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  1. Wrestled a lot of off season practices in high school with this dude. Terrible news, condolences to all of his family and friends.
  2. Action Jackson knows how to turn it up when it counts.
  3. Haven't looked into it too much, but Codei Khawaja should be an immediate title threat. Impressive results at Fargo. I can also see Nathan Smith winning at 106. Both of these guys had breakout performances at Fargo and are definitely title threats now (not saying they weren't good before, but they've obviously improved a lot since season)
  4. Congrats Cade. Thanks for all the battles. Good luck these next four years.
  5. Ashton Jackson is nationally ranked #19 on FloWrestling as well. Good to see lots of Indiana names in these rankings (and especially excited to see a Laporte name)
  6. Midwest RTC could do some damage too, lots of talented wrestlers there.
  7. Love to see more LaPorte guys wrestling at the next level. In the past two years I think we have had 5 wrestlers go on to wrestle in college, and I hope that we can get even more guys wrestling in college. Mark my words, LaPorte is gonna start making more and more waves in Indiana wrestling.
  8. Yeah but some kids can't really help if they get injured, and I think that kids that actually can't wrestle their whole season (due to injury or other reasons) will end up not wrestling the season anyways.
  9. What if the #1 kid in the state gets injured and can't build up his score for most of the season? This system wouldn't work cuz different schools are wrestling different people and it makes it even more unfair than our already somewhat unfair state tournament.
  10. I remember coach telling us about that headlock on Friday night, I tried to go strictly off of higher placements for this team but it's nice to see that LaPorte Wrestling has had its iconic moments at the Bank.
  11. Did not know that, but he's still placed 7th while at LaPorte, and the only other two at 138 with state experience is Chad Ellenberger and myself, but we both only qualified our senior years.
  12. I had to do a pretty deep dive into our history to get a good all-time roster for LaPorte but I think I have something now. There are some good wrestlers for LaPorte that wrestled way long ago (we had two state champs close to 100 years ago) but I won't include anybody that wrestled longer than 41 years ago (1980 is the cutoff) 106: Ashton Jackson | X, 1st, --, -- 113: Jason Milton | X, X, 5th, 7th 120: Ian Barclay | X, 5th, 8th, 5th 126: Ron West | X, X, 3rd, X 132: Mark Scott | X, X, X, 1st 138: Mike Bartley | X, Qualifier, 7th, X (I almost made it on the list ) 145: Guy Corbett | X, X, X, 2nd 152: Jeff Henry | X, X, X, Qualifier 160: Joel Baker | X, X, 5th, X 170: Vincent Stigler | X, Qualifier, Qualifier, 1st 182: Jerry Jackson | X, Qualifier, 1st, 3rd 195: Matt Graham | X, X, 7th, 1st (Gave up no takedowns his senior year I believe) 220: Kyle Simpkins | X, X, X, Qualifier 285: Landon Blackburn | X, X, X, Qualifier Luckily, Indianamat has a page with every team's history, so this list was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. Overall, we have 5 state champs on this list, and only one runner up, so when we do get people under the lights, it's probably good to bet on us.
  13. College coaches definitely cannot just teach a good freestyle athlete to wrestle folkstyle well in a short amount of time, look at some of the college athletes this years that transferred from other countries. Two that I can think of are Ohio State's Anthony Echemendia and Iowa State's Yonger Bastida. Echemendia is a 5-time age group national champion from Cuba, and isn't even the starting guy in the line-up, and Bastida is a junior world bronze medalist and owns a freestyle win over former NCAA Kyven Gadson, yet he isn't even in FloWrestling's most recent national rankings.
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