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  1. I was thinking of something along these lines, but broader. If a successful team state tournament can be organized without the IHSAA, and a succesful girls state tournament can be organized without the IHSAA, and there are frustrations with what the IHSAA won't allow (wrestlebacks, out-of-state-travel), etc. - why does wrestling need the IHSAA? I am sure there are reasons it might not work, but thought it was worth at least posing the question. Could wrestling operate as a non-IHSAA sport?
  2. In 2006, 119 had 3 former state champs and none of them won that year.
  3. Are we talking about the Beech Grove guy that used to wear a backpack all the time at ISWA tournaments in the early 1990s?
  4. I think this would be something to consider if the same team was winning the class every year, but it doesn't seem like we have that problem.
  5. Surprised to see Friedt drop out at 182. Close losses to #2, #3, and #8 and wins over #12 and #15.
  6. Who was the top finishing team with a lineup consisting entirely of kids who went to elementary/middle school in that high school's feeder system?
  7. Looked like he had the half on one side and the wrist on the other to me.
  8. 138 also has #8 Kyle Lawson from Bellmont.
  9. My favorite was when Cooper Samuels came from unknown and unranked to win the state title. And by unknown I mean returning state runner-up.
  10. Here's a good one from 1998 team state. 152 – Cory Roderick, 11, Franklin def. Ryan Whitman, 11, Bellmont, dec. 27-19.
  11. So the rule says if you are over 7.0% you can get a parent signature to go down to 5.5%. But if you are under 7.0% to start there's no ability to go to 5.5% with the signature?
  12. They'll probably just redshirt and enter the transfer portal. No worries.
  13. Interestingly, if Sheets doesn't win that match he's probably a 4x third placer and is in this discussion.
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