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    First off I want to let everyone know I usually do not read threads on here and I just now signed up to be able to post because it sickens me to see these “likes” and comments! While I do not condone the issue of using plastics, I also do not know the full story on what recently took place at Carmel High School, nor do any of you! It makes me sad that I see such negative comments towards my high school coach, knowing he has done SO much for many programs and for the state of Indiana. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have agreed with everything Coach P has done, there have been times we haven’t seen things eye to eye.....But I am not going to forget everything else he stands for and the many improvements he has brought to the wrestling community in Indiana. Nobody is perfect! We all make mistakes, some more public than others. It saddens me to see so many people that have reaped the benefits of his presence in wrestling get on this thread and bash him and “like” derogatory comments about him. Coaching isn’t easy and dealing with most parents does NOT make it fun. One of the fundamental rules I live my life by is “never kick a man when he is down”. I will put aside my thoughts and opinions and I CHOOSE to reach out and anyone who is down I try to help them rise again and become better! One bad decision does not define you!!! It is when you are down you will find your true friends, I am here for P. Writing thoughtless posts on message boards while hiding behind a keyboard is also a great way to burn bridges ..... something else I try very hard never to do! Leroy Vega
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    3A Team State

    As the Ben Davis guy who has been around a long, long time I will try to give you a couple. Don't get me wrong, they sound like excuses and I don't like excuses much. And, none of this is personal, hopefully my comments aren't construed as being a shot at anyone. Some comments i won't make in this forum as it isn't the right forum. However, there is my list, top of my head. 1. Resources - many programs develop talent by charging their kids $ every month or kids go to a "pay to play" facility like CIA, Red Cobra, Contenders, etc... In a lot of cases, we have kids who can't afford shoes, the sport fee or don't even know where they are staying tonight. Now, add on the cost of a USA card, tournaments, etc... and that is money our families need to spend elsewhere. Sure, we fund raise, but you can't cover costs for 50+ kids in a youth program to develop them in wrestling the way we would like. By the way, very few of our kids have a great support system. I can't imagine, as a 16 year old kid trying to cut weight, get to a Saturday practice, pay for a sport fee, new shoes, etc... without any parental support 2. All of the BD families from my era and later have moved to Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Danvile, etc... i.. And, no families move into Ben Davis. Everyone is heading out West over the last 15 years, ncluding my family. I know I have coached a dozen or so kids in Junior High that have gone on to be successful at the state level in other programs. Good for those families for getting themselves into what they see as better situations personally. 3. I think BD has a remarkable amount of kids that start as Sophomores and Juniors. Sounds great to have bodies in the room, but wrestling in the MIC, Marion County and the same Sectional as Avon (you), Brownsburg and Plainfield - 90- percent of the time these kids just can't compete with someone who has had 4+ years of experience get frustrated and quit. And, how hard is it to sell this story "If you bust your butt, give everything you can you might win half of your matches" and "to be the most competitive you can, you need to learn how to eat right and maybe watch what you eat a little". They can't because they don't have quality food in the house. 4. The sport has no "middle class" anymore, there are elite wrestlers and everyone else. We all know the sport is hard - if you are getting beat up all the time it isn't fun, if it isn't fun you quit (unless you are an idiot like me and wired differently). We have a lot of great kids in this state who do well nationally. So, I am a 3rd year kid who has grown up wrestling some of the many studs on the WestSide and Marion County and I get pounded every time, I get discouraged. I get discouraged and just don't love the sport the way I need to love it to get better - I could have been a good wrestler, not elite, but good, maybe a Semi-State or even a State qualifier, but I can't get out of sectionals. I tihnk it was 2 years ago at the Avon Sectional at 106, 3 of those kids placed in the top 7 at state and I believe 3 others from MIC and Marion County placed as well. 5. I can keep going, but will conclude with this... I would rather build better young men (as I am sure we all do). It has taken me a while to admit that winning isn't as important to me as making someone successful at life (and this statement in no way makes me think that the previous 2 statements are exclusive, I am a better person, employee, boss, etc.... for being a wrestler). At some point, we are trying to get kids to graduate because we are now their parents. I could throw in a bunch of stats, but they don't change the situation. I would love to be singled out in a post about our wrestling, not the lack of our wrestling, but that isn't where we are at right now. Don't misinterpret any of this, I want to beat everyone. I don't want to lose. but, spend a few months inside the program and you will see it isn't just a numbers game. For better or worse, I am BD wrestling - as are a group of guys that I am proud to coach along side who also fight the daily battle to keep this program together and moving forward. Brett Nabb BD 1987 and 20 years coaching wrestling in Wayne Township
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    Jim calhoun

