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  1. 106: Jones 113: Jendreas 120: Jackson 126: Frazier 132: DeMarco 138: Solomey 145: Torres 152: Rinehart 160: Goin 170: Goodwin 182: Cruz 195: White 220: Clark 285: Clark Potential for as much as 12 regional champs from Crown Point, with the only ones with an unrealistic shot to win would be Sessa at 120 and Nowaczyk at 138, not that these two are not great wrestlers with lots of potential to make a run this year, but they will have to defeat monsters in Ashton Jackson and Cole Solomey, both ranked #1 at their weight classes. At 106, I'm still taking Jones, although Haney is closing the gap. He wrestled an excellent sectional, but I think Jones will be winning this match again. At 132, Tichelt has been wrestling great and does have a win over DeMarco, but DeMarco's ceiling seems to be much higher than Tichelt, and I think the best version of DeMarco wins pretty handily, and could even be a title contender. 145 is the last match that could go two different ways. I think Bahl is obviously good, but with a season that has been plagued with troubles and injuries, Torres should be the clear favorite here. I do really hope that we see Bahl at 100% by state, because he's definitely a good kid and I'd like to see a state title run happen. Other than that, I think it's safe to say that Crown Point has a minimum of TEN locks in this regional, with two more possible champs in Haney and Bahl. Also shoutout to Ashton Jackson, who will be likely be LaPorte's only regional champ this year, but we do have a couple more semi-state candidates in Josh England at 126, who has a tough first round matchup in #16 Guillermo Rivera, but is definitely a sleeper, then Chris Seadorf at 195, who can wrestle anybody tough, and then Devon Duschek at 220, who has a semi state ranked opponent round one, but is semi state ranked himself, making it a tough out for one of the two seniors.
  2. Here's some potential bloodround matches that could happen at semistate as a result of this semi state being so tough (note that all of these hypotheticals are assuming the higher ranked guys win at regionals): #6 Isaac Campbell vs #4 Nate Rioux #6 Isaac Campbell vs #10 Gavin Ash #2 Revin Dickman vs #9 Cameron Meier #12 Brady Byrd vs #4 Nate Rioux #12 Brady Byrd vs #10 Gavin Ash #6 Jackson Heaston vs #9 Isaac Ash #3 Isaiah Schaefer vs #7 Eddie Goss #3 Brady Ison vs #13 Coy Hammack #3 Brady Ison vs #9 Odin Fortune #3 Parker Reynolds vs #8 Branson Weaver #9 Reese Courtney vs #8 Branson Weaver #2 Cheaney Schoeff vs #12 Kelby Glenn #9 Reese Courtney vs #12 Kelby Glenn #3 Reid Schroeder vs #7 Kaden McConnell #1 John Purdy vs #7 Kaden McConnell Some really disgusting one's here, particularly at 106, 132, and 195. Isaac Campebell and Brady Byrd, ranked #6 and #12 respectively, will have a 66% chance of wrestling a top 10 opponent in the ticket round if the rankings hold, with the worst matchup being Campbell vs #4 Nate Rioux. At 132, #2 Joey Buttler and Ison and #3 Brady Ison will battle for a regional title. The loser will also have a 66% chance of wrestling a highly ranked opponent in the ticket round, with the potential candidates being #9 Odin Fortune and #13 Coy Hammack (who's ranked somewhat low but has qualified every year, and placed 4th in 2021). At 195, the loser of #2 Gunner Henry and #7 Kaden McConnell has a 66% of wrestling someone in the TOP THREE, with the loser wrestling either #1 John Purdy or #3 Reid Schroeder. Yikes.
  3. These are the only two state ranked matchups happening round one next weekend: #10 Brandon Johnson (Lawrence North) vs #21 Josh Brown (Hamilton Heights) #13 Julian Weems (Center Grove) vs #20 James LeClerc (Plainfield)
  4. Never mind, trackwrestling had the result wrong.
  5. UR Matthew Trumble of LaPorte wins by fall over #15 Ben Shaffer of Chesterton.
  6. Give me Goss over Bickel, Yeager over McFeeley, Merritt over Hutchinson, Tinoco in the finals, and Weems over Farmer (in whichever match it happens, haven't seen the bracket).
