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  1. We could probably go with a 195 or 285 +5 if anyone is interested in a week packed full of wrestling.
  2. 131 filled..... Looking for a 220 +5 lbs to round out the two teams.
  3. 111 and 118 filled. Still need a 131 for our 1st team and 220 for our 2nd team. Both squats will be competitive. Trip includes practices with Social Circle HS, GA and Manatee HS, FL, as well as a two day camp at Jesuit Prep in Tampa along with Clay, FL, Lake Highland Prep, FL, and Camden, GA..... gonna be some throw downs at that camp!
  4. Chris Cooper


    Columbus East
  5. Chris Cooper


    Columbus East
  6. Chris Cooper


    Columbus East
  7. Chris Cooper


    Columbus East
  8. Chris Cooper


    Columbus East
  9. Chris Cooper


    Columbus East
  10. Waaaaaaaaay less. It wasn't even close. I've been wondering why this is the case this season, I can't come up with any logical reasons.
  11. What a colossal failure by the IHSAA.
  12. As action went out of bounds, there was a stall warning, 1 seconds left on the clock. On the restart there was an immediate stall call.
  13. A few years ago, we had a kid who was hit for stalling twice with one second left, sent the match to OT, we eventually lost in UTB.
  14. What about 2 stall calls in 1 second?
  15. I have video... your memory isn't quite how it went down.
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