    Character counts

    Let me first say I in no way am putting down anybody in particular or acting like I’m the role model cause I’m the furthest from perfect, but I really think coaches need to take a step back and look in the mirror and realize our wrestlers watch our lives more than they listen to our words. I’ve been blessed at Plymouth to coach with coaches that in many years have impacted hundreds of lives. I’ve never heard a foul word out of their mouth nor is any wrestler aloud to use profanity. Their goal is always create young men of integrity first and champions in life then champions on the mat. I’m amazed when I see and hear coaches and athletes cuss back and forth.....see wrestlers yell at refs.....throw things in anger and nothing is done. On a positive I’ve watched people I respect and look up to like coach Snyder get in wrestlers faces yet put his arm around them and build them up....coach Harper from little kids to high schoolers speak life into his kids yet in their face. I don’t know a man in the world that loves winning more than coach Read or a man that hates to lose more than him but you ask anyone that’s gone through his program in 30 plus years and you will hear nothing but the utmost respect because of the integrity he walks in. Coaches your integrity is the most 8mportant part of your job with the kids we have in front of us. Impact lives. As our coach always says....”Do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do”. Your reputation is what others think of you but your character is what people see and you really are. It’s time coaches we lead from the front!
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    Matthew Nelson

    Hoosier boys Super 32

    Im super proud of our Indiana Boys. I watched most matches and followed kids that I didnt know before this tournament, as High School is a new atmosphere for us. I saw everyone of these kids wrestle their Butts off, and they gave the competition the full fight. I dont think any of them under performed. They left it all on the mat every time, and I was extremely impressed with the heart they all have. Indiana is on the map. They may not have accomplished their dreams this time, but they are on the right path. Everyone of them should be proud of the way they wrestled. We should all praise them for the sacrifices and dedication they gave to fight at the Super 32. After watching these kids wrestle this weekend, I cannot wait to watch each and everyone of them this season. I am rooting for them all. From up North all they way to down south, I am proud to be a Hoosier. Hats off to our Hoosier boys.
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    Does it get much bigger than this? #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei. Believe or not, this December 21 dual is the lowest stakes match ever contested between the ‘Cats and the Falcons. Here’s your proof: PM and MD first met at the 2000 IHSAA Team State, followed by a 2003 date at the same event. The 2006 meeting was a hootenanny. The IHSAA’s unbroken streak of boneheaded decisions to diminish wrestling was laid bare in the first round of the 2006 Team Event as the #1 Wildcats met the #2 Falcons—in the first round! As we all know, it is impossible and unfair to seed a high-stakes event. You may not like the IHSAA. You may find them self-serving and stupid. BUT, at least they are consistent. In a see-saw affair, Chico Adams and Jimmy Schoettle grabbed victories for Jim Tonte’s team in bouts 12 and 13, earning PM a 23-22 lead. For all the marbles, MD’s Sean Herron claimed a 7-2 victory, resulting in a 25-23 win for the Wildcats. This boosted MD’s record to 3-0 versus the Falcons. However, in 2012, the Falcons turned the tables on the Wildcats beating them in the last ISHAA-sponsored Team State event. The Wildcats were overwhelmed against Tonte’s loaded line-up, and bowed 40-19 in the semi-final. The Falcons cruised to a second, consecutive Team State title For Jim Tonte, it was relief and elation. “I have the utmost respect for Mater Dei, because they have been beating us like a drum forever. They bleed team, so we feel really good about beating them.” On the Red & Gold side of the house, it was agony. Many of the boys on the team attended Team State as a toddler. They grew up watching Mater Dei Wrestling and making the annual trek to Center Grove High School. Most, if not all, had first-hand memories of the great MD teams that delivered so many great victories. This year the trophy would go the Falcons. The dream of a championship was over. In 2014, the IHSWCA got it right, when #1 Mater Dei met #2 Perry Meridian for the Team Title in Muncie. Both line-ups were dotted with star power as Mater Dei brought eight ranked wrestlers to the party while Perry countered with six. Nationally-ranked wrestlers, Nick Lee and Brandon James of Perry Meridian, underscored the gravitas of the rosters. Ashton Forzley opened with an 8-3 win over Garrett Milner. Perry Meridian's Jordan Marion did not read the scouting report on Nick Buedel and paid the price. A few seconds into the match, Marion charged Buedel and was thrown to his back. Ultimately, Buedel prevailed, 19-9. Sam Bassemier, diminished by a flu bug, gutted out a gritty, 8-5 win over Rilee Miller to spot the Wildcats a 10-0 lead. The Falcons got on the scoreboard with a pin at 195 pounds. 220-pound sophomore Kurtis Wilderman scored a hard-fought first period takedown and made it hold up for a crucial, 4-2 victory. Perry scored another fall at 285 pounds to narrow Mater Dei's advantage to a single point. Nolan Weidner found himself in a deep hole against Sunny Nier until he put Nier on his back during a third period scramble. The Red & Gold roared as Weidner cranked on Nier's head, desperately working for the fall. The clock was the enemy as time ran out and Weidner found himself on the wrong side of a 9-7 decision, giving Perry Meridian its first lead of the evening. Sweet Luigs faced unheralded Jack Servies and found a ready and willing opponent. Luigs finally took control of the match and cut Servies late in the third for a major decision attempt. Luigs quickly popped Servies with a headlock, and took him straight to his back. The bench sprang to its feet as the Mater Dei fans roared. With seven ticks remaining on the clock, the referee slapped the mat with gusto. A normally-stoic Luigs allowed a smile and pointed to the bench as his teammates