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Everything posted by TeamGarcia

  1. TeamGarcia

    Replay Debate

    Is there a debate ? HS Football soon to get it . HS Basketball has it ? When does HS Wrestling get it ? Every single match is video recorded anyways right. So many questionable calls every year. Who wants it ? Do we need it ? Benefits of it ? Pros & Cons ? “My Opinion” we need it . Use it only in State Series like they going to do in Football . Maybe a time limit . Everything else is timed anyways . This post has nothing to do what happen in the past, it’s over . What’s done is done . Move on . HS Wrestling needs to #Evolve . The Notorious
  2. Just a few that caught my eye, possible great matches and Team Race outcomes 106- Miller vs Cernus 113- Dalton vs. Pierson 113- Nelson vs. Seltzer 🔥 120- Betish vs. Boarman 🔥 126- Waldenzac vs. Curtis 🔥 132- Johnson vs. Brooks 132- Campbell vs. Viduya 🔥 132- Boe vs. Gimson 🔥 138- Alexander vs. Reynolds 🔥 145- Warren vs. Burdon 🔥 152- Hicks vs Rodgers 152- Ellis vs. Schoenegge 🔥 160- Davis vs. Pruett 160- Ruble vs. Asbury 170- Calhoun vs. Blaubaugh 170- South vs. Walker 🔥🔥🔥 182- Bellemy vs. Winner 🔥 182- Morgan vs. Donahue 285- Keys vs. Penn kid long name 🔥 🔥- matches I be tuned into the most .
  3. TeamGarcia

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    Twitter Willie Smalls
  4. TeamGarcia

    Big Saturday Morning Matches

    South vs. Walker was great to . Willie on Flo was hyped about that 170 bracket . Great stuff for Indiana Wrestling The Notorious
  5. TeamGarcia

    Replay Debate

    Has to be timed I think as mentioned above . Limit the reviews per Coach . 1 per match . In OT, Refs call if they choose . Refs do a great job at this level in State Series . Much respect to them .
  6. TeamGarcia

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Yea... I had 2 at different weights to on my email . Probably virus or something, glad I got this new Firewall Protection called inTrollnetkillah . It’s sold in #TheCounty . Soon to be in every Wal-Mart National. The Notorious
  7. TeamGarcia

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    9 Total 6 with great shot at Semis 3 with shot under the lights 2 Champs ?
  8. TeamGarcia

    2019 IHSAA Finals - Team points race

    Just makes it more important to win Saturday morning. Going to be interesting. The Notorious
  9. TeamGarcia

    The Indianamat meet and greet

    Wooooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! There’s a Pistol Pete that lives in everyone. He loves his Wrestling, Guns. Just gotta figure out how to Channel it in word poetry. Pistol completes me. WAIT A MINUTE.... that’s a movie The Notorious
  10. TeamGarcia

    The Indianamat meet and greet

    Hello : My name is Chris Garcia, just your Friendly Indianamat Poster here to save your eyes from the most the boring reading, way to Serious, posters bring to the table everyday . Your views on this post will skyrocket now that I Chimed in. You can Thank Me later . The Notorious See you at the Bank ! Good Luck Everybody
  11. TeamGarcia

    Article: History of the State Tournament

    Here’s what really happened here . You ask nicely for Mr. Notorious to help this topic out . I did, I give myself 9 out of 10 Stars with creative word worthy entertainment for the wrestling people including yourself. Admit it you laughed. Which Joe going to send my award via mail cause he has my address. (Magazine I bought and such other awards, clothing, team gear) He knows my name. Maybe he can send you something . Then I signed it the most electrifying nickname in the History of History cause 1 minute ago it was History. The Notorious Here is where you might of got so angry with what I said .... I Think.... idk don’t care “my opinion” picture that Joker face right here smiling at you right now as you read each paragraph. I mentioned that other school great wrestling program with insane numbers and not EMD. At this point your like wait a minute (History) that’s wasting it right there. EMD has History to. I agree with 100% they do but I said Bloomington South . That has to be it there. I’m going to throw Avon in his face for not doing anything . Take that you Avon guy ... Ok...... ohhhh man you got Notorious there ! I think “my opinion” you done said something similar back in 2015-16. Come on guy #Evolve. Your right we still waiting right back to being Serious. Since you puppets believe everything I say on here or #TheCountyTMZ as you mentioned. Go to sleep now... don’t wake up till 8am, drink coffee and laugh at this for your Daily Laugh . Take things Way 2 Serious 😂😂😂😂 The Notorious
  12. TeamGarcia

