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  1. pjayroza

    Super 32

    Does anyone have the link for updated brackets throughout the tourney?
  2. pjayroza


    Smedium T-Shirt over Large T-Shirt... Close though
  3. pjayroza


    Howe vs B. Lee would be amazing to see. Howe 4-3.... But I could see it go either way.
  4. pjayroza


    I have Parris vs Robinson with Parris winning pretty easily... If Junior year Parris was on the opposite side, I would have Parris vs Parris in Championship.
  5. pjayroza


    Ya, I would have to go Larimore #1.
  6. pjayroza

    please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    Anybody having issues with sound? I'm only getting sound on mat 2. Is this user error? Lol
  7. pjayroza

    Chesterton vs Portage

    After watching last night, I have a couple questions... 1.) Any idea why these wrestlers weren't out there? * Portage - #2 Rumph * Chesterton - #1 Lemely; #14 Girgenti 2.) Moran looked good, but he wrestled at 113. Will that be his new home, or did all bump up due to Rumph being out. With a full line-up Portage will be the team to beat IMO.
  8. pjayroza

    Chesterton vs Portage

    Tonight Portage welcomes Chesterton and I am interested if anyone has any predictions. Both teams have studs, but Portage is just deeper and I predict they will win pretty easily. Thoughts?
  9. pjayroza

    Top 5 #thecounties in the state

    We would have to also specify if we're talking strictly high school or career, and if we are talking total depth or just champions. Lake County would have to be #2 or 3 max, right? With names like: The Tsirtsis brothers Hernandez Howe The Escobedo Family Micic The Maldonado Family Hughes Ayersman Petrov G. Robinson Streck Larimore McGill Ramos Schontube Hawkins And many many more that I am not naming... It would be hard to put Lake County no lower than 2 or 3. (If not #1 - but I am biased)
  10. pjayroza

    The Toughest Kid on The Block

    Great Read!!
  11. pjayroza

    Article: 2017 Mr. Gorilla Award

    Yes! Very well deserved. Great choice!
  12. pjayroza

    Mat 3 and 4 Updates

    Any particular pattern? Currently on Track they have Campbell and Armstrong on mat 3 with Hickman and Stephenson on deck and Black and Flores on mat 4 with Shearer and Johnson on deck.
  13. pjayroza

    Live Stream

    Anybody else having issues pulling up multiple cameras? I keep getting an error saying I am loading from a different IP address and it kicks me out.
  14. pjayroza

    Live Stream

    Good question - I am not sure. Sorry... If you can't watch live, I'd not pay and see how much it costs after it has aired or if you could find another stream where you don't have to pay.
  15. pjayroza

    Live Stream

    I do the same. But I open all 4 cameras on one computer, have them in 4 quadrants, and then have the sound on the one I want to see and mute the others. (Computer screen is displayed on my TV) This seems to work out best for me.

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