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    Things we often overlook

    Friday night at Maconaquah was filled with some great action and a lot of young ladies putting themselves on the line, but I wanted to share with all of you a photo I took that really hit me. Heritage High School hasn't (according to IndianaMat results) won a dual meet in the last four years and they are 0-47 in that time. But every time I see coaches Lockett and Martin, I am impressed at the way they run their program. They are full of energy and passion for their kids. I have seen it at home dual meets, at the ACAC duals and I saw it on Friday night. Heritage had one girl wrestling. One girl. Yet the entire team (almost, I think) and both coaches were in attendance and coaching their hearts out and laughing with their kids. This made a huge impression on me and I will be rooting for the Patriots the rest of the year. The whole team spent six hours in a gym to watch Amber Hoy wrestle four matches. Kudos to the Heritage team and to both coaches for the role they are playing in their program and congrats to Amber Hoy on her placement Friday night.
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    Justice Cash

    This is Justice Cash and after losing 4 times at semi-state I am coming on here to share the story that I never was able to share after winning a state title... The dog tag in the picture has been in my shoe for every wrestling match since Amante Young's death... He was a brother to me and there was nothing I wanted to do more than win a state title for him and his memory. He died tragically in a car crash a few months after winning a state title in Michigan. For those who knew Amante you would know he was one of the sweetest, joyful, and kind hearted people you've ever met. He was always smiling and brought so much joy to others, he always had my back, and he always wanted to make himself better. His home life was never amazing but he still was always trying to make money to give gifts to his whole family during holidays and other occasions even knowing he wouldn't be getting any from his parents at times. He always wanted to help people and he never acted like he was bound to be unsuccessful because of his home life, he found ways to make himself better and others around him better. I could go on and on about how amazing Amante was as a person and a wrestler and about how much he meant to me and so many others, but here is the end and the end of my high school career. I would be so grateful if anyone who reads this would mention his name in my place after winning a state title this year because I have failed to make it there for him myself... Thank you...
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    Deserving Acknowledgments

    On behalf of Silas, myself and the rest of our family....we want to bring awareness to how accommodating the IHSAA was for us this weekend. All of us (including myself) at times get so caught up in what we feel they do wrong as it pertains to wrestling, we can easily become blinded to the multitude of right they do. Mr. Faulkens seen to it we had All-Access passes, and we’re allowed in our regular seats at our convenience. That type of gesture deserves a lot of credit. Because in what is always an extremely exhausting weekend.....factoring my health, my wife having to carry my breathing machine and our youngest daughter, without their philanthropic gesture, this weekend would not have been possible for me. I also want to commend Jacob Laplace and the Mishawaka Coaching staff. They had a tremendous gameplan of counter wrestling by the edge of mat to slow Silas’ relentless pace. We have been friends and thought a lot of Jacob and family going all the way back to 6th grade. He and Silas were always summer teammates with the Outlaws and forged a bond that continues to this day. Wrestling Family can be an equal bond as blood at times, because there’s such an understanding of the sacrifice involved for wrestlers, coaches and parents. We have a lot of genuine love for many of the Caveman faithful. Specifically the Sandefur’s, Fogarty’s, Walker’s and of course the Laplace family. I’m extremely proud of Jacob’s effort. He wrestled Silas as well as ANYONE has the last 2 yrs. But more importantly....I’m proud of Jacob as a young man of faith. Indiana Tech stole a diamond in the ruff recruit! But Coach Pompei will undoubtedly help grow his solid foundation to achieve tremendous things at the next level. -The Allred’s
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    Three years and one day ago...

    Rickie Clark and Robert Samuels put on the best consolation match spectacle in Indiana wrestling history.
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    Jesse Mendez Loss

    If I remember right, he bumped up a weight to try to win one for his team. Because... that’s what true champs do. He put his career undefeated record on the line for his team. Came up just short. That’s why the kid is even more awesome!
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    This is a very tricky question (thread) to reply to. In my humble opinion I don't know that there is a correct answer to the originally stated question. There are so many factors that go into competing at all collegiate levels. Does it count if a wrestler started DI and then transferred or stepped away from the sport after a year or two? One could respectfully debate the fact that some wrestlers take non-traditional paths into their college experiences now days. Additionally, many wrestlers arrive at their college choice only to find that it wasn't what they expected; or the coach who recruited them has now taken a different job; or academics trip them up; or an injury derails their college wrestling experience. There are numerous factors that play out as an 18 year-old embarks on a college wrestling journey. There can be many pitfalls along the way... as is there can be many rewards to be had if a little grit is demonstrated. With athlete retention in mind I believe more wrestlers (and their parents) could do a better job of 1)researching a variety of schools before making a final selection; 2)working on their time management skills in MS and HS to better ensure "life success" in college; and 3)realizing that wrestling at any collegiate level is very grueling. As they say... "it's a job." You have to love the sport, be willing to navigate set-backs, and have the ability to keep your eye on the ball. In getting back to the original topic, DI wrestling isn't for everyone. It is absolutely best-practice for an athlete (and his/her parents) to be realistic in what level of collegiate wrestling they want to take part in. A productive and fulfilling wrestling experience can be had at all collegiate levels depending on what the student-athlete is after. As a reminder... it is college... so some level of academic achievement should be placed into the equation. A wrestler at a DIII college studying pre-med is obviously a different situation than a wrestler navigating the rigors of a Big Ten program and schedule. Two different scenarios... two different goals in mind... both are to be applauded. I tip my hat to any young man or young lady that finishes 4+ years of collegiate wrestling at any level and walks away with memories, achievements, and a college degree.
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    History of #1 vs #1

    Back in 2011, Doug Welch (152) would beat up on Chad Welch (160) everyday in practice.
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    Cael McCormick