    Article: History of the State Tournament

    2013-Present Bam ! .... TeamGarcia forever changed Indianamat as #Legend . Joe will now add that up there. 800 views coming soon. 10+ Likes 😂 The Notorious Great Read , love the Nerd Stats on another Topic. My jawed dropped when I seen Bloomington South Stats . Unreal .
  13. TeamGarcia


    ✔️- I was right ✔️- views are up in 2 hours ✔️- Went from zero comments to 5 ✔️- made it Famous ✔️- you can thank me later The Notorious
  14. TeamGarcia


    Don’t even need to look at what you put together. I’m sure you put a few hours putting this together. Congrats ! Well done. But from your recent post on your few days you been on here . It’s been all Cathedral. We get it, that’s fine . So let me guess what you worked so hard on . First of all you like thinking right now. Man it’s been 7-8 hours, only 2 Likes. About 600 views . Why not more ? Let’s dive in. Hmmmm... 4-5 Cathedral wrestlers in the Finals . No one lower than 3rd cause you don’t want to be casted away in the Cathedral “click” it be Highlighted in Green or Gold cause they #1 in your bias eyes then everyone else. Wow we’re shocked . Lets go on ... Team Race - man Team Race the Top 6 will be so close anyone can win it . It’s so crazy ! Right . Why lie to us ? Don’t even have to look since you picked all Cathedral and probably winning they must leading big time, just give Cathedral the team trophy, then so the Team race won’t even be close. Then also then there’s everyone else right . OMG ... Were so shocked again . Let me predict something else that’s going to happen . Again by me posting this “I’ll make you famous” like most of these posters on here . You get 5 mins of it . My “opinion” on here is such a big deal, you might get upset, who knows, lots of sensitive people on here. Maybe try to throw me under the bus. Say something about Avon, my kids cause you can’t handle my verbal assault . Ouch... not the first time nor... will it be the last. So tell us again why should we look again, when we already know it’s just Cathedral Fan ? Ok I’m Done . The Notorious PS.... we’ll see if this person can take a joke 😂
  15. TeamGarcia

    Moran vs. Seltzer

    Undercover low rider, Jimmy in the back, Matt riding shotgun, hope @3xStateChamp don’t see that, get him all excited. #TheCounty undercover stings. The Notorious
  16. TeamGarcia

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    I like it, but I’m paying you the big bucks to find the Dark Knight version of why... so .... serious ? 😂... (sarcastically) you still get a raise for trying ! The Notorious
  17. TeamGarcia

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Why .... So.... Serious ? @UncleJimmy joker meme ASAP. When you wake up from CT . The Notorious
  18. TeamGarcia

    Georgia State Finals

    Just coping & pasting Joe.... Top to bottom
  19. TeamGarcia

    Georgia State Finals

    Not sure how many has wrestling in Georgia HS, crazy stats and growing . 187 DISTRICTS 450 HIGH SCHOOLS 29,970 FULL-TIME TEACHERS 529,553 STUDENTS ENROLLED Indiana 337 DISTRICTS 406 HIGH SCHOOLS 19,284 FULL-TIME TEACHERS 348,920 STUDENTS ENROLLED Texas 1,044 DISTRICTS 1,785 HIGH SCHOOLS 103,720 FULL-TIME TEACHERS 1,557,851 STUDENTS ENROLLED
  20. TeamGarcia

    Georgia State Finals

    Hmmm.., I’d say yes ? If they want to enter in a TOC. Georgia has some great wrestlers in those classes that are National Ranked . They probably love a TOC to see who’s the best. I thought they had one here in Football few years back ? Idk
  21. TeamGarcia

    Georgia State Finals

    Would you add the girl with the guy classes in TOC ?
  22. TeamGarcia

    Georgia State Finals

    Population growth in Atlanta is unbelievable. I’ve read they are opening a new HS almost every 6 months . Much like the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with that population boom, I visited a HS there last year, those HS are unbelievable. (7) football fields, 1 main stadium. (5) soccer fields, (4) baseball/Softball fields and this was 30-40 miles away from Dallas area . Crazy the amount of State Placer Georgia has. Probably could add a day and have a Tournament of Champions with 7 State Champs .
  23. TeamGarcia

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    On “serious” side of this topic, I’m pretty sure @DLane plays in something like this in Florida. Brandon, Florida loves their HS wrestling there. Not sure if it was NCAA or HS when he mentioned to me a few years back . The Notorious
  24. TeamGarcia

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Can’t be a “homer” on this . @MD92 or his alter ego troll same IP address @PhillyFanMD CAN NOT play this . Can’t play cause they have to pick someone other than MD . 😂 The Notorious *For @TeamGarcia & @3xStateChamp can play cause he’s going to pick all Columbus East cause of there school colors . Probably win to . 😂
  25. TeamGarcia

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    🍀 good luck 🤥

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