subsequently mobbed him. Seventh-ranked Will Egli took the mat against top-ranked Cornelius Elliot. Like Egli, Elliot was a wide-open wrestler. The duo, pummeled, faked and shot before Elliot scored a second period takedown. Trailing 3-2 in the third period, Egli took Elliot from his feet to his back. The referee started a count and reversed himself, awarding Egli no points. Elliot played defense the balance of the stanza and emerged a 3-2 winner. Fifth-ranked Alex Johnson took the mat against sixth-ranked Ngun Uk, as the 'Cats clung to a one point team advantage. Uk grabbed an early 4-1 lead before Johnson tied the match at the end of the first period. Uk took another lead before Johnson garnered a point for a locked hands call and another point for an escape to nab his first lead of the match. Johnson scored a third period takedown and made it hold up for an emotional, 9-6 win. Nick Lee jumped on the hapless Jordan Napier, executing a takedown clinic to claim a 28-13 technical fall. Joe Lee faced off against senior Brandon James and his 11th-ranked national status. Lee got busy early, scoring a quick takedown. James righted his ship and eventually scored an 8-2 victory. With a 27-21 advantage and two matches to go, another win would put the Falcons away. Junior Blake Jourdan toed the line across from third-ranked Noah Warren. Jourdan wasted no time, securing double under hooks, bear-hugging Warren and taking him to his back. As Warren could not be held down, the match would be decided by takedowns. Wrestling a heady match, Jourdan stayed under control and won the battle, eventually delivering a 14-5 decision. A stone-faced Jourdan strolled to the bench to be surrounded, hugged and patted by his jubilant teammates as the Mater Dei faithful howled. "I was a little nervous before the match," conceded Jourdan. "But I knew what I had to do. I just had to go out, wrestle my match and win." Final Score: Mater Dei- 31, Perry Meridian- 27. Greg Schaefer, winning his first State Title as a coach and capturing Mater Dei's first since 2007, was at a loss for words. "I'm just so proud of our guys," said Schaefer. "We did what we had to do to win." Perhaps no Wildcat had a bigger weekend than Sweet Kyle Luigs. In addition to his key pin against Perry Meridian and win over Erik Owens, Luigs also defeated New Palestine's third-ranked Alec White. But for Luigs, none of these things mattered; redemption was on his mind. "I lost Team State for us last year (Luigs was decisioned in the final bout against Franklin's State Champion, DJ Smith)," said Luigs. "I had to do something so that we could win." First year starter, senior Nick Buedel, relished the ride. Throughout the day, Mater Dei fans were entertained by Buedel's exuberance and antics. "Yeah, I'm having a great time," enthused Buedel. "We're winning and it's awesome! What's not to like?" Senior Alex Johnson was a freshman on the team that was shellacked by Perry Meridian at the 2012 Team State—Mater Dei's first-ever loss to the Falcons. "I wanted to meet Perry in the final and I wanted to beat Perry in the final," said Johnson. "This is the best feeling ever." The Falcons stormed back in 2016, hammering the Wildcats, 45-18. 2017 produced another epic battle. In a see-saw affair that resulted in three lead changes, the Falcons faced dim prospects, late in the match. Down 25-19, another loss to the Wildcats would likely spell doom for PM. The Falcons were up for the task. Jack Servies, Aiden Warren and Brooks Davis delivered a hat trick of decisions, before Noah Warren iced the victory with a pin. The series stands at four wins for Mater Dei and three for Perry Meridian. Individual match-ups between the two schools go back to the late 70’s when PM and MD were in the same semi-state. Perry Meridian’ Hall of Fame coach Phil Strader is still steaming over Steve Adams’ 1981 overtime loss to MD’s Jeff “Spiderman” Parkinson. Look no further than the team benches—you will find that the coaches have squared off against one another. For 25 years, you will be hard pressed to find a state tournament that does not contain at least one match-up between PM and MD. Here what to expect from meeting number eight: · Outside of the wrestling semi-state, this will be one of the biggest scholastic match-ups in this school year. Our esteemed newspaper, The Evansville Courier and Depressed, will not be aware of this event. It is highly unlikely there will be any pre or post-match coverage. · This will be the biggest dual in Evansville, since #1 (Kentucky) Union County wrestled #2 Mater Dei in 2013. 2000 rabid fans showed up for a barn burner. · Expect a big crowd for this one. MD alums home for Christmas, students, hardcore fans and casual fans will show up in force. Many in attendance will be from other, local programs. While they will not be vocal, emotionally they will throw their support to the Falcons. · For our friends travelling from Indy, take a little time to get to know the territory. After the meet, drop by the Hilltop Inn. Not only is it the “Manliest Bar in America”, for 68 years it has been THE gathering place after MD wrestling matches. Their fishbowls are not to be missed. · Expect HUGE match-ups: Cottey/Freeman at 106 and Lee/Warren at 145. Dickens and Fair at 152 could be the match of the night. Hook’s keys to a win: · Emotion and a fast start; I expect the draw and/or upsets to come into play. If Mater Dei gets a quick start, or an early upset, the roof will come off the place, creating momentum for the Cats that will be difficult to overcome. If the early scales tip to the Falcons, it will be bad for MD. Since 1976—42 years—Mater Dei has lost only one dual in its home gymnasium. · Bonus points will likely determine the winner of the dual. Maximizing wins and minimizing losses is crucial. · Big guns will be big guns; both of the belligerents have plenty of them! But what about the supporting cast? At the end of the day, I believe the non-stars will determine the outcome. what’s my prediction? I ran the lineups, coaches, injuries and atmospheric conditions through Randy Helfrich’s super-computer...i’m sworn to secrecy. Ask Randy.
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    I like the idea of 15, but adding it to the middle of the lineup. 106, 113, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 170,182, 195, 220, 285
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    Semi-State Bracket Links

