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  1. I don't know about that, that means all Kaleb Young had to do was show up at Big Tens to become an All-American. There are definitely some 9, 10, 11, 12, maybe even lower seeds that deserve to be in that All-American status, but wrestled a bad conference tournament. Imagine how much differently some of these conference matches might have went if some of them knew an All-American status was on the line, if this was their last tournament of the season?
  2. What about all of the people cutting hard for NCAAs. They're gonna be expected to have limited practices due to not being able to practice for a lot of them, and after almost two months of no competition, have to make weight again. This goes for NCAAs and also state high school tournaments being cancelled. I wrestled 138 at state and can guarantee you I would not be making weight for 138 if I had to wrestle next week. I realize college athletes might have another level of commitment and might stay as diligent as they can to maintaining weight, but with a lot of colleges likely not being able to hold practices, how would many of the athletes dropping a decent amount of weight make weight without nearly killing themselves and affecting their wrestling? This COVID-19 stuff is super wack.
  3. Looks like I'm training in my basement for the next month or two. F in the chat bois
  4. Slivka beat #2 in the nation and Penn State commit Trey Kibe at Disney Duals, and of course beat a seemingly unbeatable DJ Washington at state. Dickens is good, but I would choose Slivka to win that match without even thinking twice.
  5. I would kill for the shaved ice down at Banker's Life. That will be one of many things I will eat once I'm done cutting weight this weekend.
  6. Jackson lost to Stall by 1 point when we wrestled them at the dual meet, and of course my opinion is biased as a LaPorte wrestler but I believe Jackson has the tools to reverse that match and beat Triana too, if he wrestles well.
  7. Last year I'm pretty sure I saw my draw by Sunday morning, I don't remember for sure though, but it was pretty quick.
  8. Yeah I forgot about Winner, he might put up a better fight than Warren or Parkinson, but he hasn't been tested too many times this season yet. We'll get to see where he really is these next few weeks.
  9. Here's what I think (this may be a bit early but oh well) 106 is between a handful of people, but Goin, Miller, and Chundi seem like the three that could do it, although it wouldn't surprise me to see Ruble in that mix as well. 113 seems like Cottey's weight class this year, and while there are a few wrestlers that could and will challenge him, Cottey has been state-runner up for two years in a row and I think he's hungrier than ever to make it happen. 120 is a lock, I don't see anybody beating Seltzer right now. 126 is crazy, there are so many people that could take this weight class, many of them coming out of the same semi-state. 132 is another lock, Mendez might not wrestle a full six minute match at Banker's Life this year. 138 is another wide open weight class, with a handful of contenders. 145 will come down to Viduya or Ellis, and that match could go either way. 152 isn't necessarily a lock but Coleman has been impressive this year, although he hasn't wrestled everybody at 152 yet this year that could give him some trouble. 160 will either be Rodgers, Dickens, Levitz, or Noehre. Dickens beat Rodgers 9-3 this year, which is very impressive, so I think he might be the frontrunner in this weight class right now. 170 looks like a run for 2nd place, as Calhoun has won with bonus points against everybody he's wrestled except for Simpson of Hobart, which was still an 8-2 match. However, the other man under the lights is a complete mystery, and this may be a bold statement, but I think there are around 7 other guys in this weight class that could claim that runner up spot. 182 might be a lock for Walker, in my opinion. Warren and Parkinson looked like the other two guys that could challenge him this year, but Walker wrestled them both and beat them pretty convincingly. 195 is looking like Allred's weight class, especially with Bates at 220, but I wouldn't count LaPlace out. Last time LaPlace and Walker met in a tournament, LaPlace actually won, so LaPlace can hang with the best in the nation. He's not my pick at 195, but it will be a lot closer than many may expect. 220 is looking like Bates's weight class, although Bates is giving up some weight and there are some very tough 220's that could give Bates a run for his money. 285 is going to come down to Keys and Irick, and that match will be very close (it was only 1-0 when they met this year) however, Keys likes to keep his matches close and it wouldn't surprise me if somebody upset him on his way to the state finals match. So pretty much, 120, 132, 170, 182, and 195 are looking like locks, while 113, 220, and 285 are iffy. 106, 126, 138, and 160 are wide open, in my opinion.
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