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  1. We have had the same type of shenanigans happen in the championship twice against the minions. Always a rowdy time with the Minions. lol
  2. That is an impressive statistic. Going to be an exciting year next season.
  3. I don’t know. Officials get paid. Pairing officials don’t though. I guess they do it for the free pork nachos?
  4. Separation Criteria is just that. It's designed to "separate" top 4 placers so they don't see each other in the first round. That could look different from bracket to bracket depending how many top 4 placers there are. They have someone on Friday night that goes through every bracket to verify the top four placement in the style being wrestled. There are a lot of people that claim separation criteria who don't have it. Once the brackets are made the program in track separates the wrestlers in the bracket. The ISWA is working with track to have a weighted ranking system for ISWA state events that take several types of tournaments in consideration with one of them being IHSAA State. Now this will be done with a program so it probably won't be perfect either. As MattM stated above, "Probably should be happy they have any sort of separation criteria and regular brackets. Back in the day it was straight luck of the draw and in verticals brackets where if you lost round 1 you were paired with a winner from round 1 in order to help decrease the field quicker." The ISWA is wanting pairing officials so please sign up and make it better. Set up mats, run wifi, take incessant phone calls with people bitching, get yelled at all day by people who have no clue how to run a tournament, get less sleep than anyone in the building, no breaks, and no pay all for the love of the wrestling community. Come get ya some! lol
  5. What is the usual profit margin on Folkstyle state? I bet there was money lost compared to what they usually bring in. They need to make money on the Folkstyle and FS/Greco state to fund everything else. Everyone is invited to the meetings to bring ideas/help.
  6. 2-3 spectators "recommended" There are opportunities to volunteer in exchange for food, shirt, admission band and team points. Partner with some other clubs and split points. Using the fairgrounds was way too expensive/lost money. The ISWA did it so we could have a state tournament because no high schools were allowing events. Personally, I was glad to have a state tournament after it was cancelled the previous year. If an organization loses money enough times, then it will fail. If you want to have a state organization, then costs will go up like everything else. The financials are there in the annual meeting. I think they lost like $40,000 last year. Those that participate in travel wrestling should be used to prices like these. Not uncommon. Even the price for local tournaments have increased.
  7. ...because you know those wrestlers and families are going to throw down on some food directly after weigh-ins! Great idea.
  8. The first year that they charged for early weigh ins wasn't it used as a fundraiser for Don Johnson's wife/Nate Johnson's mom? I'm 80% sure that is the case. I've had several people ask me if we are going to charge for early weigh-ins for our Diesel City tournament. No, we are not. We are also not going to charge admission for coaches who have an active USA coaching card. We won't charge coaches or parents for a coaching pass. We also only charge $5 for admission. I don't like to see charging for early weigh ins at state events. Or the qualifiers that we should not have next year because no coaches, wrestlers or parents want them. (The majority of indiana wrestling people do not want to have MS Qualifiers)
  9. Super secret inside source says BB could be down one coach if BB parent knocks them out before the big show. How will this play out? Could this be a game changer in the ‘Most coaches race’?
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