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Everything posted by TeamGarcia

  1. I would nominate myself but .... 7 second delay would be on blast and you guys wouldn’t hear my valuable in put . my vote goes to @3xStateChamp. if he gets 10 votes I’ll delete my account !
  2. I just wanna see what @MikeTython has to say about everything on here. lets ask Mike questions? Mike, what did Evander ear taste like ? What if he had cauliflower ear, does those Ears taste like .... well Cauliflower ? Thanks Notoriously Yours
  3. World/Olympic Ref. Zach Errett He knows a thing or two because he seen a thing or two in wrestling.
  4. Wow ! 106, 160, 182 . Going to be a amazing 2 days
  5. Can you pin this link on the front of page of the site .
  6. I found that horse you was trying to lead
  7. Need a line on Team Champs, what color suit Tonte wearing , parlay on if anyone can pin their way through the field like Mason did a few years ago . fastest pin most takedowns
  8. In my Italian voice “so your sayins we can haves Lil’ Vegas fun with the #TheCountyMafia running it’s own multi Billion bananas racketeering Corporation” ... huh
  9. @Mattyb talking to me ^^^^ so... @Cosgrove says he got 3k on 6 EC State Champs ? Me... You say we got 3k on 6 State Champions Huh ? DEAL ! Me... Better have 3k bananas Next Sunday Morning! Me... We’ll be in contact !
  10. I believe no one picked 7, for Evansville SS last year . I’m taking the under 6 for EC and under for New Castle at 8 . I to will wager bananas . Just a FYI, if I make you a offer you can’t refuse and You accept it . You pay up Sunday morning after State “You know what I’m saying” I’ll have my boy @Mattyb come looking for ya . Who wants some sweet action ?
  11. Well..... Elvis last show was in Indianapolis Way back in 1978 or some year like that and he was Probably staying in the Red Roof Inn on the Eastside . Might of got his hands on some bad cocaine and then got arrested by Lawrence PD on LivePD airing this Saturday night at 9pm . So for your LivePD fans out there you can now watch Elvis getting arrested. Only in Indiana ! So ..... to answer your question. It’s was @JMILL dressed up as Elvis in a white jump suit. He’s from The Region and use to sport a mullet . Thank You, Thank You
  12. Lets see here, DB is crazy enough to jump out a plane in the middle of Blizzard. Must of not checked the local weather channel huh DB . I call that (PDD) Pretty Damn Dumb ! If you ask Pistol Pete where is that DB ? .... he’ll probably go on a rant saying he shot the varmint in between the eyes, while shooting his shot gun up in the air bullet hit the plane and the plane crashed over in Wyoming some where over by his Brothers house . That other copy cat Pistol Pete. So... nope ! They ain’t the same . Wooooo.... Bang ! Bang! Bang !
  13. I think he was going for 5th & 6th Place when altercation happen. I could be wrong ? Idk ok, I see on the bracket that they was both DQ. Both DNP
  14. Hey Russ what happened to Jimmy Hoffa ? See @UncleJimmy Russ knows
  15. Russ knows what happened to my guy Jimmy Hoffa. Might be out painting houses ?
  16. Not taking anything from the Dalton vs Alstott . Both great wrestlers and great Families. Semi-Finals or State Finals match in my view but we going to see it a week earlier. Best ticket round that I can remember was 2016 (call me bias) eventual 3x State Champ ranked #8 at the time and very .... very .... VERY ..... under ranked by Mike & Triple B , that didn’t have Asa even placing at State that year . **My opinion** Asa Garcia vs. eventual 2x State Champ ranked #1 Cayden Rooks . Winner of this Ticket round, arguably wins 106lbs State Championship that year . A match that will stand out to me (bias guy here) please note . 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
  17. Best Blood Round Matches around the State ? Who’s punching their tickets to State ?
  18. TeamGarcia is already in that 81 years IHSAA State Finals Record Book. No need to argue who should be on a silly Decade Team . Win it 3-4x and your Legacy lives Forever . #amiright @UncleJimmy I’m right cause Notorious Said so !
  19. This is what you meant, I to can read between the lines . Don’t feed the el burro. Let him figure out the interwebz on his own. Your Welcome.
