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  1. Love seeing this. Two young men with great characters to go along with their wonderful wrestling ability. Congrats Matt and Conner. The future is even brighter.
  2. Every year when I go to the state finals, the bar that I set is hoping to see another match as good as Petrov vs. Campbell.
  3. Cruz/Fiechter Friday night was a pretty good one.
  4. My seat isn’t the best this morning so it was tough to tell, but maaaan it looked very close from my seat. Not saying either call was definitive, but definitely close.
  5. Did Calhoun get the takedown in your opinions, or no?
  6. Your beliefs are correct. Ugly quarterfinal round for FWSS.
  7. Not a long streak yet, but this will be year 10 for me. Haven’t missed a Ft. Wayne semi state or state finals since the first year I attended them. I’ve come from Elkhart or Mishawaka each time.
  8. I hate reading this. Hope you have smooth recovery, General.
  9. He was second, as was Taylor Grubb of Prairie Heights at 215, who lost in the ticket round that day.
  10. So it’s settled! Who else is signing up for the veteran 167.5 lb weight class at ISWA state?
  11. I have no ill will toward Hardcastle. He wrestled great all Saturday, with a very tough road to the championship. And with the way he was wrestling, maybe he would have beaten Beeks if he could’ve continued the match. Regardless, this was a really, really crappy way for a talented senior’s season to end.
  12. 113 - Elijah Anthony vs. Cheaney Schoeff That’s a very tough one for the first round.
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