    Fort Wayne https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/FortWayne.pdf East Chicago https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/EastChicago.pdf New Castle https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/NewCastle.pdf Evansville https://indianamat.com/brackets/2019/Evansville.pdf
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    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    FYI, I'm updating the brackets with records, grade,....oh and RANKINGS! Fort Wayne is done working on the others.
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    Elliott Rodgers CATHEDRAL

    Since most of us have a snow day today, let’s talk about an inspirational story from an outside perspective. Elliott Rodgers of Cathedral and his rise to the top. Again, I don’t know the kid but have been following since his remarkable freshman season. Elliott was a freshman wrestling 145 for the always tough, Cathedral team. Elliott’s record was 20-11 going into regionals, after he had just won a weak sectional. He won his first round match 7-5. Win by pin in his second match and lost in the finals 3-6. Elliott was NOT on anyone’s radar to punch his ticket to state. His ticket round match was Antwaun Graves of Warren Central who was 35-2 at the time and ranked high in state. Elliott drew a 17-15 kid from Carmel first round… in which he won 1-0 in a close match. Elliott then upset Graves in a 8-6 match that sent him to the state finals. But he wasn’t done yet, as he beat a North Central kid who was 33-12 at the time in the semifinals to send him to the Semi-State Championship match with a record of 25-13. Elliott was pinned by undefeated Boone Welliever in one minute. Great story right? Kid has a killer day and performs well…really well. But, is it really a Cinderella story if it happens again? Elliott drew Corban Pollitt of Col. East first round at state. Corban was 34-12 but was part of the elite CE wrestling team. Elliott pulls out the win 5-3 and advances to the second state. Elliott then beats Mason Winner (38-4) 3-0 to advance to the semi-finals. Elliott then lost 1-4 to Jason Crary of Munster and lost by pin to Welliever for 3rdand 4th. Elliott finished his freshman season 27 wins and 15 losses and a 4thplace finish on the podium. No imposter syndrome for Elliott… a kid who out performed his skill level? A kid who never placed in middle school state (according to track). Elliott comes back for his sophomore season and wins Semi-State with a record of 35 wins and 5 losses. He took 5that the Al Smith and DNP at the IHPO. Eliott went on to finish 2ndwith 2-1, 3-2, and 8-4 wins to eventually lose by TF to Brayton Lee in the finals. Elliott finished with 38 wins and 6 losses his sophomore year and a second place finish on the podium. As a junior, Elliott has wins over ultra-tough wrestlers Brock Ellis and Jake Schoenegge already.. but has a loss to Eli dickens and we also seen Elliott lose his #1 ranking, sliding him to #2. You may never find a wrestler who has so many losses after two years who has placed 4thand 2nd. Here is a kid who can teach us adults a life lesson.. You WILL fail in life, you may fail a lot, but as long as you don’t quit and keep getting better, you will be successful.
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    Wrestling Mom Dancing

    Sometimes it is really fun watching wrestling moms. Hope you like this one.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x2KNgT3WWqkDaDRbWrlMau210Vj-SxYA/view?usp=sharing
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    Send me BRACKETS 27 of 32

    Since it looks like the brackets are being held hostage, send them to me at joe@indianamat.com. I'll update this as I get them. Sectional Brackets Received East Chicago SS Twin Lakes Twin Lakes.pdf Mishawaka Mishawaka.pdf Laporte Laporte.pdf Portage Portage.pdf Plymouth Plymouth.pdf Lafayette Jeff Lafayette Jeff.pdf East Chicago Central East Chicago Central.pdf Fort Wayne SS Carroll Carroll.pdf Jay County Jay County.pdf Westview Westview.pdf New Haven New Haven.pdf Oak Hill Oak Hill.pdf Peru Peru.pdf New Castle SS Warren Central Warren Central.pdf Crawfordsville Crawfordsville.pdf Elwood Elwood.pdf Frankfort Frankfort.pdf Shenandoah Shenandoah.pdf Southport Southport.pdf South Derborn South Dearborn.pdf Arsenal Tech Arsenal Tech.pdf Evansville SS Avon Avon.pdf Bloomington North Bloomington North.pdf Jeffersonville Jeffersonville.pdf Evansville Central Evansville Central.pdf Castle Castle.pdf Jennings County Jennings County.pdf
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    Congratulations Bulldogs

