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  1. Thanks, must be something on my end as it keeps redirecting me to espn.com and not pulling up the live stream.
  2. I can't seem to be getting mine to pull up online. Anyone have a direct link that is working?
  3. This right here. I think a lot of people are getting caught up in notion, that they have to be competing at age 4 and competing all the time sometimes two tournaments a weekend, to be a good wrestler later. The tournaments should be about the experience at youngs, from 4 up to say around 10-12. Take them to a few meets, let them hang out with teammates and build a bond early with each other. Even if they lose both matches right off the bat, let them hang out and cheer on their teammates for a little longer. Once they start approaching middle school age level, if you ask them if they're ready to step up and they are, then let them start cranking out tournaments left and right. You don't want to burn them out before they even get there though. Make it fun for the little guys and quit worrying about getting them 40+ matches. How many guys have we seen recently have very little experience prior to HS and still doing well at IHSAA State Finals? Let them be kids and gauge their mental capabilities on how much they can handle once they start getting into the middle school age.
  4. Awesome to see a high school team add wrestling. Hope you find someone that will make big strides with the opportunity.
  5. Step out rule would be nice but i can see that adding more length to a day. College out of bounds rules would be great. 30 seconds of inactivity or advancement to fall position from top man, back to neutral no escape point though.
  6. Running a tournament is never just a simple thing as many people would expect. I've ran a few smaller tournaments, nothing to the magnitude of the ones you run. The ongoing list of options they have of situating a tournament can easily be over looked. A lot goes into preparing for such tournaments. Mistakes happen and you owned up to it. I think I can say it on behalf of many folks here, we certainly appreciate all the work you do to get these things situated and running. Trackwrestling is a gift and a curse sometimes, but doesn't take away all the hard work the tournament staff and directors put into it. With a bunch of fun going Evansville fans this past Saturday, it's the first time I've heard the crowd start yelling stalling on a computer. Not sure I ever saw officials warn the computer for the stalling though. 😀
  7. With the right setup, you can watch all four mats at the same time. Year I wasn't able to make it, I had two mats going on one computer and two more going on our tv (through our Xbox.)
  8. Some people got happy for a minute when they saw the change thinking it might have actually changed.
  9. I still remember seeing some wrestlers coming into state finals in the early 2000's with 50,55 plus matches. I thought our almost 25+ was a lot, then see these guys with twice as many matches.
  10. Awesome to see this. Daughter is only 7 and enjoying every minute of wrestling. Hopefully both her joy of wrestling continues along with women's wrestling continuing to grow. Would be great for her to have the same opportunities as the guys once they graduate from HS.
  11. I remember watching some of these matches. Those were some long days, and was impressed how well some of those middle school kids wrestled. What's even more impressive is how much MS wrestling competition is getting better and deeper. Those middle weights at MS state are usually a pretty long tough road to win in those big brackets. Impressive list of guys on there.
  12. Mooresville Sectional.
  13. With the weekend he had, he's got my vote. I guess being a wrestler helps.
  14. Just curios, how many girl's some of you have in your program? Currently Greenwood HS has 0. Middle school has 2 and our club has 2. I'm looking and trying to figure how to recruit more. It's not as easy as walking over to a football field. I'm wondering those with big #'s, what avenue did you guys take to get those #'s up?
  15. Since this seems to be nothing but openings for elementary duals teams lately, I thought it'd be nice to get back to some more conversation. What are some of your favorite drills for your youth wrestlers? For newer/little kids, I like to do pretty basic drill where bottom man works up from belly to base, while top guy has hands behind back trying to get chest pressure right in middle of back. Once wrestler comes up to base, they drop to belly and top man jumps to other side. I don't really have a name for the drill but helps little guys learn good chest position, balance and bottom guy builds base with some pressure coming down on him.
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