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  1. I was curious how many consecutive years someone has attended the State Finals. I know there are people with way more consecutive years and would like to hear some numbers. My father and I make it a tradition to go every year and we are on round 19.
  2. I want to honor Asa for a terrific career and wish him the best at IU. I was talking to family members and we were trying to figure out who all Asa lost to in high school. I believe he had 6 losses as Frosh, if I remember right his only loss was Viduya as a Sophomore (maybe I’m wrong), and he had 4 as a Junior (I know Rooks at least 1), and obviously 1 out of state this year. Can someone help me out with some of his losses in previous years?
  3. Curtis and Peele will be a death draw at 126. Anxious to see that
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