    Thank You

    Indiana Wrestling Family, Thank you all for the amazing support throughout my 18-year career. I especially want to thank my parents, coaches, teammates, and mentors from around the state. I appreciate the sacrifices you made to help me reach my goals. Thank you to the Yorktown Wrestling family for developing me and my fellow Tigers. It is amazing to watch old teammates’ success at the collegiate level. Also, thank you to the administrators, officials, board members, and moderators (ISWA, IHSWCA, IndianaMat, etc.) for promoting Indiana wrestling. Thank you to the Army Wrestling program. I have lifelong friends, coaches, and mentors that elevated my game to the national stage. Thank you to anyone I missed in this message. There are so many amazing people from around the state, you all are incredible! BHAW, Cael McCormick Yorktown ‘16 USMA ‘20
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    So my brother was a pretty good wrestler. 4x State placer, 3x state champ. I watched him wrestle at state his freshman year place 7th. Got to see every match of his that year. The next year I decided to sign a dotted line and joined the military. During his first state championship he beat a pretty good kid, named Eric Galka, I was in basic training and missed the match. During his second championship run, he beat another good kid, Anthony Quiroz, I was in Iraq at the time and didn’t see it in person. So during his senior year I made it a point to go see every match of his, near or far. He was going for his third state title, and 4x time state placer. Become the first Portage wrestler to ever do both feats. Still in the military I had something going on Saturday morning at state, got to see his Friday night match, but missed the quarters match. Sean didn’t have one point scored against him, he didn’t let anyone up, no escapes, nothing. Pure domination. Coach Wilkins who was the head coach at the time got me a coaches pass so I could go down with Sean, watch him warm up before the finals match, and be right there when he came off the match. He told me that one was for me. I finally got to see my brother win a state while I was standing by the warm up mat they have set up. By far one of my favorite memories I’ve ever had at state.
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    I'm pretty sure I've posted this idea on here before, but here it is again... Let's start with some IHSAA philosophies, since they are the ones ultimately making the decision. Bobby Cox and company don't like "wrestlebacks" so this is something different. They are used to the one-and-done postseasons of football and basketball and have asked the wrestling coaches how many times someone should be allowed to lose and still move on. Our answer should be 2 - double elimination. The IHSAA views all 4 weeks as one big tournament. So, make the whole thing as close to double elimination as possible, like every other wrestling tournament in the world. That means we should guarantee that someone has lost twice in the tournament series or lost once to someone who has already lost twice (i.e., 4 over 1). Right now, there are 2 times when this does not happen. One is the pigtail round of Sectionals, which should be fixed by not pairing unseeded wrestlers against the top seeds. The only other spot that happens is the ticket round of Semi State, where an undefeated postseason wrestler can lose to someone with 1 postseason loss. That's what this solution will fix. The IHSAA also doesn't believe in upsets. They believe whoever wins must be the better wrestler. We cannot use any upsets as examples, because in their minds upsets do not happen. But if we can show them the fundamental flaw in their system that can be easily fixed with minimal effort, it has a much better chance of passing. And finally, the IHSAA likes to make more money and loves it's own ideas. This fix appeals to both of those philosophies, as well. And now for the idea... Qualify the top 5 out of each Semi State. Several years ago, the IHSAA had one year when they added matches to 5th place, but it was only for team score purposes. We bring back the IHSAA's own idea, so the ticket round losers pair up at the same time as the semifinals, and those winners wrestle for 5th at the same time as the 1st and 3rd place matches (like they do on Saturday of State). If your SemiState ran the semis on 2 mats, then this would take no extra time. If your SemiState ran the semis on 4 mats, then this would add about 45 minutes to the tournament. This year, New Castle was done around 6pm with 10 minute breaks between rounds and a 30+ minute lunch break. State will then have 20 per weight class, which will be more fans/money for the IHSAA without watering down the state tournament. Pair up the 4's versus 5's for an opening round on Friday night before the usual first round. Banker's Life can easily hold 6 mats to actually make Friday night go quicker. Details about the 20-man state bracket can be worked out later, but there would definitely be some exciting 4v5 and 5v1 matches on Friday night. Again, these would not be "wrestlebacks" - they are 5th place matches. They are not meant to give kids who lost (or got upset or had a bad match) an extra chance. This just fixes a systemic flaw in the "double elimination" of the tournament series overall. If the Coaches' Association proposes it like this, it would have a better chance of being approved by the IHSAA. A couple of additional benefits to this would be having a true alternate (6th place finisher) and more accurate team scores.
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    I know I'll get pelted with empties from any poster that starts with "SW" and I respect Mr. Goebel (sic) immensely, but maybe it's time to put a third guy on the show? And might I recommend @ontherise219 for that position? Now hear me out.... How many times last night did he mention "I'm not familiar with that wrestler..." or "IndianaMat ranks him...". Well, the actual ranker does some media stuff for the actual sight that does the rankings oft quoted, and since he does the rankings pretty well it appears, he does seem to know a bit about most/all the wrestlers and not just the ones at the E'ville SS. Again, nothing personal, and as far as the actual call of the finals matches goes I think Mr. Goebel is great and knows his stuff and adds insight, but for a parings show I'd just like to hear a bit more insight/matchups etc and think OTR could provide that. Of course the hour and fifteen minute time frame might be tough but he wouldn't have @Y2CJ41 to throw him off topic. Like I said, unpopular opinion.. but outside of the ESS dudes there just didn't seem to be much insight or info put out there except "that should be a good quarter bracket". There...I said it. I'll delete my acct now.
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    It’s Time

    Nope. Just have wrestlebacks and our system is perfect. Division individual State Champs are lame. If you want more kids to wrestle act like it is a business and have some charisma and sell it. Class wrestling only adds water.
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    ‘19 champs vs ‘20

    Slivka is one of the best big match wrestlers in Indiana history. He had wins over multiple top ranked high schoolers last year. And has beaten more of those guys this year. He just gets the job done. Slivka is a hammer on top and underrated on his feet. I’m unaware of any national ranked kids that Dickens has beat. Slivka has beaten a handful. With that said, that’s the reason that Slivka gets my nod. I’m using logic and facts. EMD fans are pumped for their guy. As they should be. Again, silly debate but a fun one. Obviously the Dickens win is fresh and 90 percent of EMD fans will give Dickens the nod. It is what it is. With all of that said, most posters on here have never won a title and will never have family member win a title. They will never know the joy or help put the work in to win a title. So.. when you get on here and say a KID will smoke another KID, it is kinda insulting to a family that actually put in the work, took the kid to privates, took the kid to academy, took the kid all over the USA, the money that was spent, the sleep that was missed, the days of work missed, the tudors that were payed for, getting up at 5:00am to help the kid work out and meal prep, the “vacation” time that was spent in the middle of Iowa. So before you go off running your mouth behind your anonymous screen name, be considerate of what people went through and know that they are prideful. Make your logical picks or homer picks, but you need to be respectful of other people’s sacrifices. Calm down cowboys. Just my two cents.
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    2020 Team champion preview