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was convinced that this was their down year, WRONG! Remarkable team effort and a true testament of a great coaching staff.
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    The biggest upset has to be the wrestling fans.....that want to see the semi-state brackets.
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    Based on the IndianaMat final Power Poll (https://indianamat.com/index.php?/team_rankings.html/2019/power-poll-final-r114/) of the top scoring teams, here are some potential landmines with respect to the race for the team championship. HUGE thanks to @Indysportsfan and his excellent data! *NOTE: Northerners - before you complain... there are not many highly ranked teams (other than Portage and Crown Point) from either the East Chicago or Fort Wayne semistates. Although there are a LOT of compelling matchups at regionals and semistate, I did not see many that would directly effect the team race at state. Once they get to state - then there are plenty of hammers that could mess up team points! 106 Pounds Huge landmine potential here Evansville Semistate Alec Freeman - Mater Dei (#3 / #1SS) @ Evansville North Logan Miller - Brownsburg (#8 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Blaze Garcia - Avon (#12 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Noah Lykins - Columbus East (NR / #8SS) @ Jeffersonville Either Miller or Garcia will likely finish 2nd at Mooresville. They could draw into Freeman or Lykins at semistate ticket-round. Freeman won a 8-6 decision over Miller this season, and Miller won by 3-1 over Garcia at sectionals. Could be a big point-scoring swing at Bankers LIfe for one of these teams depending on how things go 113 Pounds Evansville Semistate Cole Ross - Mater Dei (#5 / #1SS) @ Evansville North Ben Dalton - Monrovia (#6 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Hayden Watson - Center Grove (#8 / #4SS) @ Mooresville Cameron Allen - Plainfield (#13 / #8SS) @ Mooresville Kamariyon Nelson - Brownsburg (#17 / #6SS) @ Mooresville The log-jam at Mooresville could wreak havoc at semistate. Watson defeated Dalton last weekend 7-2. Doesn't look like Ross has faced any of these yet - but one of the 4 will be in the same ticket round group as him 120 Pounds Evansville Semistate Blake Boarman - Mater Dei (#2 / #1SS) @ Evansville North Brayden Littell - Center Grove (#1 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Kysen Montgomery - Brownsburg (#6 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Tyler Conley - Avon (#11 / #4SS) @ Mooresville This Mooresville regional is really creating some tough matchups @ Evansville semistate! From the look of results, Boarman and Littell should be favorites to win their regionals. Boarman has a good chance that he will have to face either Montgomery or Conley in the ticket round. Either way will have huge implications for state scoring potential cause all these guys could win a few at state. Boarman has a 4-1 decision over Conley this year 126 Pounds New Castle Semistate Lukasz Walendzak - Cathedral (#6 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Chase Wilkerson - Mt Vernon (#9 / #4SS) @ Pendleton Heights Logan Wagner - Westfield (#7 / #2SS) @ North Montgomery Cameron Toole - Lebanon (#8 / #5SS) @ North Montgomery Jevian Ross - Warren Central (#11 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian Big landmine for Cathedral and Warren here. Wilkerson defeated Walendzak 2-1 at sectional last weekend. If Walendzak finishes 2nd again this weekend, he could get Ross, Wagner or Toole for ticket round at New Castle. If Walendzak wins this weekend, he could still wind up in same bracket as either Wagner or Toole. He has split decisions with Wagner this season 132 Pounds Evansville Semistate Asa Garcia - Avon (#1 / #1SS) @ Mooresville Logan Boe - Plainfield (#7 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Drake Campbell - Brownsburg (#9 / #4SS) @ Mooresville Tyler Fuqua - Franklin Comm (#18 / #5SS) @ Mooresville Clay Egli - Mater Dei (#11 / #3SS) @ Evansville North Joey Gordon - Columbus East (#19 / #6SS) @ Jeffersonville This landmine could hurt either Mater Dei or Columbus East (or both!). Mooresville is stacked at this weight - they will send 4 highly ranked wrestlers to semistate. Assuming Egli and Gordon both win their regionals, they will each have to make it past one of the Mooresville placers to get to Bankers Life 138 Pounds New Castle Semistate Tyce Freije - Roncalli (#2 / #1SS) @ Perry Meridian Gabe Smith - Perry Meridian (#9 / #2SS) @ Perry Meridian Jarred Rowlett - Warren Central (#12 / #5SS) @ Perry Meridian Andrew Wilson - Cathedral (#16 / #3SS) @ Pendleton Heights Chris Wilkerson - Mt Vernon (#17 / #7SS) @ Pendleton Heights Wilkerson defeated Wilson 2-1 at sectionals. They will face off again this weekend at Pendleton. Perry regional is loaded at this weight - Smith and Rowlett should face off in the semifinals. If Freije can win regionals, then Smith and/or Rowlett could draw into Wilson or another tough opponent (Gabe Phillips/Kyle Holman) and have their trip to state cancelled. Wilson really has his work cut out for him to get to Bankers Life and help Cathedral's point total - he's lost to Rowlett, Smith and Freije this season 145 