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  1. Caleb Spires

    Penn vs Mishawaka

    How about Jimtown fans in attendance?
  2. Caleb Spires

    Penn vs Mishawaka

    Should be an interesting dual. I think we’ve yet to see Penn’s complete starting line-up this year, so I hope we do tonight. Mishawaka will make it very competitive, and as UncleJimmy said there’s going to be a lot of emotion from the Mishawaka side. I’ll be off work and gonna have to make my way over to catch this one.
  3. Caleb Spires

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #1

    I’ve been editing quite a bit the last couple days, but it’s kinda pointless to update on a Friday when we all know they’ll be shaken up a lot on Saturday. Expect them Sunday evening or Monday morning.
  4. Caleb Spires


    A buzzsaw can do wonders.
  5. Caleb Spires

    2018 Al Smith

    Wow, don’t want to miss this tournament. Perry and Crown Point make it loaded enough, throw in Northridge and Wawasee with many quality wrestlers, and this might be the toughest Al Smith line up I’ve seen so far.
  6. Absolutely love these two young men. Fantastic wrestlers, but very respectful off the mat as well. It’s been great watching their progress from grade school, to middle school, and now as they start their senior season. I’m really hoping they can both finish on the top of the podium. Also, this article isn’t lying about their strength.... they may be 132/138, but believe me, you don’t want to take a crossface from either of ‘em.
  7. Caleb Spires

    Girls Pre-Season National Rankings

    Henry from Penn used to work with me. Hard worker, cool to see her in a netional ranking.
  8. Caleb Spires

    Henry Wilk Super Duals @Penn 12/15/18

    Nice to see Jimtown back in. Some good challenges heading into team state and the Al Smith.
  9. Caleb Spires

    Preseason Mag?

    That was actually the first state finals I ever attended and it was definitely the match of the night.
  10. Caleb Spires

    Preseason Mag?

    Granted it’s an outlier, it still averages out to one state title per person.
  11. Caleb Spires

    Fort Wayne semi-state

    Going to try and get the first edition of the Ft. Wayne semi-State rankings out by the end of the week. If you have any viable information on big weight changes, potential sleepers, or off-season results, please send me a message so I can try to get it as accurate as possible. Thank you
  12. Caleb Spires

    Nick South --Progress and Growth

    Last year at the Al Smith was the first time I’d ever seen him wrestle, in his one-point loss to Mappes. He was my pick for state champ after that match, even in a loss. Really enjoy watching him wrestle. Not scared to go after you, but keeps great composure.
  13. Caleb Spires

    Hoosier boys Super 32

  14. Caleb Spires

    Donnell Washington of Portage commits to

    IU is cleaning up with the Class of ‘19.
  15. Caleb Spires

    Super 32

    How crazy that we had somebody(Kasper) place higher at the Super 32 last year than he did in our state tournament.

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