    **ASSUMING** that they score the tournament the same as last year (no advancement or bonus points for Friday night) the team race should be very close although I have it as a 3-horse race between Mater Dei, Cathedral and Crown Point. I think between those 3 it's anyone's tourney - bonus points, key matchups and some unexpected scorers could tilt the victory one way or another. Here is how the scoring works (again, using last year's formula). Wrestlers score for Advancement points and Placement points. Those are predetermined: Additionally, wrestlers can add team points versus Activity scoring: Obviously it makes a HUGE difference whether the wrestler can make it to the finals versus the 3rd/4th place match, and so on. Here are my predictions: 1. Evansville Mater Dei - 9 wrestlers with several chances to make the finals. Some huge landmines though that could really effect the outcome! 2. Indianapolis Cathedral - Some good early matchups means that they have a good chance to have a large number of wrestlers making it deep 3. Crown Point - With Mendez leading the way, the Bulldogs have some hammers that could make a deep run. They have some huge matchups with Mater Dei Evansville Mater Dei Nine wrestlers starting out Friday night for EMD. Close matchups for Egli, Baumann, Sollars and Parkinson - if they get all 9 through, look out! 113 Cole Ross likely to face Logan Frazier in his 2nd match. If we wins that, a tough one against the Schoeff/Anthony winner. I have Ross making the finals 120 Alec Freeman has a brutal route - Head to Head with Crown Point's Riley Bettich in the 2nd round, then has to beat Cathedral's Seltzer if he wants to reach the finals 126 Ashton Hayhurst - Has undefeated Dylan Stroud in the opening round. Can he get by him? If so, then battle-tested David Pierson in the 2nd round and Rioux in the 3rd. That's a lot to ask of a sophomore 132 Kane Egli - He's got a tough road, but guys like this senior can decide the team title. He faces Slivka from Roncalli in the 1st match. If he gets to Saturday he will likely have Ian Heath before hitting Mendez. Making the final 4 would be big 138 Blake Boarman is the big dog in a difficult half-bracket. For his 3rd match will probably face either Logan Wagner or Floyd Central's Conway 145 Brody Baumann has winnable first 2 matches but they won't be easy. Jajuan Anderson from Warren Central will push the pace - and then AJ Poindexter will stand in the way of a top 4 finish 160 Eli Dickens - Based on this year's results he is the favorite - but the final 4 at 160 will be extremely entertaining and could go any combination. He would have a match versus Cathedral's Eliot Rodgers in his 3rd match to reach the finals. That's a HUGE swing match for team points 170 Gabe Sollars - Someone like Sollars could make a huge difference. His first match is against Chesterton junior Gavin Layman. Then he would face a likely head-to-head matchup against Cathedral's Tyler Wagner 182 Macartney Parkinson - has the toughest quarter bracket in the tournament. Opens up against #1 Joseph Walker then has Mason Winner in the 2nd round. It's feast or famine for Mater Dei here Indianapolis Cathedral Cathedral enters 8 wrestlers to the field Friday night. All of them have a shot to make it to Saturday, with some high scoring potential 106 Evan Dickey comes in as a 4th place finisher, but he does avoid the loaded other half-bracket. His Friday night match is against Isaac Ruble - if he can get by that, then his points will really be a help 120 Zeke Seltzer is the prohibitive favorite but it isn't a cake walk. He may see Bettich or Freeman in the 3rd round. Still, it's likely big points here 138 Logan Bailey is a big swing in points, I think. He has potential to reach the finals, but he has a match against Drake Campbell in the 2nd round that could be a scare 160 Elliot Rodgers has a good path until that final 4 where he faces Dickens who has beat him this season. Will experience win over latest results? 170 Tyler Wagner may face EMD's Gabe Sollars in his 2nd match - that's a big showdown. Wagner could make a run to the finals 182 Johnny Parker - Unfortunately for Parker, he drew in to the death quarter bracket of Mason Winner then Parkinson/Walker. Tough to see him winning the first round, let alone getting to the final 4 195 Jacob Huffman - he is an interesting one. His first match is against Friedt, who is ranked higher but also lost to his Cathedral teammate Parker this season. I don't have Huffman making it to Saturday, but he could surprise and get into that 5th-8th range. In that case, bonus points would be key 285 Holden Parsons - the senior Yorktown transfer has wrestled well this season and the 285 weight class is always unpredictable. I have him winning 2 matches before facing Dancy from Portage. Parsons is very experienced and opposite the Key/Irick combo. If he can slow down the match and wrestle strategically against Dancy, he could be under the lights with some HUGE points Crown Point Crown Point brings 8 wrestlers to the first round. I think their first round looks great, which means they will get 6 or possibly 7 into the scoring rounds. They are very young, but still could surprise some of the older wrestlers and make deep runs to make this a close race 106 Sammy Goin has only lost once all season. I would love his chances - but he got a tough, tough draw. He has Chundi in the 2nd round. That match may be a tossup. Can Goin get past Chundi and make it into the final 4 and possibly win it all? Since there are so many young wrestlers here and the action is lightning-quick, 106 can be very unpredictable and the matches can turn quickly 113 Logan Frazier is another freshman. He has a stiff task, facing the experienced Cole Ross from EMD in the 2nd round. I would give the edge to Ross, but I am not counting out these young bulldogs either 120 Riley Bettich has a ton of talent and the chance to take out a couple of head to head competitors. He should have Alec Freeman in the 2nd round, then Zeke Seltzer in the 3rd 126 Stephen Roberson - we all know the 126 weight class is bonkers this year. There are no easy paths to the finals and Roberson will have to face Kysen Montgomery in the 2nd round, then the winner of Dalton/Lowery showdown in the 3rd round if he wants to see the finals. Possiblity of huge points, or very few points here. 132 Jesse Mendez - He'll have the target on his back this year. Hard to see anyone stopping him from winning it all and getting the 20 team points. So the question may be how many bonus points can he rack up to help out the team? 138 Nick Tattini - Don't have Tattini getting to Saturday. If he can manage to get there, that's a huge boost for CP 145 Orlando Cruz - he also faces a murderer's row of wrestlers but he is capable of getting some points. He has Feichter in the 1st round, then likely Avon's Jaden Reynolds in the 2nd round before seeing undefeated Alec Viduya in the semis. Any points here would be a big win 160 Noah Hollendonner is the #1 seed. He should win his first, but then will have to try to break up the favored final 4 at this weight. He will see the winner of Noehre/Asbury. Look for Noah to be shooting for 5th-8th range and getting bonus points where he can Honorable Mentions Brownsburg - Some great wrestlers with some brutal matchups. Logan Miller at 106 should reach the semis. Kysen Montgomery will have Roberson in 2nd round. DRake Campbell has only lost once this season - can he knock off Logan Bailey in the 2nd round? Peyton Asbury got a Friday night death draw versus Noehre, but he will not make it an easy out. 285 Dorian Keys is the returning champion - can he repeat against Irick in a likely rematch with Irick in the semifinals and bring home another title? Chesterton - Look for Ellis and Bates to score big points here. Torres is great but has Rioux in the 2nd round. Kaiser would have to beat Boarman in the 2nd round. Tough roads to reach those big-point finals Perry Meridian - Only 3 wrestlers, but all of them have a legit shot to get to the finals. Cottey (113), Koontz (132) and Warren (182) can rack up mega points, but they are just hurt by lack of sheer numbers Roncalli - Similar to Perry. The Lowery brothers only have 2 losses between them on the season. Both could make a nice run to the finals. Viduya is on fire and he could be the 3rd Roncalli wrestler to reach the finals. Slivka is talented but has a really tough first round matchup with Kane Egli. If the other 3 can get to the finals and Slivka reaches the final 4 then we may see Roncalli creeping up the board Warren Central - 5 wrestlers here. Brice Coleman is undefeated and favored - he should score lots of points. David Pierson at 126 would be challenged at every step, but he has the potential and experience to make a deep run. Jajuan Anderson, Damon McClain and Dennis Hubbard could score some points, but not enough As always these are only my opinions. Good luck to all teams and wrestlers this weekend - hope that everyone wrestles their best match(es) ever and stays injury-free, in victory or defeat.
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    Silas Allred has been chosen to represent the Team USA All-Stars at the “Rose Bowl of Wrestling”.....The Pittsburgh Classic. An all senior event for 50+ years, Silas will represent the 195lbs weight class. The event will take place March 14th, at Fitzgerald Fieldhouse on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The dual meet will not have the 106-113-or heavyweight division. Rather....it will be 120-220, and have 2 matches at 138 & 195. Silas (#2 via Flo) will be squaring off against PA State Champ and Michigan commit Gage Garcia #3. Tremendous honor for Silas to be selected and represent Shenandoah High School, CIA Wrestling, Indiana Wrestling, as well as his future Nebraska Cornhuskers at this prestigious event. Other notable participants and match-ups..... Serrano USA132 (Nebraska Commit) 138lbs.....1-4 in the country. 182lbs Poznanski NJ (Rutgers) vs Neijhous (Purdue). 195 Christensen (Iowa commit) vs Stout (Princeton) 220lbs Braxton Amos USA (Wisconsin) I’ve been told complete lineups will be available online soon. These are simply what I remember through phone conversation. Tickets are now available, and the event will be broadcasted on Flo.
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    Thank You, Joe and Co.

