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  1. It’s a bummer; this year would have been my tenth year (all consecutive) FWSS and state finals, and I certainly had no intentions of missing this years’. But as Joe said, we should just be thankful there’s a season at all. At the end of the day, as much as I love being a loud, obnoxious fan for those last two weeks, the season isn’t for me or any other spectators. I’d much rather have the kids get a season without fans than no season at all.
  2. Finally! I have a first signature on my “Change the mascot to The Fighting Spires” petition. Buchanan has been solid and tough to score on since he was a freshman, looks like he may have taken an extra leap this season, and I would love to see him make it to the podium. Lone is a hell of a wrestler, and keeping him scoreless isn’t easy. Some other FW wrestlers I could see as potential dark horses: 106: Tanner Tishner had been looking stronger as the season has gone on, and has picked up some quality wins lately. 120: Justin Puckett is a 3x SSQ who ha been comp
  3. Definitely the worst I felt about leaving any kid off this set, and wanted to go back and change it after it was posted. To be honest, he is most likely a top 8 kid at that weight and should probably be in there, but the H2H loss by fall to #8 Friedt, without any victories over any of the other ranked 160s, is why he didn’t get a nod this time. 160, in my opinion, is also easily one of the two deepest classes in FW this season. That said, the win over Currie should have been enough for a “mulligan” on the Friedt loss, and he should have a match today with #1 Buckley, which I wouldn
  4. Caleb Spires


    Austin Lewis
  5. I’m usually pretty sure you’re just trolling me and by responding I’m just giving you exactly what you want, but in the case you aren’t, this fetishization of the idea that I’m biased against certain teams or kids is getting a little odd. How does that benefit me in any way, when my goal every season is for all 56 SQs to be ranked?
  6. Talamentez has been at 160 so far this year. I have recently heard Snider’s lineup from 160-182 are moving down a weight, so assuming that happens you’ll probably see better overall representation.
  7. I’m sorry HeavyHandz, for once again I have failed you. I promise I’ll do better next time.
  8. The Westview sectional has 9 teams... I say Elkhart should just borrow one for the year.
  9. Bates gets upset in the quarters, but Christian Carroll gets the 5-2 victory over #9 Martin Cosgrove in a match he looked better in from the opening whistle to get to the semi-finals against the kid that knocked Bates out. Christian isn’t just an amazing wrestler, but also a wonderful young man too, and seeing what he’s done the last month or so is incredible. I’ve been waiting for him to be in high school for years, but he has made the jump seamlessly and is establishing himself as one of our top P4P wrestlers quickly.
  10. We have Christian Carroll of Penn(#15 @ 220) and Evan Bates of Chesterton(#7 at 220) 3-0 and in the quarters at 195. Carroll faces #9 Martin Cosgrove while Bates has UR Maslanek. If both win, we are guaranteed an IN finalist as they would face each other in the semis.
  11. Love seeing this. Two young men with great characters to go along with their wonderful wrestling ability. Congrats Matt and Conner. The future is even brighter.
  12. Every year when I go to the state finals, the bar that I set is hoping to see another match as good as Petrov vs. Campbell.
  13. Cruz/Fiechter Friday night was a pretty good one.
  14. My seat isn’t the best this morning so it was tough to tell, but maaaan it looked very close from my seat. Not saying either call was definitive, but definitely close.
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