Pounds New Castle Semistate Alex Mosconi - Cathedral (#3 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Jeff Dunasky - Guerin (#9 / #5SS) @ Pendleton Heights Aiden Warren - Perry Meridian (#4 / #2SS) @ Perry Meridian Antwaun Graves - Warren Central (#5 / #4SS) @ Perry Meridian Bryer Hall - South Dearborn (#2 / #3SS) @ Richmond So many possibilities here! Graves or Warren will be a #2 finisher this weekend and both are absolute hammers. Warren beat Graves in OT 4-3 earlier this season so this final could go either way. If Mosconi can beat Dunasky at Pendleton, then it sets up a possible ticket-round death match of Mosconi vs Graves/Warren or Bryer Hall vs Graves/Warren unless they happen to draw the winner from North Montgomery. Cathedral/Perry/Warren could all lose a super high potential guy next weekend at New Castle 152 Pounds New Castle Semistate Cooper Noehre - Greenfield Central (#3 / #2SS) @ Perry Meridian Brice Coleman - Warren Central (#4 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian Sam Fair - Perry Meridian (#9 / #4SS) @ Perry Meridian Elliott Rodgers - Cathedral (#2 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Like 145, this is another very dangerous situation for Cathedral / Perry / Warren. Rodgers should win at Pendleton. The regional at Perry is a tossup (Fair has lost to both Noehre and Coleman, Coleman defeated Noehre last weekend). Any of the 3 Perry competitors will be heavily favored over the winners from Richmond and North Montgomery, but if one of them lands in the ticket group with Rodgers then it will be a high-stakes battle, as any of these top 10 wrestlers could end up scoring a lot of points in Indy 160 Pounds Not really any here that I see - D Washington, J Slivka, and B Davis should all win comfortably and be separated at their semistates unless there is a big upset. Most of the other top 160s are from teams not challenging for state title 170 Pounds New Castle Semistate Tyler Wagner - Cathedral (#20 / #6SS) @ Pendleton Heights Cody Klettheimer - Frankton (#3 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Eli Mahan - Roncalli (#5 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian Tucker Coffman - Union County (#8 / #5SS) @ Richmond Logan Hart - Carmel (#10 / #4SS) @ North Montgomery It's going to be very difficult for Tyler Wagner to thread the needle and make it to state. He will have Klettheimer at Pendleton Heights who will be heavily favored. Should Wagner finish as runner up, then he will have to get past either Mahan, Coffman or one of Hart/Saez/Lowe in the ticket round. Can he pull out an upset and give Cathedral a potential huge upside of points? 182 Pounds Nothing really here - Avon is the only top team to have a wrestler in the Top 20 and Brewer should be safe through semistate no matter the outcome of regionals 195 Pounds Again, not much to see. Perry Meridian's #12 Austin Lane should win there. He could have #13 Tremor Bynum at semistate ticket round 220 Pounds Evansville Semistate Micah Dodson - Martinsville (#7 / #2SS) @ Mooresville Jayden Williams - Avon (#11 / #3SS) @ Mooresville Lawson Allen - Brownsburg (#12 / #4SS) @ Mooresville Jacob Bolte - Columbus East (#1 / #1SS) @ Jeffersonville Bolte should be fine, but the outcome at Mooresville could be a swing in points down the road. Avon and Brownsburg will have to hope their wrestler can finish #1, or if they do not, then hope that they do not draw to the Bolte ticket bracket at Evansville semistate or they could leave points on the table New Castle Semistate David Guhl - Cathedral (#20 / #5SS) @ Pendleton Heights Kyle Cornwell - Elwood (#4 / #2SS) @ Pendleton Heights Andrew Irick - Hamilton SE (#3 / #1SS) @ North Montgomery Drew Webster - North Montgomery (#8 / #3SS) @ North Montgomery Haakon VanBeynan - Carmel (#16 / #8SS) @ North Montgomery Guhl has the potential to make it to state, but he will have to navigate some landmines - if he finishes a likely 2nd place to Kyle Cornwell this weekend, then he will need to get past one of the North Montgomery top 3 - best scenario for him matchup-wise is to get the #4 from North Montgomery and the #1 from Richmond as they have nobody on either the state or semistate list 285 Pounds New Castle Semistate Jamichael Watts - North Central (#1 / #1SS) @ Pendleton Heights Dennis Hubbard - Warren Central (#9 / #3SS) @ Perry Meridian John Harris - Roncalli (#10 / #5SS) @ Perry Meridian The big guys are pretty unpredictable - Roncalli's John Harris defeated Hubbard at sectionals. If Harris can win again then he should be in a good spot to make it through New Castle. If he loses, however, then the danger is that he is put in the same ticket round bracket as Watts from North Central, the #1 heavyweight in the state. Roncalli will need these points and potential bonus points if they want to make a run at the top. I'm sure I missed some great matchups. Mater Dei is #1 and Cathedral is #2 in the Power Poll, but both of them have a LOT of tough matchups due to the depth of talent at the Mooresville and Perry Meridian regionals. Columbus East doesn't seem to have as many matchup issues - so who knows maybe them, Avon or Roncalli will be in the drivers seat in a couple of weeks
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    Great story on Center Grove wrestler