    I just want to say thank you to IndianaMat for providing us with great content over this last decade and making this website highly accessible for those either getting into wrestling or those who have been around it for years. We don’t know how good we have it, guys. The only thing we have to pay for every year is the preseason magazine. Other states have followed a new custom of charging fans for things such as rankings, articles, etc. and IndianaMat has allowed us to be on here and explore with no charge. Thanks guys for all you do for Indiana wrestling. I love this sport so much.
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    The people have spoken. Thanks for all the input. President Greg Ratliff, tournament director JD Minch, and others have put their heads together and figured out proposed ways to make 20 mats work so that we can run with the idea of 8 teams in 3A and 4A and 12 teams in 1A and 2A. See the updated nitty gritty details in the original post. Cheers
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    To the IndianaMat community and especially to those senior wrestlers and/or parents: First of all, I'd like to apologize for any hardships you, loved ones, or anyone dear to you is enduring because of the Coronavirus. It's disrupting nearly all aspects of our every day lives, schooling, and work. I'd like to say, especially to the current high school seniors (and by extension, parents) who in many cases have lost their final semesters, proms, sports seasons, and more that I feel for your losses. In retrospect, at least (high school) wrestling got to conclude its season. IHSAA basketball, along with NCAA Winter Sports weren't so fortunate. Hopefully, for all seniors and parents, you were able to complete your goals and end your final season on the note(s) you desired. However, speaking from personal experience, I know that realistically this isn't the case for most. For you all, it has, at the least, been a month (roughly) since the end of the State tournament. Most of you are done with in-person schooling. My question is: What comes next? Though it is pertinent right now to keep a grasp of the day-to-day, especially with how drastically things can shift, it is just as important to not lose sight of your futures. One of the things that has been affected by the pandemic, due the closure of universities and schools, is college recruiting (academically and athletically). If you are leaving your houses, it certainly isn't to visit campuses. Thus, the process of recruiting and the process of college selection have both been complicated tenfold. With this post, I'd like to do my part both on behalf of the Wabash Wrestling program and Wabash College itself to reach out to this community. A little background on me: My name is Anthony Cicciarelli, and I'm currently finishing my junior year at Wabash (online, ha .. ha). At school I double major in Math and Spanish. My journey to Wabash essentially began March of my senior year. I originally hail from Brownsburg; despite being less than an hour away from my hometown, I honestly never really knew about Wabash other than things like Scholastic Duals and just hearing the name in conversation. Beginning during my senior season, I met a few Wabash coaches at tournaments and sent a few texts, but I still really had no idea about the school or people at all. At this point, I wasn't too focused on figuring out my college situation until the end of season. After its conclusion, I considered a lot of things for my future. I ultimately decided two things: I had higher things to aspire for academically, and I had higher goals to set for myself athletically. Wabash gave me a place in which I could accomplish both. Upon visiting Wabash for the first time, *cue cliche* I fell in love. If I were to sum up what I loved, and still love today, about the school, I would mention three important aspects of Wabash: 1) Community With a college of around 900 students, Wabash truly feels like its own neighborhood as opposed to a whole city (e.g. large state schools). When I say that you will see everyone, you will see everyone. Not only do I see almost every professor I've ever had walking across campus on a daily basis, I often times eat lunch less than 10 feet of them (at the Wrestler table in the dining hall). I see classmates all around campus, whether at the library or the gym. On the wrestling side, with a team of over 50 members at a school of 900, the math says that about 1 in 18 of the people right next to me is going to be someone I already know and have a relationship with already. Often times it's even more than that. Each of my classes this semester, I have at minimum one other wrestler with me to work, study, and learn with. Past all of this, the simplest evidence of the communal structure of Wabash can be found every Thursday, when we have a complete class block (1 hour 15 min) blocked off on top of our lunch hour so that students and staff are free to attend an all campus, community meeting in the Wabash "Chapel"(non-religious). 2) Accessibility During my first visit to school, I got to sit in on a class and later meet a professor tailored to my future major interests. The professor sat and talked math with me for the hour, and lo and behold today I am a math major. I was walked between buildings by an individual student guide, and walked to meet and explore the athletic facilities by multiple members of the wrestling team to meet the coaches. Today, as a student, accessibility has not changed a bit. Just my daily homework routine exemplifies it perfectly. My most productive homework spot is in the coaches' office alongside our 4 on site coaches. I'm usually joined by one or two other wrestlers at any given time. If I have an issue with the work, I have a few options. I can reach out to any one of my team members who between themselves cover pretty much any subject area in their majors. I can walk two minutes to my professors' open offices in any of the academic buildings. I can send an email to the professor or the multiple tutoring centers on campus and make an appointment within the very same day. Or, my personal favorite, I can even text a handful of previous or current professors that have given me their personal numbers for all and any reasons necessary. The easiest part of it all is that I can do it all within a 5 minute walk on campus. 3) Independence Independence is inherent in almost every person's college experience. For the first time for many students, they are on their own physically, mentally, and emotionally. From the beginning, until the most recent day I was on campus, that rang true. Wabash is grounded in one simple, yet profoundly important, ideal and principle for student conduct: The Gentleman's Rule. It states: "The student is expected to conduct himself at all times, both on and off the campus, as a gentleman and a responsible citizen." This is all encapsulating and all encompassing for life on campus. Simply, students are given the freedom and guidance to conduct themselves in a manner that they see fit, as long as it fits the confines of our one rule. Within Wabash, students find themselves given permissions and privileges that larger schools would never allow. (Of course, if these become detrimental in the slightest, they are not permitted - as they break the one and only rule). In short, good luck finding another school in Indiana that allows all students to have and park their cars free of charge and for all grade levels. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the unique student independence at Wabash. While these are some more personal reasons, the specs of the school and Wrestling program are equally as important and impressive. (Full disclosure, I'm not an actual recruiter or employee of the college, so these are going to be my version of the specs. More empirical numbers can be found on wabash.edu) Wrestling-wise -A team of consistently over 50 members -A team with three #1 ranked wrestlers this previous season, and many more in the rankings -A separate, wrestling-exclusive, nearly brand new wrestling facility that outsizes and outshines many Division I facilities -An extremely high level practice room and talent pool -Wrestler exclusive workout area, exercise equipment, cold and hot tub, fridge, and locker room -A full field house and track for all students, and a full gym (both traditional and more athletics focused areas) -Access to a staff of over 7 combined coaches School-wise -Top notch, incredible financial aid and scholarship opportunities -An extremely high caliber education and net of professors -#1 ranked Career Services in the nation (per Princeton Review) completely free of additional cost -A beautiful and well-preserved campus, as well as short distance between all points -Around 40 majors and minors -Options for both fraternity and independent living -Opportunities for immersion courses, which are classes built around a travel component that is provided free of cost to students (I spent a week in Mexico last year) These are, of course, just some of the so many highlights of the school. There are many more incredible features and compelling statistics for finding. My final message to the seniors that I want to express is that, when considering plans for yourself after high school, you need to look at the big picture. This includes not only the month, or the year, ahead of you. This includes, four, ten, and twenty years down the line. Wabash is a place that is ready to take you in for the present and ride with you for the future. Wabash is a place derived and thriving on goals. An opportunity here will allow you to set incredible goals for yourself, and for those who are willing to work -- achieve these goals on and off of the mat. My life would be profoundly different if I was not still able to wrestle today, and I can confidently say that it would be profoundly worse off as well. Wabash allowed me to mold my unaccomplished goals and unsteady ambitions for the future of high school into clearly structured, attainable, and elite objectives for my college and professional life. Wabash is a place where I can keep enjoying this sport. Wabash is a place where I can keep growing as a man. Wabash is a place where I can keep my future within my grasp. Wabash is a special place. I hope that, at the very least, this has reminded seniors of the important of the times to soon come, the importance of the times behind them, and certainly the unique times we are living in right now. I really urge those who still have unknowns about their future as students, athletes, and student athletes to give Wabash a sincere consideration when making these decisions. It is absolutely not too late to take an interest in the school. Though for obvious reasons, most on campus visits and resources are unavailable right now in person, I can assure you that any member of the community and faculty will be willing to help in every way possible. To any wrestler or parent that has any questions or interests in the school and/or wrestling program, I would really love to help you in the best way possible or put you in contact with someone who can. My phone number is (317) 654-5240 and my email is amciccia21@wabash.edu. Anthony Cicciarelli, Wabash '21 P.S. Any current or former Wabash student, wrestler, fan, or friend of the school that might be able to give their own side "Why Wabash?" as well, please do!
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    Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?

