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  1. This should help... https://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/Flip Book/1980-81/wr/index.html#p=7
  2. Or the hog barn at the state fair grounds.
  3. Off topic, but as long as I'm casting votes for my personal preferences...I also want to throw one out for getting youth wrestling back to Saturdays.
  4. Casting my vote for moving wrestling to the Spring permanently. My 2 boys (9 and 11) love basketball and wrestling...and I can't stand watching baseball games.
  5. Probably. They call 3 hour delay for everything.
  6. I believe Jay County is on a perpetual 3-hour delay.
  7. Pretty sure it was 2OT. I can see Carr's foot slipping out of Harper's grasp for the escape.
  8. I might be misremembering, but it seems like Petrov scored right at the end of the 2nd period and from then on he had an unbelievable amount of confidence. He was on fire in the 3rd period.
  9. There's an error in the 135 lb bracket in 1999. Beals beat Jones 12-1. And Cook beat Hoover 18-14. https://www.ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/135pounds99.html
  10. That was might thought. Not a great call to start with.
  11. Not sure what point you are trying to make, but I'll take Levitz over the Carmel 160 every time.
  12. I am saying that small schools as a group should not expect to have 25% of the qualifiers when they have 13% of the enrollment and presumably 13% of the people who have the talent to be a state qualifier. And I was trying to counter your earlier point that going to a big school causes an individual to be 4x as likely to become a state qualifier. As I said before, I think you are confusing the probability of a state qualifier coming from a big school with the impact that going to a big school has on an individual being able to qualify for state. They aren't the same thing.
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