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  1. Isn't Leavell a Senior and Raney an 8th grader? Both of those kids are scary good..
  2. Bethel will be great for Mount Vernon. best of luck!
  3. Very solid pick up for Indiana Tech. Great kid and family. Congrats!
  4. B Lee going to have a big season next year!
  5. I think Brayton Lee could make a solid run next year. Unfortunate time for injury as he was having a great season.
  6. I’m very biased, but I’d replace Tonte with Randy Helfrich & Mike Goebel, as well as at 170 (wrestled 171 back then) but Blake Maurer in 2003 of MD. Earned his 4th championship in 03’.
  7. Big move and pick up for the Jimmies!
  8. For all of my MD friends out there, #BringBackTheTights
  9. That MD magic with Goebel and Helfrich in the corner… talk about having fam advantage! But, I still believe CP has the W over the West Side powerhouse.
  10. Looks to be the case as he medical forfeited according to the bracket.
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