    Here is a novel concept, let's not force the kids to shake hands with all the coaches, refs, table help, and everyone there.
  20. 14 points

    How Many Wrestlers?

    I began coaching at Mishawaka a year after I had graduated from there, and spent 2 years learning from a HOF coach. Moved on from there and spent 6 years at Jimtown, coaching the likes of Kenny Kerrn, Hunter Watts, etc. I had the privilege of learning under another HOF coach. Three years ago, myself and friends/coaches that I trust, took over a program that was in desperate need of a revival. Our first year at Bremen we had 5 kids at the High School level, 13 at the middle school, and 19 came out for the first time for our youth program. Last year we had 11 at the high school, 30 in middle school, and 35 in our club. Going into this year, we have 20 at the high school level, expecting 30+ in the middle school, and we just ended our introductory youth camp with over 40 kids. Our Club is expected to have at least 30+, starting next week, and we are competing in elementary duals in a few weeks. For the first time in about 5 years, Bremen should have a full high school lineup. None of this would be possible if I didn’t have coaches around myself that helped out as much as they do, parents believing in the process, and our philosophy. Good things are in motion and it is exciting to see what we are accomplishing in terms of rebuilding a program. Everything else will fall into place as we move forward! Call us butter, because we are on a roll!
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    Just want to thank all the Indiana wrestling fans that came to Carver Hawkeye Arena to cheer on Jesse(70+). Jesse definitely had the loudest crowd besides the 2 Iowa commits. Also thank you to the Joe, Mike, and Caleb for coming out(even got to see Caleb's sick dance moves). This was an amazing weekend for Jesse and our family. Jesse was really happy with the support he received from everyone and is already talking about coming back next year. Side note: Indiana has had 5 WNO competitors compared to Iowa's 1. Indiana is killing it on the national scene and there is another strong group of young men in middle school that is going to keep that tradition alive. Indiana is and will continue to be respected.
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    Anyone who knows me, knows I love the dual part of wrestling. As I give an opinion, keep in mind I’m at Brownsburg. We don’t have a dog in the fight. We will be largest division regardless. Our goal is to win so it doesn’t matter if 8 or 12 teams go. Those that have an issue with the new system, would Joe’s suggestion/compromise take care of this - 4A and 3A have 8 teams. 1A and 2A have 12 teams. Is there a schedule or space concern I’m not aware of? If this is best for 1A and 2A schools, I’d say do it. Just my 2 cents. Thanks to everyone who makes Team State such a great event. Snyder
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    If we do 4 classes with 1A and 2A having 12 teams and then 3A and 4A having 8 teams each it would probably satisfy everyone. 1A and 2A could run their own schedule(with a bye round included) and probably get done about the same exact time as 3A and 4A. Boom compromise done! Just call me the great negotiator.
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    Triple B-- I don't know you so I can't impugn your character like you did mine. I used a real word, with a real and definite meaning. I do not engage in our current looking-to-be-offended-cancel-culture. Our LIfe Skills students at PH are part of our program as managers. I would never use a word designed to demean a person with a disability. The word is a VERB. The horrible term you refer to is a slang term that I never use and have admonished my wrestlers and football players for using. If you wish to speak to me directly as opposed to attacking me in a public forum, my phone is 765-610-8150. Dave Cloud
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    Junior Worlds This Week

