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  1. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    Last RTC of the year tomorrow 5-7 pm. Guest clinicians coming from NAIA Team runner up Lindsey Wilson. Head Coach Corey Ruff and national champ Brandon Reed. Great opportunity to get better!!
  2. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    Coach Bradley this week, 5-7 pm. Make the choice to get better!!
  3. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    Rashaad Trapp showing technique this week. Lots of live to follow, 5-7 pm
  4. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    Columbus East RTC back in action this week Dawson Combest with some technique followed by lots of live. 5-7 pm!
  5. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    Reminder, no RTC this week 3/14 or next week 3/21 due to Spring Break. Back on 3/28 with Columbus East alum and UIndy wrestler Dawson Combest showing some technique.
  6. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    Come join us this Thursday at Columbus East... 2X State Champ Cade Rooks running some technique and giving some of his secrets away! 5-7 pm
  7. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    The times are 5-7 pm, not 6-8
  8. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East RTC Thursdays

    Columbus East regional training center begins next week Thursday, Feb 28th, 5-7 pm. Columbus is south of Indy about 40 minutes, park in the south lot and enter the furthest south doors, enter door 47. Wrestling room is down the stairs on the left. Don’t be afraid to come get better, we always have a full room. Clinician list Thurs 2/28- Briar Runyan, Indiana State Champ and Martinsville head coach. Thurs 3/7- Cade Rooks, 2x Indiana HS State Champ Thurs 3/14, 3/21 No RTC Spring Break Thurs 3/28- Dawson Combest, Columbus East 3x State placer and UIndy Alpha Dog. Thurs 4/4- Rashaad Trapp, Columbus East WC and Indiana Outlaws Coach Thurs 4/11- Jason Warthan, UIndy Head Coach Thurs 4/18- Steven Bradley, Marian Head Coach Thurs 4/25- Josh Hardman, Wabash Thurs 5/2- Corey Ruff, Lindsey Wilson
  9. Chris Cooper

    Brownsburg falls to Columbus East 33-21

    152: Jake Schoenegge (COLE) over Jacob Cookerly (BRON) (MD 13-1) 160: Sam Morrill (COLE) over Peyton Asbury (BRON) (Dec 11-5) 170: Nick South (COLE) over Jean Baptiste (BRON) (MD 10-2) 182: Noah White (COLE) over Greg Glover (BRON) (Dec 4-2) 195: Cody Edmonds (BRON) over Aaron Cepeda (COLE) (Dec 7-6) 220: Jacob Bolte (COLE) over Lawson Aiken (BRON) (Dec 10-9) 285: Dorian Keys (BRON) over Shawn Tyler (COLE) (Fall 1:49) 106: Noah Lykins (COLE) over Ethan Early (BRON) (Dec 8-6) 113: KT Nelson (BRON) over Kenton Wilson (COLE) (Fall 1:24) 120: Braden Haines (BRON) over Nathaniel John (COLE) (Dec 8-6) 126: Evan Lawhead (BRON) over Jeremy Clark (COLE) (Dec 5-3) 132: Joey Gordon (COLE) over Drake Campbell (BRON) (MD 12-3) 138: Cayden Rooks (COLE) over Nick Cicciarelli (BRON) (Fall 1:34) 145: Kade Law (COLE) over Griffin Ison (BRON) (Dec 5-2)
  10. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East vs. Brownsburg

    Columbus East
  11. Chris Cooper

    Al Smith

  12. Chris Cooper

    Hoosier Hills Conference

  13. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East vs. Switzerland County

    Columbus East
  14. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East vs. New Washington

    Columbus East
  15. Chris Cooper

    Columbus East vs. Milan

    Columbus East

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