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  1. 1984 was at 138 today walking around 175. If it were back then I'd go 160 but today's weight management program would keep me as the shortest 170lber. Good thing I'm built low to the ground for speed 😁
  2. Hammond schools won't be combining until 21-22 school year
  3. Where's the Jerry McGuire reference come in?awhile since I've watched it. Been
  4. So is CP the only school who won't allow live broadcasting? Curious what their reasoning behind this is.
  5. Unfortunately he re injured his knee and will miss the season.
  6. Is this a new restriction? Seems that CP has had their sectional and regional broadcast live in recent years.
  7. I'm guessing he talked it to death.😁
  8. Speaking of sensitive Suzies, Pot meet Kettle LOL
  9. Was this an actual doctor or a trainer?I've seen plenty of trainers who are very knowledgeable on skin conditions but have also seen a lot that have no clue. The fact that they had you wrap it makes me wonder since simply covering it will not prevent spreading to others and also keeps dried and healed spots moist.. So, by covering it you probably kept the spot from drying up or staying dried up. So when the official asked to see it, it probably looked moist and still active because it had been under the wrap all day and not dried up thus making it appear active. Its unfortunate that your wrestler couldn't finish his tournament but in a situation like this the official does have the authority if he thinks the skin condition is active. Perhaps you can post a pic of the spot. This site could be a good place to educate people on skin conditions and prevention. Maybe Joe could create a section with pictures to help people better recognize whether something is a skin condition or simply a blemish.
  10. If you get there early enough I recommend stopping in and getting your tickets so you can avoid the lines closer to start time.
  11. Suck it up already. There was def more snow in 2012 and 2014 and nothing was cancelled. Snow was forecast early so plan ahead and leave early
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