    Per the current standings Indiana would be in 9th place as a country in the world right now.
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    Congratulations to Logan Bailey from Indianapolis Cathedral for signing with Indianapolis. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    NW Indiana Wrestling Fan

    Team race

    Also the trainers asked me if I was ok, and I replied that it wasn’t my head, I just landed on my neck weird. I never even had the thought of taking the match from him like that. I have too much respect for him and his father to ever do that.
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    Pete Schroeder

    Most Consecutive Years

    EVERY year since 1968.....
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    That’s a real statement brother. Painful lesson.....but a valuable one. An early cradle and extremely intelligent wrestling of backing up and down blocking, allowed a very strong...physically mature and battle tested Mazero to squeek past 14 yr old Silas by 1 point. Admittedly....it was one of the best things to happen to Silas. It initiated an even deeper sense of drive towards strength training, positioning, and becoming a well rounded wrestler. Not just a dynamic athlete on his feet. I’m hopeful every wrestler who reads this....whether freshman or upper classmen, fully realizes......wins & losses don’t define you. Your response does.
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    2013-14there were 22 kids on the Garrett squad 2019-20 we started with 51 and are 49 or 50 now 16-17,17-18,19-20 we made it. Felt we were snubbed one...maybe two years. We knew we were close though. Funny thing is that we were a “bubble” vote in team this year yet we got 2nd. We’ve been seeded 5th twice and placed 2nd both of those years. Unseeded to 7th another year. We knew we could win it this year or compete before we were voted in. In 18 we knew we had a shot as well and came close in a runner up finish. This has definitely attracted kids! Believe it or not...our success has improved our feeder system and we have good wrestlers coming up. ......I’d bet that the same exists for other programs who are excited for the opportunity to win team state.
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    It’s Time

    I am pretty sure if you have more than one state champion, by the laws of mathematics it makes you less of a state champion.
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    I don't post often but when I do and there may be opposing views I post my name so there is no confusion where my opinion is coming from. This is Steve Sandefer Sr. Yes my son is the current head coach at Mishawaka, but other than that I am not an official administrator or coach at Mishawaka. I proudly support our community, school and team. I love wrestling and try to positively promote the sport at all levels....not just self serving to our own program. As such I do have some disappointment and contention to see such negative comments regarding individuals within a profession that give so much to support our sport of wrestling. The officiating crew that worked the Al Smith are top notch gentlemen that have given many many years of service to this sport. Many of those being criticized openly on social media are Hall of Fame individuals that have literally been involved in promoting this sport most of their lives. We will soon be reaching a crisis situation in our State if we are not able to recruit and develop young officials that will shortly be NEEDED to replace these lifelong veterans. There is simply no way we can do this with the attitude displayed on social media by a few individuals that didn't have a match go their way this weekend. To the simple fan or parent I can with almost 100% certainty guarantee that in the coach's meeting prior to the first match that this crew of officials explained exactly how stalling was going to be called. Most likely with examples for each situation. I can also assure you that 32 teams of coaches relayed this information to their wrestlers. But lets face it....we are still dealing with high school kids. They are still going to back up, play the outside edge, not circle in, lay on their stomachs no matter how many times a coach yells "UP", ride the hips while controlling on top without moving side to side. The philosophy is increased action. I get it....the call does not always go your way...but to get on a public forum and call out an entire crew for bias, call out the tournament director for being at fault, calling out a Hall of Fame Coach and official by name.....there is in my OPINION no place in this sport that allows for positive to come from that action. If you are a wrestler on a team, a coach, a parent, an alumni of a program or just a fan...you have a responsibility to REPRESENT your program with the dignity and character your program deserves. Again IMO that cannot be done by casting shadows over others in our sport that selflessly have given their dedication and time to simply give YOUR kids the opportunities that are necessary for them to compete in this sport. Also keep in mind that in particular to the Al Smith Invitational...the key word is invitational. It has always been an honor to be a team that is invited and Mishawaka considers many factors when extending those invitations. This year was no exception and may have been the best overall field ever. If you have valid concerns that you feel can make this a better tournament...by all means...use the proper channels and communicate that with your coaches and Athletic Departments to relay those concerns to Coach Sandefer and his Athletic Department. Negative feelings in the heat of the moment simply shared on social media doesn't really solve anything or even make you feel better if you are honest. Thankful for the support of our Superintendent and School Board as a few were in attendance, our Athletic Dept, Officiating Crew and table workers both days. Our announcers Mike & Mike...Mike Reiser in the Cave and Mike Kensinger in the big boy gym. Coaches, team, parents, fans & MHS Alum for helping to make this another great Al Smith!! Remember I am just a FAN so don't hold my views against those that are working hard everyday for your wrestlers. POSITIVELY PROMOTE THE SPORT. Steve Sandefer Sr.
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    Early dark horse

    Here is mine... Owen Sego. Nothing would make me more happy than to see this kid make a deep run or win it all. At 170, he is a complete wild card. He has the experience and a proud angel looking down on him. That could be all that he needs!!!
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    Best to Never Win State

