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  1. Someone beat me to it… but I was going to say “DJ RADNOVICH!”
  2. Can't beat a dead horse. What happened happened. The time was tight and the call was close either way. The harder thing to understand is why a stalemate was called after they had just came out of a scramble with 10 seconds to go? The officials on that mat were good officials. No blame. Evansville semi-state is very unforgiving... Both of the assistant coach's sons, Lane Deckard (2020 against Ben Dalton) and Cash Turner, had careers end in the same heart-breaking fashion
  3. Maligned; ton of work that you graciously do for the sport/ state. Appreciate it big time!
  4. Hey , I want to start by saying thank you to lots of people. I attended the Franklin site last weekend. One of my former coaches was there working all weekend. He once said to me "I don't know how much so and so is getting paid to do this, but it's not enough" I'll tell you that number was probably $0. We have a lot of people that help with a data driven formula, seeding, a rules/ selection committee, selecting/ assigning officials, securing mats, setting up LOTS of things, trackwrestling setup, awards, and now streaming the whole thing. If ANY of these people aren't there helping, I don't know now this tournament continues. It is a huge undertaking. I won't say that the experience is perfect. But we keep aiming to make it better. The goal is to always keep this tournament centrally located. The tournament was setup to sort of bring teams (the best teams is the goal) from all geographical locations. The 1A problem becomes that there aren't many 1A options in the Indianapolis area. And not many 1A options that can field 6 wrestling mats. Someone on the IHSWCA has continuously asked me to drop 1 and 2 back down to 8 teams. I have not wanted to do that for lots of reasons we have discussed over the years. That in itself limits venues we can go to. Which is why we have done fieldhouses the last two years. We have several people that want the tournament all at one location, but that has been difficult to accommodate. We have several that want the tournament all 4 separate locations. That also raises issues as we spread ourselves too thin with helpers. There's only so many volunteers you can ask for. I do like to read on ways we can improve. I don't think everyone understands the logistics. I think the faceoff needs to be done before the finals That would be incredible. As far as the spotlight finals or one match finals. Also a great idea! Brownsburg reached out last year to ask if they could do that, but that meant that the finalists had a double bye. It comes back to asking officials, and workers to stay longer. So there are ways to improve and I'm always interested in hearing how you think we can improve. But it's not always as easy as people think.
  5. Well lots goes into it... but 1 location or 4 we're still going to have several upset it's not where they want it. But we are commonly asked to centralize the tournaments. We've tried to do that often at several complexes, but can't do that without losing lots of money. Team tournaments are very different than a tournament that are "pay per entrant". Fort Wayne was very cost efficient, but not centrally located. This set-up is different than last year and I think a better option. Last year 1A and 2A were in one location; which is 24 teams, which was a 12 mat setup (8 in the fieldhouse and 4 in the gym). This year 1A and 3A are together, which is 20 teams, which is a 10 mat setup (6 in the fieldhouse and 4 in the gym). There are some ideas already being tossed out there next year to centrally locate it and try and have more classes together, but it's not an easy process. I won't say we are exempt from mistakes, but we keep trying to improve and have a lot of people working on this tournament that just love the sport/ tournament. Always welcome for constructive ideas to consider, but we are always working through several scenarios.
  6. Coach Cook said it all really, but things that have been important were: going out and wrestling those teams that you might be compared to. It's hard to change your schedule each year for that, but it's not difficult to make sure your are getting meaningful results. Putting yourself in tournaments that give us something to base you off of. Having a full lineup is a big deal too. We all know that weak spots in the lineup can consistently put you behind in duals, but forfeits are guaranteed points behind. Good luck!
  7. Not much more to say than what Coach Cook did. We are given a projected lineup with the accolades of each wrestler. The coaches also are able to add additional thoughts on their roster. We look at season results, but those are hard to judge by since every team loses wrestlers. We look at strength of sectional/ regional/ semi-state when weighing returning wrestlers. I think the committee does a pretty good job given the circumstances. My team has been in the final vote and not chosen multiple times. I've had to tell coaching friends they didn't get chosen. It's not something we like to do. The people on here upset are upset their team wasn't picked. But the committee makes decisions based on the information they have received. What I'm not going to do is get on here and air out specifics by pitting one team against another. The beauty of what has come out of COVID for Team State is we have now added an in-season vote for one additional team. Those that want to be chosen still, let your results next November/ December be convincing.
