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  1. @maligned would be the one to answer that question. Sounds like IHSAA adopted those #'s.
  2. How would the IHSAA take to that petition though? Sounds to me over the past several years, they'd find a way to make it more difficult for wrestlers, coaches and fans to enjoy the experience.
  3. Are they not selling upper level tickets? Is that where they expect coaches and wrestlers, who didn't buy tickets for a seat, to sit when they aren't warming up/getting ready?
  4. It seems the Kentucky Waterfalls have made a big return this year. Which wrestler has pulled off the best mullet for the state finals this year? Dalton is a trend setter and front runner but who else is pulling off some sweet 80’s hair?
  5. I have to believe Mason Parris did this his senior year didn't he?
  6. They should make it a charity match. Winner gets the check to their charity or club of their choice.
  7. Are veterans on Saturday or Sunday for ISWA State? I'll be mat side with the slow clap ready.
  8. Those fancy rankings and the results page are pretty awesome aren't they? Y2 should change his name to. With that being said, I love all the information that comes out of it. Appreciate all that work you guys put together to show this kind of fun information.
  9. 152 at Evansville - Anthony Walker of Greenwood takes out Kade Law in ticket round.
  10. Great article. Makes you rethink the ever popular Dan Gable quote, "Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Sounds like wrestling might be one of the easier things Silas has experienced so far in his young life. Wishing nothing but the best for the Allred family. And major kudos, to the CIA group, Eppert, Gill and Ulmer for raising that amount of money to help their family out. Awesome of you guys to do that.
  11. They just want to look like the cool kids. Don't cramp their style.
  12. Who leaves them out? Leave em out and the wrestlers might try to eat them. Kids will eat anything during a tournament.
  13. Would like to the new commissioner follow other states and sanction women’s wrestling sooner rather than later.
  14. This sounds like the most plausible solution to all our state tournament problems.
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