    Hands down Tom Brady... 6x Super Bowl Champion 4x Super Bowl MVP 3x NFL MVP 14x Pro Bowler 3x First Team All-Pro 2x Second Team All-Pro 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year NEVER won an Indiana Wrestling State Championship...
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    Saving seats is getting out of hand. Many parents and grandparents just want to see their son wrestle. I ran into a mother last night that was chased from her seats cause she dared try to sit near the mat where her son was going to wrestle and another team’s fans had “reserved” three complete sections on level 2. She was very upset - this is out of control it shouldn’t be like that
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    I was at the Al Smith and I was the official most of the Day on Mat one. Name is Leo Mercado, and I truly work really hard to make sure I stay consistent with the rules of our sport and apply them like the rulebook states to apply them. I typically don't like to throw jabs at anyone and I hope that this doesn't come out as a jab to anyone or anything; but I truly work hard to make sure my signals, mechanics, interpretations, and rules applications of the sport are delivered clearly and consistent throughout the whole match in the whole entire arena, so that even the deaf man at the nosebleed seats can understand my call. If you don't want me calling a "bad" match for your kid, scratch me like any other coach does in the our state because I apply the rules the way they should be applied.
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    I know and understand that Hardcastle has dreams of being a State Qualifier and that is why I said nothing negative about him. What I was frustrated with was that Josh wasn't given the opportunity because of a "Caution" and a questionable one at that. I was not impressed with the Oak Hill coaching staff and how they handled the situation and am pretty sure they are aware of that. I am sorry for the subtle comments I will make them clear! Ryan Landis - head coach at Southern Wells if that wasn't clear??
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    Genuinely appreciate each of your encouraging words. I equally appreciate all who read the article, and just choose to pray and encourage personally. Collectively means a lot to us as a family. With full transparency....I can say that I fell in love with the sport of wrestling for reasons other than just my son. He was just the vehicle God used to lead me to it. In fact, in the beginning Silas was average at best. He was a chubby kid who had some natural gifts, but threw a nasty “lefty” headlock that resembled a Joe Frazier headshot. 😏 So yes....I was the “know nothing” over zealous dad in the corner yelling....”reach back and headlock him!” 😂 But I became absorbed with learning the sport. Only my scriptural studies took precedence over my wrestling research. And recognizing that attributes like self-sacrifice, humility, work ethic, commitment, perseverance, and above all accountability....were all factors in becoming truly elite at this sport. That resonated in me, because those were the same characteristics I had to embrace to transform a formerly very wayward lifestyle, and become the man/dad/soldier God created me to be. Silas and I’s bond is so deep ridden, because we have grown together. Both in the sport...as well as spiritually. The blessings of adversity....is that it breeds tremendous levels of persevering strength when approached with proper perspective. We don’t see problems....we see opportunities. And no disease, excuse, obstacle, or exterior setback will deter the true goal he and I both have dedicated our lives to. And that’s simply this.....Be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. That daily application will literally push you to new heights that have no plateaus. Because you’ll be in a continuous evolution of forward progress. So even during peaks in all facets of life....you’ll keep striving to move forward. Even if in small increments. This sport, the above attributes I mentioned....have prepared me for this wrestling match with ALS. Scripture tells us that “We don’t wrestle flesh and blood. But principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.” There’s even a wrestling match in the Old Testament where Jacob literally wrestled with God all night. He was left with a permanent limp. So translated....I won’t be an easy “out”. It’s not in my DNA, nor is it the spiritual man God has molded me into. I fully anticipate conquering this disease and being healed. But if God’s healing doesn’t come until I’m called home....I guarantee you, I won’t get stuck or tech’d. Even if I have to get pointed....I HAVE ALS, ALS doesn’t HAVE me. Thanks again for the prayerful support.
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    The Mendez effect

    Ladies and Gentleman, this fight is 3 rounds in the Indianamat Fantasy Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight division... Introducing first, out of the blue corner, a legendary mma star - holding a professional record of 1 zillion wins to only 1 defeat.. standing at 5’9” tall, 210 pounds. FIGHTING out of his parents basement and reliving his glory days via high school wrestling message boards - FCFIGHTER. And now introducing his opponent, FIGHTING out of the red corner. An ancient eastern Asian martial arts master, standing at 6’0” 225 pounds. The REIGNING, DEFENDING WORLD WANG CHUN CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, GENHEAVYHANDS!!! (crowd goes wild as lights and cameras focus on the imaginary octagon in the imaginary arena)
  40. 11 points

    Toughest Conferences

    Got Franklin Central too. They’ve been making some noise of late. What?????...... too soon???
  41. 11 points
    At the Black Knight invite Indiana had 5 finalist, 4 champs, 7 placers Drew Hildebrandt 125 took 1st Nick Lee 141 took 1st Cael Mccormick 165 took 1st Jacob Covaciu 174 took 2nd Mason Paris HWT took 1st Ben Harvey 174 took 4th Brad Laughlin 174 took 5th
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    I currently live in Indiana but lived most of my life in Ohio. I wrestled in Ohio and attended the state wrestling tournament there for 20 consecutive years. This year, I attended the IHSAA post season Semi State at New Castle for the first time ever. Was my first post season event ever attended for Indiana High School Wrestling. My first experience was almost entirely positive. I can tell you the perception in Ohio is that Indiana Wrestling is not as competitive. I personally had this belief as well. I do not anymore. I don’t know if New Castle is that much more competitive from the other Semi-State’s but the quality of wrestling there was excellent. I would go as far as saying there were kids who did not make it out that I could see being state qualifiers in Ohio. My only grip, which most of you could probably guess, was the qualification process. SMH. Why? I just can’t wrap my head around the thought process that went into decided that you need to make the semi finals and your in. This does not ensure the best four getting out. Having double elimination also does not ensure the “best” 4 getting out but it does allow tough quarter final draws to have a second chance. The state’s response could be to not lose and your okay. I get it, but for a lot of kids their goals are not to be a state champ. Maybe it’s to make it state or place in state. I am curious how many other states do it like this? My favorite round in all of Ohio’s post season wrestling is District (their semi-state) Conso-Semi’s. I wish Indiana would revisit this, but I also know that others have probably voiced their opinions over the years and here we are still the same. Also, New Castle is an awesome venue!
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    Most Consecutive Years

    This will be 30 in a row for me. Qualified for 3, placed in 2 of them. Coached in some capacity in 7 of them. So many memories, too many to count, but so many heartbreaks as well. What a great weekend, especially seeing old friends and making new. Hoping I am fortunate to see 30 plus more! Good luck to everyone this weekend and remember that regardless of what happens you are part of one of the greatest fraternities in the world.
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    Beeks vs Hardcastle ticket round match

    We don't need another week of the state series. A simple rule change that during the state tournament if you injury default you are not allowed to wrestle the rest of the day would suffice.
  45. 10 points
  46. 10 points

    Dirty or Smart Coach?