    This is a great read http://www.dailyjournal.net/2019/01/17/center_grove_wrestler_uses_troubled_past_as_motivation_for_the_future/
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    Congratulations Coach Peckinpaugh

    Congratulations to Coach Peckinpaugh on his #1000th Dual Meet Win! An amazing milestone to add to an already long list of coaching accomplishments. Congrats Peck!
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    Carson Brewer of Avon commits to

    Congratulations to Carson Brewer from Avon for signing with Ohio. He is projected to wrestle 184. View full signing
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    Grappler Fall Classic

    A bunch of indiana kids battled in East Lansing yesterday at the Grappler Fall Classic. -KT Nelson wrestled tough in the 105lb weight class taking 5th place. -Roberson and Watson both placed in the 112lb bracket taking 8th and 6th. -Mendez and Littell both dominated opposite sides of the 125lb bracket until they both took losses to a tough Ohio kid. -130lb bracket had 8th grader Barr take 8th after losing to eventual champ in quarters. -135lb had several tough Indiana kids, but only had two place. Campbell lost in SV to #10 ranked Edmond(MI) and then later beat #20 ranked Rivera(FL). Campbell also beat Kreitzer 2-0. Campbell placed 3rd and Kreitzer took 7th. -Rooks fell in the 140lb finals -Lee lost in the 145lb finals to #14 ranked wrestler Whitaker -Dickens went 4-2 placing 5th in 152lb bracket -160lb bracket had 4 wrestlers do really well with LaPlace taking 8th, Washington taking 2nd, South taking 3rd, and Ruble losing before placement. Washington had a SV win against South to make finals Laplace had a 5-3 loss against the number 1 ranked kid in the country(Facundo) and then looked to have a bad injury against Bailey from Illinois. South was able to take out Bailey in the next match. -171lb bracket had 2 guys place. Calhoun took 6th and Walker fell in the finals. Walker had a huge tournament taking out the 10th ranked wrestler in the country(Kai Bele-FL). Walker opened some eyes for sure. I saw 2 big time college programs chatting him up after the win. Overall a pretty good showing for Indiana. Most of these same young men or headed to Super32, so hopefully they keep putting the country on notice about these Hoosiers.
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    Ed Pendoski

    An Idea to Think About.

    Here's a thought that hit my brain a couple years ago and I'd like to know what other's think. When a kid transfers school there's almost always three sides of the equation. Parents say, "The IHSAA should let a family do what's best for the kid" and if the school a kid leaves decides to protest, they're quick to say "that move was for an athletic transfer which is not allowed". The school that receives the transfer says, "What am I supposed to do if a kid just showes up?" My thought here isn't touching any of those statements. We've all heard enough on Indianamat about this. Here's my thought that I'd like to know what others think...... What is going to happen to wrestling in the long run as a whole if the number of state placing transfers continues? Is wrestling going to become similar to gymnastics over time? How are the small school/weaker programs going to keep up numbers of participants and quality of participants? What about coaching at a smaller/weaker program? Wouldn't it be more attractive place to coach if a potential state qualifier was in the room? Here is gymnastics program from last year: http://www.ihsaa.org/portals/0/Flip Book/2017-18/gym/index.html#?page=8 If we continue on the growth in number of transfers, what happens to the smaller/weaker schools? How long before the smaller/weaker schools start to drop the sport. Once that starts happening, I'm concerned it will happen with other schools quickly. Are the number of forfeits from 1a schools increasing or decreasing in the past 5 years? What happens when a school has 5 guys on a team, and no one to coach them? I'm the Lorax. I speak for the trees. Are we ruining the future of Indiana wrestling with the amount of transfers?....but everyone needs a thneed, right? If my daughter has a child that want to wrestle (of course I mean 30 yrs from now, after she gets her MBA, starts her own business, and then is allowed to date for the first time), will Indiana wrestling be a sport with 40 schools and the same 4 teams compete for a title?
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    Once the records of the wrestlers have been posted on Track I will update the spreadsheet. When new rankings are posted it will be updated as well. After Sectional, Regional and Semi-state I will update the list to reflect who is still alive. Currently I only have 2 weights done but it will be completed before Thursday. 2019 Wrestling Rankings.xlsx
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    Perry Meridian Regional