  20. UNI OPEN At Cedar Falls, Iowa, December 14 125 1st Place Match - Noah Surtin (Missouri) won by decision over Cevion Severado (Missouri) (Dec 5-3) 3rd Place Match - Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa) won by fall over Aden Reeves (Iowa State Wrestling) (Fall 5:39) 5th Place Match - Liam Cronin (Indiana) won in sudden victory - 1 over Corey Cabanban (Iowa State Wrestling) (SV-1 13-11) 133 1st Place Match - Drew Bennett (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Ramazan Attasauov (Iowa State Wrestling) (Dec 3-2) 3rd Place Match - Connor Brown (Missouri) won in sudden victory - 1 over Cayden Rooks (unattached) (SV-1 9-7) 5th Place Match - Charlie Klepps (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Jonathan Moran (Indiana) (Dec 5-3) 141 1st Place Match - Kyle Luigs (Indiana) won by fall over Rylee Molitor (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Fall 4:29) 3rd Place Match - Aric Williams (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by decision over Noah Nemer (Iowa State Wrestling) (Dec 11-4) 5th Place Match - Asa Garcia (Indiana unattached) won by tech fall over Garrett Moll (Northern Iowa) (TF 16-0) 149 1st Place Match - Graham Rooks (Indiana) won by major decision over Gable Fox (Northern Iowa) (Maj 12-4) 3rd Place Match - Tristan Lara (Northern Iowa) won by major decision over Peyton Smith (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Maj 14-5) 5th Place Match - Mitchell Bohlken (Missouri) won by major decision over Luke Baughman (Indiana University) (Maj 11-1) 157 1st Place Match - Fernie Silva (Indiana) won by decision over Derek Holschlag (Northern Iowa) (Dec 6-5) 3rd Place Match - Grant Stotts (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Keaton Geerts (Northern Iowa) (Dec 3-2) 5th Place Match - Joey Sanchez (Indiana) won by decision over Dalton Lakmann (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Dec 5-2) 165 1st Place Match - Logan Schumacher (Iowa State Wrestling) won in sudden victory - 1 over Pat Schoenfelder (Northern Iowa) (SV-1 11-0) 3rd Place Match - Peyton Mocco (Missouri) won by decision over Austin Yant (Northern Iowa) (Dec 11-9) 5th Place Match - Zane Mulder (Iowa State Wrestling) and Isaac Judge (Iowa State Wrestling) (DFF) 174 1st Place Match - Sean Harman (Missouri) won in sudden victory - 1 over Donnell Washington (Indiana University Unattached) (SV-1 6-4) 3rd Place Match - Maxwell Southard (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Keegan Moore (Northern Iowa) (Dec 7-3) 5th Place Match - Taylan Entriken (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Kelby Hawkins (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Dec 3-2) 184 1st Place Match - Julien Broderson (Iowa State Wrestling) won by fall over Tyler Buesgens (Iowa State Wrestling) (Fall 0:15) 3rd Place Match - Cordel Duhart (Missouri) won by decision over Hank Swalla (Iowa State Wrestling) (Dec 3-1) 5th Place Match - Jake Hinz (Indiana) won by decision over Zac Stork (Grand View) (Dec 6-0) 197 1st Place Match - Joel Shapiro (Iowa State Wrestling) won by decision over Tyrell Gordon (Northern Iowa) (Dec 4-0) 3rd Place Match – Nick Willham (Indiana) won in sudden victory -1 over Spencer Irick (Indiana) (Dec. 3-1) 5th Place Match – Jake Kleimola (Indiana) won by major decision over Jack Flynn (Missouri) (Maj 9-0) 285 1st Place - Jose Diaz of Missouri 2nd Place - Spencer Trenary of South Dakota State-Unattached 3rd Place - Bryce Esmoil of Northern Iowa 4th Place - Rudy Streck of Indiana 5th Place - Logan Andrew of Unattached-Chattanooga Rudy Streck (Indiana) won by decision over Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) (Dec 7-5) Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) won by decision over Jose Diaz (Missouri) (Dec 12-8) Jose Diaz (Missouri) won by decision over Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) (Dec 7-5) Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) won by decision over Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) (Dec 4-3) Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by fall over Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) (Fall 0:35) Jose Diaz (Missouri) won by decision over Rudy Streck (Indiana) (Dec 12-8) Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by fall over Rudy Streck (Indiana) (Fall 5:59) Jose Diaz (Missouri) won by decision over Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) (Dec 6-0) Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State-Unattached) won by fall over Logan Andrew (Unattached-Chattanooga) (Fall 2:44) Bryce Esmoil (Northern Iowa) won by fall over Rudy Streck (Indiana) (Fall 1:19) Indiana Wrestling Results UNI Open 125Liam Cronin (5th) 133Cayden Rooks (4th)Jonathan Moran (6th) 141Kyle Luigs (1st)Asa Garcia (5th) 149Graham Rooks (1st)Luke Baughman (6th) 157Fernando Silva (1st)Joey Sanchez (5th) 174Donnell Washington (2nd)184Jake Hinz (5th) 197Nick Willham (3rd)Spencer Irick (4th)Jake Kleimola (5th) 285Rudy Streck (4th)
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