  8. Last evening our Team State committee hosted it's annual vote-in selection to choose ONE OF THE FINAL TWO spots for the IHSWCA Team State Tournament on January 7th 2023. The committee has to make very difficult decisions on which teams will be selected for this tournament. As a reminder, in the last two seasons we have chosen to pick ONE MORE team based on in-season results. That vote will be around December 18th. Teams chosen last evening were: 4A: Carmel 3A: Terre Haute South 2A: Wawasee 1A: Winamac Thanks, and congratulations to these programs.
  9. Well... it was pushed back until next Sunday the 22nd. Those results will be emailed to the coaches Sunday evening.
  10. We intend on having 1 at large bid Sunday the 15th of May and another late December.
  11. Well... Maligned has already mentioned some of the reasons, but I can get into some of the info. The 4th class was created honestly because the group from 1000-2000 was starting to really be under-represented. In the 3A class, other than MD, the representatives were all 2000+. 2A, was 1000 and under and 3A was basically 1100-5000 students. We as a committee thought it was important to keep the bottom of the class close to about half of the top of the class. So currently they are roughly 4A: 2000-4000 (Carmel is the outlier at 5K); 3A: 1000-2000; 2A 500-1000; 1A: 250-500. Like Maligned said, the percentage of 1, 2 and 3, teams that qualify are the same. There was talk of going down to 4 teams per class, giving 32 a bid. But a couple of things there. We didn't want to reduce the opportunity the smaller classes had to qualify, since 1A and 2A were 12 teams when there 3 classes. That would have only given 16 spots to the smaller schools. Given the big disparity there is in smaller teams and bigger teams at the individual state, some small schools really talked about what Team State did for their program. It gave them something to shoot for. That's kind of the longer explanation.
  12. It’s not that it’s not possible. We’ve shown that the last few years we can spread out a little. The concern from people that I work with is asking for a “tournament director” for each site. Basically spreading ourselves too thin. But that can also be solved by training someone ahead of time. Also getting non-school provided supplies to 4 different locations provides a lot of coordinating. As well as setting up things like internet at 4 spots requires someone to go to multiple places. I know Pat Culp went multiple places last year to setup. We have shown we have a great product and that we don’t need to do that all at one site. The introduction of streaming has really reduced a need for that. Really the answer is I don’t want to spread thin the help that I have that makes this tournament great. But the last few years we have proved we can do more than we think. I just have not met with the people yet that would be involved in this decision. Ratliff
  13. Date is locked in for Jan 7th 2023. Still making decisions on locations. But the truth is that finding all one location centralized has been tricky. So that may be off the table currently. Best case scenario, 2 locations and 2 classes per state. But that's still being solved. We have been very lucky to have such great hosts the last 2 years and they could potentially be utilized again.
  14. The first round of invitations for the 2022-23 Team State have been sent out and each team accepted their invitations. It's going to be another great tournament! There will be an invitation late April for 1 team each class and 1 in season vote determined the week before Christmas. The following teams that have accepted: 4A 3A 2A 1A Brownsburg East Central Bellmont Adams Central Center Grove Floyd Central Delta Bluffton Crown Point Hobart Garrett Cascade Evansville Mater Dei Mishawaka Hamilton Heights Cowan Indianapolis Cathedral New Haven Heritage Hills North Posey Penn Roncalli Jay County Prairie Heights New Prairie Rochester Community Norwell Southmont Rensselaer Central Tell City Western West Central
  15. The years run together sometimes.... Orrin Kleinhenz of Columbus North and Heath Vandeventer of Bloomington North wrestled 8 times I think in one year. Maybe not sectionals though? Regionals, semi-state, state, conference and others.
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