  7. Got Huyvaert making the finals this year, or at least 3rd if he gets a bad side of the bracket. Solomey is gonna be the favorite to win, but they will be battling many times this post season, with New Prairie and Kankakee Valley hitting at regionals. Plus, they both train at Midwest RTC frequently, so there's already a lot of familiarity between them. I expect Solomey to win their first meetup by a decent margin, and then Huyvaert will pull closer and closer as they keep wrestling. Should be fun.
  8. DAC Predictions: 106: Jones over Haney 113: Jendreas over Tolbert 120: Jackson over Sessa 126: Frazier over Rivera 132: DeMarco over Van Tichelt 138: Cruz over Clement 145: Torres over Bahl 152: Rinehart over Pellot 160: Goin over Shaffer 170: Goodwin over Hood 182: Cruz over Risner 195: White over Veal 220: Clark over McClelland 285: Clark over Meschede Not too many upset picks here, with so many overwhelming favorites, with Jendreas, Jackson, Frazier, Rinehart, Goin, Goodwin, Cruz, White, and the Clarks locks in my book. Mason Jones could certainly be in there too, but Haney had a 6-1 match earlier in the year with Jones, and I feel like any of the other wrestlers in this list won't be making it to six minutes with less than eight points. Not a knock to Jones, of course, but I think Haney could test him. Woods from Portage is also solid and could very well be the finalist over Haney, and probably will be seeded higher, although I think Haney makes the upset. 132 will be the weight class of the tournament, with a rematch of DeMarco and Maldonado potentially happening, although Griffin Van Tichelt has had a great couple of weeks, getting wins like Josh Johnson and Keaton Morton in his few weeks as a starter for Crown Point. Is it too ambitious to think that Van Tichelt will beat Maldonado? Maybe, but I'm gonna pick the upset anyways. 145 could be interesting, but two of the significant wrestlers in the field are iffy on whether or not they will be there. Anthony Bahl may not be in good enough health to compete (hope you get better, man) and Carlos Perez has not competed for quite a bit of time now. This is also a potential weight class of the tournament if everybody shows, but if not, Crown Point's Christian Washington and Lake Central's Neo Cameron are wrestlers with solid results that will make for a fun semis match (went into overtime at Al Smith).
  9. Like these picks... let me give it a shot: 106: Dickman over Horn 113: Jendreas over Haines 120: Jackson over Hockaday 126: Frazier over Seng 132: Leavell over Buttler 138: Solomey over Huyvaert (sleeper pick to make the finals) 145: Torres over Bahl 152: Lowery over Rinehart 160: Goin over Prechtel 170: Ruhlman over Goodwin 182: Cruz over Veazy 195: Henry over Purdy 220: Clark over Morrill 285: Jones over Burgett
  10. Pretty impressive to see Rochester up in the top 4. Good for them.
  11. Al Smith Day 2 Upsets: 106: #9 Julianna O'Campo over #7 Kaleb Salazar - fall 6:25 #9 Julianna O'Campo over #8 Mason Jones - dec 2-0 #8 Mason Jones over #6 Cameron Meier - dec 5-2 113: #17 Ryann Schmidtendorff over #10 Seth Aubin - dec 8-6 #14 Tommy Frazier over #9 E'Shawn Tolbert - dec 6-5 120: #20 Sonny Sessa over #15 @ 113 Carter Fielden - dec 4-2 #18 Dominic Brown over #16 Dylan Bennett - dec 2-0 126: #10 @ 120 Liam Krueger over #9 Hyatt Yeager - OT 5-3 132: #9 Hayden DeMarco over #6 David Maldonado - dec 5-3 #9 Hayden DeMarco over #2 Eleazar Walker - dec 10-7 138: #9 Lucas Clement over #8 Cooper Baldwin - dec 12-5 #12 Evan Cruz over #9 Lucas Clement - dec 2-0 NR Max McGinley over #12 Evan Cruz - dec 8-2 145: NR Wesley Smith over #6 Dillon Graham - dec 1-0 NR Wesley Smith over #19 Aiden Kiner - md 12-1 152: #11 Silas Stits over #5 Beau Brabender - dec 5-2 160: #11 Brenton Russell over #10 Kenneth Bisping - fall 0:50 170: #11 Aidan Costello over #8 Anthony Cashman - fall 0:36 182: NR Jaxson Walters over #6 Julian Weems - fall 1:51 195: #20 Trent Kersey over #10 Jackson Fox - fall 2:40 NR Jonathan Tanner over #10 Jackson Fox - dec 5-2 220: #4 Tommy Morrill over #3 Devin Kendrex - OT 3-1 #5 Jackson Weingart over #3 Devin Kendrex - dec 10-3 #13 Keegan Martin over #5 Jackson Weingart - dec 9-6 285: NR Trevi Conley over #17 Perris Green - fall 1:21 Day 2 Notes: -biggest upset of the day for me is DeMarco over Walker. DeMarco, Walker, Leavell, Maldonado, Ison, Hammack, and hopefully Hawkins, along with a number of other great wrestlers at this weight are going to make this the hardest and most exciting weight class in the state -good for O'Campo to become the first female Al Smith Classic winner, taking out two higher ranked opponent en route to her title. I think that it is very likely at this point that she will be the first Indiana female state placer, but how much higher can she go? Can she compete with Horn and Dickman for a state title? -good day for Tommy Frazier at 113. Wrestled Jendreas pretty tough and doubled down on his win against Tolbert. These are the performances I look at when I try to make predictions come state tournament time. Even if somebody isn't ranked as high as somebody else, if one wrestler has momentum on their side, I become much more inclined to predict an upset. Uh oh, I'm giving away my secrets. -ACTION JACKSON BAYBEE!!! On a real note though, congrats to Tishner to bringing it to him. Also a congrats to Tishner for avenging his Friday night loss to Eddie Goss in a dominating fashion. -lots of talented unranked wrestlers at 126. Ayden Campbell, Will Mason, and Liam Baumgardner all looked solid this weekend. -UR Max McGinley is the story of the weekend for 138. Dude proved himself as a top 8 guy. Cathedral might be tougher than I originally thought this year. -Wesley Smith and Aiden Kiner both had great breakout performances this tournament, but Smith especially went off, beat #6 Dillon Graham and #19 Aiden Kiner, and losing only a 4-1 match to top ranked Aidan Torres. Curious to see how Wesley fits in at the East Chicago semi-state, especially with Bahl also present in that weight class. Smith would be a nasty 3 to draw into Friday night. -152-182 were a lot less upset heavy, but some crazy pins made for some big upsets, notably UR Walters over #6 Weems. Costello had a nice performance, taking 4th and losing only tight matches to Clouser and Harden on day 2. -Lowell's Trent Kersey bounced back from a round one upset to take 4th, beating #19 Jack O'Connor, Brady King, #10 Jackson Fox, and James Veal along the way. Great run from him. -Peru's Trevi Conley has a nice tournament with a sixth place finish that included an upset over #17 Perris Green. -25 upsets on each day to make 50 total upsets for this tournament. These are not including semi-state ranked upsets, but I hope these lists help for people that are putting results in. I could do it myself but... nah.
  12. Not tryna make this a "best conference" conversation or anything, but the DAC had 10 Al Smith champs, 7 from Crown Point, 2 from Chesterton, and 1 from LaPorte.
  13. Loving how competitive 132 is getting. Walker beats Buttler in the preseason, puts his name in there as a contender. Then Maldonado beats DeMarco during the Chesterton vs. Merriville dual. Now DeMarco takes out Walker in the finals at Al Smith. Throw in a couple of more unpredictable wrestlers like Kallamani (took Maldonado into UTB), Harper, Josh Johnson, Fortune, and some more proven names like Ison, Hammack, and Doster, and you've got yourself a weight class. And this is all without a potential Hawkins at 132 that hopefully returns by the end of the season. Can't wait to watch this weight class at state.
  14. O'Campo also picks up a big win over #7 Kaleb Salazar.
  15. Ah, my bad, I looked at the bracket and saw WEST next to his name, and made the mistake from there. Still a good performance from him.
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