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  1. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC, Thursday’s 5-7 pm

    GREAT room tonight! Lots of kids getting after in a packed room. Thanks to all the teams and coaches who brought several kids, Seymour, Rushville, Greensburg... Next week, Coach Warthan and some UIndy studs will be in for technique and live. Can’t wait!
  2. Back in action this week. Will be a great practice, technique coming at you from state champs Cade and Graham Rooks. Come learn some secrets from two of Indiana’s finest! Maybe Graham will even let you in on how he can wrestle for 2 hours non-stop without getting winded. Go time 5:00 pm, enter the furthest south doors of the school, room is downstairs on the left.
  3. I hate to cancel anything ever, but due to the flooding we are going to cancel RTC practice tonight. Back on as usual next Thursday.
  4. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursday 5-7 pm, Angel Escobedo!!

    Great room last week, 55 kids from all over getting some great stuff from Coach Escobedo. This week..... Takedown battle between Briar Runyon and Cayden Whitaker... Technique first from each, then we are gonna see if the college kid has what it takes to show the state champ who is boss. Come see the show!! Then lots of live! 5-7 pm Thursday
  5. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursday 5-7 pm, Angel Escobedo!!

    Reminder, go time tonight is 5:00. Coach Escobedo will show technique and drills for the first part of practice, then live go’s for the second part. It will be a great room with plenty of state champs/placers all the way to beginners.
  6. Columbus East RTC begins this week (3/29) on Thursdays from 5-7 pm. Expect a great room! First guest clinician is 4x Indiana State Champ, 4x NCAA All American and Indiana University Associate Head Coach, Angel Escobedo!!! As always, technique, drill and lots of live at the end. Columbus East is about 40 min south of Indianapolis on I-65. Enter the furthest south doors of the school, wrestling room is down the stairs on the left.
  7. Chris Cooper

    Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    Let me start by saying at Columbus East we have had a full (or nearly always full) and competitive roster for the past several years. So this comes from my own perspective... When I look at the list kids who have either quit, or don't come back the following year, almost all of them are kids who were varsity and were going to probably get beat out of the lineup the next season or kids who got beat/about to get beat out of the spot in the current season. If the number of weight classes are reduced, at Columbus East, we would certainly lose kids. I just don't see how eliminating opportunities (weight classes) would possibly increase participation. It may or may not decrease the number of forfeits, but won't increase the overall participation.
  8. Chris Cooper

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

  9. Chris Cooper

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    I know, but I thought they were trying to promote a Parris V Gable matchup.
  10. Chris Cooper

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    No Gable?
  11. Chris Cooper

    NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    I must have missed the question about going to college out of bounds.....
  12. Nice article, great kid! #TeamBalboa
  13. Chris Cooper

    2018 Hypothetical IN All Star Matchups

    This fight..... I mean.... match happens every day.
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    Columbus East

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