    Allow me to provide analysis for this weekend with probably the most unbiased opinion on this forum. 🙂 Let me apologize in advance this will be slanted toward 3 teams who will be battling for the Ship. It is a 3-way race with Warren Central in the drivers seat. Throughout the year the Warriors have proved they are the better overall team than both the Rebels and Falcons. They defeated them at County by a healthy margin, unless we see a few upsets along the way I believe the Warriors will prevail once again. The Rebels defeated the Falcons at County and last week in Sectionals the Falcons returned the favor by winning with approximately the same margin. As you will see there are many matches that could sway the team race to either Perry or Roncalli based on a mild upset and/or a toss-up going the other way this time.....it will be a fun day at Perry! All 3 teams advanced their 14 wrestlers in the following fashion: Warren -- 10 Champs & 4 Seconds; Roncalli -- 6 Champs, 4 Seconds, 4 Thirds; Perry -- 7 Champs, 5 Seconds and 2 Thirds. 1st round matches (3-seed vs 2-seed): Warren vs Roncalli -- 2 (182 & 220 -- HUGE matches for team scoring) Warren vs Perry -- 0 106 This weight class belongs to Mr. Cottey, with a close battle for 2nd. Cottey has wins this season over #7 Carlton Perry and #15 Kody Glithero; it would surprise me to see him get a serious challenge before Saturday morning at Bankers Life. Second place should be a tough battle between the other state ranked contenders. This season Perry is 2-0 vs Glithero but the results were 3-1 & 3-2. If the Roncalli frosh can pull off the mild upset it would definitely tighten up the team race. Cottey, Perry, Glithero, Smith 113 Similar to 106 I see a clear cut favorite in #4 David Pierson. He finished 4th in the state last year and I am certain a deep run will occur again this year. The battle for 2nd should be hotly contested between Andrew Haggerty and Christian White. I don't believe they have faced each other and common opponents are not easily found. White has the better record, Haggerty has the tougher schedule. Wilson, from Roncalli, has a win over ss #8 Brac Hooper so he has the potential to find some magic and take 3rd place. Pierson, White, Haggerty, Wilson 120 The favorite is #4 Brayden Lowery, sitting at 32-0, but he has been challenged on 2 occasions from #12 Chris Stewart (3-0 & 4-2). Both wrestlers have faced an array of challengers this year, and although Stewart has 7 losses they have come at the hands of Littell, Montgomery, Lowery, etc.... With that said I still have Lowery being the winner in convincing fashion, regardless of the score. Lowery, Stewart, Morton, Donlan 126 #11 Jeivan Ross is the wrestler to beat here and ss #7 Sam Slivka will be the opponent giving it a try in the Finals. Ross owns 2 wins over Slivka this year (Fall & 8-0) but I believe Slivka will continue to close the game on Saturday. Slivka has 4 losses on the year (Rioux & Curtis) so he has been tested plenty of times and should be ready on Saturday. Ross, who was shot in the forehead last year while laying in bed, has had an outstanding year and I pull for him in any match outside of facing a Rebel. Ross, Slivka, Mckee, Cotter 132 #2 Alec Viduya should succeed on Saturday facing a well-known wrestler in ss #5 Aundre Beatty in the final. Alec has 2 wins over Beatty (20-5 & 15-5) and should continue that streak while moving on to New Castle. This weight was deprived of an outstanding wrestler in Gavin Rose when he was forced to withdraw due to an injury; who will seize the opportunity to gain an invite to New Castle that probably would not have been available? Viduya, Beatty, Taylor, Defreese 138 One of the best weights in the Regional. You have #2 Tyce Freije, #9 Gabe Smith and #12 Jarred Rowlett battling for that #1 seed at New Castle. Freije is the favorite having multiple wins over Smith and a Team State win over Rowlett. Smith defeated Rowlett earlier in the year but that semi-final match could go either way. I believe Goodwin (Southport) has been ranked this year in the semi-state so he is a wrestler you can not overlook...quite the entertainment should be provided from this group. Freije, Smith, Rowlett, Goodwin 145 Two thoroughbreds are gearing up the finals at this weight. #4 Aiden Warren and #5 Antwaun Graves are set to do battle for the Regional crown. Warren holds the advantage this year with a 4-3 UTB victory in the County so it is obvious the 2 wrestlers are evenly matched. Given the New Castle SS will have 3 other top 10 wrestlers waiting in the wings (Mosconi, Hall & Dunasky) being the top dog at Perry will provide you a 66% chance of avoiding one of them in the ticket round vs a 66% chance of wrestling one of them if you get 2nd. Graves, Warren, Wright, Page I will finish the last 7 weights tonight -- something called 'WORK' is bothering me at the moment.
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    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    Cliff Notes version: My son isn't undefeated, nor is this a topic about Avon so this is a dumb topic.
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    PA announcer: “ Please rise for the national anthem” a few moments pass...nothing. A minute passes of awkward silence. a couple of ladies, with very soft voices, begin to sing. A couple of bars in, several others joined. By the third bar, the entire audience rose to the moment and joyously belted out the anthem. many members of the audience—and the boys—kept their hand over their heart. EVERYONE faced the flag. it was a thing of beauty. No one took a knee or experienced a “triggering” event by this simple display of respect. I am quite certain that none of the combatants were traumatized and required counseling. on a night of the match-up of a decades-old super-intense rivalry, it was great to enjoy an experience that unites us. it was a great night to be an American.
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    Wrestling Results posted

    Good morning coaches. Please allow me to help with the posting of results -- if you email me a picture and/or text listing the results of your matches I will make sure they got posted on the website in a timely fashion. My email address is agentowner@gmail.com -- this will help the whole wrestling community and promote wrestlers for their achievements on the mat.
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    Asa Garcia of Avon commits to

    Congratulations to Asa Garcia from Avon for signing with Indiana. He is projected to wrestle 133. View full signing

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