    I'm just trying to find the bible verse saying, "thou shall not wrestle females". Must have missed that one.
  47. 10 points
    By JEREMY HINES Thehines7@gmail.com For as long as Sullivan freshman Lane Gilbert can remember he has dreamed about having his hand raised at the Indiana High School wrestling state championships. He’s done more than dream about it. As a young kid he would go into the wrestling room at Sullivan High School and act out having his hand raised. It didn’t matter that nobody else was around him. In his imaginary scenario he always emerged victorious. No obstacle stood in his way. No opponent could beat him. He was the champ. That dream would never be taken away. The dream was much different than real life for Gilbert. In real life, he has had far more hardships than one kid should experience. He’s overcome situations that would break others. Through it all, he’s come out stronger. To get a clear picture of just how tough Lane Gilbert is, it is important to dive into his uncomfortable past. Gilbert’s mother, Rachel, became Indiana’s first female sectional champion in wrestling. She won the 103-pound class in the North Knox sectional in 2002. Rachel was going places in life. News agencies had reported on her wrestling journey, because at the time, female wrestlers were still very new in the state. She had some colleges showing interest in her. But Rachel began facing a more formidable opponent than anyone she went up against on the mat. She started battling an addiction with drugs. Lane’s father had his own battles with drug addiction. For Lane’s father, that addiction would eventually lead to a prison sentence. Young Lane didn’t want to miss an opportunity to visit his dad, even if that meant going to the prison any time he could. “Lane worshipped his dad,” Lane’s wrestling coach and grandfather Roy Monroe said. “Lane never failed to go see him. He always wanted to see him.” Tragically, Lane’s father developed cancer while in prison and ultimately died due to the disease. “That was really rough on Lane for a while,” Rachel said. “His dad was a drug addict for a long time and Lane always held out hope that one day he would get better. Once he got sick, that was probably the hardest thing. Lane stayed strong through the whole thing.” At nine-years-old Lane did something no kid his age should ever have to do. He stood up in front during his dad’s funeral and sang a special song. “I don’t know how he did it,” Monroe said. “That’s almost an impossible thing to get through, and he did it. He toughed it out.” That’s what Lane always does. He toughs things out. He toughed it out when his mom was having her struggles. He toughed it out seeing his dad in prison, and then watching as cancer slowly took its toll. He toughed it out when his uncle Jordan, who had taught Lane quite a bit about wrestling, died in a fiery car crash. No matter what life threw at Lane, he toughs it out. Perhaps he gets his fighting spirit from his grandfather. Roy has been a major part of Sullivan wrestling for over 30 years. He’s watched his daughter struggle with drug addiction. He lost his son in that tragic car accident. He’s experienced heartache and he remained the rock Lane needed in his life. Lane could always stay the night at Roy’s house. He could always get the right words from his grandpa. And, on the wrestling mat, he could look to Grandpa Roy for direction as well. “He’s my role model,” Lane said. “He’s nice to everyone. He’s a good coach. He’s all the things you can think of if you were to make the perfect person – that would be how I describe him.” But Lane’s toughness also comes from his mom. In a time when people frowned on girls wrestling against boys, she held her ground. In fact, she and Roy had to go to the Sullivan school board to even get approved to wrestle back in her high school days. Later, as has already been alluded to, Rachel battled a fierce drug addiction. But, for Lane’s sake – and for her sake, she fought through and emerged victorious. She is currently a Dean’s List student working to become a nurse. “I am so proud of her,” Roy said. “I’ve been a counselor. I’ve went into the jails and counselled drug addicts. I’ve seen them come in and out of addiction. The real truth is, only about one percent of drug addicts make it to where she is now. It’s so hard to overcome, but she’s done it. And she’s a great mom.” She is also very, very protective of Lane and worries almost to a fault about the decisions he makes in his own life. “After having made the decisions at a young age that I made, I saw first-hand what can happen and how quickly everything can just spiral out of control,” Rachel said. “One mistake and everything can be gone. I have that fear in the back of my mind that he’s of the age and he could make the wrong choices. I’m almost too hard on him, but I am terrified because I know what can happen and I keep my eye on him. I do trust him. He’s seen what can happen and how bad things can get.” Lane knows when his mom tells him to keep on the straight and narrow, it’s because she cares. “I have so much respect for my mom,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot from her.” One thing Lane has learned is to never doubt himself. This summer when he was a third alternate for the Pan-American games, he let doubt creep into his psyche. After the first two qualifiers couldn’t attend the games, Lane got the call to participate. But, going into the event, he felt like he really didn’t belong. Boy was he wrong. Lane went undefeated in both freestyle and Greco-Roman. News of his success quickly spread throughout the town of 6,500 people. When he arrived home, he was given a police escort through the streets. “Oh my gosh,” Rachel said. “The town put on this whole show when he returned. The police and emergency vehicles all met up on the north end of town. He had no idea it was going to happen. There were fans from all over our town and they all followed him to the high school. It was so cool. He was so surprised.” Currently Gilbert is 28-1 on the season and ranked No. 5 at 113 pounds. He has carried the confidence he developed during the Pan-American games over to the season. Now he knows he belongs. Now he knows that dream he played through his head so many times growing up isn’t just a dream – it’s an attainable goal. “I’ve been coaching at Sullivan for 13 years as head coach and I’ve been there 30 years as an assistant,” Monroe said. “I’ve never seen anything like him. I look at Lane, with his skills and what he’s been through, and I just know that adversity isn’t a problem anymore. He can do whatever he sets his mind to do.” As for Rachel, well, she says nowadays she’s just like any other wrestler’s mom. “I’m still up in the stands screaming my head off,” she said. “But when I’m shouting, at least I know which moves to shout. The other moms look at me and ask what they should be yelling.” View full article
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    Hornet Coach

    New Castle Semi-State Preseason

    I'm really glad these young men are seeking the best place to get their education.
  49. 10 points
    Darrick Snyder

    Brownsburg - Preseason #1?

    I thought Brownsburg was going to get destroyed by a list of a dozen schools beginning last year? Something about how something of ours were going to get eaten. We weren't interested by the way. Throw out your backhand compliments. We are often criticized. It has worked out okay for us. When contenders are mentioned, we seem to always be in the conversation....unlike someone else, we didn't make a guarantee of winning or list all the schools that were going to beat another school. We just show up and do work. ...and to bring up feeder schools?!?!?!!?!? ? HAHAHAHAHAHA....both of our middle schools are strong. Our Elementary Dual team consistently competes at a high level. Yes, we have strong feeders. I know our coaching staff could never compete with that of Indy Schools, but yeah Smiley was an okay addition. Ayersman guy did okay. HWT coaches took a beginner to a state championship. I have a had a tad success here and at Mishawaka, etc. etc. Keep talking and we will keep working. Snyder
  50. 10 points

    Junior Worlds This Week

    You may now refer to Mason Parris as WORLD CHAMPION Mason Parris. He got a fall in the first period in the finals....just doing Mason Parris things....
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