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  1. Caleb Spires

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    132: Matt Gimson 28-0.
  2. Caleb Spires

    Team State updates

    That I don’t know. All I know is that it was a fantastic match with two roughly equally-talented kids fighting as hard as they could to get their team a championship.
  3. Caleb Spires

    Team State updates

    Garrett Stuckman vs. Dylan Goudy is why I love this sport summed up as easily as possible.
  4. Caleb Spires

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Tell me about it..
  5. As posted in the high school boards, Mason’s redshirt has been pulled as of today and he defeated Flo’s #1 ranked, 3rd place heavyweight from last year 11-4. Awesome win for him and awesome bounce back from a couple disappointing losses at the Midlands.
  6. Caleb Spires

    Mason Parris

    Wow. HUUUUUGE first win for Mason. It’s a bold move for Michigan to pull the redshirt, but you know Mason was itching to wrestle this year. Go get ‘em, Mason. Still very conflicted to be cheering for two Wolverines... Should also be noted that Dhesi is currently ranked #1 by Flo right now.
  7. Caleb Spires

    Team State Predictions???

    It’s sad when you come into a thread with the intentions of posting a GIF, and the only other reply has already beaten you to it
  8. Caleb Spires

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #3

    Also, big oversight at 220. Just noticed Erb beat Elwood last week.
  9. Caleb Spires

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #3

    He just wrestled 170 at the Al Smith? Ohhhhhhh, there’s two Jaden Millers. One from Lakeland and one from Northwood who is 170.
  10. Caleb Spires

    Al Smith vs MD Classic Champs

    Very true. For some odd reason I was thinking of Littel as going through the New Castle semi state.
  11. Caleb Spires

    Al Smith vs MD Classic Champs

    Just come on down to Banker’s Life in February then.
  12. Caleb Spires

    Best Matches and Upsets at Al Smith

    The two matches mentioned above were definitely the best. Some other good ones were both the 170 semifinals. Fielden wrestled South very, very tough and Walker needed a last second takedown to beat Blubaugh.
  13. Caleb Spires

    Official Team State Draw

    That’s a fun top bracket at 3A. Cathedral should definitey be the class of it, but Penn and Avon are a lot more competitive now that they have their full line ups.
  14. Caleb Spires

    Holiday Weekend Upsets

    The stalling should have been called earlier anyway. The last 45 seconds was all Walker’s offense.

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