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  1. Any consideration to going back to Tech high school?
  2. I think the answer is in here somewhere. https://indianamat.com/index.php?/articles.html/high-school-news/history-of-the-state-tournament-r871/
  3. It does seem like part of the problem is the population of the schools that make up the Fort Wayne semi-state. How long ago was it that the semi-states went through some "redistricting" (Fort Wayne lost Wawasee and Warsaw, but picked up Jay County, Randolph Southern, Winchester, etc.)? Would there be a good way to carve things up in a way that would give Fort Wayne some South Bend area schools? Having Mishawaka and Penn could help change the story on the Fort Wayne semi-state.
  4. Headbutt at the beginning of the match started the nosebleed.
  5. Goes to Andrew Donahue. Even busted out the Jay Yates around the head wrap.
  6. Garcia almost pinned himself on the roll through.
  7. Could be wrong, but Adams probably had even stronger numbers in 80s, 90s, and 00s.
  8. Adams is listed 2x - after Howard and after Vigo.
  9. Ryan Stahl - Elkhart Memorial to Mishawaka.
  10. The Carr brothers transferred from Warsaw to Wawassee in the late 90s and helped Wawassee make it to team state in 1997.
  11. Titles and career record by that point in their career I should have said.
  12. I think any criteria that results in Jason Tsirtsis, Alex Tsirtsis, and Andrew Howe not being in the top 4 of this list needs to be revisited. Maybe you should consider how many titles they had won by this point in their career ahead of what grade they were in.
  13. http://indianamat.com/index.php?/topic/53319-start-lobbying-now/&tab=comments#comment-249727
  14. I think people are saying the connection puts him in a position for people to question things and that should be avoided.
  15. How many points did Brownsburg have deducted this weekend? Could it make the difference?
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