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  1. Neutral to start then flip coin for choice then alternating choice for third period. If still tied there was a referee's decision I believe this ended around 85
  2. You used to go three 1 minute periods for OT
  3. Yes and the golf team is missing a visor 😁
  4. Since 1982 . All except 1985 which was delayed a week due to snow.
  5. You should've challenged in spike ball lol
  6. Noah Mis of Griffith wrestling for Mt Carmel at 132 defeated Nico Bolivar yesterday 3-1. Also Mt Carmel with a handful of Indiana kids qualified 12 for the 3A Illinois finals. Makes you wonder if they had stayed home.
  7. 1984 was at 138 today walking around 175. If it were back then I'd go 160 but today's weight management program would keep me as the shortest 170lber. Good thing I'm built low to the ground for speed 😁
  8. Hammond schools won't be combining until 21-22 school year
  9. Where's the Jerry McGuire reference come in?awhile since I've watched it. Been
  10. So is CP the only school who won't allow live broadcasting? Curious what their reasoning behind this is.
  11. Unfortunately he re injured his knee and will miss the season.
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