I think that is a good idea Coach P. I have already seen an entire football team shut down for 2 weeks because one teammate tested positive for COVID. I wonder had they been working in small groups, if only the group would have needed to quarantine?
  3. What are your thoughts on the upcoming wrestling season considering the everchanging landscape of restrictions, school policies, and our state policies?
  4. I wonder how they will handle sickness protocols? Like if a student has a common cold with a mild fever? Sickness and time out until COVID is ruled out will probably cause a lot of issues. There will be a lot of challenges for sure. One good thing that I believe will come of this is that this generation of students will be a highly adaptable workforce when it comes to change.
  5. This is a really great tournament. Great venue as well. Sounds like it could be a great opportunity for some high school wrestlers.
  6. Super light weight "weigh in" singlets already exist.
  7. I wasn't sure if this was a school wide shut down like Avon or just event specific. Thanks!
  8. Asher has started to use them. He adds the footwork trainer in with his workout. Asher really likes it!
  9. I had Johnny on two of my elementary state teams. His composure, competitive drive, and skill are on a different level than most wrestlers his age. It's going to be fun watching his high school career.
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