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  1. Hate to be that guy, but 113 and 152 are going to have to be re-ranked after this weekend. There’s essentially a new top guy at both from the same school.
  2. I don’t think we’ll ever get to the point where we lose football or basketball on the grand scale they are, but in the instance that we do, particularly at the high school/prep level, this could get BAD, and I mean really bad. It would be AAU on steroids. If the NCAA drops enough wrestling programs (last I checked, there were only 61 Division I programs), then does the NWCA step in and sanction a championship? If that happens on the high school level where the IHSAA decides to cancel, does the ISWA step in and sanction a championship? I know since March 15, Division I coaches have been on a re
  3. There’s no reason it can’t, but I do think maybe for a rec league periods should probably be 2-1-1 or something.
  4. Branching off of my last topic, I've thought about a variety of ways we could continue to grow the sport of wrestling, and I noticed the youth in our state have an Indiana Wrestling League. It led me to wonder if this could happen for adults, and I concluded that it surely could. Indianapolis has a variety of rec leagues through CCA Sports, and there's no reason wrestling can't be one of them. It would be a good way to keep athletes in the sport post-high school or college who don't have Olympic ambitions, and it could also set the stage for dream match-ups from the state's past to now. It cou
  5. I spoke to a good friend of mine yesterday night. We were discussing his upcoming return to the mat on the Division I level and if we would see a season at all this year. Amidst all of that, we briefly discussed a subject that's been mentioned and thrown around time and again, and it had to do with the lack of quality training for the next level in Indiana. Our conversation led me back to a thought I've had over the years while observing the sport on a state and national level: Wrestling will ALWAYS miss out on the top dollar in comparison to boxing, mixed martial arts, and other c
  6. Rules • Three 3-minute periods: One Greco, one Freestyle, and one Folkstyle period each. • Wrestler who wins pre-match coin flip gets to choose which style starts the match; opponent chooses the period that follows. In the case of championship matches, Champion’s Advantage will be in effect in which no pre-match coin flip will be required and he/she chooses what style starts the match. • Headgear is optional. The Match (SAMPLE) First Period • Wrestler A wins the coin flip and chooses the first period to be conducted under Greco-Roman rules. Wrestler B chooses the
  7. In the wake of world events and the recent internal struggles of USA wrestling (via Pat Downey’s tweets), I’d been thinking of how to further grow the sport, I mean we have a lot of time right now anyway. Seeing FloWrestling produce this upcoming card for fans makes me wonder how often we could witness something like this, with wrestling being a dominant component of mixed martial arts, many fans are already familiar with it and try to emulate it as they see fit. It made me wonder about my idea for a professional wrestling league. Originally, I had made a thread that would professional league
  8. I noticed this year more than I have in any years’ past, a lot of people–wrestlers, coaches, and fans alike–were ready for freestyle season to be under way. It’s been said over the years by an innumerable amount of coaches in addition to our nation’s top wrestlers multiple times over that the United States should completely make the transition to freestyle wrestling in college and high school as it is the Olympic style anyway. How do you guys think a state like Indiana would look in Freestyle? It’s always interesting to see those guys who’s skills are better equipped for Freestyle versus the m
  9. Nick Crume vs. Luke Welch in 2013 was also an incredible finals match.
  10. I want to say though, some of the best matches I’ve ever seen that deserve mention among some of the greatest of all-time happened inside that fieldhouse at New Castle, many of them in the ticket round. Off the top of my head: • Robert Samuels vs. Jasion Brogan (2016) • DJ Brookbank vs. Zach Melloh (2016) • Breyden Bailey vs. Cornelious Elliott (2015) • Jordan Vaughn vs. Jack Chastain (2015) • Nathon Trawick vs. Chris Ridle (2015) • Deondre Wilson vs. Brandon James (2014) • Jacob Cottey vs. Preston Mantel (2014) • Riley McClurg vs. Austin McCloskey (2013
  11. I remember Mullins. New Castle had some unreal talents. I remember the Decker brothers too, and they were more solid than I feel they get credit for.
  12. My other thread of the Indiana Wrestling Awards has gotten some favorable responses on here as well as my social media accounts, with particular aim at my star ratings and Match of the Year picks and candidates from over the years. It's led me to ask, what matches in our state's history are some of the greatest of all-time? I have four matches that I've given five stars, three of which I saw live, and one via YouTube. Blake Maurer vs. Alex Dolly, 2003 IHSAA Individual State Championships - Finals at 171 LBS Paul Petrov vs. Brenden Campbell, 2012 IHSAA Individual State C
  13. That's how I feel about the Wilson/James semi-state championship match. 2013-14 and 2014-15 were two years of absolutely incredible wrestling, both on the state level and nationally. The Wilson/James 6-5 semi-state match was near perfect. It had the drama, excitement, scrambles, technique, and attitude. The only match better than it that year was LeCount vs. Forte at Bellmont. A true five-star match and was miles better than their finals match at state. The score was 6-5 in the third before LeCount shook him off and cradled him up for the fall. Also, for anyone interested in watching my 2012 M
  14. Our Match of the Year for the 2019-20 season... Joseph Walker vs. Macartney Parkinson IHSAA State Finals Day 1, Indianapolis, IN, February 21
  15. Thank you for the clarification and the link!
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